Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Birthday/ New Year Resolutions by Mer

Here it is. It is all complete. A birthday gift to myself. Something I want for myself next year. I know I will get there. I am working hard for it right now.   Since the beginning of the year I have lost 9 pounds.  There is no secret gimmicks or programs. I finally have figured out the issue between my ears.  It takes all my willpower and all my gumption some days to keep it up, but everyday I do it I feel REALLY, REALLY good. 
What is it you ask?
One word that I kept avoiding every I would start this weight loss journey and it is-


So I make a commitment to myself that no matter what I face during the day that  I will stick to my plan. I keep my goals close and I will track everything I eat. With this new empowerment here is where I will be next year...
The date is January 28, 2013 and here is what I have accomplished:

  • I now weigh 135 pounds.(write down the amount you want to weigh one year from now.)
  • I'm pleased with taking care of myself. I have better energy. I love the way my body looks and feels. I feel like I can accomplish anything.( include your dream outcome such as better energy, body changes, new attitude.)
  • My body feels solid, strong and healthy.(use words like strong, healthy, slender, thinner, toned.)
  • I'm exercising by walking, circuit training and Pilates. I work out 4-5 days a week in the morning. (list your exercise activities as well as how often you're doing them.)
  • I've learned how to live 90% of the time in the weight loss and maintain column. I plan out 3 days a month where I don't track my food.  I have put in place emergency plans so that I stop eating emotionally- chew gum and two bite rule. I have found healthy ways to deal with stress, which includes talking to Mo, journal writing and exercising. Everyday I renew my goals and commitment to a healthy lifestyle. (list items such as how to stop emotional eating, cope with stress, or build motivation)
What is your New Year Resolutions? Looking forward to reading yours. Post them and send me the link. Let's all cheer each other on to a year of commitment!



Always committed,

Exercise Each Day!!

Short and sweet....

Exercise Each Day - it might do many things - keep the blues away, gets you moving, takes care of the stress, allows you to think, sort and maybe even plan out your day!!!

Only have 20 minutes - take it - do it!!

Have a 10 minute break at work - do some stair climbing, take a quick walk around the block, do some leg lifts while you stand by the copy machine (don't worry, no one is watching)!!!

Doing just a little each day will keep you energized, refreshed and ready for what might come at you!! And when something hits you hard, then take a moment to put a little bit of exercise into your routine - you might feel so good after!!!

Exercise Each Day!!! My Tip of the Day!!!

Staying MO-tivated MO

Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Refresh!

Surprised Mer on Friday night with a birthday party celebration that her hubby put together!! It was so wonderful to see her. Got to visit with many of her family, friends and we even had another surprise of getting to visit with another college buddy, too!!

More to write and I want to share it all, but busy with work and trying to juggle too much today.

But, I will say this -


Enjoy your Monday - stay tuned for the full version!!!

Mo and Mer

Friday, January 27, 2012

I Believe!!!!

I Believe when I exercise each day I will be energized!!

I Believe when I exercise each day I will have a good attitude!!

I Believe when I drink all my water each day my body will be happy!!

I Believe when I watch what I eat and do it in a healthy way
I will lose weight!!

I Believe that the support I get from family, friends and bloggers
will keep me going!!

I Believe when I get 7 hours of sleep a night I am doing
my body, mind and soul good everyday!!

I Believe that when I continue to do all that I believe
then the weight will come off!!

1 hour is only 4% of my day 
I believe that when I take 4% of my day to exercise
I will live a happier, healthier life!!
(thanks family friend for the facebook reminder)

Believe and you will be strong in all that you do!!!

Staying MOtivated MO

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Early January - Mer tells me of a Best Body Challenge - 8 week Boot Camp Get a Better Body Challenge - was very excited - the hopes of winning a prize (or two) - and the best part, having a better body because of this challenge. It was a challenge I was ready for. I paid my "doing it on my own" obligation fee and waited patiently for the email response. I was just finishing up my first Boot Camp visit and the motivation was flowing. Kept it going with my morning workouts. I missed the kick off event on January 7th because it was out of town for me and well, Scouts was keeping me busy on that day. Kept waiting patiently for the response. Had a snafu with the payment, fixed it, kept waiting and waiting and waiting. Got thrilled when I finally got an email response some 2 weeks later. Then the hopes of getting two emails right after that. Nothing. Still nothing. Doing my best at home, because this is a challenge, right?

Last Friday Mer sent me her link. Woo Hoo!!! I printed out the paper, got ready to do the workouts, am heading to the grocery store this weekend to get all the right foods (no worries, not finishing up bad food to make room for the good)...just no time to shop this week, so eating healthy, but need to restock. Then FINALLY - Monday, got one email that was the challenge. Got another email with the apology of the mistake. Then got another email with the challenge paperwork. If I am not ready to take on this challenge times three then I don't know what else will motivate me!!!

It is not about waiting for an email or a challenge - this lifestyle is about me - about getting healthy - about feeling better about myself each and everyday - no matter what - emails or paperwork be damned - I need to do this each and everyday for me and only me!!! Are you with me?!

Tackling this with gusto. Ready to go back to my own Boot Camp instructor in the coming week to see the 4 week progress. It won't be as good as I am hoping, because I am not at full force, but atleast I am going to go check on my status!! 5 full more weeks to go until the March 3rd final event!!! I can do this - getting it done!!!! (gosh - I think there should be cheerleaders behind my head right now with poms poms and all)

Staying MOtivated MO

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

1 - 2 - 3...

1. Didn't have seconds at dinner last night.

2. Didn't have a snack at 9 pm last night.

3. Got 7 hours of sleep last night - might have woken up once, but it was a good 7 hours!!

4. Drank a nice glass of cold water as I woke up this morning to get my body moving!

5. Walked 45 minutes this morning, kept my arms up and moved them with the rhythm of my walking, rather then just have them at my side - good way to get a full workout!

6. Eating this morning was good, but could have been better....blah!!

1 - 2 - 3...taking all the steps will equal weight loss success!!! Let's do this!!!

Staying MO-tivated MO

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Even if I have been feeling a bit down, I have realized that exercising is my best bet to keep the MO-mentum going. I feel better when I exercise. I am energized after my workout. I felt really good after doing 20 minutes in front of the TV last night. This morning my walking buddy didn't meet up with me and I almost went back home, but I decided that even doing the short cut walk was going to do me some good. I did 2 miles in about 30 minutes. It was a bit dark and very foggy, but I kept going. I didn't get freaked out by the garbage cans looking like scary people until I could actually see them, I kept going. I got a bit spooked at the two lights at the end of the lane that looked like a car coming towards me, but I kept going! That walk was just what I needed.

I have also been busy working on my 2012 Vision Board(s). Last year Mer gave me the idea and I did my own - well, actually two...and I thought that each year I would update my Vision. The People Magazine comes out at the first of the year with their weight loss feature. They show people who have lost 1/2 their size, some of the Biggest Loser participants and so much more. It always gives me a lift and after reading the magazine cover to cover I cut it up - using many of the quotes or headliners to create my vision board for the year. Those vision boards from last year - they are still in my house and I finally finished the 2012 boards last Friday night. Another great source of MO-mentum....

I like this board mainly for two things. 1 - the saying at the bottom right that came from my local newspaper (not all of it has to come from one magazine you know)....

"You won't get the butt you want sitting on the one you have"

and 2 - one of my daily horoscopes from last week -

"Who you are on the inside will make a certain reality outside of you come into being.
Be clear about what you're creating.
Feel the energy of what you want your future to be, and you'll naturally begin to move toward it"

I like this vision board for many things like:

"I feel like I can turn heads now!!"

"I'm proud of my waist!"

"But, wait!! There's so much to look forward to!!"

and this one for sure....

"I never want to go back to the unhealthy, unhappy person I once was"

What is your source of MO-mentum? Do you do a vision board? Have words of wisdom posted around the house? What about a journal? What do you do to create your own daily MO-mentum?

Staying MO-tivated MO

Monday, January 23, 2012

Wake Up Call - Again

Many have read that I have been feeling out of sorts. Yucky. Wavy. Just not up to par! Doctors visits have been in my calendar for the last week. 

I sort of hate going to the doctor. I will go, but most of the time they say that there is nothing wrong. Like in late 2010 I had some issue that needed to be looked at. I won't go into details, but after all the tests and visits were done they said there is nothing wrong with me. I have thought long and hard about those tests. Yes, it is a good thing that nothing was wrong, that I will not complain about.

Then this last run of tests and visits. The jury is still out with the stress test and heart ultra sound that is to come in the next month, but as of right now there is nothing wrong with me. Here is the email I received from the doctor the other day...(left most of the grammatical errors - LOL)...

i have reviewed your neck ultrasound report as well.
it looks normal.
your thyroid looks generalized enlarged but there are no lumps or tumors in the gland. It is just prominent and that is high why it was noticeable during the exam. Besides we checked the function as well by blood work. The thyroid function is normal as well. So lets just keep an eye on it. If it gets any bigger or you feel any lumps in it, or you are concerned and want to get it rechecked in 6-7 months we can recheck it although the radiologist has not suggested any concerns .
Dr. Qamar, M.D., Dept of Family Medicine

This email is a follow up to my blood tests, too. Not only is my Cholesterol perfect, but there is nothing else waving red flags. Now, I don't feel like they should have found something wrong, but for me I guess I was looking for some sort of answer. In the past week I have felt good some days, bad the next. Today has been a pretty good day, but as the day is progressing I am feeling out of sorts again. Even last night as I was heading into bed I thought I was out of sorts - kind of going to get sick, but not going to get sick moment. (No, no - I am not pregnant - LOL). I do have a tendency not to drink enough water over the weekends, so that might be it. I didn't exercise that much this weekend, so that might be it.

Here is my conclusion - this was another Wake Up Call! I am over weight!! Plain and simple - over weight. For some the wake up call is the broken chair, the pants that can't make it past the hips, the out of breath walking up the stairs moments! For me, it is the fact that the doctor keeps telling me nothing is wrong, but really there is something! Yes, according to the studies out there I am morbidly obese. That's it!!! Straight forward, total conclusion!!! I don't need a doctor or an overpriced insurance bill to tell me this. In fact, after the tests in 2010 I started to lose weight. and that other "ailment" has gone away. I was hesitant to go to the doctor this time because after all was said and done I figured they were going to tell me the same thing - nothing is really wrong. I am grateful that my blood work, x-rays and exams have not found anything wrong with me and I was not hoping that they would say that I had a huge ailment that was going to cause me to miss work or visit more doctors. BUT, This is not a maybe - the fact of the matter - this was A WAKE UP CALL - AGAIN!!! 

Yes, I have been exercising, but I have not been eating as well I should be. I am not doing my 90% to make this weight loss work. No, I have not gone out and bought a gallon of ice cream (been tempted lately), but the other day there was a comment from Kristen where she said that having frustrating appointments would tempt her to cheat. Well, I did. I am not happy about what I did. Not sure if it was because of a huge craving or a weakness or a bad work week- but I do know this - I didn't plan!! I didn't pack my lunch, I didn't avoid the noises in my head and I didn't do it out of spite from the doctor trying to tell me how much better his program is to lose weight, I just did it. Yes, french fries, too! This is a NO EXCUSE year!!! I have to plan, I need to exercise, and if I really want fast food - heck, Subway is fast!!! It is up to me to make wise decisions. If I don't eat right, exercise and be positive about this weight loss process, then the excuses are going to win!! I have to bounce back from this last week!!  

I will go take my stress test in February, but there is no turning back!! I need want to keep moving forward and losing these many extra pounds so that I don't have to go to the doctor and have them keep telling me "your fine", when the whole time I know they just want to say "you really need to lose that weight!!!

Staying MOtivated MO

Friday, January 20, 2012

That Diet Thing

Moment of thought today - and a little bit of follow up on that doctor sales pitch visit I had the other day.

I have been walking with one of my neighbors more in the last few weeks. Her husband has had issues with his heart for years and recently has lost another 5% of heart function and is on the mend from his most recent stint this past December. Today's walk included my visit this past Wednesday to my new cardiologist (still contemplating if I am going back to him) and well, we put the pieces together and low and behold - said neighbors husband and I have the same cardiologist. As we walked and talked she indicated she knew which way my appointment might have progressed. She said that her husband got the same sort of "sales" pitch at his first appointment, too. He has never received more then the one time mention, but the same conversation, words, phrases and sentences were told to the neighbor as they were to me. I felt like I was in Dejavu land.

After talking to my walking buddy (by the way, much warmer today - and the rain is coming in - we made it our 45 minutes just in time for a few sprinkles to hit us in the final turn - so glad we got in our walk today, I wanted it!!! NO EXCUSES!!).....but back to my story - getting more information I have found out the following:

800 Calories a Day
$100.00 per Week
Drink your meals

Yikes. Okay - I know I was told that my insurance will pay for the program (not the food portion), but I am not looking to do that. Thanks for the option, but I need to do this without a "trick" or "fix it" moment. I do know many who would pick this plan and there are many out there doing things like this and I applaud them for doing so. But, I am the type of person that likes to go into the grocery store, pick out good foods, cook them, enjoy my accomplishment of making something fresh - heck, maybe I will even start a garden in the future. And the cost !! Wow!! Is that for the food, the nutritionist, the counselor, the rest of the medical team to help me? Where will they be when I get down to goal? Do I keep paying for the rest of my lifetime??

Nope - not on board with this. Nope - don't need to research it anymore then what I have already heard. Good to hear that I am not the only one that got the sales pitch. I applaud the doctor for what he is doing, but I like the way I am losing weight. It might not be fast, it might not work all the time, I might slip, might hit a bump in the road, not be motivated 100% of the time, but there will be many scale and non-scale victories because this is my time, my commitment and I am glad that I have FINALLY started to be committed to getting healthy!!! I have come a short way (or long, however you look at it) and looking forward to more success in the very near future!! I don't want to drink my food, have to overpay someone or worry about what might happen when I stop "drinking" my calories. Yes, we can sit here and debate this, but not going to. Eating healthy, exercising and losing weight the way I am doing it now is what I enjoy and I don't foresee changing my mind anytime soon.

Have a most wonderful weekend!!!!!

Staying MO-tivated MO

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 100!

The last day of 100 days of weight loss by Linda Spangle

Spangle claims and it rings true for me too that dieters say, " I know what to do, I just don't do it."
Right now I am feeling so high, motivated and focused on my goal. Like everything else you tend to slip over time. So you must have a way to remember what you have learned.  All I have to do is reread this blog and all the reflections that I have written on the 100 days of this book.  I am a long time journal writer so I will write reflections monthly like I always do and add a top 10 lessons that I will remember about being successful at maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Other ideas that work- making a poster, making wallpaper on the computer, make an audio CD or a podcast.
Make your foundation guidelines on how you will live your healthy lifestyle and proclaim-



Living life to the fullest,

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Doctor Frustration OR.....

...not really sure what I am feeling right now.

Mo here - been taking a bloggy break so that you all get a chance to read those great posts from Mer in regards to the 100 Days of Weight Loss book. Yes, it has been more then 100 days for us both, but I am loving the fact that I can see Mer's perspective in regards to what we have read this year.

However, today's events could not go by without me giving you an update. Will try to make this short....

December 23rd - quick pressure on the chest moment. Didn't last but 15 seconds. Continued about my day. Two to three weeks later still having minor skip a beat moments. Nothing major, just enough for me to notice (all while sitting or laying down). Continued to workout, no problems there. Already know I am not diabetic or have any other weight related issues (blood test wise) from a something not going to mention it situation - TMI that turned into nothing series of tests back in late 2010. BUT, going to play it safe. Appointment moments have begun....and yes, I did figure that ultimately these appointments would turn into weight related ones....so, here goes -

Regular doctor who has seen me before, pretty good visits each time. In the process of this appointment somehow I find out she does not know what a Boot Camp is, nor is aware of The Biggest Loser. She also rolls her eyes when I sort of laugh off the fact that I am "labeled" as morbidly obese. Oh, and also since this was going to be a "full" physical could she check my shoulder that is making this popping sound. I am just told that yes, the popping sound is bone on bone, but don't raise your arms up over your head. Try to do different exercises that won't do more damage. Damage - Hello - Damage - don't you think we should do something about this??? (that is a whole other can of worms in itself).

At this point we are just trying to figure out what the chest pain is all about. So.....blood tests - checking Cholesterol this time and other things. All come back normal - or what you can call normal. I could have better glucose  (blood sugar) numbers, but nothing red flagged.

Thyroid is enlarged. Blood taken. Ultrasound of the neck. Good news - it is not a boy, but it might be twins.....(laughing moment)....don't know the results, but I had to make a joke to the tech just to get her to smile. Hey - the good news is, if I do have a Thyroid problem, then maybe they will give me a pill and I will magically lose all this weight and turn into a Skinny Bitch (not true, but my sister thought that was funny).

Onto the Cardiologist - remember, this was a chest issue, might be heart related. All is fine - EKG is semi normal, nothing to scream about. But, yes you are heavy. I tell him I have been losing weight, exercising, have a pretty good eating habit, doing all what I feel is the right stuff. Well, it might not be your heart, but we think it still could be. But wait - not the heart, but let's do a stress test and an ultrasound of the heart (at this point I am grateful that I have insurance, but the co-pays - yikes). Have to wait a whole month for the next set of heart tests.

But, then this moment - this second doctor starts to give me a SALES pitch. Yes, he has a great program he would be happy to recommend in regards to weight loss. Did I just ask to hear about this? Don't recall that question coming out of my mouth. He started it in 2005, very successful, great way to drop those added pounds. Oh, and did I happen to mention that he also didn't like when I smiled about being able to say that I was morbidly obese. (Come on, it took a long time for me to say that out loud). If you know me, I laugh this off because I hate that I am labeled like that. I know all the experts out there say I am, I know I am, but can't I laugh about it? Back to his Pitch - I hear everything from call my other patients.....your insurance will pay for it....oh, but you have to pay for the cost of food....it is a wonderful program.

I can't figure out if I am frustrated, annoyed or just kind of floored right now. First of all, they don't think it is my heart. More tests to do. I am willing to do that. Second of all, what is wrong with me? More tests to do. I am willing to do that. But, third - one doctor kind of blows off the fact that I am overweight and the second doctor is going to give me a "sales pitch" about a weight loss program?? I didn't go to hear about my weight, but knew it was going to happen. I know I need to loss the pounds and all that...just not sure where the happy medium is in all of this. I don't need an ATA BOY for losing weight, but ....one doctor is saying nothing and the other doctor is saying I am not doing enough. I guess me saying things like - I am losing weight, I have a weight loss blog for support, I am exercising more (oh, but let's not forget that he does not think that Boot Camp is a wise idea - hello - I wanted to try it - that is exercising - right??!!) is just not enough or ???? Kind of at a loss for words at this point.

I will keep you updated. I am not feeling up to par, but still plugging away. Feeling very much out of sorts in many other ways....keeping an eye on it and not trying to worry too much. Being patient in the doctor appointment issue. They are both just doing their jobs. The weather is very chilly here and hoping the rain will start soon. Doing 32 degree morning walks with the neighbor and loving them, moved my elliptical into the family room (and yes, I have gotten on it a few times), been back on the balance ball. Not doing the best eating, but still tracking it and having many an ha ah moment with my eating. Oh - and Mer and I are on a Better Body Challenge and some how I STILL do not have the workout or eating plan sent to me - even if they promised to email it to me some 5 days ago.

So - my rant, vent and rambling session is over - thanks for giving me the opportunity to fill you in.

MO-tivated MO

P.S. - sent out a post a few days ago, but many of you might have or have not noticed a blogger issue. I have been able to find a "back door" opportunity to read blogs, but not able to read from my own blog access as blog screens will freeze and I am only seeing part of your posts. If you have your comments in Embedded form, then changing it to a Pop Up or Full Page will fix this problem (especially for those of us that read your blog via Internet Explorer). That way others and myself can comment again. THANKS!!!!

Day 99

From 100 days of weight loss by Linda Spangle

Put this on your refrigerator, pantry, cupboard at eye level so when you see it- read it and be reminded that  food is not the solution to your emotional needs-




Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 98- New Year's Resolution

My thoughts on 100 days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle

In this chapter, Spangle tells the reader to create a New Year's Resolution in advance. So even though the work still has to be done by having this vision is critical to being successful. By having crystal clear vision of your goals it is easier to figure out what you have to do to make it happen. 

The date is__________ and here is what I have accomplished:
  • I now weigh___________________(write down the amount you want to weigh one year from now.)
  • I'm pleased with _______________( include your dream outcome such as better energy, body changes, new attitude.)
  • My body feels _________________(use words liek strong, healthy, slender, thinner, toned.)
  • I'm exercising by _______________(list your exercise activities as well as how often you're doing them.)
  • I've learned ___________________(list items such as how to stop emotional eating, cope with stress, or build motivation)
I am posting my New Year's Resolution later this month on my birthday.  I'm looking forward to reading yours. Please let me know when you post it so that I can read it to cheer you on.



Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 97- Use what works

My thoughts on 100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle

Spangle asks, "What worked before? What did you do to stick with your diet program? How did you keep yourself on track, even thorugh the difficult days?

I really had to think about this. How did things that I have struggled with become habits of mind, routine and rituals that I do daily now?

On Exercise-
  • The night before I put on my workout clothes and sleep in them so I have no excuse, but to get up and workout.
  • I set my alarm 5 minutes before I have to get up. So when the alarm goes off I have 5 minutes to wake up and get going.
  • I have set days with the bootcamp ladies at the park and being accountable to other people has helped me stay consistent
  • I feel awake and ready to face the day after I have worked out in the morning. I like that the blood is flowing to the brain and I feel like I can handle anything
  • If I am working out alone. The night before I set up the DVD so I know what I am going to do. I am not a morning person so it is best that I make the decision ahead of time or I won't do it.
On Eating Breakfast-
  • I used to skip breakfast everyday and then, binge at 10:00am in the breakroom because I was starving
  • Instead of rushing around getting ready I set everything up the night before so that I can sit and enjoy my breakfast with my son
  • I tried new foods for breakfast- steel cut oatmeal, museli, hard boiled eggs, peanut butter on whole grain toast
On Portion Control-
  • I track everything I eat
  • I measure out everything that I eat
  • I check the calories on an item before I eat it
  • I serve my food on a smaller plate so the portions have to be smaller
  • I ask family to support me since my spouse does most of the cooking
On Getting a Handle of my Emotions and Stress-
  • I go for a walk
  • I drink my water or have a cup of tea
  • I chew gum to "chew" on the issue- 11 calories burned in an hour chewing gum
  • I do some deep breathing exercises
  • I journal my frustations
  • I practice my ukulele
  • I talk to Mo
  • I distract myself by reading or commenting on a blog or rereading my own posts or Mo's
  • Look at my vision board to get myself refocused on my goal
  • I look at my own self-talk that I have on a 3X5 card to remind me that I CAN DO IT! NEVER GIVE UP!
As I reflect the journey that I have gone through in the last year. I really have to give myself a pat on the back for I have come a long way. It is funny that at first I was disappointed in myself because I have not progressed with my weight loss as much as Mo, but that was because I am going through what I call "invisible" growth. The wheels have been turning on the inside and making this work more pernament so that I can make this a real healthy lifestyle change.  I just had to remember all the strategies that have worked and make them a part of my life forever.  For everytime that I take a step forward I am making progress and that is what I want to do for now and forever from this day forward until the day I die and go back to being part of the earth. 

Spangle encourages all of us to-

Remember what use to work
Pull out the best strategies back off the shelf
Put them into your program again and again


Being reflective on the journey,

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 96- What will it take?

My thoughts on 100 days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle

I am a big vision person who is not much into the details, but my job as a teacher leader/instructional designer makes me I have to get the details down to the time it takes students to learn things in my classroom. We set goals, have benchmark assessments and at the end we see if students have hit the goals. Now, why have I not thought about using this same concept in my real life? I think it is because I plan and plan and plan that I want my life to just be, but this is not totally true. Mo will tell you that my calendar is full! She always checks it too see all the stuff written on it and that is just the family life! If she looked at my work life she would see a crazy teacher leader who is all over the county and into the next! 
Spangle suggests that you break down the goals. Once you have an action down, then ask- What will it take? (WWT?) 
What is my intention?- To eat a healthy lunch.
WWT?- To actually take a lunch, not just eat at my desk and/or go out to lunch
What is my intention? -To make my lunch after dinner
WWT?- To enlist my son and daughter to make their lunches at the same time so we all do it together
What is my intention?- To all have healthy lunches
WWT?- For me it  will be modeling good portion control and healthy choices for lunch
What is my intention? To take a break from my busy day and not just eat while working since that leads to mindless eating
WWT? managing my time better by looking at my goals
WWT? writing my intentions for the day
WWT? prioritize what I can get done before lunch
WWT? sticking to it by setting a timer so that I get taken care of too.

By thinking it through I was able to break it way down to step by step action so I can accomplish it easier.
I love Spangles simplified example for getting back on an exercise program. So here it is since it helped me as well and I want you to know it too!
WWT? Renew my membership at the health club; work with a personal trainer
WWT? Stop at the club and sign up to meet with a trainer
WWT? Plan an exercise session with the trainer into my schedule for sometime this week
WWT? Pull out my schedule book and write down the session into a day that works
WWT? Do it now!


Doing what it takes,

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 95- Set Your Intentions

My Reflections from 100 days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle

I set goals and sometimes I reach them. Sometimes I don't. My intentions are good, but not measurable. From now on, I am going to make sure that my intentions are written down and measureable so I know whether I did it or not.

How to do it-
  • Set intention by creating a specific action statement that tells what you want to do
  • Follow it with a plan that states exactly how you 'll follow through with accomplishing this intention.
How to avoid cookies on the kitchen counter-

Make sure daughter plastic wrap cookies that she made for her soccer team before she goes to bed. Make sure that all leftover cookies are put away since it is better for them to be out of sight out of mind.  So that you don't start searching for them make a cup of tea and sit and read a book or check facebook to distract yourself until bedtime. 

Sometimes my intentions don't happen. Spangle says to look for holes and barriers that make it difficult. For me it is time.  Once my science classes start at the University my intentions get all out of whack because it take me about 2 weeks to adjust to studying and doing the science lab classes. I will have to simplify my plan and make it more realistic. Thinking about being realistic, my exercise will need to be adjusted as well since I have not really worked out in 2 weeks.  I am looking forward to gettting back to it and my spouse is joining me for some of my morning workouts.

What will your specific intentions be?

Working on losing it,

Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 94- Three Columns of Weight Loss

Weight loss
Live here and stick with your eating and exercising  plan. You don’t have to be perfect, but if you were consistent you would lose weight
You don’t go off your eating or exercise plan, but you are not solid. You eat some dessert and treats so you maintain your weight when you are here.
You are back to eating too much, portions are too large, you are having more sweets and snacks than usual. And you don’t exercise. So you gain weight here.

Everyday I live my life in one of these columns. There is no in-between here. At the end of the day I am going to to know which one matches my life.  I want to be in the weight loss column this year! Spangle says that I will need to live in the weight loss column 90% of the time. This is going to take hard work, but I know with the tools that I have I can do this! I can do hard things!
Where do you want to live this year? Can you do it 90% of the year? That will be 328.5 days out of 365 days.   36.5 days in which you could live in the maintain or gain column.  That is about 3 days a month to indulge.  So bring it on! Let's do this thing 90% of the time! Who is with me?
Working on Losing It!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Blogger Freeze - Internet Explorer Problem

Change your comments from EMbed to Full or Popup so that
Internet Explorer users will still be able to access.

(Settings, Comments, go to Comment Form Placement -
change from Embedded below post to Full Page or Popup)

Okay - some might have noticed - Blogger is doing Threaded Comments now - however, with Internet Explorer you can't see a blog, comment, your screen is freezing, you can't scroll down! I did some research, think I fixed it on our Blog - hope this helps many of you and hoping you go change it - I am having MAJOR withdrawels today (and yesterday) - can't comment or even read your Blogs!!!


Day 93- 20 year plan

My thoughts on 100 days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle

Create a long term routine for managing your weight-

Spangle starts off with these questions to help you start  your long term planning with this pre-think-

How will you eat?
How will you exercise?
How will you take care of your emotional needs?
What types of things can you see yourself consistently for 20 years or longer?

Then, Spangle has you write your 20 year plan by answering these 5 areas:

  1. Seven things that I can do forever: What I can do for the next 20 years?
  2. 3 favorite foods and a plan for managing them: How can I incorporated my favorite foods into my plan? (use smaller amounts, less often, two bite rule.)
  3. My exercise plan and how I'll make it work: What is my exercise plan?
  4. Barriers and Life issues- a plan for handling them: What are my barriers?
  5. Immediate crisis plan if I begin gaining weight: What is my immediate action plan for when I begin gaining weight?
My 20 year plan is going to take me sometime to figure out. What would you put on your plan?


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Can I get an 8 count, please?

The 2012 year has begun - for Mo, it's a Numbers Thing.........
  • 8 - week challenge started with Mer through Your Best Body Challenge!! A little frustrated because I paid my "doing it on my own" fee, had to redo it because of a billing address error on my part, but two emails and a phone call later I am still waiting for my "package" so I can actually be on their program. I did have a professional (my new found Boot Camp instructor) measure me, but feel a little behind the eight ball on this. Does that mean I won't "win" - oh, that's right, the only winning in this is that I keep getting healthy!!!
  • 7 - days complete (so far) of tracking food and exercise on Live Strong. Wow, what a wake up call for me in my eating!! Having it all written down in print really is an eye opener! (done it before with WW, but it has been a long time).
  • 6 - plus glasses of water a day, yes, I said PLUS....8 or more with my working out schedule for sure! Boy oh Boy am I loving it - and think the water delivery guy is loving it too (he, he, he)!
  • 5 - in the morning, waking up and getting in my daily workouts
  • 4 - days of walking with the neighbor ladies last week.
  • 3 - days of Boot Camp. Thanks Melissa and the Cosmopinkstyle group! Because of my single parent schedule I can't go back until March, but keeping up the momentum at home!!
  • 2 - days of losing my "cookies" at Boot Camp! Yes, it does happen...but remember, count 3 - I did do 3 days and survived!!
  • 1 - successful year of losing weight!! Totally-looking-forward-to-can't-wait-to-see-how-it-all-plays-out-completely SWELL Two Thousand and Twelve!!!

 oh - and the other highlight of my year so far -

  • 50 - dollars won at Boot Camp to use towards a purchase at Max Muscle !!! Can't believe it, I actually won something!!
Keep up the Momentum!!
Keep Going!!
Stay Strong!!

Staying MOtivated MO

Day 92- Accept the Solution

My thoughts from 100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle

"...you have to be willing to accept the solution. That means you not only have to live in a way that matches your goals at the moment, you also have to accept that you'll be doing this for the rest of your life."

I am so inconsistent, it is the curse of the perfectionist beast in me. If you can't do it perfectly then it is not worth doing so I just give in and make myself feel like sh**, but if I am going to make these changes for good I must accept to live by the goals that I set for myself and give myself some leeway when it comes to making mistakes. 

"Look at it this way- A decision about what to weigh is a decision about how to live."

This statement is so true and I make the decision to weigh less this year and I am deciding to be more active this year!

"In other words, if you are committed to staying at your goal weight, you have to adopt the way of life that goes with it."

I will live the life of a healthy fit, balanced, strong, energetic positive person!

Are you ready to accept the solution?


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 91- Obesity is a condition

My thoughts from 100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle

Wow, what an eyeopener on this reading! I had to read the title again- Obesity is a condition and I had to let it sink in. It is a condition that I have to accept. 
Spangle uses the example of diabetes being the same as obesity in the fact that once you get control that you have to live everyday of their lives in a way that keeps it managed. Diabetics can't just go on a vacation like I do when I decide not to stick to my diet. Obesity is something that I have to monitor for the rest of my life or else I will gain back the weight. That is why when Mo and I started this a year ago that I was adamant that this is a "healthy lifestyle change" rather than just a diet that I am following.   So the change in my thinking is I have to plan how to manage my condition and how to build all these skills into my daily life or I risk gaining the weight back time and time again.  I don't want that! I want long-term success! I will do anything to get it!


Working from the inside-out,

Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 90- Live "as if"

My thoughts on 100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle

Spangle says that you must act as if you are already achieved your goals. The research shows that when you act "as if" then, you become whatever it is. So if you are depressed and you walk with your head held high and a spirited step then, you will act as if you felt better and you will feel better!

So I have to live my life "as if" I already lost my 30 pounds-

What would that look like?

I would be working out 4 to 5 times a week for 1-2 hours at a time. My eating habits would be completely changed by eating more fruits and vegetables, less meat, fat, carbs and dairy. Sweets and desserts would be once a week. I would be drinking more water. I would be happy with how I look in an a size 6.

What would that sound like?

I would sound more confident, more lively and energetic.

What would that feel like?

I would feel strong and solid. I would have more endurance and strength.

How will you live "as if"?

Working from the inside-out,

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 89- At my best

My thoughts from 100 days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle

2012 is here and it is time to be at my best. It is time for you to be at your best. What does that mean? It means really taking a good look at yourself and remembering all the good things that made you feel and look your best. For me it is looking back at a time when I was dreamer, confident, strong, creative and totally capable of feeling like I can handle anything head on. I would say to myself- "Bring it on! I can do this thing!"
I am still the same person when I felt at my best. I never lost that person, but with time and stress I tend to forget who I am and I did not realize that when I became a wife and then, a  mother that I had to redefine who I was, but my characteristics to my surprise never changed.
So our job is to build a list of words, phrases that describe what you are really like when you are at your best.  Here is my "at my best, this is what I am like" list:
  • Happy, friendly, energetic and smiley
  • Enjoys a good story, a good laugh and interesting experiences
  • Determined, focused, hard-working, strives for excellence
  • Life long learner, enjoys new perspectives and ideas
  • Productive, creative, thoughtful, deep thinker
  • Compassionate, patient, good listener and enjoys helping others
  • Enjoy friends, easily has rapport with others
  • Enjoys hugs, cuddles often from children and spouse
  • Physically strong, fit swimmer, walker and hiker
  • Meditates and prays daily
Spangle reminds us "that all of these beautiful words remain true even on days when you don't feel like them." So use your list to remind yourself of who you are at your best! You can bet that I will be looking at this blog post more than once this year to remind myself of that!
Looking forward to reading your list about you "at your best"

Working from the inside-out,

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 88- I do care!

The big ideas from 100 days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle:

When you are feeling down and want to give in say these things and give them a spin-

I do care! I will always care! And I will make it!

When you want whatever is easy as pie and your not feeling your worth. Take a moment to remind yourself-

You are worth it! You deserve to improve your life! You deserve to improve your health!

When you just don't feel like sticking to your plan and you don't want to take a stand just think of this-

Never give up! You can do it! Just hang in there!

Just remind yourself a dozen times a day and no matter how difficult it has been that-

I do care!
I do care!
I do care!
I do care!
I do care!
I do care!
I do care!
I do care!
I do care!
I do care!
I do care!

Working on caring from the inside-out!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 87- Old habits

My thoughts from 100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle

It is a new year and new goals have been made. I am so confident and so excited to have a new start. I feel like nothing can stop me. Eventually the ideas of the new year wears off and the same family, cold weather, and work stress can always hurt my enthusiasm and it is easy to revert back to the old habits again. 
For me the one habit that I have trouble with is getting up early for my morning workouts.  The only way I have been able to get up for them is if the bootcamp ladies are going to be at the park. I feel that I am accountable to them I will get up to get my butt out there to workout, but since we have taken a bit of a break because of the holiday I of course have fallen out of habit.
With the new year, this is the time to change my routine. It is time to create new patterns and renew my goals.  Here are some things that Spangle gives examples that are making me think about the possibilities for myself and the patterns that I want to change-

  • Instead of heading for the kitchen when you get home from work, try doing something that will break the normal pattern- come in the back door, park on a different side of the driveway, read the mail instead of just sorting it, put your bags down in a different place.
  • If you always search through the refrigerator before you get ready for bed find another way to relax- taking a bath, having a cup of tea, read a good book.
  • When you sit down to watch TV switch from drinking beer to having a diet soda, a large glass of water
  • With family pizza night or froyo trip figure out how to stop yourself from joining in by making a healthy salad to go with it, but not eat any pizza and allow yourself to taste a new flavor froyo, but not get a whole serving
In this new year it is time for me to be creative and inventive when it comes to feeling connected to others. It cannot be through food. I will be making a list of all my habits and creating new patterns!

Be creative!
Be inventive!
Create new patterns!
Enjoy new habits!

Working for the inside-out,

Happy Blogerversary

Wishing Mer and Mo a Happy Blog Anniversary on this
glorious Day of January!!!
Here's to another successful year of getting
healthy from the inside out and from the outside in !!!

(This is one of Mo's most favorite-tist songs - enjoy everyone)!

Here is Mo's first post back on January 6, 2011

and here is what Mer wrote on that same day

We hope that you will continue with us on the path to a Swell Two Thousand and Twelve! Still getting healthy for a better us, together with you!!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 86- Minimize the Damage

My thoughts from 100 Day sof Weight Loss by Linda Spangle

I love the twist and new perspectives that these readings give me. Just when I think I don't want to do this anymore. It is just too hard. I read something like today's reading and I think- "Why didn't I think of it that way?"
Spangle discusses the challenges of being on a diet, but it is the metaphor that help me see it in a different light. She explains it like this-
If you leave your children with a babysitter, you don't forget you have kids. In the same way, going off your diet doesn't mean you can forget you have one. Instead of giving up when your are faced with difficult times, stay on your plan by using the simple phrase, "Minimize the damage!"
DOH! Why didn't I think of that?
Spangle packs this reading with all these strategies-
STOP when a challenge hits you and do one of these things:
  • sit on your hands
  • leave the room
  • brush your teeth
  • throw out the rest of the food
  • focus on the two first bites
  • get away from the table and do something else
When feeling weak and you are about to give in just say-
"Minimize the damage!"
"Minimize the damage!"
"Minimize the damage!"
"Minimize the damage!"

Working from the inside-out,

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 85- Let it go

My thoughts from 100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle

There are a lot of negative feelings that we house in our bodies that we have to let go instead of dealing with these emotions we carry around. If our emotions were a balloon we would be blowing air into the balloon until it got so full for anger, bitterness, frustration, hurt, sadness, resentment that it popped and when it popped that is when we lose it by overeating, screaming, yelling or throwing a tantrum. 
Spangle gives us a good way of letting go and it is simply this-
  • Set a time limit on your feelings and then, let it go
  • choose a difficult situation and write it down or do it mentally all your thoughts and emotions about it
  • place these thoughts in the palm of your hand
  • decide how long you want to hold on to these emotions
  • pick a time limit- few seconds to several hours
  • close your fist tightly around the feelings and hold them until the time is up
  • at the end of the time limit, open your hand and throw the paper away or mentally send those thoughts into outer space
  • as you let the feelings go, stretch your arms to its full length and hold your hand open with the palm facing up. Mentally, picture those negative emotions flowing down your arm and out your fingers.
  • Let the feeling go for good. Do it again if you have to until it is all gone.
  • affirm you have let go- write a few lines you have let go of the issue and the feelings around it
 I want to be healthy on the inside as well as the outside. So I have to learn to let go of all the negative emotions so I don't turn to eating for comfort. I have never tried this way of letting go. I will the next time the opportunity arises.
How about you? How do you let go?

Working from the inside-out,

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 84- The Expectation Square

I have high expectations all the time.  I have a mental picture in my head about how I want things to be. If I were to put a box around my expectations this is what Spangle refer to my expectation square and unfortunately mine is quite small and ridgid since I expect everything to be perfect and if it is not perfect then my expectation is shot to hell. This is where my biggest downfall is since it is a self-sabotating cycle that I have been working on.  Spangle discusses the idea of widening the square so that my picture in my head is more reasonably acceptable instead of the "perfect" picture that I see.
For myself I have gone from "perfect" to
"striving for excellence"
"doing your personal best"
"seeing the joy in the moment"
"learning from mistakes"
"putting in your best effort"
"being open to it turning out different"
Let me tell you this is an important journey for me. To go from "perfect" to "acceptable" has made my reactions more calmer and more like the person I want to be. It has prevented me from giving in to frustations by eating. 

Working on the inside out,

Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 83- No more deprivation

My thoughts on 100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle

I was reading about willpower and how it works. Basically, some students were in a room with some warm chocolate chip cookies and were told that they could have as many as they wanted as they worked on some puzzles and another group were in a same situation, but were told that they could not eat the cookies, but had to be in the same room with the chocolate chip cookie smell and had to look at them. During this first round both groups were able to solve the puzzles. Then, during the second round the researchers gave the groups unsolvable puzzles and the cookie eaters were able to give the puzzles a try. The no cookie eaters gave up right away. They gave in because their willpower was exhausted and they were deprived from eating chocolate chip cookies.  Does this mean you have to give in to the chocolate chip cookies? NO! We have to set boundaries and limits around our eating so that we don't hit that spot where our willpower is gone.
Spangle points out that deprivation happens daily and that we all make choices because you would rather have the benefits you get as a result. As a teacher, my school district is facing furlough days and I have had to make the hard decision to deprive myself some things that I benefit from. For example, we have decided to get rid of the housecleaners so that we can teach my children how to clean. This is going to take away some time that I benefitted from, but in the long run it is a good lesson from my children especially my teenager who will be launching into young adulthood in a few short years.
When I deprive myself from the sweets that I love so much it means that I am able to successfully keep my weight off. As I look at it the benefits that I am getting are the results of my actions. Spangle gives a good example- "decide what is more important- losing weight or experiencing the brief pleasure of eating a piece of chocolate cake."
Another way to look at it-Spangle asks this life changing question,"What does my weight deprive me of?"  When I think about that I realize that my weight keeps me from
  • being truly active and full of energy
  • wearing the cute summer outfits because I don't like my arms or thighs
  • keeping up with my fast, strong kids
  • the confidence and self-esteem that I deserve
  • having the strength and endurance that a healthy fit person has
When I think about deprivation this way- I WANT NO MORE DEPRIVATION!

Working from the inside-out,

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 82- Last Straw Eating

Thoughts from 100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle-

"That was the last straw!" Sometimes I end up binging after I have hit that state of mind. Again it is a series of events that get me to that "last straw." It is usually because I am frustrated, tired and just had given up all hope for making anything go my way. 
It is time to watch for these events and time to prevent this "last straw" eating.
Here is brainstorm list for myself to help prevent me from this-
  • Clean out the pantry of any junk food so that the only option is a healthy choice
  • Find sugar-free, low calorie ways to chew on the "last straw"- gum, ice chips
  • Put the jump rope and hoola hoop by the back door so anytime I want to I can jump or hoola hoop my frustrations away
  • Have a notebook in my purse so that I can journal my frustations away
  • Drink a glass of water slow
  • Make a cup of tea
  • Do some knitting
  • Read and comment on a Weight loss blog
  • Call or text my BFF
  • Do some deep, cleansing breathing
Please add to my list. We need problem solve together to conquer this emotional eating!
Carpe Diem 2012!

Working from the inside-out,

Day 81- Unhook the chains

My thoughts on 100 days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle-

"Unhooking the chains" is about studying the behavior links to pinpoint the exact place where you slipped up and consider what you could have done to prevent them. Spangle shares that emotional eating rarely happens in isolation so it can be a series of unconnected events that wear down your willpower and resistance.
So, for me it was a day like this-
Lock keys in car--> late for meeting-->housecleaners call to say there is no key out-->
have to call spouse about key--> housecleaners say they will come back next week!!! -->
daughter text to say that she needs a ride to soccer game this afternoon--> Internet and voicemail goes down at office--> important communication and work is at a stand still-->
spouse calls to say that key is out!

WHAT THE HECK! This was all before lunch!
By this time, I was stressed out! As I walked through the break room, I needed something to relieve my stress so I found the box of See's Candies and ate a few too many!
As I really look at this I see how I could have prevented some of the intense stress.
When I do things like lock keys in the car I should not talk bad to myself and I should not have rushed. I should have taken the time to make sure I had everything I needed rather than throwing everything into the car including the keys! I am so mean and horrible to myself when I make mistakes. This needs to stop!
Usually, my family has a Sunday meeting to make sure we know what is happening in our busy lives and we negotiate schedules and duties so that I don't get the last minute call and text that totally catches me off guard. I should have taken a walk to my car or around the block rather walking through the break room. I always have gum in my desk or in my purse and I should have chewed on a piece so that I could have had some time process and problem solve.
I have to let go that there are some things I don't have control of and that I can't do anything about the internet and voicemail going down. I have to just do some relaxation breathing and find my focus and center since there are many other things to do in my office. 
Your assignment-
  • Draw your behavior chain of events
  • Keep adding until you have exhausted all parts of the chain
  • For each part of the chain brainstorm how to handle each behavior with an preventative action instead of letting it build
This is going to take some time for me to work through, since old habits are hard to break, but this will help me manage my daily stress and live a life that is in a taking action-problem solving mode rather than a purely reactionary mode.  I can already tell that this is going to prevent from emotionally eating my stress away.
Changing from the inside-out,