Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Make your Dream Come True

It is just about the end of January - have you looked over your dream for this year? What are your goals? What about  your resolutions? I never really make resolutions, I just go for goals. I can't beat myself up if I don't hit them, but making an Inspiration Board to get me to certain goals is always something that I enjoy doing at the beginning of the year. I find pictures, words of wisdom, things that inspire me to set my goal of losing weight into motion - or keep it going - or take it to the next step. I have done one for the last two years and yes, they have given me motivation, but there are times I feel that I should make the board bigger so that it is YELLING at me each day saying - GO FOR THAT DREAM!!!

That is my theme for this year - going to go for the DREAM in 2013!!! I am going to make my dream a reality and hit the goals I need to hit. First up - 10 pounds - and for every 10 pounds I do I am going to treat myself to a CD that I can add to my workout play list or just enjoy on a nice drive on the weekend.

Tonight I will be creating my 2013 Inspiration Board and I have decided that I am going to make it much bigger then next year. Can't wait to share it with you all.

Have a great a super day!!!! Find something that gets you to smile today -  you a happy face!!!1


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pinch me - FINALLY!!!

Some exciting news from the Mo "out of work" camp!!

As I mentioned in my last post the phone was ringing again (I typed "reading", meant to say ring, ring, ringing). All good news - especially after I found out that my unemployment was going to continue (but I am tired of asking for assistance from the government - I know that sounds silly, but I am ready to go back to work) Here is how the flood gates opened up.

Two Saturdays back I had an interview for a part time seasonal tax office job. As luck would have it, I got the job just one week later. I was not fully excited about this, because it was part time seasonal, but I was a bit excited to be back to work.

Days before this interview I renewed my teaching credential and was contemplating going back into the subbing pool and/or full-time teaching again, but again, this was not an option I was excited about.

Then just last week I signed up with another Temp to Hire Employment agency (not knowing what the part time job was going to produce). They came through in a pinch. They were calling me left and right about interviewing with one company, then another.

On top of that, another temp agency was calling me and had another job interview in the works for me.

Ring - Ring - there goes the phone again - another interview option of a job I applied for back in early December. It is for a job I really want. Close to home, good company and just right up my alley. Things got even better when I had a good interview. Only time would tell. In the meantime I got the part time seasonal job offer - then two more interviews on Monday morning.

Interview #1 at 9 am Monday - it went well. And if they liked me then I would start the job as early as Wednesday (yes, tomorrow).

Interview #2 - 2 pm Monday - again, it went well. I was relaxed, ready for anything and didn't feel nervous when all of the sudden I was meeting with four people and not two. The only thing I was concerned about was that the job was not going to be full-time. I thought it would, but come to find out that they are still contemplating how or what they want to do with the position. I am not so sure.

Ring - Ring - an offer for a 2nd interview with the company I REALLY want the job with!! I am so excited that I picked up M & M's to give to the two Mike's that are interviewing me for a 2nd time - if I can't win them with kindness, then hit the sweet tooth. That happens tomorrow.

Ring - Ring - a job offer today!!! Temp to Hire - starts officially on Thursday!!!!

I felt a bit bad, but had to call the part time job and tell them Thanks, but No Thanks - and I wished them luck in the latest Tax Season.

I feel like I am in a dream. It has been 11 months, two weeks and a few days since having full-time employment, much less any employment that is bringing in money into the house. I feel like I am in a dream. Pinch me - finally!

All of this has been happening so fast. In a good way, but boy, what the heck. There was nothing for so long and now there is so much!!! What is that expression - Feast or Famine???

Now the drill is to make sure I can get my 11 year old ready for school without me being home. I have a little bit of a commute and will have to leave before 7:30 each morning. My neighbor is going to help out and pick him up a few mornings a week - thank goodness school does not go for too much longer. Next year he will be in walking distance to school. It is just going to be a change of pace for this family. We can do it and it is really exciting, but scary all at the same time.

I think my total motivation came because, well, you know what the heck - it is time. Friday night - 10 pm - time to realize that the Unemployment Vacation was over. I made of list of things to accomplish on the weekend. In just a few shorts hours on Saturday I had stripped the beds, remade them, done two more loads of laundry, cleaned both bathrooms, did the dusting, cleaned the floors in my bedroom - got home from an interview - cleaned the kitchen, mopped the floors...and so much more. Sunday we worked on the back fence that was coming down, I finally trimmed the rose bushes in the back and cleaned up the yard.

I am so glad that I will be going back to work. That I am going to be making money on my own again. That I will be out of the house and meeting new people, and helping myself as well as others. So many emotions right now.

This lady is on FIRE!!!!!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Reverse Crunch

I had a really good chuckle tonight. The other night I got on my balance ball and did a run through of exercises. I moved my legs, arms and did many crunches - more than 200 in the process of doing my workout. I knew that I was going to be in a bit of pain, as this was my first real workout in over a month or even more. I wish I had been doing more, but I am not gaining pound upon pound, but I do know that I need to be exercising.

So - the first day after my workout came - I was feeling good, didn't even feel any pain.

But, as the evening was coming to an end on day 1 I was feeling a few muscles tighten up. I knew it was coming.

Got up this morning (day 2 after the workout) and ouch - just a little bit of muscle pain. I could feel it in my stomach area the most - from all those crunches. There was some aches and pains in my arms and a few sore spots in my legs.

As the day has progressed I knew that I needed to be moving more, but didn't do as much as I should have done.

The night was coming to an end, but we had a meeting to go to and I could feel the muscles in my stomach getting worse and worse.

As I was putting my son to be I was saying Ouch - Oh - Ouch - Oh this hurts. I had to bend down to get some clothes off the floor and more Ouch - Oh - Ouch and Oh's.

My son then says - "Mom, you should just do Reverse Crunches, that might help" He said it with a little bit of a chuckle, but I think he was hoping there might be some reverse crunches you could do to take away the pain. In a way I am sure there are, but for the life of me I am not sure how they go at this point. It is just a few more Ouch's - Oh's and Ouch's.....

Going to make sure I do some more tomorrow. Hoping the Ouch's go away soon - I know they are good ouch's so not complaining.

On a side note - the phone started to reading again today. I had an interview on Saturday, that I felt went well. Another one on Wednesday. Going to try another Temporary Agency tomorrow. Keeping fingers crossed that the week continues to progress in a positive way - employment wise. Keeping my chin up!!!!


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Roller Coaster moments!

I am going to steal a little bit of the thumbs up/down moments from Waisting Time to get you all up to speed as to what has been happening with me these last few weeks. I don't want to use the Thumb action, but will refer to my life as being on a roller coaster - going up that large hill and then traveling down at what I would feel a too fast speed or maybe just taking some of the loop DE-loops around the roller coaster of life at the moment.

UP - had a most wonderful Christmas holiday with my family. We all "made" our gifts - we coined the phrase "crafty Christmas" this year. There were the baked goods from one, the homemade ornament to add to the tree, had a good laugh over the "Reservations that were made" and a restaurant gift certificate to go with it. Or how about the candle holders made out of birch wood that brought back fond memories of the birch wood my parents used to have as decorations at the fireplace, but we were never allowed to burn them. The best gift was the calendar that my little sister made that has pictures of the whole family, with monthly quotes and then activity ideas we should do during the year to get together as family. Pictures for birthdays, even pictures of my parents and as we were growing up. It was a wonderful idea of having a "crafty" Christmas this year.

DOWN - Still NOT working. This has been an ongoing aspect of my life for the last 11 months. I can't seem to find full time work, or even work for that matter. I am busting my butt to make it happen. I think I am on about 10 different websites with my resume. I look at 20-30 websites each day to see if there is a new posting for work. I apply to about 10 jobs a week, not to mention that lately I have added applying to supermarkets, fast food, and chain stores just to get a job. Heck, I even started looking on Craig's list - go figure, I didn't think there would be anything except for shady kind of I don't want to go apply there kind of work, but I have found some pretty good prospects. Just wish that my request for work was not going out into Cyper Space and the fact that I am not getting replies is driving me crazy. I can say that I am UP with interviews - just yesterday, which is more than some can say. We will see what happens with that.

UP - got a random email last week. They were looking for someone to fill a work position, but not with my background. Thought I would just reply and include my resume. Luck was on my side - got a phone call the next morning. They wanted to interview me. However, this was all weird - the lady on the other end could not say my name - even after the 5th time I told her and that she confirmed with me what my email was. So - no matter what I really did want to be interviewed, she agreed - always good to meet and see what might happen.

DOWN - the interview was only 5 minutes long - they didn't even ask me to sit down, or take off my jacket.

UP - got a call back for a second interview. I meet the owner, things go well, I am even going to come in the very next day to start working. I am in a shock moment, it was just all so weird, glad that I am going back to work.

DEATH DROP - 7:32 am last Friday - yep - the phone rings and they say "we actually hired someone else, but the boss didn't know it" - YEAH, right - whatever, if you can't pronounce my name then maybe I just don't want to work for you.

DOWN - Unemployment ran out - I knew it was coming, but for the sure fact that I was hoping I would have been working by now. I have even signed up with several employment agencies (even tested on my typing with 66 WPM and only 1 error), but the phone is still not ringing. I never thought I would be in this situation.

UP - went for a walk the other day with my neighbor. So glad that I did. This was the first time in over a month I have been outside walking the neighborhood and getting in a good work out. (Is that more of a DOWN moment, that I have not been working out).

UP - to come home that day and open my mailbox and see that my unemployment is continuing. Or sort of, they have allowed me to collect the last of the payment - we will see what happens next, will it be renewed, but I figure not. However, I really really really want to be working. I don't want to keep collecting a paycheck from EDD.

LOOPS, LOOPS AND MORE LOOPS (or should I call it hoops) - not sure how to look at this. In the process of looking for work I have come to the realization that I really need to renew my teaching credential. I am not sure I want to go back to teaching, dealing with all that comes being back in a classroom. However, renewing my credential will allow me to be a substitute and there can be good money in doing that, just no benefits and well, sometimes you never know where you will be teaching from day to day. With the renewal comes the fact that you have to pay for the aspect of going to work. I have already put out $130.00 and there will be more costs to come as I fill out paperwork and go to 1 or 2 school districts - there is more fingerprinting and TB tests and well, more of a DOWN moment since I am not making any money. I am hoping that the UP will come soon.

UP - still having a positive attitude about this whole being unemployed thing. I have cleaned out my cupboards, the cabinets and closets. Still working on the spare bedroom, and I can see the floor, closets to finish...and a bit more organizing in that room. Tired of staying home, but I do keep busy with volunteering - hoping to get work that way, but have been doing that for over 4 months with no luck. Many say I am doing really well (mentally) with this being unemployed position I am in, but I for one would like to be working - the vacation ended so long ago.

UP - I am being very good with my money, so I was able to treat myself to a play the other night and saw a long time friend of mine perform. I have not laughed so hard in so long - so glad that I took the time to do that.

UP - my sister and brother-in-law treated me the next night with a trip to the local casino. Yes, an unemployed person should not be going to a place where they take your money, but I got lucky. First, my brother-in-law did give me some cash, which was really nice of him to do, but I got even more lucky when I only played on $20.00 the whole night. Came home with an extra $23.00 (on top of the $20) in my pocket and we played for over 6 hours. I love the penny slots and we found a cool fishing machine that actually gives you the chance to "reel" in your winnings. Again, a great night.

DOWN - it has been extremely COLD in my neck of the woods. Yes, very cold even if it is California. The temperatures at night are in the high 20's (and has been for several days) - cold for us. I woke up last Sunday morning and my pipes were frozen. I had a small meltdown, and was praying to the house gods that my pipes would not burst. Within 5 minutes of wrapping the pipes nice and warm with many towels the water started to run again. Phew!!

DOWN - Not being motivated to lose weight. I am finding myself eating more and more for comfort. I know what needs to be done, but most times I will just forget the fact that I should be exercising.

UP - in the midst of it being Soooooooooooooooooo cold outside I realized last night that since I am not able to warm myself up by just sitting on the couch or at the computer, the best bet is to exercise. Hands and feet freezing I took the time to finally pull out my exercise equipment again. Within a few minutes or more I did 200 stomach crunches on my exercise ball. Like I said - I know what needs to be done, I just need to do it. and I was able to warm my body up without complaining!!!

This roller coaster of life is going to get better. There might be some loops here and there, but I will be successful in riding that coaster!!!!!!!!!!!!

More to come - love to all my blogging buddies!!!!!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tea, Water and Veggies...

...are my friends this week. I need them to be by my side all the time. I am trying very hard to get back on the main Band Wagon in this weight loss journey and it is very hard. I am keeping myself busy, but if I was back to work I think it would be easier. I am trying to have a set schedule and was hoping with the New Year that I could do such that - but no such luck. Still looking for work - coming up with another plan of action to get the paychecks rolling in. We are already two weeks into the 2013 and I am not doing what I know I should be doing.

Taking it all one day at a time...............that is for sure, but I know this - keeping my list handy...

No Soda's
Limit and cut back on processed foods
Water - Water - Water
No Fast Food
Keep Track of my eating
More Veggies
Stay away from the Munch Munch Munch Monster............

The Munch Monster - the worst. Came at me this afternoon. I was so tempted to open up the chips and just have a "few" - that's right - we all say it from time to time - "just a few". Well, I destroyed that Munch Monster today - cup of water has been with me all day.  (that holds 2.5 glasses at a time) is filled and handy and almost empty in a short span of an hour so I can get the next cup filled and ready to drink.

In addition, I am keeping myself warm and full with a nice glass of Hot Tea when the water is not doing the trick. Then when the Tea was not enough, I pulled out a small bag of carrots and made sure I didn't add Salad Dressing to dip them into and I had a nice munching lunch.

Dinner was topped off with another glass of Hot Tea to fill up what I felt was an empty stomach. And I am finishing off my 8th glass of water as we speak before heading to be in about 1 hour.

That is what I need to remember - Tea - Water and Veggies - they will keep me full, I won't go overboard and the best part - the Hot Tea is keeping me warm - can't seem to warm up, so that must mean I need to exercise more - LOL

Working slowly on getting back into the "saddle" again. I will do this - I know I can - I will!!!

Wishing you all a most wonderful, marvelous week!!


Monday, January 7, 2013

Quote of Week 2-

I looked up the word "believe" and here is what I came up with-

  • to have a firm faith   
    • I believe that I can reach the goals that I set for myself in the new year.
  •  to accept something as true, genuine or real 
    • I believe I am a kind, responsible person filled with gratitude.
  • to have a firm conviction as to the goodness, efficacy or ability of something  
    • I believe in exercise and eating healthy.

So this week I am going to focus on believing that I can be self-aware by being proactive.
Here are the statements I will say to myself this week to help me-

I believe that I can be..

...more patient
...more wise
...more cooperative
...more creative
...more loving
...more resourceful
...a problem solver
...filled with joy and gratitude
...a more giving person
...more respectful
...a hard worker
...more focused
...better listener
...more disciplined
...more organized
...more communicative
...respectful of time
...more thoughtful

What do you believe you can do?



Friday, January 4, 2013

Relaxation Moment

In the midst of all your New Years Resolutions - making sure you are eating healthy, exercising, avoiding all the put in your mouth temptations...make sure you take a moment to are some really great ideas. I love that some of these involve working out - or even just making sure you body is moving. 

Hope you week has been GRAND!!!



Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Come on 2013 - be good to ME!!!!

I really mean it  - I need 2013 to be good to me. My last year was not the best. However, I am moving forward, closing the door on 2012 and making sure that 2013 is memorable - in a good way!!

Happy New Year to everyone from MO!! In 2012 I was up, down and well, more down then up at times. I know that this year - even if 13 is not a lucky number - will be a lucky year for me!! I am looking forward for what lies ahead and am going to do my best to make sure that I can fit into a new pair of jeans by the end of 2013 - or wait - fit into more then just one, but several new pairs before the end of 2013.

I looked up some rhyming words for Thirteen - as in 2012 I was going to be Swell in 20Twelve - well, in Two Thousand and Thirteen I am going to be LEAN!!!

Many things to deal with, but the one thing that I am looking forward to is the upcoming Biggest Loser. Not only is it back on TV in a few days, but there is just something about it this year that makes me want to be one of those contestants. Even if I didn't apply, or have the time to be one, I really want to be one of those on the stage. I have written in the past that I wanted to have my "confetti moment" just like the winners of Biggest Loser have at the end of each TV season. Well, I for one want to have that moment this year. It might not be the final rain of confetti for me to be at goal, but I know that I want to be Clean, Lean and in a new pair of Jeans by the end of Two Thousand and Thirteen. I think a new pair of jeans for each month would be awesome and a goal I would like to strive for.

It is the beginning of a new year and the People magazine issue of "Half Their Size" came to my house the other day - via my lil sister - so I am going to work on my 2013 Vision board. Do you have a Vision Board? Find words, phrases and pictures of things you want to accomplish with your weight loss journey - put it on a board / paper / calendar - post it in a place you will see it each day. Make it part of your motivation. Make it a goal to hit some of those "visions"!!

You can do this - we can do this - I will do this!!!

I saw this on the Biggest Loser Facebook page today and could not pass it up. Hoping it gives you some motivation for your New Year!!! (yes, I know this is an "ad" for the Biggest Loser, but I love what it has to offer for everyone and for me).

Much love - happiness and a most wonderful 2013 to you all!!!!

Motivated MO

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year Cards!

I was terrible at getting out Holiday cards this year so decided with my teenage daughter to do Happy New Year cards. We usually do a Top Ten list like David Letterman style, but this year with all the difficulties we were having a hard time coming up with the top 10 so instead we decided to do Top 5 achievements of 2012 and Top 5 predictions for 2013. So here they are-
Greetings from the Mer’sfamily-
TopFive Achievements of 2012:
5. Husband is the Vice President of Happy Hollow Park and Zoo Foundation Board!
4.Mer got a new job with a National Science Foundation Grant working withdistricts all across the SF Bay Area!
3. Daughter and her team went to Knoxville, Tennessee for the AYSO Nationals Tournament!
2. Son became a first grader and a Cub Scout!
1. We got a bunny named Tribble!

TopFive Predictions of 2013:
5. My son will learn he is wizard when he goes to Europe this summer on anelementary school field trip.
4. Daughter will turn 16 and be chosen as the next Avatar from the Fire Nation by theFire Sages.
3. Husband will witness the shooting of a Navy Cop and have to go to Gibbs forquestioning.
2.Mer will read Hunger Games and finally understand all of Kate’s references tothe book.
1. Son will be in 2nd grade and daughter will (hopefully) get her Driver’sPermit.

May2013 be prosperous & successful!

Much Love,