Monday, January 31, 2011

An ING kind of weekend


Boy, what a ING kind of weekend!!! Weed-ing, Clean-ing. Exercis-ing, Organiz-ing, Rak-ing, Driv-ing, and Eat-ing. I feel like I accomplished tons, but the weekend went too fast. The weeding - well, there is this little patch in the front of my house that I am not really sure what to do with. For the moment there is this little rock formation and some really interesting plants that are growing up in this patch and I didn't prepare for the weeds this season. The weather has been cold and damp, but finally tackled this ing. The raking - well - I don't have any trees on my property, but a HUGE Oak tree next door. I finally got the chance to pick up the ones that have been sitting around waiting to go into the trash. About 3 hours of good exercise work. Moved about 20 Day Camp boxes into my little storage unit and with that accomplished cleaning the garage. Working on organizing the rest of the boxes that ended up in the house - a goal I have for the next 2 months - get more orangized. Cleaning the house came next - the bathrooms and some other things....was feeling good!!! Feeling accomplished!!!!

The driving and eating - got a last minute invite to help Mer celebrate her Birthday - SURPRISE!!! Woo Hoo. We planned well, left the house for our drive over and made it just in time. Great meal at the Left Bank Restaurant !! Yum! Many different appetizers circled around the table of 18. I tried a bit of the Pate', but avoided the Fried Calamari. Was jazzed when I saw my son eat a little bit of the Calamari - he said it tasted like Chicken - too cute! Did try the Salade D'Oreille De Cochons and was not a bit thrown off when I actually realized the crunch was julienned crispy pig ears - it was actually pretty tasty. My meal was small, as I didn't want to go overboard, but did enjoy to the fullest. A treat of a glass of fruity Viognier Wine (Simpson Vineyard, Napa Valley 2009), a refreshing Salade Verte and for my main course I picked an appetizer - the Quenelle Me're' Brazier Sauce Homard (baked scallop & salmon mousse, covered with a brandied creamy lobster sauce). Crisp toasted bread to top off the meal. It was so YUMMY!! Delightful - the company, the family, the friends, the food - all of it was spectacular. (Yes, will have a picture up soon of my meal).

The Exercising part of the weekend - I got to go see Mer's sis - a local Pilates Studio Owner/Instructor, taking us through each STRETCHING, BENDING, FLEXING and TURNING!!! One day later and I am not as sore as I have been in the past. Good to stretch, get the blood flowing and well, take the time to be one with the body. I really enjoyed this visit (and all the others, too).

So - a weekend full of FUN, FOOD and ING's - kept it all in check - kept my mind focused on my new lifestyle and the goals I have to go with it. Still enjoyed every ing to the fullest!! Stay the Course - Keep reaching for your goals.

Staying Strong Mo!!

Day 23- Savoring Food

"He who distinguishes the true savor of his food can never be a glutton,
he who does not cannot be otherwise."

- Henry David Thoreau

I am married to a classically trained chef. My dates with him are long dining dates 2-3 hours where we go to some place new where we can dine on our food and really savor the flavors, appreciate the artistic presentation of the food and really slow down to truly enjoy what is in front of us. (And the company of course!)

So the 100 days of Weigh Loss (Spangle) has reminded me that I know how to savor. I know how to use all of my senses and really enjoy what I am eating.  I have to be more mindful instead of mindless when it comes to eating my food. I was even thinking about taking off the shelf some of my husband's old favorites and reading them to remind me to savor my food-

The Art of Eating by MK Fischer
Gastronomical Me by MK Fischer
Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain
Back issues of SAUVER

When you eat and savor your food you feel so satisfied. It is the most incredibly self-nurturing act that you can give yourself.  The gift of savoring what nurtures your body and mind.  I can't tell you how good it feels to go from mindless to mindful eating. 




Sunday, January 30, 2011

Homemade Meatball Soup

I made a homemade meatball soup for lunch on Saturday. My family loved it with sourdough grilled cheese sandwiches. I once had a Italian Wedding Soup that had pasta and meatballs at a little hole in the wall place in Half Moon Bay called Lighthouse Cafe and Deli. I added cannellini beans, swiss chard, and tomatoes because I had it in my refrigerator and pantry.
Mo came over for my surprise birthday party last night and had it for breakfast. She requested the recipe so here it is-

Homemade Meatball Soup

For Meatballs-
1 cup bread crumbs
1 pound ground beef
8 cloves of garlic, chopped fine
1 palm full of Italian parsley, chopped fine
1 egg
salt and pepper
olive oil

Mix together by hand and form into balls about 11/2 inch size.
Brown meatballs in frying pan over medium heat and drain oil on a paper towel

Soup Stock-
4 cups chicken stock- store bought or homemade (husband had made chicken stock from last weeks roasted chicken bones.)
1 can 15.5 oz cannellini beans- white kidney beans, drained
1 can 14.5 oz diced tomatoes in juice
1/2 bunch of rainbow swiss chard, washed and roughly chopped
1 cup cooked pasta (I bought fresh gigli pasta at the farmer's market) Gigli means lillie in Italian
salt and pepper to taste

Combine together in a big pot chicken stock, cannellini beans, diced tomatoes with juice,  bring to boil and lower to a simmer. Add the meatballs, swiss chard and pasta. Then, add salt and pepper to taste.

It was awesome for lunch, but it was even better the next day. When you let the flavors co-mingle for 24 hours you get a more richer, more flavorful tasting soup.

Bon appetite!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 22- Multitask with Food by Mer

I woke up this morning and chose to read my 100 days of weight loss (Spangle) to start my day with a focus. Saturdays are busy house chore days where I tend to mulitask by cleaning, doing laundry and still supervise kids activities.  I also have a tendency to pick at food and walk around while eating so that I can get more done, but it also means that I might eat more  than I am suppose to. So today's reading is to remember that "you are eating."  

  • Heighten your awareness and be conscious when you are eating.
  • Study your food with detail and pay attention to all the five senses you are experiencing.
  • Train yourself to be busy, but yet aware of what you are putting your mouth- NO MORE WOLFING DOWN YOUR FOOD! 
This morning my son and I watched Saturday morning cartoons- Danger Mouse. He brought an apple to eat with me on the couch. He let me have the first bite, but before I ate it. He and I talked about the red variations of color, and round, heart shape. I took my first bite and savored the crisp, sweet, but tart taste. I enjoyed the crunchy texture and the juiciness of it. I noticed that the juices ran down my fingers.  Then, I handed over to my son who bit into it and I heard the chunk sound of his teeth as he bit into the apple's thin skin. Then, he slurped the juices and chewed.  He smiled at me and told me that this was a good tasting apple for breakfast.  I agreed and thanked him for sharing with me. He did more than just that for me he practiced  slowing down and notice the details of my food. I love that children can make you do that- slow down and notice the details that we as adults take for granted.  It is so hard for me to slow down in my busy life, but this lifestyle change is so important to me that I have to figure out how to make it fit. 

A rule for myself- 




Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 21- Eat with Awareness

I just read Day 21 from 100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle. It is all about "mindful-eating." instead of "unconscious eating."

It is my birthday so I enjoyed myself by going out to lunch with some friends.  We went to my favorite Korean place and had dolsot bibimbap, which is one of my favorite dishes.  First course was banchan, which are little side dishes. I love the little dishes, but I was good and only took one of each. It was when my dolsot bibimap that came when I realized how hungry I was. Without thinking I stirred in the raw egg to cook it in the hot stone pot and dug in. When I finally came up for air I had eaten more than half of the pot! I had unconsciously eaten my favorite dish. I sat back and really looked in the pot to see that I had not been aware. It made me feel so unsatisfied. I would have finished eating the pot, but I stopped myself since I took a moment to notice that I was full. 

So when I read about "mindful eating" I wanted to turn the clock back and really sit there at lunch to take my time to eat my dolsot bibimbap again. I wanted to notice the spicy flavor of the hot sauce or the crunchy texture of the golden brown rice that had stuck to the bottom of the hot stone pot or the subtle musky flavor of the long interesting mushrooms that I have never seen before.  This would have made me feel more satisfied  about eating my favorite dish. 

Next time, I am going to do the following-
  • To remember that the two purposes of food is to fuel my body and appreciate flavors.
  • To think about my eating patterns and notice when I eat with no awareness.
  • To stop the "unconscious eating" by slowing down way down, sit to eat, and focus on details- flavors, aroma, temperature, colors, textures and presentation.
  • To use my magic notebook to write down my observations and feelings about having complete awareness and focus on my food when eating a meal.
My husband and I own 3 bakeries. I asked for tiramisu, not cake for my birthday tonight for dessert. I get enough cake so of course I want something different. My BFF will tell you that my husband's tiramisu is the best! My plan is to eat it with "appreciation and enjoyment" by slowing down to eat it on festive plates to celebrate not just my birthday, but the new "ah-ha!" about being completely mindful while eating. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 20- Half-off special: Managing serving size by Mer

I love the suggestions on Day 20 of 100 days of Weight Loss (Spangle) since it is so very helpful when I am not home eating.

Here is the super easy way to manage you're serving size-

Imagine the portion that you would eat and only eat half of that. (Now that is simple. I can do that!)

So when I usually eat a chicken sandwich with two slices of bread for lunch I would only eat half and add a piece of fruit to complete the meal.

I love to go out to dinner with my spouse and dine with him. Not only do we enjoy each others company, but we also love to try out new foods. This half-off suggestion would work for me since it would allow me to really get into the textures, flavors and essence of each dish, but I don't have to leave feeling like the glutton goblin.

Some other great suggestions-

  • Never go back for seconds (Never, ever, never ever go back for more food!!!) 
  • Determine your serving size before you eat (plan, plan, plan: even if it is in your head while standing in line for your food at the buffet.) 
  • Half-off may feel unsatisfying so stop and notice your emotional needs (reflection: stop, listen and think)

Go with the "Half-off special" next time you are eating out some where and tell them Mer sent you!

Balancing Can be difficult !!

Balance - I have tons to balance in my life, but doesn't everybody - but yesterday, was another busy, hectic kind of Mo day!!! Balancing is a talent I think I have down most of the time. The Challenge - balancing what I already have in my life and add a new routine - lifestyle change - can I do it - will I be up for this part of the balancing beam? Can I do it - am I ready??!!! YES I CAN!!!

Wednesday's struggle.......a meeting away from the office for 3 hours, rush back to the office and deal with a construction bid, drop off something by 5 pm, run to pick up something by 5:30 pm and try pick up by son by 6 pm. As I went about my day I did not feel rushed - took my water with me to my meeting - felt refreshed - even took the time to eat an apple as I headed home from work.
Then the I arrived to pick up my son I had to have a parent conference with the After School Program director. There was a "head butt" incident, getting mad and well, not keeping things in check. 2nd Write Up (by the 3rd one you can get kicked out of the program)..........I was upset, but for some reason I approached this with a whole new attitude. Rather then talk talk talk and get upset on the 5 minute drive home and keep talking as I was fixing dinner, I really thought about how to go about this issue. I took a deep breath - let it all sink in - took the time to be quiet, made dinner and reflected. Having my son "kicked" out of the program would require a much longer balance beam.

As we sat down for dinner I took the time to hear my son tell me what happened. I really listened. We worked out the issues, tried to come up with a plan of action for the next time and when it came down to the fact that he had to be punished I took it all in stride. I won't say that my son is a "perfect" child, but it is very very rare that I have to punish (took away a huge looking forward Video Game shopping trip and having to do extra chores, which was not something that was received well). Tons of crying and a little bit of negotiations on his part - have to give him credit for trying. However, I was proud of how I handled it. The best part - I didn't overeat, I didn't lose my cool, I didn't get upset, I didn't overeat out of frustration (oh, wait - did I already say that). I kept my dinner portions down, resisted the urge to eat after all was said and done for the day, even ignored the little voice in my head that was craving chocolate just before bedtime. Yep - balancing - I can do this!!!

I finished up my day - crawled into bed - was pleased with how my day went - things are going well. Liking the new lifestyle. Taking the time to reflect on me! Taking the time to take care of me, while still trying to have balance.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 19- Eat Reasonable Amounts by Mer

During the first two weeks I measured, weighed and counted everything that I could so that I could learn what the proper amount would be. Now, I am eyeing it and if it looks a little big like it did with my serving of rice at dinner tonight. Then, I pull out my measuring cups or scale and go to it. It use to be such a chore. It use to be such a bother. Now, I want this change so bad that I don't care how much time it takes to do it right and I don't care if someone sees me do it. It is all for me anyways. Why should I care what my family and friends thinks. They already know that I am loco in la cabeza.
There is no need to buy any fancy equipment you just have to use what you have around you. I once measured 8 oz in a glass of milk and saw that it did not reach the rim so I looked at my hand and noticed that if I place my pointer finger and put it into the glass to the second digit that it measures 8oz exactly, but now I know the amount and measure it accurately more times than none. Yes, I am crazy. I do check myself for accuracy. It must be the science teacher in me.
It takes the average student 38 interactions with content to learn something new and understand it well. This is going to take practice and it will take checking again and again to see if you got those reasonable amounts. In the end the results that you will have are so worth it!

My Support & Yours?

I can't tell you how different it is having real support though this lifestyle change that I have taken many times by myself in the past.  My BFF and my spouse are with me 100%. My family is too. I am so blessed to have them in my corner. It helps me breathe easier, it lowers my anxiety and it puts a big smile on my face because I have people in my life who will listen, be there for me and love me no matter what kind of day I am having. I know I have always had this, but never really allowed others to truly be a support or be my cheerleader. It is that knothead in me that says, "I can do it and I can do it by myself!" The reality is "No, I can't do this alone. I need the support, I need the encouragement and I need the push from behind to get the swing started." 
I took my son to the park yesterday to practice riding his scooter. He was so excited until he realized how much hard work it was to learn to balance. I had to stay positive and supportive, but not be too harsh or I knew he would just stop and throw the scooter down. I listen to him complain and I praised him for not giving up. Then, we passed another little boy doing the same thing he was also learning to ride his scooter and I heard his mother say, "Yes, this is hard, but we can learn how to do hard things? " She is right! As hard as it is -I CAN MAKE THIS CHANGE! My BFF tells me this,  my spouse tells me this and now I am starting to say it to myself.  
So, who is in your support? Who is the person who will listen to you? Who is the person who will push you to do better? Who is the person who will pick up you up when you fall? Allow yourself to be supported so you can make this lifestyle change for the better YOU! 

Mo's Vision Board


I finally did it - I took the time on Monday night to make a Vision Board. I am so glad that I did and proud that I took the time for me on Monday. Yes, there is the Mommy tasks to do - check homework, make dinner, but recently we stopped the TV watching and we actually have more time in the evening to do things - together and on our own. While I was working on my vision board we even squizzed in a game of Sorry Sliders...too cool!!! So - I did up two small vision boards. Armed with a recent newspaper article about fitness & trainers I started one board with the words "YOU CAN DO IT" at the top!! I then just flipped through more of the paper, a recent People magazine and even the Sunday Coupon section (never thought I would find inspiration in coupons, but love some of the words that I found). Just a few simple words, pictures and sayings can help you reach those goals, give you the drive and make you feel good  - words like - "SUPER",  - "HOORAY YOU" -  "SHAPE" -  "BEST DRESSED" -  "BREAKING FREE"  - "GEAR UP" and a favorite - "NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT". (I will post a picture soon). One board is now my screen saver on my phone (thanks Mer for the inspiration) and is also on my refrigerator. The next one is on my bedroom mirror for every morning and evening viewing. They are giving me motivation this week. I know they will keep me motivated with my new lifestyle!! Staying Strong and Inspired!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 18 of 100 day of weight loss- Retrain eating habits by Mer

I am on day 18 and I don't want to retrain anything. I know that is not the attitude that I should have, but that is how I feel right now. I want to be like my four year old and stomp my foot to say, "I don't want to." And I could, but no one wants to see that from a grown woman who has just hit that invisible wall inside my brain. You know the one that tells you- "Oh, what the hell are you doing? Why are you doing this again? "
So to get out of this "stuckness" I have to think all the positives that I have already experienced- clear thinking, more energy, and better self-image. I have to look at my vision board often to remind myself what I want.  I have to keep re-reading my own posts and Mo's post to get myself back motivated and committed.
Now, we're getting to the hard work of dealing with lifelong habits that must be broken. It is time to stop cleaning the plate. It is time to change and move in a new direction. It should not be this hard, but it has been ingrained into me. So the plate has to get smaller and I have to be more aware when I am no longer hungry. So I am going to take baby steps and eventually I will be able to leave food that I don't want on my plate.
My little brain is at it again-
Retrain and stay the course!

Woo Hoo - Mo's Water Day!!!

Today is Water Day at work!! There is just something about (ok - ok - someone) that makes my heart go thump thump every other Tuesday! But, today I forgot. I normally try to run early on these days, just so I don't miss the delivery (giggle giggle), but the school drop off and the crazy-foggy-could-not-see-30 feet-in-front-of-me-drive-in-kind-of-morning made me run late. My heart skipped a beat, then it dropped a bit when I saw the Alhambra truck already in the parking lot as I pulled in today - oh, no - I forgot - I hope I get to see him....giggle, giggle....However, I will say that I was really glad that the delivery took longer then usual today -(more giggling.) ..............BUT - let's remember what today's helpful tip is all about - WATER - WATER IS THE KEY!!! They say you should drink 6 - 8 glass of water a day, more if you are working out, too! To accomplish this goal you  need to find a container that you are going to like using, one that is handy, portable and well, you feel good about having it everyday with you. I am not a huge water bottle fan - you know the ones - the sports bottles and I have the hardest time purchasing water at the store. However, when I head out to a restaurant I can down glass after glass after glass - I think it is the straw that does the trick for me. So, a few months back I found this awesome cup - it has a straw, it looks like the fancy starbucks cold cups, but can be washed in the dishwasher. Yes, it was a bit pricey for a plastic container, but it was worth it. I find myself downing glass after glass each day - I can sit at my desk and finish off the whole thing in record time, compared to having my sports bottles handy. I pour a glass first thing in the morning and try to drink it before walking into the office. I fill up just before leaving at the 5 o'clock hour to have a tasty treat on the way home. Plenty of glasses during the work day, too. (and plenty of visits to the restroom - LOL). Some people struggle with the water - the taste, the lack of flavor...don't make it a chore - find a container that you will enjoy drinking that water out of. Do a little bit at a time, if you feel that having a large bottle next to you just seems a bit too much. Try to use crushed ice in your container to make the "coldness" last on those crazy busy days. Stopping for gas - instead of heading to the soda button, hit the water button and refill your container for that long car ride, or purchase a bottle of choice from the cold drink section. Still can't get yourself to drink that water because of the "taste" - then try to use the Crystal Light flavor packets - but don't use a complete one for each glass of water - just a little bit can add flavor to that tasteless water. OR what about a little bit of fresh lemon juice - give your water life. Just remember - exercise, good eating and plenty of water - you will appreciate those water days more and more!!!

Day 14,15, 16- 100 Days of Weight Loss by Mer

I was gone all weekend, but brought my book along to keep me motivated so here are notes to remember-

Day 14- Morning effects evening

p. 30- "If you eat breakfast everyday you'll eventually retrain your stomach to manage food better in the mornings It may take time for your body to adjust, but  after a week on your new schedule, your all day hunger will disappear. "
I am a breakfast eater, but I did not start out that way. I wanted to set a good example for my own children so I never skip breakfast. This week I started eating a mid morning snack of cheese and a fruit. This seems to help me get through with enough fuel.
p. 30- "When you don't give yourself food during the early part of the day, by late afternoon, it starts screaming for food."
p. 31- "Afternoon droop remedy- By this time of the day, fatigue and hunger can easily ruin your judgement about eating. To manage this late day, high risk time, always eat a snack between 3 and 4 o'clock in the afternoon."
I started the 3 pm snack today. I was trying to leave for a meeting when I realized that I did not have my snack so I went back into my office to get it and my daughter said, "Mom, you went back for an apple and cheese?" My answer was, "Yup, need my snack to keep me going this afternoon."

Day 15- First Two Bites

p. 32- "...first two bites of any food will have the most flavor."
Enjoy the textures and flavors of your food. Not hard for me since I love food, but I have to stop the "feeding." I have to relish in the burst of freshness, textures and minute details of the flavor profile and the memories that may be associated with the food that I am eating. I have to learn to stop when I have gotten out of it what I needed and I have to be okay with throwing a way the food after the two bites.

Day 16- Stop wasting food

Cleaning my plate and eating my son't leftovers is bad. Here is the new saying for cleaning your plate-
"Every time you eat food your body doesn't need, you are wasting it!
When I was really little my father told me that if I did not eat my food that it would run away from the mountains. People in the Philippines were very poor and did not have a lot of food at times. From then, on I always cleaned my plate. But no more. I am going to work on this, but I can tell you right now that I will have a hard time with it. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

It was a Soccer Weekend!

We traveled down to Paseo Robles on Friday night and woke up really early for warm-ups. We had breakfast at the hotel's restaurant and I ordered the biscuits and gravy thinking it was just two, but four showed up at the table! So I ate one and gave the rest to my spouse who ate a few. I needed some protein so I ate some of my son's scrambled eggs and his bacon. 
I did well the rest of the day with just apples, bananas and veggies. My spouse bought a plate of BBQ piled with brisket and chicken, potato salad and beans. He shared with me since he knows I am working on losing weight. I ate enough to satisfy my palate and did not stuff myself like I usually do.  I even cooked for the crowd and did not sneak a hot dog or a hamburger. Thankfully, the request for the girls playing soccer was to stick to healthy snacks so the cookies did not come out until after the last game and I gave my chocolate chip cookie to my son.  I kept my water bottle close and drink what I needed.
Then, the group dinner came and we went to another BBQ joint just around the corner from the hotel.  The plates were huge, but I decided to get what I wanted, slow cooked pork ribs, and order healthy sides- green salad and baked potato with all the fixings on the side. I ate 2 ribs, half of my potato and all of my salad with one onion ring. Then, I did something I have never done before. I asked Brian if he wanted my ribs and after he took them asked the waitress to take my plate. I know I will just pick at it if it is in front of me. 
Now, Sunday was also good, and I treated myself to some Coldstone ice cream, but asked for a child-size and I ended up not eating it all.
The only thing that I did not get to was the walking that I had planned. I am happy with myself for making the plan and sticking to it. All it take is a little bit of thought and a little bit of discipline. 
I can tell you that it was DAMN hard to stick to it. Many times this weekend those crackers, cookies and those chocolate bars were calling to me. I just kept telling myself-"your eating to fuel your body, to appreciate those flavors and that is it!" So just keep telling yourself little phrases like that and it works like a charm!
Stay Strong! Have a great week refueling with healthy stuff and appreciating food!

Pick myself up and start again.....

Well, the weekend came and went. I didn't do very well!! There was so much to do and I really should have had a plan. I wanted to weed the front lawn, sweep up the remainder of the last bit of leaves that have been in the backyard since before Christmas (and yes, I don't have a tree on my property - but the huge oak tree next door keeps me busy in the fall)...there were other things that had to be done and well, I just didn't put a good plan of action into effect. Friday night - should have sat down for a real meal, but found myself making a sandwich and then after all was said and done for the night made another sandwich because I didn't take my time on the first one - thought that I need a bit of refueling, when all I should have done was finish up my days work and gone to bed. We had a Pinewood Derby workshop and well, only 3 boys and didn't get to "relax" until after 9 pm. Had to run to Modesto for Scout supplies on Saturday morning, when the whole time I really wanted to just be home doing stuff. People arrived at 1 pm for more Pinewood Derby help  - had 4 boys come (there are 30 boys, 25 raced....). And of course, the computer program was not work - three trips to the store later and sometime after 7 pm we got the system up and running. So much for yard work. I did have a nice treat - but I am not so sure if I did so well - my little sis brought over a pizza. It really wasn't very good, but I did have three pieces of it. Skipped the salad and well, just should have planned better. Sunday was even more full of "didn't plan" well - skipped lunch, but had an apple on the way to the race. That did fill me up, rather then having that popcorn that was sitting on the snack table. Got home and we completely exhausted. Proceeded to have 2 slices of left over pizza for dinner....yep - didn't plan, didn't have a good combination of food. I get like this - start a plan of action, start a new lifestyle and then something happens after 2 weeks. I can't and won't get into this pattern!!! Not this time!!! Just have to sit down, write it down and stick to it!!! Don't let the "busy-ness" get to me - keep on track and keep moving forward!!!! Was very proud of my little Scout - his car - with the help of Mom this year - came in 6th place!!! We now move onto the District Finals on the 12th - and even if we did drop his car at the awards ceremony, it only lost a wheel that can be put right back on. I am so proud of my Scout. Oh, and those 50 bars of chocolate he had to sell for school - so proud of him again - he took the responsiblity and sold all of them this weekend. I am so so so glad I don't have to see the box or be tempted by the box!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Me & My Magic Notebook

My magic notebook and I are going on the road this weekend. We're headed to a soccer tournament and will be eating out all weekend long. So my plan is to take along my notebook and make a plan before I start my day so that I have in mind what I am going to eat. I am taking my plenty of healthy fresh snacks so that I will have success.  I also packed some games to play so that  I don't eat out of boredom. So boggle, bananagrams and chutes and ladders are ready to be played. I hope to also have room for my ukulele so I can practice.Oh, I can always take my son, the Rocket, to a playground to get some of our wiggles out.  There is so much to think about and do that I am resisting the urge to just get lazy, but I checked this morning and I have already lost another 3 pounds so I have some effort already put in that I don't want to go backwards and forwards this time. I have to keep telling myself that this lifestyle change is pernament. It is so hard because I know the path of least resistance so much easier and convienent. I take deep breaths as I know it is going to be a challenge since I am getting good at planning for success, but in reality when I go back to see if I did what I said I was going to do I fall a little short on some days. Ok, there I go again getting to harsh on myself. Push and strive, but yet be ok if you did not hit the mark? Just remind self to "keep moving forward, learn from all that you do and be kind to yourself always. You have to treat yourself just like you would treat your best friend. Listen, validate, forgive, celebrate, compliment and repeat..."
I won't be posting this weekend so until Monday-
Have a great weekend!

Day 13- 100 day of weight loss by Mer

Oops, I forgot to eat!
My life is busy and I can't help it. It is the nature of my job and sometimes I don't have time to eat. I know it is not good for me. I know that at times it get me into big trouble because I will eat my plate clean even though I did not need to.
"Whenever you go for long periods of time without fuel, your body protects itself by hoarding some calories for later use." Our bodies are smart and caring for it should a priority for me, but everything else in my life is. I use to give my body the leftovers. That is not fair to myself. So, I remedy that by getting up early and working out. I love the group that I work out with because no one is trying to out do anyone. I feel that since they are working out and I feel like I have someone waiting for me so it makes me more accountable. I do it regardless of how I feel. I can't wait for bootcamp to start up again.
My tummy is getting rumbly. Better go and fuel up!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 12- Fuel or filler

Fuel or filler- 100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle
I love the fillers! The sugary, the sweet, the fatty, and the salty. I love the way it tastes and I love eating it.  I know it is not good for me and later I will pay for it since I feel lousy after I eat it.
I also eat good wholesome foods as well. As I am learning I really have to cut back on the "filler" snack foods that are easy to pick up and pop in. I am going to have to really use my magic notebook and my willpower to stay away from the fillers that are around the office.
So today I filled my purse with a few of my favorite fuel foods- an orange, carrots, celery and cheese. I kept them at my desk and snacked on them when I felt low and it made me feel so much more even with my energy level to munch on two extra small healthy meals during the day.
I got some emails today that got me all worked up and angry. I really wanted to drown my upset emotions with the chocolate bars that were in the break room, but instead I picked up my keys and walked to the science center where I was able to vent to the science tech and get some validations of my frustrations. I used up some calories in the process. I was pretty proud of myself for choosing to walk it off rather than eating through it.
I keep telling myself this is a journey with hills and valleys. The destination is worth it so just keep at it and never give up!

Slipping and Ditto to Day 11

I slipped last night. The house was quiet - too quiet. The houseguests had left - was sad to see them go, but glad that they now have heat. Then I had a funny, but somewhat, annoying afternoon of having to pick up son after an afternoon with his Dad. I didn't think it would get to me, but I got myself all worked up, tried to focus and in the end I did deal with the lack of "being ready" issue with some ease. However, I slipped. I used food as a comfort. I had a little attack form the "evening snacker" I tried to fight it off, but I didn't fight strong enough. Tried first with a warm cup of sugar free flavored coffee and thought that would do the trick. I should have just gone to bed after that, but nope. Felt the need for some "comfort". I could say I did good by only having a small bowl of cereal, but it was Apple Jacks and well, we won't talk about the sugar content. Yep, only had one bowl and I didn't go for a second bowl (yes, it can happen). I did not beat myself up, didn't get more down on myself, but I did realize that the comfort that I used by food was brought to my attention. I will pick myself up, dust myself off and just learn from this little slip. No worries...we all slip from time to time.

Mer said a lot in her post in her Day 11 of Weight Loss!!! The getting up to exercise thing is a hard one for me, too. In regards to exercising - I NEED to think -
  • I am not going to be in a wedding, but I do want to look good.
  • I am not going to a big class reunion, but I want to feel good.
  • I don't have my son's graduation for another 9 years, but want to try on that dress in the window (and it is on sale!!!)
  • I am not going to climb Mount Everest, but I would like to scale that Rock Wall sometime.
Exercising is about feeling good, getting your mind and body motivated, keeping it active, giving it a chance to stretch, explore and see what other movements you can do besides your everyday lifestyle moves. Exercise is about making yourself feel fullfilled in all that you do!! Exercise is the key to making yourself happy - even if it hurts and can feel like a chore. Don't make it a chore - if you brush your teeth (and I sure hope you do - LOL) then you can exercise. If you make that breakfast every morning, you can find 10 minutes to do a quick walk. If you read the paper in the morning, you can put in 10 minutes of leg lifts, mixed in with some stretches, if you plan for it. Make up a routine - write it down - stick to it and DO IT!! Your mind, body and soul will be happy with you!! You need to make exercise a pivotal part of your life. 3 - 5 times a week. You not only will enjoy the comfort you get from it, but the comfort you feel from food will be replaced!!!

To what Mer said, I would like to expand and say....
  • Fuel your body not only with food, but with exercise
  • Appreciate the flavor of food as well as the benefits of exercise

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 11-Two purposes of food-

Two purposes of food- 100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle

From this day forward here is the only two reasons to eat-

1. to fuel my body
2. to appreciate flavors

I have started measuring my meals when I am at home. I am still struggling when I go out to eat, but I have made more healthy choices like salads with oil and vinegar instead of ranch dressing. Last night before I went to bed I cut in half the apricot kolachi, a sample is pictured above, and I was going to eat it, but then left it there and just went to bed. Willpower and discipline worked!
Now, if I could please get my butt up and exercise in the morning. It has not been a good week for exercising. My excuse is that I have a cold and cough so I am not sleeping well, but I did get up for a short 15 minute power walk. Once the the stiff heel is warmed up I jammed and it felt good. Once I am back 100% then I will be up for working out with intensity and power.
I need to focus on "making fuel a high priority." I need to learn to "stop when I am full and use high quality fuel."
I  know that I eat healthier when I plan out my meals during the day. I have to consciously plan in my head what I plan to eat. I love the flavors of food so appreciation is not the problem it is knowing when to stop.  I know that I need to eat more often and this will take some planning on my part because what I tend to do is work and work and work then, look up and realize that I am ravenous. So by the time that I do eat I will eat whatever is available to me and that is not always the best choices that I could have made.
So time to plan refueling stops and take healthy snacks so that you are not limited to what is leftover in the break room.
Two books to check out in the future- The 3-hour Diet and Eight Minutes in the Morning (Jorge Cruise)
Happy planning your next refueling!


Cartoon Scorpio Scorpion Clipart Image
I am not a huge horoscope fan, but I do read the comics every morning and always have to read my horoscope right after. I am trying to push aside the fact that in the news recently they are saying that I am no longer a Scorpio, but my newspaper still says that I am - so until the discussion of what horoscope has been moved where and what has been added I will continue to be a Scorpio.

So, here was the message today -
Plan to write things down. If you don't have a set destination, you will not have a system of measurement to tell you when you are slipping far away from where you really want to be!

I think this is so true in our new lifestyle phase. Keep the journal handy - in all that you do - food, exercise, daily life - and you will hit the goal, the destination, the final outcome will happen!!! You can then re-read where you want to be when you slip. This was the first entry in my journal today - found a good, handy, portable Lil' Big Book to help me out with my life - I will look at this everyday to keep me focused. A plan, an action, a motivation!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 10- Appreciate good support

100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle

This is a hard one for me to take gracefully. I know it is something that I do have to learn, but it is so hard for me because I am really hard on myself always.  You wouldn't know it since on the outside I appear easy going, but on the inside I strive to be the best all the time and when I can't be that I beat myself up in a really bad way. So when someone compliments me I think-

" I should be able to look better."
" I am not where I want to be yet."
"What I really don't look that good. Do I?"

I know I need to change what I say to myself when someone compliments me-

" If s/he thinks I look good then I must be making progress."
" So my lifestyle changes are working. Must keep going. I know I can do this!"

I also have to learn to affirm and appreciate the other person complimenting me and here is the suggestion from the book-

"Thanks so much you have no idea how much it means to hear you say that."
"You really made my day by telling me that! Thank you so much!"

I also like that the book reminds you not to set people up for an uncomfortable situations by asking them the following-

  • Does this dress make me look fat?
  • Can you tell if I've lost any weight?
  • Does my fat stomach bother you?
I know my family gets impatient with me when I don't do what I said I would do. I have to let them know that it is not their fault. My family is not responsible for the changes that I am making. I really have to appreciate them more because they have always been here when I am ready to work on it and have stuck by me for years as I have struggled with my weight. This has been a long time issue for me and I am finally at a point where I am really ready to look in the mirror and face my emotions and my issues with my self-esteem. This not going to be easy, but I feel confident that I have to tools and support to help me wade through it. 
So one of my fellow teacher friends stopped me in the office and told me that I have inspired her to exercise. She likes that I post on my facebook that I go to boot camp in  the morning. She thought about it and realized that it is the only time you have for yourself. I did graciously thanked her for saying that and invited her to bootcamp. It was really nice to know that I have inspired others to be healthy and take care of themselves no matter how busy we get. 
Time to get out there to make changes and you never know who you are inspiring so just do it no matter what! 

Family Get Togethers

Aki's special Batman birthday cake
My family gets along so we get together for many birthday celebrations and for Sunday dinners quite often. My husband loves to cook for a crowd and my mom's Filipino cooking is something that I love too. So between the two of them they make is quite hard for me to stay on this lifestyle change. I'm going to have to figure out how to deal with these. 
Yesterday at my nephew's birthday party I found myself hovering in the kitchen picking and munching on my favorites- lumpia, sigsig, and puncit. There was the chocolate covered caramel popcorn that kept calling my name (I'm so glad I took the popcorn to the party. They are not at my house anymore!) and Aki's special birthday cake! I know I ate too much, but it was so good! 
In hind site, I did not make a plan for myself. I know what will be there and still I did not write about it in my journal ahead of time or even think about my plan. I know I should have. Now, I could tell you that I drove up to SF so I did not have time to do it, but I could have done it. It only takes a few minutes and I can't worry what others think because this change is for me and it is for my health and well-being.  

So the next time I find myself in this situation I will take a moment just like I did when I went out for dinner the other night and I decided to try one of every sushi on the plate because I wanted to taste it. I was successful and even when my husband told me to eat more I told him that I tried one of everything so don't be a food pusher.  
Part of me says, "You gotta live. Don't miss out!" And the other part of me says, "You must stick to your guns and have the will power to do this. Be strong. Be disciplined. You have no choice," and the third voice of reasons says,"You can enjoy this and not eat so much." I'm going with the voice of reason. I'm going to make a plan and enjoy whatever situation I encounter and with that little change I now know- "I can do it! I know I can!" 

Getting Spoiled!!!

I am getting soooooo spoiled this week!! My sis has a huge heater problem at her house. Even if this is a new home purchase there are some "old" issues that keep popping up. The homewarranty is coming into play and the excitement is building that the new heater will be installed on Wednesday. With that news comes some sadness!! I mentioned that on Sunday we had a yummy cracked crab dinner. Well, last night it was porked stuffed with spinach and garlic - yummy yummy yummy. We added green beans (cooked to excellent perfection) and red potatoes. I am in heaven!!! I didn't even get a chance to clean up all the dishes, as they took over!!! Spoiled Spoiled Spoiled!! :) - I then got even more spoiled this morning as I walked into the kitchen to get breakfast and take on the making lunch task. There on the table was my lunch bag - made, packed and ready to go for the day. OMG!!! So spoiled. I think I could get used to this kind of treatment. However, I know that I have to do these things for myself. A healthy well-balanced dinner (no processed foods) - taking the time to create the lunch even the night before is always a good help - making enough for leftovers to create a new dish the next night - just the little things in life is worth spoiling yourself. You don't need a house guest to spoil yourself (but, boy it is wonderful) - spoil yourself a little each day - a warm cup of tea, a good book, a walk in the park, a time to reflect - things to make you think about what you have accomplished, how you feel and so much more. I am truly blessed - family and friends supporting me in this journey of life - as crazy as it can be!!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Moody Monday....

This is me - Mo - being a single parent and well.....the issues that make up my life from time to time. These can make you leave the "new lifestyle" behind, but I will climb that hill - makes for a good challenge. Monday blues hit me as soon as I rose out of bed today. Sometimes that happens - call it being a woman, call it the fog socked in day, call it I just want to stay comfy in my bed and hang out today...but, life keeps me moving. The moody came into play when I dropped off the Aman at his Dad's (I really don't like having to work on certain school holidays - makes me wish I was still a teacher). As we were taking that final turn down Dad's street I hear in the back seat that there is (in fact) a new roommate at Dad's and that money has gone "missing" from said son's room - something about "storage" and "organization" and well, where in the heck did the $20 go???? Wondering, confused, miffed, annoyed and saying - what is going on over there? I do my best to let the many wonders of the other parent world roll off my shoulders, but sometimes it is hard. Lack of communication! Guess that is what happens in the divorced world some of us live many questions and even if I ask I will never get a response. I have come far to realize it is not the lack of control I don't have, but it is the lack of respect and honesty. So, the Starbucks coffee would have brought me comfort, the morning soda or even a cup of hot chocolate at the office would have been a little uplifting, but you know - we CAN'T EAT (or drink) OUT OF FRUSTRATION. Really did wish I could have squeezed in a walk around the block before going into work. I even wanted to get a soda with lunch, but did well and opted for the hot tea, it was actually yummy and filling all at the same time. Going to cycle through it - not going to let it capture me and destroy the progress I have made!!!

Weekend Wonderful....

Well, the weekend was great!! I got a chance to visit with Mer & her family - which is very rare with our schedules. However, my son is working on his 4th Grade Mission project and it was a chance to visit, laugh, get the information we needed, see the sun for this Cali Central Valley Fog Winter Girl and well, it was wonderful to have some support for the weekend. We hit the street for about a 45 minute walk and then got to visit with No Mercy at the pilates studio on Sunday. I am soar today!!!! Realized that I don't stretch enough, at all, even in my everyday life. I have been fully aware that I am a "sitting" kind of girl with my 9 to 5 job and only recently have I actually notices how bad my lack of movement in daytime has gotten. This was my first exercising in a long time, therefore the soreness is going to last for a few days. The challenge this week is to continue to work out the "soreness" and make it all worth the effort. A little goes a long way. I need to fight off the warmth of my morning bed, get up, shut off the alarm and do a mental wakeup - get the blood pumping and get the brain going for a more productive work day. I will remember to not overload myself, but do a little each day and a little bit more each day. There was a small $6.00 purchase of a jump rope at Wally World...going to add that to my punching bag....have to get that up this will help with the lemon anxiety stress can't believe it is so much drama lack of communication kind of life I can lead exercise plan!!!

I did get to experience the 2 bite system as we paid a visit to the local frozen yogurt shop. So glad that the man in the group took charge and gobbled up what we didn't NEED to eat - heck, if I had just had over 5 hours of fencing frenzy, I could have eaten the whole thing - LOL LOL - but, that is another story for another time.

All weekend I was having a salt, chip kind of craving, oh, and a soda kind of attitude. On the way home we did stop for a Pick Me Up - now that I think about it I should have done a pack of gum and a water, but I did my "treat" in moderation. Got a bag of chips and only ate 1/4 of the bag, giving the rest to my ever growing little one in the back seat. I did get a soda, but put tons of ice in the cup and picked the smallest option they had. We can't deprive ourselves, but can do in moderation.

Came home to a new headboard in place (Costco GREAT find) and a delish Crab Feed Dinner!!! Loving the house guests - it will be hard when they have to go back to their home heated home.

Workouts Without Boot Camp

Boot camp doesn't start until next month so I am working out on my own. It is so hard to stay motivated. I found that having someone else tell me what to do is better. To make decisions on what I am doing is too hard for me, too much like writing a lesson plan for myself, but I do it anyway. I put my clothes on the bed and I have my shoes by the door. So, I have no excuse. Here is my daily ramblings on my workouts- 

Monday- Already posted in a previous post. 

Tuesday- This morning I woke up late again. Oh well. I did get up and walked around the block 2x to warm up and then, came home to do some crunches on the stability ball and tried some other exercises that I found in a health magazine.  

Wednesday- I planned to sleep in my workout clothes so that I can just get up and put on my shoes. I know it sounds weird to do that, but I have to make it easier for myself. Sleeping is not always restful, but I can't have it as my excuse anymore. So I told myself- "I just have to do it!"
I woke up and got my shoes on and walked for 20 minutes. Then, I came back and did some weights-
30 reps of- runner's lunge with rear deltoid raise
30 reps of- bicep curls and holding squat
30 reps of squat pullover
30 crunches on the stability ball
30 reps of holding squat row  

30 reps of rows
30 reps of shoulder presses on stability ball
30 side leg lifts for the hips
1 minute plank with child's pose
10 minutes of stretching
Exercising gave me the brain boost that I needed today. I got a lot done and was able to focus for a longer time. 

Thursday- I tossed, turned and woke up several times. When the alarm went off I turned it off and went back to sleep. I did not work out today. I will make this up on Saturday.

Friday- I slept in my workout clothes and woke up to walk around the block 4 times as a warm-up. Then, I came home and did 30 reps of crunches, leg lifts, bicep curls, lunges, extensions, squats, and planks. It came out to be about 45 minutes of working out.
Saturday- I woke up and got Mo to go out for a quick walk for about 45 minutes. It started slow and then we had a good brisk walk.

Sunday- Pilates at Apex Pilates 1 hour of work on the reformer. Doing a whole body workout with my sister, the personal trainer. LynnAnne and Mo were there too and it is always nice to workout with others.  They call my sister "No Mercy." Gee, I wonder why???

So the key is to plan for success and to be forgiving. I could have just as easily given up the rest of the week, but instead a persevered. Because I did not give up I  lost 5 pounds this week!  I am feeling very good about myself and more like I can do this. Just keeping my will power strong and keeping food out of my mouth is a challenge, but I have found that 2 bite rule works, drinking green tea and  journaling works so I must keep that up. I know I can! And so can you! 

Day 9- What I want from you

100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle  
What I want from you-
1. If you see me eating something that is on not on my diet plan- Ask me if I had a bad day and give me a hug.
2. When I'm making progress, such as losing weight- Compliment me on how I look, give me non-food gifts and rewards.
3. When I'm struggling or gaining weight- Ask me how you can help, hug me and show me extra affection
4. When I'm making progress you can't see (such as improving my self-esteem) Ask me how my efforts are going, give me non-food rewards or gifts.
5. When I'm maintained my weight (even though I may still want to lose more)- Tell me that you are proud of my current efforts and asking me if I'm struggling or feeling discouraged.

Now I have to print this and post it on the refrigerator. I will also send this blog post to my husband so he also knows what I need.
This was not easy for me to do. I am glad that there is a quiz to just fill out because I don't think I would have been able to figure out what to ask my support people to do.

Day 8- How to Help Me

Help me please-

It is so hard for me to ask for help. The last time I was successful at losing weight was when I was on Weight Watchers. I had lost some good weight and was starting to really feel good about myself, but then something magical happened and I got pregnant with my second child. The weight loss was put on hold. My son is now four and I still have not gotten back to where I started. And for whatever the reason I am having a hard time asking my family for help.  It is easy to ask my BFF for the support since we are doing this together, but I need to ask my family to help me though this because I am going to have good days and I am going to have bad days.
So, what do I want?

  • Please cook healthy foods.
  • Only serve me the correct portions
  • Please know that I have weaknesses 
  • So give me a hug when I am struggling
  • Please give me encouragement and praise the changes you see
  • Remind me all the time that I can do it

Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 7- Say this 100 Times

Must say over and over to myself 100 times so that I will believe it-

The scale game...

I have been reading parts of the 100 day book and there is this one tip I am interested in. It says to weigh yourself everyday. I am not so sure I agree with that. However, I have been a creature of habit - when I start a new lifestyle (yes, we should never call it a diet - lifestyle, please) I will turn to the scale every morning. There are times I am not even paying attention to my eating habits and I turn to the scale once a week or that called everyday??? 
I get up in the morning and just before heading into the shower (going to the restroom first) I get out the scale. I tell myself  - "Don't do it - you had a rough night - you ate too much yesterday - you didn't sleep 8 hours or even drink all your water yesterday", but the scale seems to win. Not sure I can go with a specific recommendation - heck , the Biggest Loser does it once a week (some of us die waiting for that beep - beep sound on the TV), other experts say the same, then there is this new MTV show I happened upon "I Used To Be Fat" and they only weigh themselves every so often. What is the best thing for you??? You have to be the judge of that. Just remember, the one thing that you can't do is let the number on the scale win. If it is up, then it is up, if it is down, then it is down. Don't get overly excited or depressed, just be happy that you are working towards a healthy lifestyle. If it goes up a pound or two, then you have to realize that you have inches coming off, muscle that is being formed and well, that is the nature of the scale game. Tell yourself - "I will not get back on the scale a few minutes later to see if the number has changed, I won't get frustrated when it is down 2 pounds one second and up 2 the next"  - just pick a time that is going to fit for you and be happy with the number that flashes on the screen. Don't play the scale game....just feel good about what you have accomplished and know that your goal is to be healthier then you were!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 6- How I Protect My Program

100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle
Protect your program-

Now is the time to "...make a commitment that you will protect your program at all costs!" I feel like I should be wearing a girdle or something to make me aware of my stomach and remind me that I am on this journey to a healthy lifestyle. Everyday is it a struggle. It is so hard. There are too many temptations and even though I would love to do this- "don't put yourself in the situation where you'll have to test your willpower." It is just not possible since I am around food all the time. I know I will have to work on my willpower or maybe wear blinders!
So here are some important phrases that I have to start rehearsing because of course I have had years of not being able to say "no" to any kind of food.
Phrases to remember when around a food pusher-
"Not just yet..."
"I'm going to wait a little while.."
"Thanks, but I'll wait a little bit..."
"Let me think about it..."
"Maybe in a few minutes..."
The reading suggest to not discuss your diet with the food pusher and only say that you are following a healthy eating program.
I am going to have to "stay occupied by planning activities, projects or pulling out good books to read." I like to just munch while I am just standing around. It is really bad. I just do it without thinking so it is going to take time to get use to just doing the one thing and not multi-tasking while stuffing my face. I am a really bad grazer and it has to stop.
At lunch today one of the teacher's in the class I was teaching offered me some french fries. She kept inviting me to eat. I just said, " No thanks, I just had my peanut butter sandwich." I really wanted french fries! I did it I did not fall into the pit of food and start stuffing my face. I did have to walk out of the room and get a cup of tea to distract myself.
"I must protect my program at all costs!" And I will!

Waterloo - YUMMY!!!

I now live really close to the most wonderful Rib Place in the Stockton area (atleast I think it is)!! Many years ago I was introduced to the Waterloo Restaurant - Just a few miles off Highway 99 - East of Stockton and well, the cuttest local bar area. The place is almost always packed on the weekends. Can't beat a good meal - soup and/or salad, bread and well - the Ribs, Chicken and yummy Pesto Pasta. Bill & Jen went there with friends last night and Bill felt bad that he was not at home having dinner with us - he is cute like that - so he ordered a dinner of Ribs, Soup and Pasta to bring home. When the food came into the house it smelled so yummy and yes, I was a bit tempted to just have a little piece of the pasta or one small rib, but dinner had already been served and cleaned up at my house - no evil voices in my head convincing me of an after dinner snack - woo hoo. Oh, but when that food came home I was thrilled. I am truly blessed!! Life has been tough and sometimes just the little things can make you feel so warm inside. Taking all the bad and pushing it out of your head.....but I am getting off track - - - - - - -

We have dinner tonight - I don't have to cook before rushing out to our busy Thursday night Cub Scout evening. I have already told myself that I will limit the size on the plate - use the fist and/or open hand factor. Make sure that I don't go overboard and have too many ribs. Take the bites and enjoy every tasty morsal. I am learning to "dine" on my meals and not just have "dinner" - the slow pace, the enjoyment of each little bite, slow down - count to ten before fork comes back to my mouth - let the food settle in my stomach and not have the desire to have that little extra second helping....oh, I can't wait. The Minestrone Soup is for lunch today - much love going out to Bill & Jen!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 5- My Magic Notebook

100 days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle
Magic Notebook-
The "magic notebook" has always been my friend, (but nothing like my BFF no way could anything top her.)  I have written in a journal for years. So for this "magic" notebook I want something that I can carry in my purse because I need it to keep me from slipping. 
Today, I used my to do list as the "magic notebook" while I sat in a meeting this afternoon. A box of See's Candies went by and I did not take one. A blueberry coffeecake went by and I did not take a bite.  There was a table of snacks with pretzels, crackers and popcorn, but I just sat there and wrote notes about how I don't need these snacks. I was feeling bored and I really wanted some sugar to keep me awake as my boss talked.  
Instead here is what I wrote-
Yes, it was about food, but it was about the left over pork roast and what to make with it for dinners this week-
- tacos and burritos
- BBQ pulled-pork sandwiches
- pork noodle soup
- pork fried rice
- sweet and sour pork
- pork stoup
And after I wrote this the feeling of wanting sugar went away. 
So this made me think how important it is going to be to pay attention to the patterns in my eating and to observe the cues that trigger the want to eat. 
Another "magic" way that I deal with my cravings is to act on it in a unconventional way- I go to and I look at food. This is my account there so I do upload interesting and new foods that I try, but there is a feature that I use often. There is a "WANT" button and I don't gain any calories pushing that want button. So when I am craving ice cream I find someone out there in the world having a big hot fudge sundae with whip cream and a big red cherry. I push that "WANT" button. It is satisfying enough for me to feel like I did something about it and it kept me out of the kitchen! 

Mo's temptation challenge - working on the two bite system

The heater is bad and has gone to "heater heaven" at my sister's new house. I now have company for a few days (or more) and am loving it - glad to be able to provide my sis & her boyfriend with a warm place to stay, company and a chance to relax from the hectic move...knowing it will all get settled soon. However, I was tempted last night and was SO PROUD that I didn't cave. There were Oreo's cookies in my house last night.
I am not saying that they can't be in my house, but normally when they are they go straight to my tummy and well, the guilt gets to me. Having cookies in the house are hard to do on a monthly basis, but I would never deprive my company with this treat - heck I got a new shower head, my first fire in the fireplace and a yummy fish dinner last night - cookies are not going to hurt. Oh - but the TEMPTATION. As the house was quiet I found the cookies on the counter calling my name. I told myself that it was ok to have two bites, but I am not like most. This two bite system will have to come in time for me. It was quite funny to see myself in the kitchen and lifting the package just a little bit, hearing the crackling being too loud and then resisting the urge to lift the top all the way. Then I turned to the refrigerator and saw my new 100 Days Refrigerator Magnet that says "It's Not In Here" and closed the door. A little bit later - the lid of the cookies made its appearance again - oh, no - don't do it. You can be strong. I even told myself, just two, what about two will be ok. I think I have said it before - I am a late night snacker. Major issue for me. Snack, snack, snack - not really boredom, but maybe just ....oh, I don't having a cigarette or a glass of wine or something - an addiction, a habit, my daily routine - well, I have to break that routine and eventually I will be able to do the two bite system. I have to make it over this hill for now. 100 Days - I can do it - I am strong.....the cookies did not win and I was grateful for the confidence !! I did enjoy a nice warm cup of hot sugar free caffeine free flavored took away the late night snack craving...the temptation didn't win!!! Keeping strong!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 4- My Boundaries

Today, it is all about boundaries, not diets. 
I imagine my diet as a road and I have to stay between the lines. If I go outside the road I will be up on the embankment or in the weeds. When I stay on course I reach my goals and life is good. This will give me flexibility so that I can succeed. I can do anything for 2 weeks, but the stay consistent on this healthy lifestyle plan is going to be a challenge because I give up when the going gets tough instead of accepting the bad time and telling myself that I will do better next time.

Here are the two roads that I will travel-

On My Straight & Narrow Road-                      the yellow brick road to the Emerald City
The Wide Road w/ Safe Shoulders to Drive-    no more car wrecks
My Exercise Plan-
  •  Minimum 30 minutes of walking 6 days of
      the week. I get one day of rest.
  • Here is the ideal plan for exercise-
Bootcamp 60 minutes
walk 30 minutes in the neighborhood
Bootcamp 60 minutes
walk 30 minutes in the neighborhood
Friday- Bootcamp
60 minutes
Pilates 60 minutes

My Diet Plan-
·       6 days a week and take Sundays off.
·       To sign up and do Weight Watchers for my birthday
·       Weigh-in on Sundays at home
·       To portion
out my food by weighing the proper amount at every meal- 
~3-4 oz of protein- lean meats and alternatives
~1/2 c. whole grains

unlimited fresh vegetables and fruits
8oz of milk or dairy
64 oz of water daily
Daily Multivitamin

  • When I am tired I will at least put
      on my pedometer and increase the number of steps that I take in a day to
      5,000 steps which is about 2.5 miles.

  • When I am really busy I will be kind
      to myself and tell myself that it is just temporary this does not mean
      that I won't go back to it.

  • When I step go out of the boundaries
      of my diet or exercise I will not beat myself up. I will tell myself
      that I will do better at the next meal or exercise session.

  • Allow for alcoholic drinks on special
      occasions like when Mo comes into town, birthday cakes and the
      occasional square of dark chocolate.


Got the Book

THANKS to Mer - the book finally came. My 100 days - Loved that the author took the time to write a short note inside the cover. I did sit down and read the introduction and the first couple of days. Goal for this week - get a journal and get started. I am one that likes to start things on a new week, so I am sure I won't start until Sunday or even Monday. Not making up an excuse, but like to start with a fresh slate. But, it does make me wonder - our office Controller came in yesterday and said he was retiring. I told him that he can't retire, but then reflected that there is never a good time to do somethings and it is just time - he has worked here for over 16 years and well, it is time. So, I can sit here and say that I should start on a new week, new month or wait for the next "thing to do" pass its way along, but if I am going to make this new life of mine work I have to put it to work now. No excuses. Make it a routine. We put our shoes on, our makeup, brush our teeth, get dressed for work almost everyday....why don't we take the time to exercise, eat healthy, drink that 8 glasses of water during the day part of our routine. Why can't we do it? What is the hold up? Or better yet, what is holding us back? Lack of drive, motivation, energy, oh - I can just put that off until tomorrow kind of attitude. Get it done - make it stick - make it your new routine. You can do it!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 3- I Do It Anyway

100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle
"Do it anyway"

Here are the quotes that I liked from today's reading with my commentary-

p. 6- "Because you consider these things to be important, you do them regardless of how you feel at the moment."

I have to make my body, and mind an important thing that I have to take are of. It is the only one that I have and if I am anything like my grandmother I maybe around a long time. My grandmother lived to be 105. I want to be like her since the only medication that she took at that age was Tylenol for her aches and pains. She did not have diabetes, or high blood pressure like my dad did, which did him in at a premature age.  So even though I did not want to wake up this morning and workout I did it anyways.  Even though I did not get up at 5:30 like I said I would I did get up 10 minutes later and got started.  I have two children that I want to be around for long into their adult lives and if I don't stop and take care of me I will not be around to experience all the wonders of being in this world.  So no more excuses, do it anyway! 

p. 6-"To improve your feelings learn to focus on your actions and not just your feelings."

Just keep moving forward and don't worry about what has happen in the past. I could have just stayed in bed this morning since it was past the time I had set for myself, but instead I literally jumped out of bed and got moving.  After starting out for my walk this morning I was wishing I was back in bed since it was damn cold, but I made the choice to do it anyway! 
Then, I came back into the house and did 30 minutes of more cardio and lower body with my Karen Voight DVD. By working out in the morning I feel like I have already accomplished something on my to do list and it just sets the pace for the day. I get more done and my mind is active and moving. I even read in Brain Rules by John Medina that "exercise boosts the brain power" and with my job as a teacher my mind has to be ready to face the 30 kids that I have to teach my class every morning. "Do it anyway"  is going to be my new mantra to get through the tough spots.

p.7-People who are committed to losing weight

  • Stick with their plans no matter what
  • Take action whether they feel like doing it or not
  • Assume that if they stay motivated, results will follow
  • Take responsibility for their own actions
  • Keep going in spite of challenges and setbacks
Enough is enough. Time to stick with my plan, stay motivated, be responsible for my actions and keep moving forward no matter what!