Thursday, March 28, 2013

Things are good!!!!

Wow - it has been a long time since I wrote anything down in this computer that would go out to others - where have I been? What have I been doing?

Tons - I have a full time job and I am very excited. I started out as a "temp', was doing filing for more than a month and really it was filing, filing, filing. I was told I was filing too fast, that I was "speedy Gonzales" but then the next thing I knew I was filing for a lot of other departments and finishing one job after another, making phone calls, getting results and just kept going back to the Director of Business Services office and saying "I am done, do you have anything else for me"

It might have been because I was ready to go back to work, I was now doing something for somebody else, but just the sheer fact that I was doing something and making money was exciting, so I kept doing it and before you knew it I was being recognized for my efforts and BAM - I got an interview - I got the job - and now I have a title of "federal compliance specialist" for a local winery in the area. I am pretty excited. Can't really say it is fully official, but I do have a name badge at my desk, I have an email address and the other day I got a phone - woo hoo -

Now that I am typing this I realize - if I am that good at filing and can keep doing it and keep up the good work and be recognized for it - then what am I doing wrong in regards to my weight loss????? I need to be doing good and keeping it up and being recognized - that's it - that's the ticket!!!!

Something to contemplate - something to think about - something to really do action about - and hello - wake up - duh - get to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW - not later

The good part about the job - well, we have to get up a lot from our desks - and I mean a lot. The printer is not in the same room as my desk. I am now working on a long term project and it requires me to get up and get things off the printer several times a day. Down the hall, around the corner, back to the desk if the printer didn't print the first time - back down the hall, around the corner and then back again. My supervisor is down the hall a bit and well, most of the time she is not in her office, so I am walking back and forth waiting to see when she will come back. I am also filing, yes - still filing - and  have to walk down to the warehouse area and file over 100 invoices a day - so I am doing a lot of standing, stretching, bending down (at the knees) and going up and down through the files (sometimes about twice a day) - so when I got on the scale last week I was pleased to see that I was down 5 pounds.

Now - doing all that walking and stretching and filing is NOT going to get me to my goal weight. I need to be pro-active and get up and exercise each and everyday and do more each and everyday to actually say that I am doing it, I keep doing it, I am good at it and I am being recognized for  how well I am doing it!!

Life at home is good. We (my son and I) are getting used to - or getting back to - the work schedule. Having to be up earlier then usual, dealing with very limited time together with school, work, evening meetings, and other things - just even trying to spend a little bit of time together is hard right now. We are both dealing with the new job as best as we can. I will say that are good benefits and I am very grateful that I was offered a job and I am back to work and I can pay all of my bills again and I am meeting new people and and if I could only add the weight loss to my And list........

Not a long post tonight - just a chance to put down some thoughts - wishing all my BLOG friends a great and wonderful Easter weekend. Don't let that Chocolate Bunny get lose in the house - you just never know what might happen.