Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lunch Time Decision

So, I had this huge lunch time dilemma. I didn't pack my lunch today and have not done so in a few days. That can be a huge downfall if I am not careful. I was going to go home at lunch today, but really didn't feel like it. Once the decision was made to stay close to work I then had to decide what I wanted to eat. There were plenty of ideas - Subway Sandwiches, Tin Roof BBQ, Cut The Mustard, maybe even driving over to a Taco Truck. Did I want to sit down and eat alone or get it to go? What could I get to go - Chinese, Hamburger, a trip to Taco Bell almost happened, but I resisted the urge to do something "simple".

Once I finally left the office I was determined to hit the Deli counter at the Apple Market. They have got to have something that is going to strike my fancy. I walked in, avoided all the yummy delicious treats in the bakery case and started to look at the lunch selections. Everything was fried or had way too many calories for me - corn dog, fried burrito, stuffed peppers (that had way too much cheese on it), Mac & Cheese, onion rings, fries, fried I kept looking - maybe a sandwich, but nahhhh - how about a salad - they had the broccoli salad, the chicken salad, a crab salad, about 5 other salad selections and my taste buds were just not feeling it. I then made a huge lap around the store to see if there was anything else. Maybe a TV dinner - I could take it back to the office and pop it into the "wave" - no, that won't work. I left the store in search of something else.

Did a few rights and then a left and then another right.....I finally ended up at a little sandwich shop that is always so crowded. It does amaze me that my little town of say 20,000 has so many breakfast and lunch places and that they are ALL jam packed everyday. I walked right in, and found the perfect meal. It might not have been the most healthy and I for sure will need to work out again tonight, but it totally hit the spot. Chicken Pesto salad sandwich, with red peppers, mozzarella, lettuce and Ariela (is that how you spell it)spread on a tasty rye bread. They added the creamy pasta as a side and I could not resist in getting a very delicious bowl of Roasted Red Pepper Soup - yum, yum, yum!!

Most of us spend a lot of time doing the same thing, the same rhythm when it comes to our weight loss process, but I do feel that from time to time you need to shake things up. I am glad I didn't hit the fast food place, I had a delicious soup that I would never be able to make and that my taste buds got fulfilled today!!

Have a wonderful day - may you find something of joy today in your life.

Staying MOtivated MO

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Awards - Awards - Awards

And the Awards keep coming. Been very busy with many things - Mer traveling and finishing up her school year and having to take a few classes online that have kept her busy busy busy. Mo working 16 hour days on both her everyday life and volunteering to run a 3 day camp for Scouts. In the process of all this busy this and busy that, we were given awards.

Given to us from Michele and then the other from Karen. Time to take them with the applause and hope that when Mer gets time she can add to this post.

*Thank the person who gave you this award, and link back to them in your post.
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I am going to combine my awards - if that is ok -
Thanks again to both Michele and Karen for the nomination. I love both of their blogs and if you haven't had a chance, read them - do so when you can. They are both inspirations, motivators and mini cheer leaders in their own right.
Many things about me:
1. I have owned three cars in my lifetime. A Mazda, A Honda Accord and now a Toyota RAV 4

2. I have only been in 3 car accidents (so far - knock on wood) - once where I rubbed our family station wagon against a tree in some camp grounds. The worst part was hearing my dad hammer out the dent in the echo of the forest - the worst! Then another time I backed into a big light post - my parents weren't home, so had to explain it to them after their vacation - "welcome home". The last one was over 14 years ago (again, knock on wood) - I was turning left onto a busy street and missed the guy coming out of the driveway across the way, or should I say he didn't miss me. Crushed the front end and had to drive my Mom's Vega for about 3 weeks - awful, since the Vega was painted primer gray and smelled of smoke and well, had no muffler.

3. I used to drive to High School in a Red Station Wagon - shared it my senior year with my sister and brother, until my brother crashed it - his turn, not mine.

4. I have traveled to these States (in the US) - and these have not just been "plane transfer stops" - Alaska, Hawaii, Arizona, Idaho, Iowa, Oregon, New York (the City, too), Tennessee, Georgia, Washington, Washington DC and Maryland. Hope to hit many other states in the years to come. Would love to do a cross country trip one day. Route 66 maybe??? Does that still exist?

5. Out of the Country I have traveled to Mexico and Canada. Hoping to make it to Jamaica one day - for a long relaxing vacation.

6. I want to travel to Ireland one day - kiss the blarney stone and see how beautiful that country is - the birthplace of my family!

7. I lived in Las Vegas, Nevada for several years. Hot Hot and more hot, but tons to do that does not include gambling or show girls.

8. I am a East Coast Gal - White Hots, Abbotts Frozen Custard, Garbage Plates, Red Wings Baseball, Buffalo Wings.....but, we can't forget that I grew up on the West Coast - Togo's Sandwiches, Tri Tip and Best Food Mayonnaise (not Helman's), San Francisco Giants, BART, and being a few hours away from the snow. Let's not forget the Wegman's versus Raley's all in one shopping center competition. And do you say Pop or Soda?

9. I love to do 5K's with friends and wish I had more time to do more - not a big runner, but love to walk for a cause! Used to be part of Team Radio Flyer for the Sacramento Food Bank Thanksgiving Run, too many people now (20 K), so I have found another Thanksgiving morning fun run/walk to enjoy!

10. I used to work for Baskin & Robbins Ice Cream. When they had funny hats, pink, brown & white stripped shirts that were made out of polyester - yuck - my Dad loved the "mistakes" I used to bring home.

11. I was robbed at gun point while working at Baskin & Robbins once-  they found the culprit days later in a hotel room with sweets, candies and chocolate in the room - she was called the "sweet" bandit.

12. While also at the Baskin & Robbins job, one Sunday morning, I was "flashed" in the back alley while dumping the trash - made for an interesting day!

13. I have only paid for 3 pieces of furniture in my house. No worries - the rest of the furniture is not a "garage sale" left over, but it has either been loaned, borrowed, given to me for the rest of my life or it came from my parents house when they passed away (those are great memories!!)

14. Growing up I wanted to have 6 kids, be a stay at home mom and always be busy - I only have 1 kid, I work a 40 hour week, but for sure am always busy!

15. I am not a good cook - get nervous and wish that I could be more confident in my cooking abilities.

16. I balance my check book to the Penny every week!!!

17. I wish I knew how to sew - pins, needles, scissors and all.

At this point I am supposed to pass on my awards to many others, but I am just not sure who to nominate. So, rather then actually nominate I would like to list the new ones that I have gotten to know in the past few months. Check them out - you never know when they will inspire, motivate or give you that extra lift for the day............

The Tortoise - getting to know her blog and love this motto - 2011 Motto: Slow and steady wins the race!

Bitch Cakes - she takes the most wonderful pictures as she is riding her bike and doing major runs around the New York area.

Allison - getting to know a little about her each day  - loving her list of "rewards" for her journey

C - amazed at her pictures of progress!!

I could go on and on, but have to end this post.....sending out a SHOUT OUT to everyone that has helped inspire me, motivate me and keep me going through this journey. You all don't know how much this blog "thing" has helped me in my new found again self - helped me to drop those pounds and helped me to feel a bit more confident!!!!

Staying MOtivated MO

Monday, June 27, 2011

Back from "Camp"

I am back from camp - well, actually, the camp was just down the street at a local park, so I didn't have to go far. I got to sleep in my own bed every night, but was up until the moon was high in the sky and was awake again when the first light of day came peeping into my window. The stress of the camp planning is gone. The 190 Scouts have come and gone. I have cleaned up most of my house - returned the items that can be returned - have started writing my thank you notes - the backyard is all cleaned up - the rose bush got trimmed yesterday - and things are back on track - oh, have even started planning for next year (we already know the theme)!! So glad to get my time back. I love volunteering, but it is nice to be able to have some sort of normalcy in your life.

As the clean up process came into place, I went totally overboard on my eating this weekend. I went through a drive-thru about 2 times (yikes) and then I treated myself to a chocolate milk shake one day. I think it was the rush of being done with my Day Camp experience, that I really didn't want to be "religious" in my eating and I was being very lazy as I ventured into those fast food outlets!!! I will not let the old me come back into play. I did get on the scale yesterday and I am seeing a 37 pound lose - that is still good, but my body can so feel the effects of the extra sugar, oily extras and the lack that I have not been drinking enough water!!!

The journey is going to continue for me. Me - the laughter, the fun, the Mom in me, and for sure going to keep dropping the weight. Can't believe how much fun I am having losing all those extra pounds.

Plus side of the week - I went shopping yesterday. Purchased just a few size 18 tops and bottoms (plus side - buy 2 get 2 free)!! I realized that even in my size 24 pants I should have been wearing something higher, but always told myself that I was not that big. Yep - I was, but will never go back!!! Excited to see that 18 fit onto my body! The store was also having a sale on over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders so I was measured and went down a full size!!! AWESOME!!! Feeling recharged and now have a few new items to keep me excited about my weight loss journey!!!

Another plus side - Mer and I get to have a full weekend together. Camping at our favorite spot!!! Russian River Style!!!! This year it is with more family then friends, but the group is going to be a plenty! We are going to have a blast!!! I can't wait to see Mer and share some good quality time with her, take a walk into town and not be as winded as I was last year. Plus, she gets to see how well I have been doing and I get to see how well she has been doing!! Since January it has only been a few hours here and there, but this will be more then 72 hours!!! I can't wait - can't wait - can't wait - wishing that it was Friday already and I was there!

To all you Bloggers - I do plan on accepting all the awards we received in the last two weeks. Those I will get to this week. I also plan on doing a lot of commenting in the coming days. My computer at home has been acting funny and not sure why I can't comment - hoping to get that fixed this week. Missing all of the other blogs - want to see more of some new ones - and well, it will be nice to finally get a chance to read all of your ups, downs, downs and ups, exciting news, time to time updates and so much more!!!

Staying MOtivated MO

*** Editors Note - now I can't post comments from my office computer - so many of you have so much to say and I have missed it - I have to keep signing in, but then it kicks me out - going to have to research to figure out this problem ***

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In the Home Stretch....or should I say Camp Stretch..

Mo here - yes, I am alive, but barely, well....actually I just need some sleep. I am sitting here at just about midnight, printing out some 190 Cub Scout certificates and about another 100 volunteer certs, and I am out of black ink (yep, knew that was going to happen) and well, it is just time to go to bed. One more day of camp, then clean up and a massage for the hard working Camp Director!! I think I have been sweating out the pounds in the 105 degree weather! First Day of Summer today and wouldn't you know it, Mother Nature decides to remind us what summer is all about - heat, heat, heat..

Eating has been out of control, but not too crazy, but been eating on the fly - did finally get groceries in the house and it was wonderful to have a piece of fruit the other day.

One other highlight - a 8 year old boy came up to me, put his arms around me and just held on and said "THANK YOU" in the littlest voice - "Thank You for doing all this for just us!!!" Now if that wasn't the best- even the flip flop issue could not spoil that moment for me - just AWESOME!!

So - here are just a few pictures from the last few days - will write more later.....missing the blog, so ready to see how the rest of my June will play out.

Just about one day of projects to sort, pack and get ready for the trip to the park.
(they were everywhere!!!)

Den Boxes - 20 groups in all - 190 Scouts - oh, my!!

The backdrop was cool - can you see through the magnifying glass
(thanks to my Camp Program Director - she rocks!!)

Part of our group - the "sea" of green

More - More and more!!!

Oh - I did get a handful of compliments from a few people in the last couple of days that I look good - that made me feel so spectacular. My goal was to be down 40 pounds by camp, and last I checked I was close, by about 2 pounds - I think, haven't weighed myself in more days then I can count. The pants I am wearing are WAY too big for me - even wore a belt today - felt so good!!!

**** BEST NEWS EVER - just woke up after my little sleep to get ready for day 3 - opened my morning newspaper and there we are - FRONT PAGE!!! I am so happy right now!!!! ****

Staying MOtivated MO

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I am home from Alaska. There is no place like being home. I love being surrounded by the people that I love. I love that here in California we have darkness. That was the one thing that I did not like about Alaska's summer. They called it, "Midnight Summer Madness." When I showed up at the conference center at 2:30 AM there were students playing frisbee on the lawn and people walking around everywhere. I was told that they just don't sleep much during the summer. They work, work, work as much as they can outside in the light.  It made me exhausted to not have sleep since the blinds in my room just did not block it out enough. I do have to say the Alaskan's are hardy, friendly people. I liked the slower pace of their lifestyle and it really reminded me of Humboldt State University.
But one good thing that I can report is that I did not gain or lose weight on this trip.  I did a lot of eating. The Alaskan's are big into their ice cream. A place where it gets 40 below and they are into ice cream! I will admit that I had ice cream 3 times last week. That is not normal what so ever, but I couldn't resist- peanut butter-chocolate, blackberry or oatmeal cranberry ice cream, but I did a lot of walking and hiking. I did not have a car while in Alaska so I had to walk to most places and I really liked that. A nice way to get around and walk off the calories from that cold sweet stuff.
For now, I am just taking all the hugs and kisses in from my kids and spouse. There is nothing like a little boy who stops what he is playing with and comes over to hug his momma. There is nothing better than getting coffee in bed from a good spouse. There is nothing better than being squished between both kids on the couch. I loved my adventure in Alaska, but there is truth in "Home Sweet Home."

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Girl, A this really what it can be like?

I have tons to do - but it is Tuesday and I totally can't let this day go by without sharing my news. And for some of you, there is anticipation in the air to hear the next chapter of this story. You know what I am talking about. Yes, it is Tuesday Water Delivery day in the office.

When we last left our story, the cute lady behind the counter was bold enough to say to the delivery guy "so, I was looking good a few weeks ago because I had a meeting with you" - yes, the little lady fumbled a bit, but not too much, and with that being said, the flirting couple was interrupted with a door opening and off he went to continue his delivery schedule for the day.......

....What was going to happen today? The two weeks have passed and I have been so wishing that we got water more often - LOL - but today... 8:00 am hits and the door starts to open by other co-workers. Is he going to be early? I actually was getting nervous. My jeans kept coming down, man - I need to find some new pants. Pulling them up, fixing my hair. 8:15 am comes and goes. 8:20 am comes and goes. Just about 9:15 am one of my co-workers comes in and says - real quick - "you are looking good today" - eager to find out what happened today. Alas, he still had not arrived. At this point I TOTALLY know that I have a huge crush on this guy. Things go through my head - what if he doesn't come today, he must be sick, is today really delivery day, what the heck, did we pay the bill - will he delivery today...yes, these things did cross my mind, but in a funny way. 11:15 am, on the phone and the door opens - "Good Afternoon" I hear and I can't get off the phone quick enough. I want my time with the delivery guy. I am not going to miss the opportunity. (OH - and did I fail to mention, there were several times I had to go to the bathroom all morning and I totally thought I was going to miss his delivery - seriously). Questions start to fly - what's going on, where have you been - yes, it is close to afternoon, you missed the morning all together. Found out he was delayed at a major account....oh, well, long as you came today, because our water was running low (giggle, giggle).

As I proceed to sign the delivery slip a hand slides to my side, a nice smile and the question...what was that comment about two weeks ago? Oh, he wants to know. I casually say - "you started it, I was just making sure you were aware of my smile each Tuesday" - or something like that. So, this is where it was my turn for my stomach to do flip flops (because now at this point I do know that he was a little shell shocked about my comment two weeks ago - but in a good shell shock way). He says - "so what are you looking for" - WHAT - OMG - did he really go there? Wow!!!! I would have never guessed that. Totally lost my tongue for a split second, but then found it quickly and I we were both talking at the same time - don't want a relationship, would be nice to go out with a friend, heck - we need to get past the first 10 minutes and see if we like each other after 20 - maybe even 30....I was totally rockin' it out - I am not being pushy, but I so want to see what else he has to say.

At this point I figure it is just best to walk him out to his truck. My office space carries to every corner of the office and well, I was not interested in having the guys hear that I might be getting the chance to hear those words I have not heard in so long - would you like to go out  - now, now, now - hold onto your hats, that actually didn't happen.

We head out to the truck, banter back and forth a bit, he wonders what made me actually say what I said and I just told him I am ready to date again. My divorce has been over for many many years, the Internet nightmare of the married man and then the FBI cancer liar boy has finally healed, and well (without saying this part out loud) I am actually making the effort to let men know I am interested...

So, a little of this and a little of that and it was time to go - then he says - "we will exchange numbers soon". Now - my Mom would totally not agree with this next move, but I nicely ask for my delivery slip back and he wonders why. I just say - "I don't think I signed it all the way" - I proceed to put my number at the bottom and there you have it - being bold, but I don't think I was being too pushy. The good looking fella says, oh, I am so new to this and not sure how to go about getting your number, but thanks for that. I smile and gently say, "if I am being too forward, please let me know" and he totally says NO - (might we have a connection)...

SCORE one for the flirting couple. He says something, she says something back, weeks go by, 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there - if he calls, he calls, but I am not sitting by the phone waiting - because, well, come on, really...I just want to see what happens.

Of course, I had to share with my lady co-workers. I was dancing a Happy Dance. One of my co-workers was shocked that I took the time to go out to the truck - good for you and did he really say that?
Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance.
Again, if it does not go anywhere to a drink or a quick bite after work one night, then I am so ok with that!! All I can say is this - I totally know that he is interested, I am interested and it is just making me happy. I can't believe that I can actually make a connection without the internet, without being in a bar with a cocktail in my hand....this is so cool - flirting with a guy I think is cute and really, is this what this can be like? I can't remember if I have ever had this experience. It feels good. I feel young, refreshed, and I am smiling from ear to ear.

......Just wanted to let you also know, not sure if I will have time to post again until after Camp. Still drowning a bit, but I am doing things as they come and that is all that can be done. My neighbor saves me from time to time with a refreshing glass of wine, or just checks up on me - I have had a few meltdowns, lack of help BUT the one thing that does keep me going is that I truly enjoy doing camp for the Scouts - their smiling faces and all. I might not have time to turn myself into the Mad Scientist on Tuesday, but I will have accomplished a great task!!! 178 Scout and over 120 volunteers as of this evening - by Friday the 24th I will have slept in, taken the time to go for a massage and ready to get started on next years camp - LOL!!!

Staying MOtivated MO

Sunday, June 12, 2011

8 Wheels of Fun!!!

Last night we got out of the house. Time to have some one on one time with my son!!! There is a new Sports Complex just a few miles from my home. When I think of Sports Complex I think of baseball batting cages, or maybe some soccer, but I don't think I would have guessed it would be roller skating. I think they might expand, but for now it is only just a roller skating rink.
Last Saturday night we went with some friends and if it was not for the fact that I didn't have enough cash, I would have skated. Last night I was going to put on a brave front and was going to try. AND I was not going to fall. The first pair of skates were awful, even if I thought they would be a good fit. I had to go back a few laps into my evening to get a bigger size - ahhhhhh - my feet were thanking me. The first time I stepped off the carpet's edge was a scary moment, but I was steading myself with the wall. The moment of truth - onto the rink. Now, the good part was that there were only a about 15 people skating. Oh, I can do this, not a lot of people to make me feel all embarrassed. (by the end of the night there were about 50 people). I made it around the rink one, two, three, four....keep going - you are doing it - you are not falling. The only downside was that the walls of the rink have a plastic kind of coating and there was a lot of static electricity in the air. Each time I would place my hand onto the guardrails there was this shock factor. I was so glad that I got the hang of it within a few short minutes, because getting shocked was not my favorite part of the adventure.

My son gave me encouragement when I realized he was not embarrased to be out on the rink with me. A few times he would try and hold my hand to skate with me, but I kept telling him no, because I was so afraid that we would fall down together.

My goal of the evening - would I be able to skate for a good portion of the 2.5 hours we were going to be there? I did pretty good and with the few breaks that I had, I figured my calculations was a good 1.5 hours of skating. We both pooped out at about 2 hours, so the extra .5 was not going to get me to a longer workout goal. This complex is in a warehouse setting, so there was not the best circulation, but boy, I can't believe how much I was sweating. I was surprised at how much of a workout I did get. I could feel the "electricity" of the movements rolling in my legs! I realized at one point that I was not using my left leg that much, just doing the glide movement, so I started to pick it up a bit. Again, fear of falling was in the back of my mind, but I didn't lose it. Drank tons of water to stay hydrated and well, it was totally necessary. I think I had over 40 ounces in just that short time period. I not only amazed my son at how well I did, but I do believe I amazed myself. I plan on going back again and going to encourage many others to join us.

The other thing that was so great about this skating experience was that many others were out there just like me. There were the kids that were falling every little step they took. I don't think I saw one child ever complain that this was not fun. The would fall, get back up, fall again, get back up, and again and again and again. Determined to make it all the way around the circle.

Then there was this moment. I saw this lady come onto the rink with her two girls. You could totally tell she was scared to death about falling. She gripped the guardrails with all her might. I watched as she slowly - and I mean sllllllllllooooooowwwwwwllllllyyyyyy - made her way around the full extent of the rink. She took a huge break about 1/2 way around, but never gave up. She kept plugging along. It was awesome. When she was done I totally told her that I was so proud of her for making the effort. She said she was humiliated, but I am sure her daughters were glad that she made the effort. I thought that she would not try again, but after a break she was back out there. I cheered her on a few more times, and this second round she was going faster, still gripping onto the siderail, but doing it. As we started to head home she was out there one more time and it was wonderful to see that she was now only using one hand to steady herself on the side. I said my good-byes to her by saying that she was doing awesome and again, that her daughters should be so proud that she made the effort to get out there to skate. I think I was doing this because maybe you could tell she was scared, or that she was a bit bigger then me (don't anyone take that aspect wrong) or that she was doing this with her kids or ....oh, I don't know - No matter why I felt this need to motivate her, sometimes I think when you hear words of encouragement from others it makes a difference in your attitude. I totally believe that when I get to read my fellow bloggers encouragement. Yes, I am getting pats on the backs from friends, co-workers and family in my own life, but when the applause comes from a random blogger or someone I totally don't know I feel so energized, recharged and ready to take on the next challenge. 

OH - HOW COOL - my favorite show in the world - CBS Sunday Morning is featuring a story on BLOGGING!!!!! Excuse me - have to watch this............words like blogosphere, we are authentic communities, blogs are a legal world all their can drive many blogs...Tony night blogs for this Sunday's Award show...nice amount of feedback..."never make money writing a blog" - amazing at how many bloggers are actually making a real living by putting fingers to typewritter keys - blogs of all kinds - surfing, self esteem, weddings - many blogs do drop off in the first 30 days - 14 million viewers on one blog - wow, not that is a goal to have - maybe.......

....Ok - to finish my thought on my Saturday night Skating experience - Try something new or try something you never thought you would do again because of fear or you are too old!! I did and so glad that those 8 wheels let me bring out my inner child again!!!!

Staying MOtivated MO

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Catch Phrase

I am so sleepy. I want and need more sleep - my energy level is very low today. I, however, have inspiration on my side. A few free moments yesterday gave me the opportunity to read some of my fellow June Boom participants posts yesterday and I am glad I did. Especially on the everyday 30 minute exercise goal. I have been doing my exercise, but most days I have only done the minimum. In fact, my 30 minutes has only been a few minutes here, another few minutes there and eventually when I add it all up I have gotten in my 30 minutes. That for sure is not what I wanted. I want to be able to do 30 or even 60 minutes, but my time is very limited. Doing a little bit is good, but not as good as I want it to be. I want that part of my "to do" list done first thing in the morning and not that exercising is a chore I HAVE to do - it is something I WANT to do. And if they are doing it, I CAN DO IT!!!! It is not only a challenge, but motivation, inspiration and a friend giving you the drive when you need that added extra push. I think of the challenge as this - there was this cute Blue Diamond Walnut commercial years ago that said "A Can A Week - that's all we ask" (they were trying to sell the product and it was a cute catch phrase). So, I know it is silly, but I have come up with what I feel is a good catch phrase for me and this June Boom Challenge and inspiration to help me in my weight loss journey -

30 Minutes a day - and you will melt a-weigh!!!!!!!

Those blog posts were in my head last night - in such a good way! I arrived home last night and did a full 30 minute workout all at once. Then this morning I was so proud of myself for doing just about 45 minutes and this time I broke a sweat. Only recording 30 for today, because I feel that extra 15 will make up for the lack of  "extra effort" I have not been able to do in the past 4 days. This mornings workout was AWESOME!!!!! Even if the walking in place, the stomach crunches and the 15 minutes of free weights did not really wake me up, I am feeling good. Still sleepy and my mind was talking to me on my way into work - stop for a fancy Starbucks coffee, that will pick you up. But wait, you don't have any cash and please don't use the ATM on a $4.00 purchase - come on. Then how about a Coke with a fast food breakfast - that will do the trick, right? Again, no cash and that ATM - give it up. I was good - had a bowl of warm oatmeal and the glass of juice was my after workout treat. Getting ready for my work day and my water is right by my side.

I also want to share this little tidbit. I feel this statement is true for almost all of me. Working on the healthy and physical part of me and I might not have a money tree, but at this moment I do feel like a Millionaire! My mind, body, soul is loving how I am right now and I don't want it to ever change again!!

Heading to the grindstone - enjoy your day and rest of the week ~~~~~

Still and will always be - Staying MOtivated MO

Monday, June 6, 2011

My Crazy June

Chart Graph Clip Art

I have had so many updates that I wanted to share and really not sure when I will be able to do them in detail. My vegetable meal plan that I tried and the fact that I did AWESOME, the water guy visit from last Tuesday, and the huge fact that that I slipped this last week with my eating plan because, well, because I got lazy. You see, my June is crazy, but that is no excuse for going off the "wagon" and just throwing caution to the wind.

I have said this before, that I am doing a camp for about 200 Cub Scouts, but really it is crazy. As of yesterday I have 162 Scouts and 83 Volunteers coming to camp. There is two nights of training meetings this week, the need to get all the projects ready, having to still make phone calls to make sure I have everyone's paperwork straight, make sure the kids are in the right groups and and and and and.....and still trying to find time to be a Mom on the weekends. Glad that school is out for the summer, because I only have Aman on the weekends. We did manage to take in a night of roller skating on Saturday and can't wait to do it again this coming weekend, too. Mer and I talked and she said it was best that June should be a maintenance month for me. I agree, but I have to make sure I don't continue to be lazy. I got on the scale yesterday and boy oh boy - not disappointed - but it just goes to show that if I am not staying on target it can all come back faster then you think. Just up a few pounds....but still...get it into gear girl.

With the June Boom challenge I have been challenged. To deal with getting ready for camp I am getting up at 3:00 am, doing my workout, getting to work about 5:30 am, working until 2 pm (and work is very busy everyday), heading home to do camp stuff from 3 pm until 8 pm. I am doing my best to get into bed and be asleep by 9 pm, but it really has not worked out but just a few nights. I need to be more disciplined. I am getting into bed, but not going to sleep. One night I dealt with an emotional family matter that just got way out of hand, but I am so glad that my home-owners insurance is going to help me out and hoping that the "repair" can be done both physically and emotionally soon!!!! Not to mention that in regards to the camp stuff, I have to drive down to the main scout office to pick up applications and for reasons beyond my control I had to do the 1.5 hour commute twice this week to get what I needed. I am sitting for a total of what feels like 14 hours a day and doing my best to use my balance ball at home (a non-burstable one) and that is helping me move a bit. Trying to do some of my organizing paperwork standing up - that is helping me stay active. When I don't have the energy to get up at 3 am I am doing what I can to put in 30 minutes in the afternoons. I am getting in many stomach crunches with the help of the balance ball, I have my 5 pound weights close to me and I walk in place when I need to get up and work those legs. I am also doing most of that even if I do get in the 45 minutes in the morning, since from time to time I do need to do some good stretching from my long sitting day. Two more weeks, then camp....phew!

So - that's it about camp and the crazy schedule I put upon myself. I enjoy doing it, really I do - it is the one thing I truly enjoy about Scouting!!! I promise I won't mention it again until it is over with, as writing about it can be a little overwhelming and then the list of things to do is front and center. Wishing that some of those 83 volunteers would be coming to the house to help - have only had about 5 people actually come over so far- expecting more this week (I hope). Ok, now I am complaining.

Just a quick blurb about Water Guy - he had a helper this week and his name is FABIO- did not really look like a Fabio and when I said the name with a sultry voice my water guy said "did you have to say it like that" - too funny! We had a short visit and a bit embarrasing when I said that I enjoyed his visit and was looking forward to the next one. Getting outside of my box!

Mer is in Alaska enjoying her week long workshop! She is going to have a great time and know she will bring back many pictures to share!!

Have a GREAT week - wishing I could do more comments to all your posts, but will pop in from time to time. Feeling your motivation, drive and determination or even taking a quick break to give myself a push, laugh and energy will keep me going!! THANKS to all for your enthusiasm and encouragment!!

Staying MOtivated MO

I'm in Alaska!

I made it to Alaska and the my apartment mate is great! She is also a 6th grade science teacher.  She is from Alaksa and just a little fun tidbit about her is that her babysitter when she was little was Sarah Palin! Isn't that a hoot! She just recently completed her first triathlon! I am really happy with my match. I guess I am lucky at that since I met Mo just the very same way!
Well, I have no car here at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks so I am walking everywhere. I walked for 2 hours. One looking for the museum and lunch and the second going out to dinner with my apartment buddy.  The campus is beautiful and they have this wonderful museum called Museum of the North. The building is designed to look like a glacier and it has all sorts of cultural and natural artifacts throughout. Worth a visit if you are ever up this way.  The best part of my museum visit was being able to go through the museum at my pace and really taking the time to look at everything that I wanted. As a mom with a 5 year old I never get to do that!
So my plan today is to do more walking and to eat half my lunch and dinner and drink lots of water.
Well, I have to run to my class. I will try to post pics of my trip soon.
Have a great week!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Spring Challenge Update

As I sit here typing I wonder where did Spring go, much less where is Summer at this point?? Where is the sunny California weather? I woke up to the very loud sound of the rain running down my gutter. This is California - the Central Valley - what the heck is Mother Nature doing? I am not complaining, because we could be, at this point, reaching the high 90's and even venturing close to 100, but the rain has been coming down non-stop for the last 3 hours - oh, wait - here comes the sun, I think, maybe.....

There are so many updates to talk about, as there has been much success in the last few weeks. Today I am going to talk about the Spring 4th Quarter Challenge that Aman and I had in place. I talked of  Excitement and Anticipation - my goal to try and loss another 20 more pounds, Aman's goal to raise his Writing grade to a 3, if not a 4 all in a 11 to 9 week process. I feel like the goals were accomplished. Not only did Aman raise his grade into Writing, but he was able to raise his grade in 4 other aspects of his report card. I am really proud of him. I did not, however, reach the goal of 20 pounds. I hit a plateau for over a month, but did not get discouraged. I am working hard, harder then I have worked before on the weight loss process, but in the long run I could say that I have not worked hard enough. BUT, I am not getting down on myself. And I am NOT saying that I do need to work harder. I am doing this and that is what matters to me at the moment. Just the fact that I am actually watching what I eat, avoiding the fast food locations, trying new vegetables, doing the exercising and dropping more pounds in 15 years is an accomplishment in itself! I am proud of what I have done so far. Sooooooo - drum roll - I lost another 17 pounds. The official weigh-in day said that I was down a total of 37 pounds. Not quite a total of 40, but I am doing GREAT!!! We are going to award ourselves with that weekend trip to Santa Cruz sometime this summer. Yes, I know the bet was that we both had to achieve our ultimate goals, but I do feel that we both worked hard, made a huge  effort and that is what matters the most.

Have a great weekend!! Hoping that mine will be productive and accomplished!

Staying MOtivated MO

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Promotion, Last Day & SUMMER!!!!

I am still breathing! I am still here. Thank goodness that Mo can keep this blog going!
I did sign up for the June Boom Challenge and I did my 30 minutes of walking and jogging in this morning, but I also had some tightness in my chest that I have not felt in a long time. I had to take a hit of my inhaler this morning.  I have not done that in years! I know it is just stress and all the wonderful spring pollen in the air. I do have a goal of running a 5k in July with the bootcamp ladies. I have never run a 5k before so this will be the new challenging thing that I will be focusing on. 
Tomorrow is a big day for my family. My daugther goes through her 8th grade promotion and then, I will have a High Schooler living in my house! And tonight is the 8th grade promotion dance that I signed up to be on the decoration committee.  What was I thinking??? 
Well, the last day of school is tomorrow and then, my summer starts!!!!!  I leave for Alaksa Saturday night and will not return until June 14th.  I am taking a class in Fairbanks for 5 days and then, will travel to Denali.  The most exciting part is that I am going by myself without spouse and kids.  It will be nice to have a little time to myself.  I will be still working out daily since I will be on a University campus I will get access to their fitness center. I am so looking forward to being at a gym with a pool and there are beautiful trails to hike near the campus. I just have to make sure that I have heavy duty bug juice on or the mosquitoes might take me away. 
As Mo reported for me I did hit the 20 pound loss! I have another 25-30 pounds to get to my goal weight.  I am at 165 pounds and I spoke with my bootcamp instructor who told me not to go by the BMI which mine would be down around 124 pounds because I am muscular and stocky. What do you all think? How have you figured out your goal weight?
Gotta run!
P.S.- LOVE you MO! Thanks for the laughs, the encouragement and inspiration! You are the BEST!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Upside Down

MO Here  - Just letting you all know that there was another world class Mer & Mo moment this past weekend. My god-daughter was in a soccer tournament and the Mer family was going to be closer to me travel wise, so I took this opportunity to meet up with them. Met up with Mer and the gang on Saturday night for Goalie Wars (thank goodness the rain stopped during this event) and then I drove back over on Sunday with the Aman and we got to see a few games, play at the park and had good quality Mer & Mo time together. It was nice! Sunday the weather was the best - a little breeze - a little sun - no real clouds - and to enjoy the time together around the kids, a great playing kid park and well, it was a nice way to catch up. Not like the last 45 minute visit.

Saturday night was goalie wars. If you have ever watched a soccer game, this is nothing like it. Here were these 11, 12, 13, 14 and I think 15 year olds going against each other - two on two. The Soccer Goals were closer together and each goalie had 3 minutes or 3 goals to win. The pace was fast, quick and amazing!! Mer was right, well worth the drive! Boy, can these kids throw. There was this one kid (or should I say teenager) that had this great way of getting that goal into the right area. Throwing with his right, he would have the speed, and the ball would curve just to the left at the last minute and into the left pocket of the goal it would go - One - Two - Three - WINNER.

Oh - to be a teenager again and have that much energy our on a soccer field. I am working towards that goal - well, maybe not quite like a teenager, but it would be nice to have more energy. Getting there and that is a good thing.

Ending the game on Sunday

Tough team to play - but the girls did a GREAT job!!!!!

In the course of our Mer & Mo moment I asked the man in the group to take our picture. Now, that was a huge mistake - you can't seem to get Mer's hubby to actually take a picture without having some kind of fun. We laughed so much that I couldn't resist but share these two moments with you.

Who gave him the camera? What the heck?

Pretty good picture, if I can say so myself
Thanks Mer's Hubby for helping us out!! LOL

More to share, but it will have to wait for another day. I didn't get my workout in this morning, but do plan for this afternoon. So much to do - so little time - staying focused. June will be a maintenance month for me. Work schedule for the next three weeks is from about 5:30 am until 2 pm and then many hours after work making sure my Cub Scout Day Camp is ready - June 20th can't come soon enough! The list of stuff is bigger then I thought - where did my plan go? Yes, it is very rewarding  - not complaining! The one thing that is going to keep me in check is the that I joined with the challenge from Alan - exercise each day and be accountable for it!!! Glad that many others are joining us - going to be a GREAT month!! 

Staying MOtivated MO