Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 91- Obesity is a condition

My thoughts from 100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle

Wow, what an eyeopener on this reading! I had to read the title again- Obesity is a condition and I had to let it sink in. It is a condition that I have to accept. 
Spangle uses the example of diabetes being the same as obesity in the fact that once you get control that you have to live everyday of their lives in a way that keeps it managed. Diabetics can't just go on a vacation like I do when I decide not to stick to my diet. Obesity is something that I have to monitor for the rest of my life or else I will gain back the weight. That is why when Mo and I started this a year ago that I was adamant that this is a "healthy lifestyle change" rather than just a diet that I am following.   So the change in my thinking is I have to plan how to manage my condition and how to build all these skills into my daily life or I risk gaining the weight back time and time again.  I don't want that! I want long-term success! I will do anything to get it!


Working from the inside-out,


Mer and Mo said...

Doing my best to stick to my goals this year!! I did so well last year, so making this year count just as much!! I don't want to have the Obesity condition...want to control it with a healthy lifestyle!! We can do this!!!!


I'm Jackie... said...

Whoa. I never thought about obesity like this before, but how true. Thanks for sharing this information. I AM sticking to my goals this year - one day at a time. Better to control obesity than to have to deal with diabetes. Good luck to you and Mo!

Mer and Mo said...

@I'm Jackie- This reading hit me like a brick since I have never had that perspective, but I am glad I read it since it has transformed the way that I approach the changes with ACTION, ATTITUDE, AWESOMENESS! 2012 is going to be Swell!
@Mo- You are on fire and with that burning desire you will succeed! Thank you for the constant encouragement and Mo-tivation that you give me daily. Let's really make it happen this year!

E. Jane said...

I loved this post, and obesity is indeed a conditon, much like diabetes. In fact, they often go hand in hand, later in life. My blood sugar issues are on the periphery of diabetes, so I had better take this seriously! Thanks for sharing this post.

Maren said...

I am sticking! I can't lose this battle. Can not!

Just Me... said...

Amen Mer! As someone with diabetes it is a day to day fight. You can't just leave it at home when you go out your front door.

I am finding it hard because diabetes is an "invisible" disease. You can't see it. There are thousands of people walking around with this disease and not know it!

It is frustrating when friends and family offer me food that I should not put in my mouth and when I gently remind them they say " Oh yeah you don't look it"....

Yes type 2 is directly related to obesity but it NEVER GOES AWAY or is REVERSED like you hear on commercials or shows like the Biggest Loser...

I constantly say to myself " I feel and look just fine
but ....."

I am one of the lucky diabetics that right at this moment I am controlling it with exercise and diet.

Love reading this blog! Missing Mer and Mo!