Saturday, February 23, 2013

Monthly Report

Yes, it really does feel like a monthly report at this point. I wish that I could make more time in my day to do blog posts, but I am struggling with making it a priority. So many good things happening, but not only do I want to share the good, I want to be able to post on this blog inspirations and notes and comments about how I am doing with my weight loss. Things that will give me the motivation to keep going. It did in the past and I am looking at getting back to blogging on a regular basis - so hoping to be back here soon on a more regular schedule.

In the meantime, there has been exciting news in my household. I am working again. I won't say that I have the job of my dreams, but that is always a work in progress.

I had about two months of nothing - no interviews, no phone calls, no temp jobs, nothing. And then in the middle of January things started to fly. I applied for a part time seasonal job (at a CPA firm) and wouldn't you know it - I got an interview. Just after that, there was an interview for a company that I had applied for in December - had applied to them once before, so it was nice to be recognized this time. In this process I am now signed up for a third temp agency. The phone starts ringing like crazy. There is a phone call here, phone call there, opportunity to have my resume looked at by another job. I said yes to all interviews at this point.

This is how my last week of January went -

Wednesday - job interview -

Thursday - possible job interview - would I like my resume looked at my this one company - sure

Friday - interview set up for Monday - two in fact.

Saturday - Part Time Seasonal job offered me a job - said yes, because you just never know how those interviews were going to go.

Monday - morning interview with the possibility of having this "temp" job start as soon as Wednesday

Monday - get a phone call for a 2nd interview from the one interview from last Wednesday

Monday - afternoon interview - company was not sure which direction they were going, but I did well in the interview - this is also a temp job, with the hopes of being hired fulltime.

Tuesday - job offer on the temp job. They are not really sure if it was going to be a fulltime job, but for the moment it is. Hoping for the best.

Wednesday - 2nd interview - I feel that it went well.

Thursday - started a job. (yes, at this point I have declined the part-time job, because it was not going to pay the bills and I had to do what I needed to do to make things work for this single mom of one).

The following Tuesday - I get a phone call for another job interview for the School Superintendent's Secretary job - I really really really wanted that. Just about 14 days later I was allowed 1 question to answer in 5 minutes as to "why do you feel you are well suited for this job" - I was up against 10 candidates and well, as much as I felt that I KILLED the answer, I was not picked. Didn't get called back for the 2nd interview later in the day.

So - here I am working again - It is a "temp" job and it really does feel like a temporary job. I am not complaining, but......I am a file clerk. I know that filing is so important to any job, and this job deals with the State Alcohol regulations - and well, they need to have tons of paperwork available for any moment inspection. I have been filing papers in number order, then once they are filed I needed to box them up, but before they got into the box I had to make sure that each file had 100 in each pack. In the end, I boxed up over 37 boxes that had 800 pieces of paper in each box - you can do the math - right??? That is a a ton of paper that I had to touch, count and make sure there was every piece in that box. I could go on and on, but for the most part I have been filing. There are positives to working - I am getting high praise for my speed - even getting the nickname "Speedy Gonzales" - because I go so fast, and I am doing it all correctly. I am off of unemployment and I am so grateful for that.. I am getting paid much better then many people, and for that I am also grateful. But, really - filing - I know this is not my dream job.

The good part - the one interview with the company that asked me for a second interview - well, they called me last week. They are having to do some internal hiring interviews, but I am being considered one of the top two candidates. This job might happen, and it is much closer to home (10 minute commute compared to a 30 minute one - yes, being further from home is hard on me too - call it luxury, but I like being close to home - doesn't everyone???)

So - very happy to be back to work. In the last two months I realized (again) that I really want to be back in the teaching field. I don't want to teach, but I would like to be in education. Providing the secretary and administrative support to schools would be a dream job for me. I am going to continue looking for that dream and when the time comes life will hand me over that change.

More posts to come - hoping that you are all doing well!!!!!