Friday, January 20, 2012

That Diet Thing

Moment of thought today - and a little bit of follow up on that doctor sales pitch visit I had the other day.

I have been walking with one of my neighbors more in the last few weeks. Her husband has had issues with his heart for years and recently has lost another 5% of heart function and is on the mend from his most recent stint this past December. Today's walk included my visit this past Wednesday to my new cardiologist (still contemplating if I am going back to him) and well, we put the pieces together and low and behold - said neighbors husband and I have the same cardiologist. As we walked and talked she indicated she knew which way my appointment might have progressed. She said that her husband got the same sort of "sales" pitch at his first appointment, too. He has never received more then the one time mention, but the same conversation, words, phrases and sentences were told to the neighbor as they were to me. I felt like I was in Dejavu land.

After talking to my walking buddy (by the way, much warmer today - and the rain is coming in - we made it our 45 minutes just in time for a few sprinkles to hit us in the final turn - so glad we got in our walk today, I wanted it!!! NO EXCUSES!!).....but back to my story - getting more information I have found out the following:

800 Calories a Day
$100.00 per Week
Drink your meals

Yikes. Okay - I know I was told that my insurance will pay for the program (not the food portion), but I am not looking to do that. Thanks for the option, but I need to do this without a "trick" or "fix it" moment. I do know many who would pick this plan and there are many out there doing things like this and I applaud them for doing so. But, I am the type of person that likes to go into the grocery store, pick out good foods, cook them, enjoy my accomplishment of making something fresh - heck, maybe I will even start a garden in the future. And the cost !! Wow!! Is that for the food, the nutritionist, the counselor, the rest of the medical team to help me? Where will they be when I get down to goal? Do I keep paying for the rest of my lifetime??

Nope - not on board with this. Nope - don't need to research it anymore then what I have already heard. Good to hear that I am not the only one that got the sales pitch. I applaud the doctor for what he is doing, but I like the way I am losing weight. It might not be fast, it might not work all the time, I might slip, might hit a bump in the road, not be motivated 100% of the time, but there will be many scale and non-scale victories because this is my time, my commitment and I am glad that I have FINALLY started to be committed to getting healthy!!! I have come a short way (or long, however you look at it) and looking forward to more success in the very near future!! I don't want to drink my food, have to overpay someone or worry about what might happen when I stop "drinking" my calories. Yes, we can sit here and debate this, but not going to. Eating healthy, exercising and losing weight the way I am doing it now is what I enjoy and I don't foresee changing my mind anytime soon.

Have a most wonderful weekend!!!!!

Staying MO-tivated MO


Jessica said...

I think I would be miserable if I had to drink my calories. Keep doing what is working for YOU!

Leigh C. said...

800 calories a day? Not enough to keep a hamster alive! Just keep doing what you're doing. Weight-loss is not a race:)

Michele said...

Listen, Mo, I am with you. It is about learning a healthy lifestyle. There are no shortcuts. Slow and easy, that is the way it is done in my book. Glad you opted out not in. Have a great weekend!

Virtual Paul said...

I think you are right keep working your plan. This is a weight loss "journey". It will take time and have ups and downs. I think looking at it long term is the best approach.

Just Me... said...

No quick fixes when it comes to long lasting weight loss....Old School my dear friend...I love you!

Maren said...

I think 800 cal a day would be downright hurtful for your body! Keep doing YOUR thing!

Mer said...

No need for special programs! We know what we need to do and we are doing it! Just remember to stick to it 90% of the time, which I am finding easier to say and harder to do, but it does work!
Love you!

Tish said...

Good for you. That sounds downright UNprofessional to me. Yes, have your cardiac appointments, but unsolicited hard-sells on questionable diet plans? No. It sounds to me like you're doing just fine. I envy you your walking partner. I need to get myself out the door and around the block in the mornings.

Kristen said...

See, I think being presented with something like this would make me more tempted to cheat. I have to do this weight loss thing the way I'm going to live the rest of my life or I'll just end up in the same place I've always ended up. Besides, it took me years to pack on this weight so I don't expect it to come off in a day either (nice as that might be in theory!). Keep on keeping on the way you've been doing it and you'll have great success.