Sunday, January 12, 2014

Slow Progress...sickness takes over

Just as I thought I had planned out my 2014 as being back on track 100%, the first full week of the year threw me for a loop. I was really good with my check-off sheet for the first two days, but on day three I was hit with a full blown cold (thank you to my little 12 year old - LOL) and I have been down coughing, blowing and taking medication since. I do believe I am on that road to recovery, for last night I had a full nights sleep without any issues. It does not help that I have been working full-time, all the while hoping that I could just stay in bed and get better.

The other deciding factor has been the fact that I am dealing with a heavy family issue. I have been divorced for more than 8 years, I have known my ex-husband for close to 28 years and well, when something happens to him it can throw one for a loop. Over the Christmas time my ex-husband was sick. I shuttled my 12 year old to the hospital on Christmas Eve and Day to visit his father. We had hoped that it was just a diabetic episode gone bad, but we are now dealing with liver cancer. Surgery came much sooner than the January 22nd planned date and I can be happy to say that they found all of the cancer and have removed it. However, complications will require further treatment, still to be determined as of this afternoon.

One can say that you just curl up in a ball and try to forget all your other worries, but I have a 12 year old to take care of, work to deal with and  getting into a minor fender bender has been keeping me on the my insurance toes. However, in the last 10 days (has it been that long) - I have -
drank all my water each day
my follow up doctors appointment for my "wellness" check is next week
I only ate after 8 pm twice (that is an accomplishment)
I have not had fast food - even with a few temptations
Only had about 3 sodas (that is a major improvement for me, but when I am sick I grave 7-up and gingerale, I huge weakness for me)
And I have packed my lunch each day for work - that I love!!!

Being sick is hard, as you always want to exercise, but have to take it easy so your body can recover.
Back to it tomorrow morning and I am so excited for it! Excitement about exercising  - what a marvelous thing.

Hoping the next 10 days are much better. My goal is to drop close to 10 pounds before seeing my doctor on the 23rd - he would be so proud and I am doing my best to be accountable to my medical file!!

Wishing all of you a blessed January and hoping that things are going well for you too!! Obstacles or not - you need to keep moving forward on the healthy trail so that you can be healthy in mind, body and soul!!

Motivated MO

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Prepared for 2014

I love this 2014 sign - it has everything I am looking for this year. Especially the one at the middle below the 2014 - GOOD HEALTH.

I have been preparing for 2014. I know that sounds silly - having to prepare, but if you read my last few posts you know that I have been dealing with a bone pain in my foot. That is being taken care of with shoe inserts, and I have been able to start preparing for getting back to exercise and making this a year of GOOD HEALTH!!

I went to my "wellness" check up a few weeks ago. My company encouraged us to do this, then we get entered into a drawing to win money. I don't have to win money, I am winning for the pure fact that I am now accountable to myself and a doctor - ever had to be stared down by a medical chart that hasn't changed??

I had my blood taken the other day - waiting on test results.

I asked my FB friends for things that rhymed with 2014 - the one input I really loved was - 
2014 - the year for Queen Maureen to be a lean mean fighting machine!! 
I added 'lean" and fighting (just had to)

I made Daily Check Off lists  -

Water (8 glasses)
Exercise 20-30 minutes
Get up from desk every 30-45 minutes
5 fruits and vegetables
No Fast Food
Healthy Choices
No Soda
10 minutes of stretching
Packed your lunch
No eating after 8 pm
Daily Vitamins
Walked twice at work - 15 minutes each
No Sweets

There is more I could add to this list, but I think this list alone is a daily accomplishment!! I have this list on and 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper, cut into 4's - I will carry a list each day, from the start of the day to the end of my day. I am even tracking my water intake at work - I did it on Monday and Tuesday and I will keep it going. I am trying everything to keep me on task and motivated.

BUT, already Day One and I know I didn't do very well. (blogging is about being honest - right??) I will admit it. I slept, or stayed in bed almost all day. I had some caramel corn that should not have been left over from Christmas. There has only been 2 cups of water, and well, I will admit that 2014 is not starting off good. I will not get down on myself, but I will not let a day off control my laziness!!!

I will say, however, that I did a great hour of cardio at the New Years party I went to last night. I danced and danced and danced. That is a HUGE accomplishment for me in my recent foot issues. I even wore shoes that I knew would hurt at the end of the night, but they only hurt because they were a bit too tight. My tarsal bone is issue in my right foot it NOT hurting today (in fact, since I got my inserts I have had very little pain - I am very grateful for shoe inserts!!!). The dancing was so good for my legs and I can feel the impact today - I am going to keep that momentum going!!

As 2013 came to an end I was informed of a family issue that could derail me. I am not fully ready to share, but I do know that I am grateful that I have been working on my plan for 2014. I am committed to taking care of myself, my son and giving support where I can give it.

The Greatest Resolutions are the Ones You Keep

Wishing all of you a most wonderful 2014!! What words above motivate you in making 2014 awesome!!