Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 97- Use what works

My thoughts on 100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle

Spangle asks, "What worked before? What did you do to stick with your diet program? How did you keep yourself on track, even thorugh the difficult days?

I really had to think about this. How did things that I have struggled with become habits of mind, routine and rituals that I do daily now?

On Exercise-
  • The night before I put on my workout clothes and sleep in them so I have no excuse, but to get up and workout.
  • I set my alarm 5 minutes before I have to get up. So when the alarm goes off I have 5 minutes to wake up and get going.
  • I have set days with the bootcamp ladies at the park and being accountable to other people has helped me stay consistent
  • I feel awake and ready to face the day after I have worked out in the morning. I like that the blood is flowing to the brain and I feel like I can handle anything
  • If I am working out alone. The night before I set up the DVD so I know what I am going to do. I am not a morning person so it is best that I make the decision ahead of time or I won't do it.
On Eating Breakfast-
  • I used to skip breakfast everyday and then, binge at 10:00am in the breakroom because I was starving
  • Instead of rushing around getting ready I set everything up the night before so that I can sit and enjoy my breakfast with my son
  • I tried new foods for breakfast- steel cut oatmeal, museli, hard boiled eggs, peanut butter on whole grain toast
On Portion Control-
  • I track everything I eat
  • I measure out everything that I eat
  • I check the calories on an item before I eat it
  • I serve my food on a smaller plate so the portions have to be smaller
  • I ask family to support me since my spouse does most of the cooking
On Getting a Handle of my Emotions and Stress-
  • I go for a walk
  • I drink my water or have a cup of tea
  • I chew gum to "chew" on the issue- 11 calories burned in an hour chewing gum
  • I do some deep breathing exercises
  • I journal my frustations
  • I practice my ukulele
  • I talk to Mo
  • I distract myself by reading or commenting on a blog or rereading my own posts or Mo's
  • Look at my vision board to get myself refocused on my goal
  • I look at my own self-talk that I have on a 3X5 card to remind me that I CAN DO IT! NEVER GIVE UP!
As I reflect the journey that I have gone through in the last year. I really have to give myself a pat on the back for I have come a long way. It is funny that at first I was disappointed in myself because I have not progressed with my weight loss as much as Mo, but that was because I am going through what I call "invisible" growth. The wheels have been turning on the inside and making this work more pernament so that I can make this a real healthy lifestyle change.  I just had to remember all the strategies that have worked and make them a part of my life forever.  For everytime that I take a step forward I am making progress and that is what I want to do for now and forever from this day forward until the day I die and go back to being part of the earth. 

Spangle encourages all of us to-

Remember what use to work
Pull out the best strategies back off the shelf
Put them into your program again and again


Being reflective on the journey,


Maren said...

Now I'm really starting to wonder what day 100 will say :D

Coach said...

"The night before I put on my workout clothes and sleep in them so I have no excuse, but to get up and workout."

That was funny idea. Let's hope it will work. :)

Munchberry said...

Oh Mer that was such a good post on that days Spangle exercise. I did it a while ago, but not as well as you did! I love your things you do (and do some of them myself) and ADORE that you know the calories burned for time chewing gum! Oh that gave me a good chuckle.

I am gonna do a 3x5 card. Splendid idea.

Mer and Mo said...

I keep going back and reading these posts and feel more motivated everyday. Got the neighbor lady to agree to an earlier morning walk and even if it was 28 degrees we did it!! Doing my best to stay on track can be a daily struggle, but soon it won't be a struggle just an everyday welcome feeling!!

PS - to all those out in bloggy land...still having issues reading some of you - (Munchberry, 30 by 30, Michele, and many more) - can you switch your comments from Embed to Pop Up or Full Page...some blogger issue that can't seem to be fixed at the moment. I found a back door way to read you, but can't comment.