Thursday, January 26, 2012


Early January - Mer tells me of a Best Body Challenge - 8 week Boot Camp Get a Better Body Challenge - was very excited - the hopes of winning a prize (or two) - and the best part, having a better body because of this challenge. It was a challenge I was ready for. I paid my "doing it on my own" obligation fee and waited patiently for the email response. I was just finishing up my first Boot Camp visit and the motivation was flowing. Kept it going with my morning workouts. I missed the kick off event on January 7th because it was out of town for me and well, Scouts was keeping me busy on that day. Kept waiting patiently for the response. Had a snafu with the payment, fixed it, kept waiting and waiting and waiting. Got thrilled when I finally got an email response some 2 weeks later. Then the hopes of getting two emails right after that. Nothing. Still nothing. Doing my best at home, because this is a challenge, right?

Last Friday Mer sent me her link. Woo Hoo!!! I printed out the paper, got ready to do the workouts, am heading to the grocery store this weekend to get all the right foods (no worries, not finishing up bad food to make room for the good)...just no time to shop this week, so eating healthy, but need to restock. Then FINALLY - Monday, got one email that was the challenge. Got another email with the apology of the mistake. Then got another email with the challenge paperwork. If I am not ready to take on this challenge times three then I don't know what else will motivate me!!!

It is not about waiting for an email or a challenge - this lifestyle is about me - about getting healthy - about feeling better about myself each and everyday - no matter what - emails or paperwork be damned - I need to do this each and everyday for me and only me!!! Are you with me?!

Tackling this with gusto. Ready to go back to my own Boot Camp instructor in the coming week to see the 4 week progress. It won't be as good as I am hoping, because I am not at full force, but atleast I am going to go check on my status!! 5 full more weeks to go until the March 3rd final event!!! I can do this - getting it done!!!! (gosh - I think there should be cheerleaders behind my head right now with poms poms and all)

Staying MOtivated MO


SeeAliEatSeeAliRun said...

You can do it!!! Great job sticking with it :)

Maren said...

Way to go! Just keep it up!! :D