About this Blog

What is a blog...?  A Blog - a time to reflect, say what you want, and well, just have some fun with those typewritter keys.  I have done my research, watched the Julie & Julia movie about 100 times, so a blog is familiar to me - BUT I have never had the drive to actually start one.

Two good friends - huge BFF's since 1988 - have teamed together to make this blog inspirational, uplifting, encouraging and a chance to just use blogging as an outlet. This blog is giving us a chance to share what life can be like for two "gal pals". We are also trying to give each other support and inspiration to take off the weight that we have put on, kept on and just can't get rid of.

So - "the losing it" aspect - keep our lives connected from a distance and to keep us "sane" in this crazy life we live, while putting our minds, body and soul into an active healthy eating and exercising lifestyle.

Us - the Mer & Mo Factor - May 2011 - less 57 pounds since January 2011

January 2012 Update

Mer and Mo are still working hard on a healthy lifestyle. Mer keeps busy with a boot camp group, while still juggling wife, mother and fulltime worker. Mo is doing the at home workouts, but did find a boot camp group to join while her son is on vacation from school, so only a few days, but it is a good way to juggle that single mother schedule. We both are still working hard on losing weight, and most of the last part of 2011 have been able to maintain our weight loss. Mo at 40 pounds and Mer at getting down to a size 8 pants!! We are both looking forward to much more suceess and to a wonderful 2012!!! Wishing everyone the most wonderful of dreams, goals and reaching your achievements!!