Saturday, April 30, 2011

Size 8!

It is that time of the year when it is CRAZY BUSY. I only have a month left of teaching until summer vaction, but I wanted everyone to know that I am still going strong.
I had a few mintues to clean closet and came across a skirt that was a size 8. I decided to try it on and to my amazement it fit!  I started doing the happy dance! I could not believe it so I went over to the mirror to see what I could see.  I was all smiles to see my reflection wearing this cute pencil skirt with a green and white floral scene on it. Now, if it would just get warmer so I can wear it. 
Then, we went over to my sister's for dinner and one of her friends had brought over her formal dresses for special occassions. They were a mixed bag of different styles and colors. My daughter was stunning in the red chinese-style classic dress and forest green dress. I eyed the teal and black sparkly dress, but waited until I got home to try it on.  On the tag was Size 8P. I slipped it on once the kids were put to bed and guess what....
It fit! So happy to be a single-digit size!  It has been years since I fit into a size 8! Whoo- hoo!

Friday, April 29, 2011

How to Plant your Garden

In honor of Spring, all the good things that can come with it, plus the fact that I am eating a lot more fresh vegetables and fruit, I thought of sharing a little cuttie that I received from a friend yesterday. Enjoy....with love and happiness.....MO

How to Plant your Garden of daily living.

First, you come to the garden alone, while the dew is still on the roses....

Plant three rows of PEAS:
  1. Peace of mind
  2. Peace of heart
  3. Peace of soul

Plant four rows of SQUASH:
  1. Squash gossip
  2. Squash indifference
  3. Squash grumbling
  4. Squash selfishness

Plant four rows of LETTUCE:
  1. Lettuce be faithful
  2. Lettuce be kind
  3. Lettuce be patient
  4. Lettuce really love one another

No garden is without TURNIPS:
  1. Turnip for meetings
  2. Turnip for service
  3. Turnip to help one another

To conclude your garden we must have THYME:
  1. Thyme for each other
  2. Thyme for family
  3. Thyme for friends
Water freely with Patience and Cultivate with Love. There is much fruit in your garden because you reap what you sow.

Enjoy life now...It has an expiration date!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

A New Style - A New Plan - A New Number

SASSY - lively and spirited!!!!

I had a good weekend. I really did!!! I totally missed my son, but I was glad that I had some time to myself. I got off work early on Friday and I got to enjoy my hair appointment to the fullest. When my hair dresser was excited that I wanted to do something a bit different she said that she was going to go for the Sassy look - I feel sassy - beautiful and feeling really confident!! No worries to all of you - I am still growing it out to donate to Locks of Love, but that is still a work in progress - hoping for sometime next Spring (maybe sooner). I don't know what it is and I am not going to try and figure it out. Well, might be that I am actually taking care of me first (and the rest is following) or that I am enjoying my workouts and it is giving me the motivation I need. Loving life right now and not waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Friday evening I enjoyed a nice helping of frozen cooked in the oven french fries, and I will admit it - they were so good!! I allowed myself this little treat and I was so proud of the way I took it all in. Didn't beat myself up, wasn't even tempted to overeat the next day (which used to be the case). Knowing that I am doing good in controlling my temptations and at the same time proud that I got right back on track the very next morning!!

Saturday was a Good-Bye event for my Parents Without Partners group (or PWP for short). This group has been active since the late 1960's (yes, that long) and well, in this day of Internet Match Ups and just the fact that young people find other ways to meet others and the fact that it is a lot of work to run of group of 70 people and only 5 or 6 show for events - it was just time to put the whole thing to rest. We had a good time at the park Even if the food was over 1.5 hours late, it was nice to socialize with many. It is kind of funny that I joined this group thinking I would meet more people my own age, but the closest person to me is 9 years older then me and the age range goes up and up from there. I have a good group of ladies that I hang out with from time to time, but when you are the only one with a child under the age of 21 it becomes hard to get together. However, as a foot note - if you are a single parent and you do see a local PWP in your area, it does not hurt to check it out - you never know who you might meet and what fun you will have meeting them. We used to do monthly dances, wine tasting events, game nights, potlucks, eat outs and just checking out local events.

Sunday...even if it was Easter there was no Chocolate, Candy or huge temptations in my house. I met my little sis for Church and she treated me to a Starbucks coffee after (small, thank goodness) and we got to catch up for a short moment. A late Brunch and a movie with girlfriends. The Brunch was delish - but so full of carbs!!! I only had two bites of my blueberry muffin, ate only 1/4 of my potatoes and again only 2 bites of my bagel with cream cheese. Limited my shrimp, crab & cheese omelet to 1/2, too. And a funny thing, I wanted more fruit!! Chuckled a bit about that, because I am a picky fruit eater. Avoided the popcorn treat at the movie and tons of water was my companion during the day.

I have decided to also do a little bit of shake up in my eating plan. Not really like Mer's, but I have also been on a plateu and sometimes your body is just fighting you all the way. A few months ago I was given this plan and well, when I first looked at it I felt it was limited and I was not "hip" on doing it. I looked over the menu plan again and thought - I can do this, it can't be that bad, it really does have some great selections. The groceries have been bought, I have two options each day for each meal and I am going to try it for about 2 full weeks before I share. A huge exercise nut gave me this plan specifically based on my feedback and well, I never put it to use and it is all there in writing for me, what is the harm, give it a shot and tell my friend thanks when it works - oh, but I have to make it work and I plan on doing my best. Wishing myself luck!!!

I can't forget to tell you - the exercising - going great!!! As busy as I am, I have been on track and doing my 30 minutes of exercise each day. Wow - what motivation!! I am feeling good, feeling sassy and totally recharged!! I got on the scale this morning and I still think I am in a dream! I am down 25 pounds !!! Somebody pinch me, because I can't believe it. I am afraid if I slip it will all be gone in an instant, but I am doing this - you are doing this - we are all doing this !!! No slipping for this girl - going strong - feeling good and ready for what is on the horizon for me!!!

Staying MOtivated

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 68- I had a "pause"

From 100 days of Weight Loss (Spangle)-
More notes from the reading-
  • change your dieting vocabulary
  • skip beating yourself up with harsh, punishing words
  • see slip ups as a "pause"- kind, non-judgemental words doesn't make detrimental reference to personality or ability to accomplish a goal
  • if you gobble 10 cookies that was not on your plan, mentally draw on an erasable white board and write 10 cookies. Then, mentally erase the board and get on with your life
As a parent, I constantly remind my own children-" it is not you that I am disappointed with it is your behavior that I am not happy with. I will always love you." So, when I think about my healthy lifestyle change I think about my behavior and habits instead of judging myself.  So I like this idea of a "pause" so that I can take a moment to rest, refocus and regroup so that I can get myself back on track. It is all about changing those eating habits and behaviors. It is far better to be positive and more nurturing being harsh gets me no where. When I want to change behavior in my students I praise them when I see them doing good and I work on building the relationships with them so that they know I care.  I have to do the same with myself. I have to keep reminding myself to be my best friend and to treat myself that way. 
I really like the idea of mentally erasing and moving on. What a powerful way to keep moving forward and not looking back to dwell on those minor mistakes. It use to take me a few days to get back on track after a mistake so it really does help to "keep me moving forward"  and mentally "drawing that line in the sand and stepping over it" will help me too. 


Day 67- Never say "I blew it"

From 100 Days of Weight Loss (Spangle)-
Here are my notes from this reading-
  • Common phrase-"I've already blown it so I might as well go ahead and eat the rest." 
    • Saying this reinforces your sense of failure and disappointment
    • gives yourself permission for the minor slip up with a major eating binge.
  • throw old dieting lines out and begin using kinder more gentler voice when talking to yourself
  • one mistake doesn't ruin your entire plan-look at it as a minor event
  • look at your eating struggle and try to figure out what happen. 
  • focus on taking care of the need instead of the food
  • creating some neutral ways of dealing with the minor set backs like-
    "Isn't that interesting? I wonder what that was all about."
    "That was minor so I need to keep it that way."
I am pretty harsh on myself and I do say phrases like "I blew it. Oh well, I guess I will finish this whole bag of M & M's." So this little reading makes me think about an earlier post that had to do with self-talk. I have to change what I am saying to myself so that I can be successful and like the saying "don't sweat the small stuff" I need to treat one little mistake as "small stuff" and keep going on my plan no matter what.  So from now on I am never going to say, "I blew it." instead I am going to say these phrases-

"Good job, you caught yourself. Now, get back on track"
"I am not sure what I was thinking, but it is time to stop and doing something else"
"That sure tasted good. Time to refocus and start over"
"Stop. Draw a line in the sand and step over it. No looking back."

This past week I put an M & M Easter egg in my mouth and immediately I stopped myself. I took out the M & M when I heard the voice in my head say, "What are you doing? You don't want that! Spit it out! Spit it out!" I laughed at myself when I did that since the voice usually say, "Yum, get another one! That was not enough." I think my self-talk and willpower is getting better. I also took pictures of Easter cookies from one of my bakeries and usually I slip and eat one of them, but not this time. I just took pictures and put them back in the box for my family to eat.  I was really proud of myself, but I also think that the Body for Life meals have stopped those sweet cravings. I eat 5-6 meals a day now and it helps having smaller meals so that I am not ravenous by the time I eat because usually I overeat when I am really hungry.  It is so important to change what you are saying to yourself when you are changing your habits and carrying them around in a little notebook helps since it has to become automatic the phrases have to pop in your head like an instant message.
So, what will you say to yourself when you have a minor slip up?


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Body for Life- Workouts

A quick update-
I am only on day 3, but I have done weight lifting for my upper and lover body, Day 1 and Day 3. I also did 20 minutes of cardio, Day 2. I tried jumping rope, but my new rope gets all twisted so I jogged-walked instead. I got another 20 minute walk in yesterday and did some light gardening today.

I also wanted to share the Body for Life website so that anyone that wants to follow the program can-
I am deep into looking at the Body for Life Library since it has the trackers that you need to do the program. It is all about creating healthy habits and working from the inside out. 
Two words to describe it- Simple, Intense.

I better hit the hay so I can do my cardio tomorrow morning.

Good night all!


We Can Do It!

Emails from this week-

This is the message I sent out to a friend who has talked to me about doing bootcamp. It is from my bootcamp instructor-

Hi Ladies!!!
LET'S DO THIS THANG!!!!  YES, INDEED!!!  ONE WEEK TO GO!!  Enjoy sleeping in cuz you'll be hit by a Mac Truck soon!!  I'm gearing up for our 5-week Spring Bootcamp Intensive.  We will still be meeting indoors as it's chilly in the mornings!!  We can use the stereo @ Carden, then head outdoors in June, in time for the early sunrise of Summer Days!!!!  WAHOO!!!  Summer is just around the corner!!   We are starting on Monday, April 25th, the day AFTER EASTER!!! 
Bring a *new friend* and receive $20 off ! ! !   Let's grow our group, ladies!!  I guarantee one day a week of, one day a week of cardio intensive drills, ending the week with 1/2 hour weights & 1/2 hour yoga.  I'm putting together a program you can use on your own to prepare to run a 5K and/or a 10K and perhaps we can make it a goal to enter a race sometime this Summer as a team!!
Let me know if you're joining the Spring Intensive Bootcamp, and please print this off and pass it out to friends!!  The more the merrier.

This is the message I got back-

Even for a tired and lazy mom of 5? I so need inspiration and motivation. But having 5 kids in five years did my body no good.  Would this be too much after 5 years of zero exercise?

This the message I sent to her-

Hey Jul,
It is a bit of a shock to the body when you start. Since I was that way (zero exercise) when I started, 2nd child at 38 and nausea was constant so had to eat carbs the whole pregnancy to calm my stomach and it just made me gain a ton of weight! The 5:30 am is hard, but it is the only time I can get a workout in being a busy working mom and so I still drag myself there. Once I am done I always feel so much better and ready to face the day.  It finally came down to this for me- "You have to do something for yourself, your health, your peace of mind and being busy is never going to stop so-if not this then what?"

Do what is best for you.

This is the final message I got from her tonight-

Yep, I'm in.   I'll email her tomorrow to signup.  I talked another friend into too so she'll sign up too!

Whoo-hoo! If they can do it. You can too!


Sharing Blogs and a Hug Moment

I eat my lunch at my desk - not the best place to eat, but my day can be busy and most days I can't leave my office because of the work schedule, deadlines and bids that are due. So, most days I am at my desk and I get a chance to play catch up with reading other blogs.

Today I got a chance to read Maria's Blog - it is a fairly new blog for me and I am not even sure if Mer has had the chance to look it over. I have had a chance to get to know other blogs from other bloggers and am liking the links they give, so it gives me a chance to look at what many others are doing, while at the same time still stay up with the ones that I continue to enjoy. Well, today - today there was an announcement - an Easter Giveaway. Now, I will give you the link to the giveaway, but I am so hoping I win because that picture of Roco on the front cover is just so yummy!!!! Wow - can't believe that is him - if I follow his diet does that mean I will look that good - I mean, for a girl, that is - LOL- so, if you don't want the book, because you want to give me the chance to win - then atleast go to Maria's Blog and check out what she has to offer. You never know what you might read.

Here is the link to the Giveaway -

And here is her direct link to her blog -

Oh - and the rest of my week has been semi good - the best part was a hug - yes, a hug - from the Water Guy (and yes he does have a name) If you read my post way back when about how important water is - well, here is the refresher - I know that some might think it is crazy that I have this big crush on the water guy, but I so do and to get a hug from him yesterday was spectacular - all because I went to "bat" for him about the invoice issue (that is still ongoing). Don't forget - water is so important - good looking delivery guy or not - giggle giggle giggle.....

Staying MOtivated MO

Monday, April 18, 2011

Body for Life- 6 Meals Daily!

I picked up the Body for Life book at the public library sale for $3.00 and I have had it on my shelf for sometime. I had talked to my sister, the personal trainer, about it. She told me that it will work, but it takes a commitment.  It is a 12 week commitment to  be exact and it was one of those things where I was always too busy to get started, but now I realize that I am always going to be busy. And you know what else I realized is that busy people get things done.  It was time to get this thing started and get to the healthy strong body and mind that I want. 
So, the plan is quite simple- you eat 6 meals throughout the day and they have to have a protein and a carb. Two of the meals need to have a serving of vegetables or fruit. Water is essential to this and drinking 10 cups is good.  The meals are the size of your fist since that is how big your stomach should be.

Here is my intake for today-
Meal #1- 2 egg whites, 1 whole egg scrambled on wheat toast, coffee, water
Meal #2- Oatmeal w/ pecan nuts, water
Meal #3- Tuna and white bean salad with broccoli and spinach, water
Meal #4- Cottage Cheese & plain greek nonfat yogurt w splenda and frozen blueberries, water
Meal #5- Soup with Turkey meatballs, broccoli and pasta, water
Meal #6- Protein drink- Chocolate flavored with strawberries, water

My son's preschool had an Easter egg hunt so he offered a jelly bean so I took only one and then he also offered a dark chocolate easter egg. I ate that too. Then, after dinner my family shared a chocolate eclair and I choose to not partake in that one.  I was very proud of myself for not having even one bite. I overheard my daughter say that "the eclair was ok." I was not interested in something that was ok. So proud of myself that I did not fall into that food trap.
There are only certain foods on the list so it can be a little limiting and they recommend their protein shakes for the snack meals. I have a protein drink that I like so I use it instead. I like that the 7th day you get to eat whatever you want. I really like that! It means that you don't deprive yourself, which when changing a habit this can be a good thing. 
I have to go to bed. My eyes are closing as I type this last part.

I'm Here - just having a "busy" moment...

Can you say Busy....we all have it from time to time, but sometimes I wonder - what if the world would stop spinning - would I stop with it????

Friday night - Cub Scout Bridging ceremony (where the Scouts move from one rank to the next) - a few late nights perparing for that and about 100 people came for the presentation - it all went well, but the whole time I was sort of wishing that I had been able to drop another 10 pounds before this event. Sigh....I will get there.

Then pack for Lake Tahoe - Satruday Morning was 5 hours of Day Camp Preparation - Tahoe bound by 3 pm - swimming (yes, the pool was warm), snow tubing, snowball fights....maybe lack of sleep, the fact that I want to be thinner, that the cost was just too much to have Aman go skiing or the fact that I felt like I can't be myself around some of my family made the rest of the weekend hard...sigh....

Sunday Drive home - heading down the hill just after 8 pm the rain was coming down hard - I was grateful there wasn't snow, but then again when you mix Rain with Fog with an 18 Wheeler next to you at 50 miles per hour and the roads really don't have good marks on it because they have been beaten up from the heavy winter of snow tire chains, well, let's just say this.....that 50 miles per hour dropped to 35, sometimes 40 mph and that 2 hour drive ran into 3 hours and I really should have left Tahoe earlier.....did a few Hail Mary's on my drive home.

The rest of this week is filled with more family dinners (sister does not leave until Thursday), cousin sleepover at my house one night, - oh, and we still have to finish that 4th Grade Mission project ......and still trying to fit my daily job into that (LOl)...yep - busy it the word.

Didn't hit my 25 pound lost mark - but I am down another 1 pound - and still doing good. Just wishing for a few more hours of sleep or time in my day to clean my house, work on my IN BOX and get a moment to just say....ahhhhhh - So, if I don't get a chance to comment, have a funny thing to say to you, cheer you on because you dropped another 2 pounds (CONGRATS MER), then just know that I am near by and will catch up with all of you soon.

Staying MOtivated

New Plan- Body for Life

I want to get off this plateau so I have done some research while I was on Spring Break and decided to do this new plan. It is an 84 day/12 week challenge. The plan comes from the book: Body for Life by Bill Phillps. I am excited to get started and I am hopeful that it will work for me. It took a long time to decide and a long time to plan. I made my snacks and lunches for the next few days. I sat down and did the goals and  workout plan too. It is late so I need to get to bed so that I can get up to do this workout I have planned. 

I am still working through the 100 days of Weight Loss, but life has gotten BUSY so I just have not had the time to finish my posts on the book.  There is only 6 weeks left of school so I have to still make time to take care of myself, but time is going to be my biggest enemy. I am committed to my plan and I will do it.

Btw, I am down 2 pounds this week! This new plan is just what I need. 

What is your plan this week?


Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 66- Don't Even Start

From 100 Days of Weight Loss (Spangle)-

- Create on working a self-talk plan
- Create a variety of phrases that you can say to yourself again and again to strengthen your resistance.

You may notice that my plan is to put my own self-talk on the end of every blog post.  It is what I say to myself all the time because the other inside voices fight against it. I know it is years of low self-esteem. Years of messages that said that I was not good enough, not smart enough, not happy enough and so on, but since starting this blog and making myself write that self-talk has started as Mo would say change that "brain wave" I am making the pathway to my neurons of good self-talk stronger everyday and the other ones less.  The more I say it to myself the more I believe it. The more I write when when I comment on someone else's post the more I believe it.  I want my reader to believe it everytime they read it too.  In my head it is a win-win for me and anyone else who reads it.

Here are some other self-talk that Spangle suggests-

Don't even start!
Don't even go there!
Stay on top of your plan!
Hold your goals up high!
Live above the crowd!

Ok, the teacher in me is going to come out here-

Your homework assignment is to leave me a comment telling me-

What is your self-talk? It is ok if it the same as mine, but I am also hoping to borrow a few new ones. Thanks in advance!
Here is mine that I know so well-


Have a fabulous Friday!

Day 65- Stimulus Narrowing

From 100 Days of Weight Loss (Spangle)-

What is stimulus narrowing?

"...completely eliminates the possibility of changing your mind. Think about some of the food cues you typically encounter during your day. As you face each one of them immediately decide that you will not eat and then, stick with your decision."
As you "...gain strength against unplanned eating you'll decrease the mental anguish of fighting to maintain control."

I am going to try this and then report what happens.  I hope you will do the same.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 64- Instant Tools for Triggers

From 100 Days of Weight Loss (Spangle)-

Instead of giving in to a bad day and starting to fall into that eating habit have some instant tools ready for battle-

Spangle suggests-
  • Brush your teeth
  • To block sweet or salty- suck on a lemon or dill pickle
  • To block spicy or garlicy- gum or mint
  • Have a fire escape plan- go for a walk, go home, leave the room, go to bed
For me I always have some sugar-free mints in my purse, at my desk at work and in my car to stop instantly the food sensation that was triggering me to continuously eat. 

What instant tools do you have in your toolbox?


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 63- Buffers

From 100 Days of Weight Loss (Spangle)-

Here are my fragmented notes from this reading-

  • Buffers protect you from slipping into eating. 
  • Make a purposeful connecting with no food.
  • Don't tempt yourself by buying snacks and sweets
  • Don't leave those tempting foods out in front of you.
  • Ask others not to eat in front of you
When I think about my own buffers I have to make sure that my family puts the snack foods away and put a clip on it. If it is easy for me to just stick my hand in the bag when I open the pantry I will take a handful or two and eat it.  Another buffer that I have to do is to leave the table when my family has dessert. Once I asked my husband to put something away and he said to me  "just have willpower not to eat it", but it is because he just doesn't get it.  The last buffer that I have to do for myself is to make the connection with others and have no food involved. For example is the break room: the ladies in the office will sit and eat a snack while reconnecting.   I had a tendency to eat because others were eating even though I am not hungry. I just wanted the feeling of belonging and reconnecting.  I have found if I make myself a cup of green tea and sit to talk with them that I don't need to eat anything.
What are your buffers?

The impact of a comment!

....that is how I feel at the moment. There is a time and a place, good friends can tell you things from their gut, and immediate family do venture in the "no comment" zone from time to time, but when you hear a comment directly to your face from a stranger - a complete stranger -  oh, the hurt - the pain....wondering why they just could not have kept it inside their head. Why did they have to say it outloud?

I am sure some of you might have read it in the paper, seen it on the websites or what not and I knew the blog world would be a buzz with it this morning. So, here is my two cents on the matter - take it or leave it - just my thoughts. Watching Good Morning American this morning I listened to this....

The story about the die-hard fan of the American Idol show. She finally got tickets to see a performance. She was so excited about going, went last week with a group of friends, got there early enough to sit in the front row. But, alas, it was not meant to be. Yes, they were informed that part of her group would have to sit in different rows, but what she said happened next just floored me. She was told she was too "big" to sit in the front row. Not just one person said something outloud, but in her recounting the story on GMA this morning, she said that Two people said something.

Now, I am a big person, bigger then I have been in years (well, actually getting smaller by the day - woo hoo) - but I have never experienced some of the things that overweight people may have experienced. Maybe I do my best to avoid situations where someone might say something and fear flying for the sure fact that I might have to purchase a second seat (has never happened, but my nerves get into a ball just putting on that seatbelt). How do you react to a comment from a stranger? How in the world can you not keep your comment to yourself? What made that usher say what he said for all to hear?

It took great courage for this girl to go on GMA this morning. I don't really think she is that heavy or big for those comments to be valid, but this is a TV show and they want to have the right "fit" for the cameras. Heck, I can understand the one color shirts that Oprah requests of her guests, but to move someone to another row, away from the camera or to avoid the "spotlight" is unacceptable. I can't stand the way the media has to conform to the latest and greatest survey says about what "TV Land" wants to see on the screen.

I wonder what people are thinking about me when I am walking down the street or weeding my garden with the shirt riding up my back as I stoop down, if my haircut is not attractive, is my nose too big for my face...just wondering.....and glad that they keep their comments inside their heads.....sigh....

The next time you decide to make a comment OUTLOUD for all to hear, please take a moment, think what impact that might have on that person !! Thanks for reading.........enjoy the rest of your day!!

Staying MOtivated

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yes I can, Yes I can........

I have decided that I want to break the 25 pound gone mark this week. I almost did it this weekend, but Sunday night proved to be a challenge for me. Did a little bit of snacking, but caught myself in time before the flood gates opened up.

Thinking of all those other bloggers out there, especially McGee of Chubby McGee's Blog, if she can do it with two little ones running around, climbing and doing what little boys do on any given day, while at the same time doing her many miles of walking to a DVD exercise tape, then I can do it. I thought about that this morning and yesterday all comfy in my bed. I have been going to bed late and not having much motivation to get up. But, after I do get up I am so glad that I did. Well, yesterday and today was one of those challenges - and it occured to me, if all these other people out in Blog Losing Weight Land or 24 Fitness Land or Walking Type of Morning Land can get up and do it, why can't I? I can train my brain to do this.

Felt so good to hit that punching bag - did 30 minutes both days. When I was tired of punching I jogged around the car - yes, it fits in the garage just the right way and there is plenty of room to jog - did 10 to 20 laps around and then back to the punching. Working my arms, my legs - and boy - did my legs hurt this morning. I could feel the burn. I said to myself - if those Biggest Losers can do it with Jillian or Bob yelling at them, then I can do it too - fight thru the pain - it is all good - I am doing good - I can do this!! I can feel the muscles in my back today. They feel good, tight and wow - is that what that feels like - my body is making changes - I can't wait to see and feel the other changes - this is it for me - no turning back - I am doing it!!

It is also funny that on any given work day I will be sitting at my desk all day wanting to be home exercising. Then I get home and I don't have time and/or I always find something else to do. Not last night - I made the time to do some of my Balance Ball exercises - I didn't go overboard because it was late and I didn't want to get all worked up if I was going to head to bed soon after that. But, just about 20 minutes of stretching and some good Balance Ball Crunches made me feel so much better - all while I watched TV - wow - what a concept - doing it - feeling it - making a difference in my life - loving this time in my life!!

Can't wait to see what the scale will say in a few days. Just will keep doing what The Little Engine That Could kept saying, but with a twist 
Yes I Can, Yes I Can......(and MY caboose will be small again -  LOL)

Staying MOtivated

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 62- Non-Food Triggers

From 100 Days of Weight Loss (Spangle)- Non Food Triggers are harder to identify since they could be anything and are very individual. It takes real mental thought to try to get deep in yourself to recognize these cues.
Some of the cues that Spangle mentions are- people, situations, habits, unplanned eating, relief from: pain, illness and fatigue. Spangle also says that sometimes they are subtle and hidden that you don't know it until you are already eating something that is not on your plan and you have already gotten through half the bag. 
For me this was hard work because I felt like I was mentally drained by controlling my willpower when I encountered it and was probably over analyzing the situation, but in the end the hard work paid off. I am able to pinpoint the non-food triggers and with that new awareness can tackle my emotional eating issues once and for all. It will not be easy, but now I can identify them and work on finding acceptable ways of dealing with the trigger.
For me my biggest trigger is stress from work. I found myself looking for ways to give myself a "break" from work by going to the break room and looking for food that was on the table. There is always something there to eat- cookies, nuts, candy or left overs from the last meeting. I also found that the stamina that is needed for my work can make me think that I need more fuel, but in reality I was just looking for an excuse to eat more. I was also eating at my desk so that I could get more work done which made it ok to keep eating while working instead of taking that much needed break to recharge my own mental capacity so that I could get something done with quality and efficency. These are habits that I need to change. 
The other big non-food trigger is anxiety of an upcoming meeting or just hoping that the plan to make things work like shuffling children from activity to the next actually works without a hitch. Anxiety to get things done in a timely manner is huge for me whether it is grading papers, important communcation that needs to get out to teachers or principals or even something as simple as getting dinner out. It makes me nervous, restless and makes me want to chew on something usually this is where my cravings for crunchy, salty-sweet comes in and I reach for salty nuts or sweet candies or both!
Spangle says that emotions are also a non-food triggers. Here is a list for your reference- depression, boredom, stress, anger, and lonliness.  I have eaten for all those emotional reasons.  It has to be that hardest thing to break since food becomes the temporary fix for me. It took a lot of observing my own behavior to find the non-food triggers, but is so worth the analysizing because of the new awareness I feel like I know my habits and cues so that I can make the adjustments that I need to make. This is where my I break that yo-yo weight loss and gain to break through to the new habits in this healthy lifestyle change. 
What are your non-food triggers?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 61- My Food Triggers

I found my 100 days of Weight Loss book by Linda Spangle at the beginning of this week. I was inspired by Alan at Pounds Off Playoff to do my own quasi scientific observation of my own behavior and habits. Thank goodness for technology so that I could take notes on my cellphone everytime I thought about food. Since this week's readings have to do with triggers I made a consious choice to note everytime I thought about food and what triggered it.  Just so you know a food trigger according to Spangle are cues, or triggers are signals and thoughts that prompt you to eat when you were not planning on it. 
I won't bore you with all of my observations, but here are the highlights-

  • Sight- I have a "sweet" radar and when I see chocolates or any sweets I gravitate towards them and can't resist. I was judging at a science fair this week and the Dove chocolates were offered. I couldn't say, "No." My sight is keen when it comes to food- I look for texture, color and quality. Big problem when you live with a foodie and he teaches you what to look for when it comes to good food.
  • Smells- I love the smell of good foods- fresh baked cookies, grilled onions, and etc. One observation I made was that I love the smell of crunchy, hot popcorn so when someone pops some at the office I have to get up and find it. I could not believe that I actually got up out of my office chair and went looking for the popcorn. I did not eat it, but still I went looking for it!
  • Taste of foods- once I started eating these two foods I could not stop. I had to remove myself from the table or remove it from my reach- tortilla chips and trail mix are the foods that I had a hard time avoiding.
  • Eating because this is what we do when we eat- Example: pizza night- habitual eating of pizza and chicken wings I ate because it is what I have always done with my family. It is more of a social thing that I do. Mindless eating while chatting and visiting with family and friends. Instead of making a plan and sticking to my plan. 
Taking the time to beware of mine will help me get off this plateau and will help with future eating situations.  By giving in to the trigger I was giving food power over me. I was being mindless and not aware. Food is for fuel not for comfort or to take care of any other emotion that I happen to be feeling.  It feels good at first to eat, but then the feeling of goodness doesn't last.  It just takes off the edge.  I now know my triggers well and will do something about it.
What are your food triggers?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Weekend Plans....What are you doing?

Friday - was hoping it was Saturday when I woke up this morning, but nope, it was Friday!! So excited for this weekend - things to do, people to see, getting stuff done for me and getting ready for the next week. No meetings next week, we get to work on Aman's Mission project - have to get it done, soon!! Tick Tick Tick - time is ticking away on that project........ok - getting off track.

We are having a BBQ at work today. It being a meatless Lent kind of day for me I prepared - brought a tuna fish sandwich. I will limit my feast to just adding salad onto my plate. I can do this - staying in control.

Happy Hour tonight - Drinks and appetizers with a friend tonight. First time out on a Friday in about a month - or has it been three weeks? The last time I went out with this friend I went overboard and my body let me know it. Not this time - not again!! I am looking good, feeling good and the outfit I am wearing (going right after work) feels good today. The shirt I am wearing has looked tight on me for a long time and yes, I haven't worn it in over a year and WOW - I feel good in it today. It zips up the front and it isn't tight. Can't believe it!! The arms aren't tight. WOW !! I am doing this. So many things are happening to me and I am loving this time in my life. I can do this - staying in control! Heck, might even get the chance to flirt- wouldn't that be cool (and the icing on the cake to celebrate a week of feeling good)!!

Saturday - tons of errands and driving from one city to the next to pick up, drop off and get things done. Making sure I pack a nice snack and/or good lunch for my outing. I can do this - staying in control!

The rest of the weekend I am home. Going to keep busy with Day Camp preparation. Yes, it is 2 months away, but so much to do. I will not munch, crunch or go over board with my eating. I will stay in control.  Got my Glow Back!! Like Mer Says - Just one more day - you can do it - keep it up!!!



*** Updated - was really proud of myself this weekend - even drove the long way home that does not go past a single fast food joint - was craving a French Fry run on Friday night and I concurred the craving!! ***

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Its all Relative....

My sister is coming to visit. I forgot that she was coming, but I knew she was coming. It hit me last night - they are going to be here next week - what - next week, already. My nephew and niece are coming too, so I am pretty excited about that. We only get to see them about once a year, if that. No brother-in-law this visit...phew. We are going to have a good time - even hoping to do a trip up to Tahoe. I have 5 sisters and one brother, so when the full clan gets together the room is loud and in recent years the laughter is contagious.

I looked over the email with some of the details of their visit I started to feel myself get nervous. If we head up to Tahoe it will be nice, but the kids might go skiing or snow boarding. (Yes, there is still snow in California - even getting another 2 inches this weekend). Aman has only been in the snow to make snowmen and snowballs. What - what do you mean the kids might hit the slopes??  I am not sure about that and I don't want Aman to feel left out. Money hits me, but the biggest thing that hits is the fact that I know that I don't have the confidence to join him on this adventure. There is no way in heck that I will get on skies being the weight I am right now. It is too embarrasing. I would have to find a good jacket and ski pants. No way, no how am I going to make that purchase for one trip and well, there is no way I will find something that is going to fit me just the right way. That is just one anxiety. With that thought comes another thought - look at what I am going to miss out on. Why did I wait so long to lose this weight? If I was smaller I would have more confidence. I could do this with him, but I can't - yes, my brain waves are hitting me hard right now. I can watch from the sidelines, but the thought of that hurts. I remember the first time I went skiing - it was too funny - got stuck on the chair lift and they had to help me off. Then my little sis and I had gotten the bottom of our skies wet and they froze on the way up to the top of the mountain. We had to lay down in the snow and wait for our Dad to scrap off the ice. We had a great time as a family on this experience. I want to experience that (maybe not the stuck on the chair lift thing), but I want to be with him on the slopes. Oh - why am I thinking too hard for - the snow is cold, it is hard to ski, maybe Aman won't like it. Oh - what am I saying - he will like it....just thinking - no worries - just thinking.....not beating myself up about the fact that I am not the size I want to be to join him on the slopes, just a bit sad that I have allowed myself to get to be this size and glad that I am on a journey to change that factor. I will get on those slopes one day - you never know - might be next year!!! And the Aman and I can have fun - I am changing my life for the better and there are so many new adventures to be tackled with my son - so excited for what my future has in store for me.

Then there is this - the fact that my size 6 sister is coming to visit. You see, she has always been small. Tiny - Skinny - Can eat whatever she wants kind of figure kind of gal. I hate that. My mom had 6 of us - what the heck - how come a few of us are the size we are and the other 4 just seem to have it easy and never have gone past a size 10 pant size. What the heck?! I have always had an anxiety of seeing my sister. I have lost some weight, but do you ever get the feeling that you wished you had prepared better, that you had more time, that you could have tried harder and that you are kicking yourself that you are not at the size you want to be for this visit from a relative - yep, that is how I feel.

However - no matter what - sister visit or not - I am going to move forward!! Continue this journey - I will be thinner the next time she comes - maybe this visit she will see the "new" (old) me. I am on the right track and that my sister is not going to control how I feel - now or in the future!! I am looking good, I feel good, I have the spark back in my life. Yes, I have waited too long for this time in my life, but I WILL NOT kick myself for what could have been. Embrassing me - going to keep losing the weight - getting stronger - lighter - thinner - sexier - me again - the me that is fun, confident, expressive and so full of life!!

No matter what happens next week I will handle it well. The anxiety of the visit and snow trip will go by the wayside. I will get through this - I know I will - no worries. Thanks for letting me share.

Staying MOtivated

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mo's Home Gym

I am so excited to finally get a moment to share with you my Home Gym options. I sort of wish I could go to a real gym (check out the good looking guys, too) and maybe even get a personal trainer - someone like Bob Harper or Jillian Michaels yelling in my face and making sure I am working as hard as I can - but there just is never time for that. I have tried to join the gym and my work does help pay for the cost, heck, I even went to one for about 4 months a few years back, but my daily schedule just does not give me the time I want to actually make it to a "real" gym.
With that in mind, I have had to find other resources to make sure I am getting in my daily exercises. In recent weeks I have had a good giggle about all the options I do have at home and how many of them I have had in my house for years. I sort of have my own Mo's Gym right in the comfort of my own home....come take the tour..........

There is the new addition to my Home Gym - the Punching Bag
(glad that I got it for free and well, if they ever want it back - its just not going to happen - great stress release for me)

Then I was pleased to have the opportunity to purchase a Pilates Reformer Board from Mer's sister. From time to time I do make it down to her Pilates Studio and she uses a bigger board then this on my visits. Having this smaller one at home is giving me the opportunity to do my Pilates and stretch on a more regular basis. Yes, it is in the garage for the moment, but I can move it easier in the garage and the space is great when I move the car out of the way.

I talked about the Big Blue Balance Ball a few weeks ago - good way to keep yourself moving even if you

are watching TV - good stretches, build up balance and so much more....

And then there is the medicine ball that somehow ended up at my house - not sure how - but when you have a son that goes from Mom to Dad's on any given weekend, sometimes things just appear. I recently watched an A&E show - "Heavy" - and saw a lady working out with this type of exercise equipment - so I did a little research - make sure you bend your knees - take your time. I am not a huge fan of the heavyness and can't do more then say about 20 throws up in the air at this point, but just a little bit at a time - right - heck, free exercise equipment - can't beat it!! Going to learn more in the months to come....

 These hand weights have been with me for years...........I have a One Pound black pair, but can't locate them at the moment. That is fine - 3 pounds & 5 pounds is better. I use these to walk with or when I just don't feel like being too active I let my arms get a workout with the over the shoulder lifts, side arm lifts and even walking in place and using these in my hands to give me an extra added boost. Every little bit works and gets me moving even if it is not moving that much.

I received this Kettle Bell from the same friend that let me borrow the punching bag - this she can have back - as I did return it to her this past Sunday. But, a simple Kettle Bell exercise is good for the arms, legs and your whole body - I did do this a few times and might even get one in the future, but for now this exercise "gym" equipment has gone. However, please notice the 20 on this Kettle Bell - it is just 2 pounds lighter then what I have lost so far (22 pounds) and boy when I lifted this the other day to take the picture I realized that I used to carry that extra weight. It is heavy - in fact very heavy - so glad that I have shed this much and can't wait to keep shedding more....

This next piece of equipment I actually paid for - well, a Target Gift Card paid for - it was just about $9.00. Another good form of Cardio - Jumping Rope - heart pumping!! I haven't done the jump rope thing since Elementary School - you never know, might be just the ticket to get me back to my 6th grade weight (ok - I can wish, can't I) 

Then there is the resistance bands and DVD that I have - can you believe it - I can't remember where I got these and can't even locate the 2 other bands for this three set collection. Think that my son got hold of them and they are somewhere in his toy pile. For now I have been putting this Red Resistance Band to work. I have viewed the DVD about 2 times, but it is quite boring and moves too slow for me - but it is good to be versed in what you are exercising with - like they say, don't try this at home - so back to viewing the DVD when I need that refresher lesson. Stretch, bend, stretch....

Proform I Series 800 Elliptical Then I have an Elliptical - bought this one for myself 2 years ago - have worked with it from time to time and no, it is not a clothes hanger, or collects too much dust - but for the moment it is behind most of my Day Camp box organization in the spare bedroom and I am not using it. I am loving all my other new and exciting exercise equipment options, this little bit of "Gym" will get used again, but for now let's explore the rest of my options.......

As a side note, I am having fun with this posting. So many ways for me to lose weight and in the comfort of my own home.... 

 Years ago when McDonald's - yes, the fast food place with Ronald....when they there offering new salads and healthly choices they had a set of simple DVD's that they gave out with these new heathly meals. I got these from another friend (nice to have friends). I can't locate the Yoga one, but 4 years ago when I lost my last large amount of weight I really liked the Cardio and the instructor is animated, so not too annoying...moving on - Walk Away the Pounds - Groovin with Richard Simmons (too funny that I have this) - and Fat Burning Work Outs. I have to admit - Richard has not gotten a lot of TV time in this house and the Fat Burning Tape - not sure it has ever made it into the machine. I have done the Walk several times and actually can't locate the tape at the moment - on the hunt for that. You have to change up your routine from time to time - shock the body and give yourself a chance to have variety.

 And then if there is ever the need to really go to a gym I can just hop in the car and drive about 10 minutes down the road to my sisters home gym - they have a treadmill, a rowing machine and a Bowflex....Classic Home Gym          wow- the possibilities are endless.

What do you have in your Home Gym?

Monday, April 4, 2011

The 7 Adjustments for my self-esteem

This list comes from Scott Catamas and is more about how to deal with disharmony in a relationship, but when I read this I thought about the disharmony within myself. Over the weekend I read A New Dawn for Me and her entry on "Self-Esteem, and a pile of old coats" it made me think about what I am doing to love myself and what am I doing to improve how I see myself? This is where this list comes in when I read it my first thought was- this is a great list for me and how I talk to myself.
The 7 Adjustments-
1. Willingness to change instead of blame- I have a tendency to blame myself first for every mistake that I make, but now I am not so hard on myself. I am willing to change my old bad eating and exercise habits. 
2. Compassion instead of judgement- I tend to be pretty harsh and judgmental with myself instead of compassionate. I know my struggles and my story. I need to be kinder to my own heart.
3. Reassurance instead of shame- I use to be ashamed of my body because I did not like what I saw in the mirror. Now, I try to reassure myself that I am aging gracefully and I remind myself that having two babies does change your body along with that darn gravity. 
4. Appreciation instead of criticism- In my own self-talk there is a lot of criticism that no one ever hears and I need to be more appreciative of myself and give myself credit where credit is due.
5. Understand instead of blame- I need to be more understanding instead of blaming myself for things that I can't control. I am a busy working mom and there are days that I just can't get everything done.
6. Acceptance instead of guilt- I am getting better at accepting who I am and what I have done in the past. I accept that it is time to learn from mistakes and move forward to a better me. 
7. Curiosity instead of making wrong- my willingness to be curious, to question and to come up with alternatives instead of focusing on wrong doings.
I copied these down on to an index card and I plan to keep it handy so that when I am feeling out of sorts with myself  I can look at this list and heal the conflict within myself and build self-esteem by trusting myself, and my choices.

Hop Into Spring!!! upon us and with that comes the opportunity to get out of the house - wonder from the walls of the gym and see what Mother Nature has to offer you in the way of exercise. Find new places to explore - go enjoy the weather - forget the coats at home - get some sun and a little bit of color (watch out - make sure you have your sunscreen on). From time to time we have to change things up - make sure you are doing  a workout that you enjoy - here are some fine tips from my latest Biggest Loser email in what you can do to get the Spring back in your Step....

Wander......outdoors, wade in a stream, climb a mountain, walk around a lake or along the boardwalk. Let yourself go without a watch. Enjoy the walk for the walk's sake and make the location and the experience the only reasons you need to put one foot in front of the other.

...with your kids (or a friend's), fly a kite, throw a ball with the dog, play a round of golf or game of tennis. Coach a little league team. Teach the kids to swim.

Work... the yard--bending, walking, lifting, balancing, carrying, twisting. Sound like the latest aerobics class? Nope, it's just an invigorating session of gardening. But, if you keep it moving, gardening burns as many calories as walking 3 mph!

Staying MOtivated

Saturday, April 2, 2011

One of My Reasons-

Above is one of the reasons I am on this healthy lifestyle journey. She is also one of the reasons why I have not been around this week. I was busy running around getting a big science event ready at work so that I could take an hour off to go and see her perform. She is the best kid a mother could have- beautiful, responsible, kind, creative, smart and determined. Now that she is 13 I realize that life goes way too fast and I want to be around for a really long time so I can continue to be a part of her life.  So I strive to be a good role model and citizen, a mindful parent, and someone who encourages everyone to do their personal best.
It is finally Saturday and my weekend is just as busy with my own events! I have a benefit dinner with my husband to attend while arranging for kids to go to the SJ Earthquakes soccer game with their grandparents since my daughter's team are the ball girls tonight. Tomorrow is busy with Pilates and ukulele festival where I am performing with Kapalakiko Hawaiian Workshop Band  (really I am not that good, but when you play with a big group you can hide really well!) 
The exercising, and eating are coming along. It helps to keep busy since I eat when I am bored and stressed out.  It also helps to measure out 2 healthy snacks in the morning so I have something as I run around. I also bought a bag of spinach that I keep in the refrigerator to make sure I have a salad a day, but I also throw some into my scrambled eggs, soup, pasta, or couscous. Now, we have the fruit bowl on the counter and that helps to have the healthy food out in site because I will go to it first instead of trying to find something in the pantry. I also drink at least 1 cup of green tea with lemon or plain to relax in the evening so that I am not tempted to have a glass of wine, beer or more food. Lately I have been hungry after dinner and drinking tea has been a good alternative. To stop the emotional food cravings it has helped to brush my teeth or if I am out and about I munch on a sugar-free mint. The biggest thing is being more mindful of what I am putting in my body, what I am doing with my body, really identifying how I am feeling and doing something to deal with that emotion instead of drowning it with food.  
I have been also been busy reading a friend's blog, Julie who I have known since middle school. She is doing the Paleo diet. I think she is amazing because she is a single mom with 3 teenage daughters and holds it all together with such grace. You can check out her blog here- How's that been working for you?  I love her recipe suggestions and the pictures make the food look pretty good.  I am not thinking about going on the Paleo diet, but I like a little variety in my diet so it is good to have other resources to check out to see what is out there.  
I also have a friend who is injured right now, but inspired me to make my vision board. She also is learning to push her body to be the best and has learn to enjoy running.  I want to be like Katy some day and be able to run a 5K. Her blog is Run it Out, Kate! She entered a contest so please help her out and vote for her here- Fitness Magazine Photo Contest.
Oh and btw, I have misplaced my 100 days of weight loss. OOPS! So as soon as I find it I will post all days that I have missed. 
Have a great weekend! 


Friday, April 1, 2011

Come on April........

Well, its official - no April Fools here - the complete truth and nothing but the truth - I am still at the same weight I was at at the beginning of March. Now for others this would be a let down, a fork in the road or just what the heck happened - but I am not going to look at it that way. I am excited that I didn't gain any weight, that I was able to "maintain" the 22 pounds lost, that I did make an effort this month and that I am ready to take on the next month and the next and the next. I wish I had done measurements, but not going to dictate what the tape would have told me - I know I am doing good!! This is the most weight I have lost in over 7 years - or as it been longer then that - wow - crazy! What was I waiting for? Glad that I am making great progress this time and not letting anything get in my way - even that scale!! The workouts are going great, the meals - well, I have had a few moments here and there. I feel good, I am down 2 pant sizes, I like how I look (certain days), but there is so much more for me to do and to gain in this journey - no wait, I mean Lose!!!!

Ready - Set - Time to get back to the complete plan - keep going with the plan - kick it up a notch when I can - not discouraged - not frustrated - it is working for me at the moment - just have to make sure I stick stick stick to it this month  - Writing it down - keeping me on track - that's the plan.....
  • 20 minutes x 6 - 20 minutes of exercise a day, 6 days a week - let's just try it for March and see what happens. Heck, if it is 30 minutes then that is great!
  • Plan my dinner meals for the week each Sunday.
  • Continue to pack my lunch everyday for work
  • Water, water, water - nourish the body and it will nourish you!
  • Portion control
  • No Seconds!!!
  • No fast food (90 days and counting)
  • No soda
  • Limit the "treats" to once a week - maybe just once a month - yep, that's the ticket - what the heck, make it a healthy treat - a walk in the park, a movie, send a "thinking about you" note to a friend, find a moment for you rather then a moment with food!
Ready - Set - Keep Going - You can do it - I can do it - We can all do it!!!!!!! Here's to smashing the next 22 pounds...................GO GO GO GO GO GO GO!!!!!!!!

Staying MOtivated