Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mo's Vision Board


I finally did it - I took the time on Monday night to make a Vision Board. I am so glad that I did and proud that I took the time for me on Monday. Yes, there is the Mommy tasks to do - check homework, make dinner, but recently we stopped the TV watching and we actually have more time in the evening to do things - together and on our own. While I was working on my vision board we even squizzed in a game of Sorry Sliders...too cool!!! So - I did up two small vision boards. Armed with a recent newspaper article about fitness & trainers I started one board with the words "YOU CAN DO IT" at the top!! I then just flipped through more of the paper, a recent People magazine and even the Sunday Coupon section (never thought I would find inspiration in coupons, but love some of the words that I found). Just a few simple words, pictures and sayings can help you reach those goals, give you the drive and make you feel good  - words like - "SUPER",  - "HOORAY YOU" -  "SHAPE" -  "BEST DRESSED" -  "BREAKING FREE"  - "GEAR UP" and a favorite - "NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT". (I will post a picture soon). One board is now my screen saver on my phone (thanks Mer for the inspiration) and is also on my refrigerator. The next one is on my bedroom mirror for every morning and evening viewing. They are giving me motivation this week. I know they will keep me motivated with my new lifestyle!! Staying Strong and Inspired!!!

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Mer and Mo said...

Way to go MO! I love that you have 2 vision boards in 2 strategic places. It is so funny that you found words on coupons. I never thought of looking there! I am finding that envisioning what we want for ourselves is going to be so important to the changes and challenges that we are facing and will face on this lifestyle change. Stay strong! And thanks again for the wonderful inspiration!