Thursday, April 26, 2012

What you will Gain?

I just heard a commercial on the TV - it is on the background as I work on my computer (I am the kind of person that needs people talking in the room, the TV does it - then I don't really feel alone - LOL) -

okay - back to the commercial -

It was for the cereal Special K - I love this cereal - has the right crunch, better then getting Corn Flakes, and much more healthier then having Frosted Flakes,, but have not had any in years -

The commercial was talking about how more people lose weight when they have a morning meal - breakfast. Then at the end I hear the announcer say - a Closet that is like a Candy Store - made me think - that is true - turning to your new closet of smaller sized clothes...the possibilities are endless...

Then the words "what would you gain when you lose"

Makes me think of all the things that I will gain as I continue on the weight loss path -

I will gain more confidence
I will gain a better looking me
I will gain a wonderful new body
I will gain a new wardrope (being tired of the one that I have had for years)
I will gain a mile long smile each and everyday
I will gain more energy
I will gain the desire to do more, move  more and be more active

So many good things to gain while I am losing. What will you gain when you lose the weight?

MOtivated MO

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mind over Matter

That is what I figured out this morning. It is just my mind that is controlling me, but I just need to remember to keep in perspective what really matters the most!!! Mind over Matter!!

What matters the  most is making myself healthy. What matters most is losing the weight. What matters most is being around for my son in the years to come. What matters most is making sure I am around to enjoy life to the fullest.

Don't let my mind win over what matters the most!!!! I will not let my mind tell me that exercise can be done later, I will not let my mind tell me that eating that piece of pie will be delicious, I will not let my mind tell me that skipping out on 8 full glasses of water a day is not good for me - I am going to do what matters the most - making myself do all the right things!!!! NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!

Horoscope for today (Love to see when they make sense for me on certain days)

"You often take on so much that you feel overwhelmed by your life. 
Arrange things so that you can win. 
However small a victory may be, it proves somethings: 
You're a winner. If you can win small you can win big"

It was a great way to begin my day and I had a good giggle when my son cut it out and handed it to me before we walked out the door today (kids know you so well)!

Took in a good 3 mile walk this morning, too.

Mind over Matter.

Let the what Matters the most be the winner, and eventually your mind will not be so full of negative thoughts!!

MOtivated Mo

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sleeping, but time to WAKE UP

There is so much to talk about, that I really don't know where to start. I have all this stuff in my head and I just need to get it out. So, I will apologize right now - hoping not to get off topic too much, but want to share so much. Hoping you can keep up and totally understand that this lady is just itching to get so much out!!! If I don't, then I am going to explode.

For those of you that are new to this blog, I am MO - of the Mer and Mo aspect. Two good friends, doing our best to lose weight. Mo has more to lose, but both of us have so much to gain - the confidence, the good feelings of fitting into those "too small for us" clothes and taking on new exercise challenges. So much that we both want to accomplish. Mo, however, is struggling. Yes, that is the worst word to type right now.  It took me a moment, but I am at a huge turning point and I am hoping that I can have a post next week that will be more confident. So - a little bit more about me - for those that need to catch up - Mo - Single Mom, busy with an 11 year old, live in the Northern California area (most of my life), have a wonderful house, wonderful extended family, friends, love to be involved with Scouting, non-dating scene (wishing for even those worst dates), and recently unemployed. There are some positives in that description and some negatives - especially that last word - unemployed. The economy caught up with my construction job, and well, it has been two months without work.

Yes, I am struggling (or what I want to call it - Sleeping my way through life right now). I wish I was not, but I am. Before losing my job I was struggling to get back on track with my weight loss, and since that date things have just sort of gone down hill. I have not been as dedicated to this weight loss journey as I should be. Back in 2011 I lost a good 40 pounds and since last June (yes, last June) I have been up, down, down, and up again - I have been up for many months now. As of today's weigh my weight loss has changed from being down 40 pounds to being only down 24. Wow - that is awful. I get going with the walking and then stop again. I get going with a workout tape and then stop again. I tell myself each morning that this is a new day, but then by the end of the day I am snacking into the late evening. Even with being unemployed I am hitting the fast food joints. I find myself drinking more soda when I am out and about. I set the alarm for 5 am and it goes off, I wake up and then just shut it off (and the sad part is I have to get out of bed - really get out of bed - to actually shut it off), but then I go right back to bed. I hear my self talk just tell me "you can exercise later", "you can do it after you take Aman to school", "it will be okay, you will get to the exercise later today" - then later today happens and then I have not done what I need to do.

I was thinking about it - I am not struggling, I am just asleep at the wheel in this weight loss process. Maybe if I dream just in the right way the weight will come off, right? Wishful thinking!! Where is that wake up call? When will the next wake up call actually get me to stay awake and get back on track 100% and lose the weight I need to lose, then I will want to keep losing weight and then my need and want will turn into my everyday life - it won't be a struggle, it won't be a hard process???

Here are some wake up calls I have experienced in the last few weeks:

Wake up call #1 - You know you need to do something about your late night eating when you go to the dentist and they have to give you 6 numbing shots to give you a deep cleaning. You then have to go back a week later for your actual polish and they tell you that you have to come back for the next year every three months, rather then every 6 months. (the worst - I will never do that again, floss, floss, floss and stop the late night eating!!!)

Wake up call #2 - You look in the trash can and see more fast food bags then in the last year.

Wake up call #3 - Your new favorite smaller size jeans are being worn so much that they need to be replaced, but you can't buy a size smaller because you have not lost any more weight.

and I will say this next Wake Up Call is my final one -

Let me explain - When you live in the United States and are let go from a job, sometimes you get the option of having your health insurance coverage continue - also known as COBRA and pay for it at a very high cost. I am paying well over $550.00 to keep my health insurance Good thing that I was able to get a good tax refund, because that is the only way I am able to afford this high cost of coverage. In the process I am trying to get my own individual coverage, not only to save on cost, but to save on cost (LOL). At the beginning of March I applied for coverage for both me and my son. Waiting, Waiting, Waiting and finally there was something in the mail. My son was approved, which is now saving me over $200.00 of my own portion for his medical coverage through his father's employment insurance. However, the letter was not promising for me.

This was for sure my wake up call!!! I am being told that I can't get insurance because I am too FAT. Yes, I have to write that word - FAT!!! and I have had to say this word over and over in my head and a few times out loud. I have always said things like - "overweight", "big", "heavy", but never the "F" word. It is just so dramatic for me. Yes, the letter does not actually use the "F" word, but they might have well said it.

and I paraphrase:

Height: 5 feet, 6 inches
Weight: 241 pounds

Based on the above figures, your body mass index (BMI) is calculated to be 38.9. Our medical underwriting guidelines preclude coverage under any of our medically underwritten plans to any female applicant with a BMI of 37.9 or greater.

The letter does note 6 other factors. A few because of the most recent medical tests I had for my heart issue that turned out to be nothing. The letter continues to say:

1) consistently maintain her weight at or below 228 pounds for a minimum of 6 months, as documented in medical records

Yes, if I don't have insurance, how in the world can I have it medically documented? I do have the option of trying another company, trying to convince this one company that I really am healthy - but I am just going to move on. I have talked to my rep and well, there are very few options for me, but I am going to exhaust all of them and see what happens. In the process, of course, take this wake up call as a reminder- that losing weight is not a sleeping moment. I have to be wide awake, fully aware and full committed to losing this weight to make myself healthy, happy and a better person for me (and my son)!!!!

This last week has been a hard one for me. Harder then you would think. The phone has not been ringing for interviews I am doing my best to be positive, as much as I can, but when they say that being out of work is hard, they are right. Things to be upbeat about -

1. I am working out each day. Even with me not getting up early, I am still taking in a daily walk, a workout in front of the TV or taking the time to stretch.
2. I finally cleaned up the garage and I can see my punching bag and pilates board again - the workout space is ready to go again.
3. My family and friends are helping me - a friendly phone call, a chat or a walk down the road - they are there to help when I am feeling down.
4. My son "bridged" from the Cub Scout level to the Boy Scout level and this has made Mom very very happy - not only for the time that it took to run a large group of Scouts, but that my son is growing up, helping me out and making me proud everyday!!!!!

Keeping my chin up - oh, and hey - I just got a phone call for a job interview - Woo Hoo - a new day, a new wake up call, life is what you make of it, and I need to make the best of it no matter what comes by way.

More to come later this week. Missing the blogging and missing the support I get from it all. Wishing all of you the best this week !!!!

MOtivated MO

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I will...

I will stop stress from sabotaging my weight management goals.
I will make the time to take control of my health.
I will continue to do strength training twice a week.
I will do 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise at least three days a week.
I will eat three small meals and two to three healthy snacks each day.
I will ask for support when I need it to help me stick to my plan of eating healthy.
I will continue to monitor my progress using my journal.
I will portion my food using this method-
fingertip= 1 teaspoon
thumb= 1 tablespoon
cupped hand= 1/2 cup
fist= 1 cup

I will, I will until....
I get the results that I desire!



Mindless Eater Caught!

Have you ever found yourself popping candy into your mouth without thinking? I caught myself doing this not once, but twice this week! That leftover Easter candy is in the house and usually I throw it away. This year I decided to work on my willpower. So far I have lost twice. Now, I am not going to let those jelly beans or milk chocolate eggs win. Food has no power over me. I make the choice. So I thought about it when I ate those jelly beans and I was busy making dinner when I mindlessly took a handful and started rifling them into my mouth. As soon as I caught myself I stopped, put them back and chewed some gum instead. Then, the second time while we were simulating the functions of the cell in Biology lab and M&M's was being given out as energy. I love peanut M&M's! Again I was challenged and I ate them happily even though I did not need it. So here is my plan to win the mindless eating-
S- stop when I catch myself mindlessly eating
T- think about what I really need
O- observe my emotions. Am I feeling glad, sad, mad or afraid?
P- plan for success. For me, always have gum since I need to chew on things when I am feeling stressed.
So what will you do when you catch yourself mindlessly eating?
Stay strong!
You can do it!
Never give up!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mo's Getting Ready for Summer Challenge

I am getting on-board with this Getting Ready for Summer Challenge.

Have to make this short and sweet - since I am rushing off to here and there and everywhere - still no good news on the job front, so just keeping myself busy with all the other things that need to be done and wishing for more interviews, but for the time being just staying afloat.

Weight Loss - Drop 2 pounds this week. It can be done, because, well, I have not been dedicated in several weeks.

Exercise - Walk each and everyday for at least one mile. Did a 3 mile walk with the neighbor ladies today and yesterday was a last minute walk to my sons school for lunch - 2 miles in less then 40 minutes!! I will be incorporating other exercise routines into the rest of this 8 weeks left on this challenge, but for now going to work on the walking. More to come in the next week.

Nutrition - for this week I am going to work on the 8 glasses of water a day factor. I have really been awful in getting in my water, so now this is my challenge for the week - 8 glasses a day keeps me happy!!

Non-Scale Victories - There is a very knowing thing that you should try to get in 10,000 steps into your day. Take a short walk, park the car further away from the store as you run errands, and so many more ways to get in those 10,000 steps. So, that is my NSV for this week - 10,000 steps each day. I dug out my walking counter and have had it on my belt loop since this morning and already have 5200 steps. Not only is this an NSV, but it will show up on the scale as a plus, too - :)

Unfortunately I am not proud of my weigh in number at the moment - but it is what it is - 248 as of this morning.

I am still here, working on my goals and thanking the ladies with the Getting Ready for Summer Challenge. Looking forward to my next 8 weeks!!!! Wishing everyone a wonderful week!!!!

Lacking a bit of MOtivation MO

Monday, April 9, 2012

Starting the Ready for Summer Challenge

Mer here. Mo and I are starting the Ready for Summer Challenge this week. We figured that we needed a challenge to keep us accountable. I have been having weeks of no motivation or drive. It has been a tiring school year for me, but I refuse to let it be an excuse for not taking better care of myself.
So, here are my goals-
1. To track everything I eat and drink
2. To exercise 4 to 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes
3. To plan my weeks for meals and exercise so I can be successful and live with intention
4. To support others by commenting on blogs
5. Lose 8 to 10 pounds in 8 weeks
Here is my weigh in for this week- 169.2 Good luck everyone!
Looking forward to celebrating your success!
You can do it!
Never give up!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Challenge Sharing???

Well, I survived the mowing of the lawn yesterday and boy, does it look nice. I did not feel the energy to do the weed eater, as just cutting the lawn, raking and sweeping took about 2 hours (I did mention that my lawn mower does not have a bag - so I have to do the bagging myself). Will find time later this week to trim the edges to make it look even nicer. I did tackle weeding that front rock area that I always have trouble with - so that looks nice. Later this week it is trimming down the ever growing rose bush in the backyard - so plenty of outside work to do. Looking forward to more outside activities with the weather changing, still a bit cold, but the sun is shining each day.

I have to and need to be honest, not doing the best that I can be in the weight loss department. I am not tracking my food, but not really over eating. In fact I know that I didn't eat as much yesterday, no desire to cook or make a decent meal. But, the biggest hold back is the exercise. Even if I am on the unemployment trail and seem to have tons of time to do the exercising, I am not putting it into my daily life. Yes, I have started walking again with the neighbor ladies and we are doing a 5K in May, but I really need to be doing a bit more. Not only do and I know I feel better when I exercise, but there are so many good things that come out of getting in a daily workout - like:

  • Better attitude
  • Confidence
  • More energy
  • Looking good
  • Fitting into the smaller size pair of pants
  • Having people notice I am losing weight 
  • and listing all of those all over again, because saying them twice is just so nice !!!
Making the excuse of being busy is not a good one for me right now. I realized yesterday that even getting onto the blog for a few minutes or even 30 minutes a day can help boost my need to be a better person. Seeing even the struggles that others are having or the NSV's, or the new goals that are being met are a good way for me to be reminded why I really wanted to lose weight. Not just for me, but for the shear fact that I NEED to do this and there are so many out there that can help me DO this. I am missing so many of you - Chubby McGee, MicheleAlanDawn and the list can go on and on. Then there are the new ones that I selected to follow some months back and just don't or have not made the time to really get to know them, but do recommend a few that have inspired me lately - like: Jen, and Mrs. Success.....always good to just take a few moments to see what others are doing and get that jump start.

Just like the other day, when Mer called me and she felt like she needed some sort of kick start to get it ALL back in gear. Most of the time I have these great words of wisdom and an awesome pep talk, but I had lost some of my pep. I then thought of reaching out to the Blog World - wondering what some of you are doing this month for a challenge. A walking challenge, sit ups, 30 days of working out, 8 glasses a day makes you feel great...what might you be doing in the Month of April to keep you going with your workout and weight loss goal. Share with us - we would love to hear and if we have the option to join, then we can. Gives us another way to stay on track - being accountable to ourselves and to others. I will look around, but if you have a link for us, then please share.

Wishing you all a most wonderful Tuesday!!!

Staying MOtivated MO

Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday - Monday -

Just getting ready to go tackle the yard - it is supposed to be 70 degrees today - not a cloud in sight - even with the down pour of rain we had for the last few days (we so need it).

Mer and I are still here - just been too busy to blog - and well, we are both truly missing it and need to get back into it - and well, there is no excuses - we just need to be working hard, keeping track and every now and then pop in to say hello. I am hoping to do some blog reading tonight!!! Missing so many of you and missing the support and the encouragement and well, just missing it!!!

Wish me luck on the lawn - this is the backyard (okay, part of it - double it and then do about 1/2 of that for the front yard - wonder if a riding mower might be beneficial - LOL)

but have to tackle the front first - (oh, and there is no bag on the lawn it might be an all day project) - contemplating using a bit of my tax refund on getting me a new lawn mower - okay - I know, I know - this is good exercise.

Have a great a super Monday!!!!

Staying MOtivated MO