Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 83- No more deprivation

My thoughts on 100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle

I was reading about willpower and how it works. Basically, some students were in a room with some warm chocolate chip cookies and were told that they could have as many as they wanted as they worked on some puzzles and another group were in a same situation, but were told that they could not eat the cookies, but had to be in the same room with the chocolate chip cookie smell and had to look at them. During this first round both groups were able to solve the puzzles. Then, during the second round the researchers gave the groups unsolvable puzzles and the cookie eaters were able to give the puzzles a try. The no cookie eaters gave up right away. They gave in because their willpower was exhausted and they were deprived from eating chocolate chip cookies.  Does this mean you have to give in to the chocolate chip cookies? NO! We have to set boundaries and limits around our eating so that we don't hit that spot where our willpower is gone.
Spangle points out that deprivation happens daily and that we all make choices because you would rather have the benefits you get as a result. As a teacher, my school district is facing furlough days and I have had to make the hard decision to deprive myself some things that I benefit from. For example, we have decided to get rid of the housecleaners so that we can teach my children how to clean. This is going to take away some time that I benefitted from, but in the long run it is a good lesson from my children especially my teenager who will be launching into young adulthood in a few short years.
When I deprive myself from the sweets that I love so much it means that I am able to successfully keep my weight off. As I look at it the benefits that I am getting are the results of my actions. Spangle gives a good example- "decide what is more important- losing weight or experiencing the brief pleasure of eating a piece of chocolate cake."
Another way to look at it-Spangle asks this life changing question,"What does my weight deprive me of?"  When I think about that I realize that my weight keeps me from
  • being truly active and full of energy
  • wearing the cute summer outfits because I don't like my arms or thighs
  • keeping up with my fast, strong kids
  • the confidence and self-esteem that I deserve
  • having the strength and endurance that a healthy fit person has
When I think about deprivation this way- I WANT NO MORE DEPRIVATION!

Working from the inside-out,


Mer and Mo said...

A new year and another new me on the horizon. Almost a year since we started this journey together and I am looking forward to a very successful 2012!!! Hiking today to avoid the snacking and enjoying what my local area has to offer me!! Staying strong, working on a swell 2012 !!!

MOtivated MO

Joy said...

I don't deprive myself now. The sweets and goodies are just losing their appeal. Just don't feel good when I have them. So I can say no easily. Very thankful for that!

Stay focused!

Maren said...

I just found some willpower when I got started this round. I don't know where it came from!

Miss April said...

Wow! I like the thoughts in this post. You are not being deprived of cheesecake, by eating it you are deprived of happiness. Weigh the options like that and it brings a totally different thought pattern. Love!!