Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Challenge for 2011....literally "losing it"

You can call it a New Years Resolution if you want, but I just call it a "turning point". In with the New Year and out with the Old YearS - time to hit the bricks, get in tune with myself and take care of me. Time to shed those nasty "more than I can count" extra pounds off my thighs, hips and all the places in between. Motivation is the key - not only my weight loss challenge, but in my daily life.

I am a working Mom who keeps busy with this, that and well, have you ever met a Cub Scout Mom - yep, I am one of those. I always imagined myself as a Carol Brady - ok, more like a June Cleaver kind of Mom - gets to stay home, be a classroom helper, do the volunteer thing, all the while still being home in the afternoon to meet the kids at the door with milk and cookies. Well, if someone had given me a script to my life, I think I would have jumped over some of it. I adore my child, but never thought I would be raising one while working full time, being a single parent, juggle an ex-husband (or do I mean "struggle with") and try to have a social lifestyle.

I can't use my divorce as an excuse for being overweight. I have been overweight since before I can remember - maybe even before the age of 12. However, I have never been huge, or really looked huge. However, have you ever owned a home with those mirror closet doors? Oh, to see that face every morning - it's time. I carry my weight well, my doctor even wonders how I can be this weight, but not look it. No huge butt, no big legs....all the xtra seems to go into the right places.

Losing the weight??!! Well, I will say that it is lack of motivation. Oh - I have tried in the past. Did Curves, put feet to concrete and did the walking thing, actually joined a gym for more then a year, even did WW from time to time, but for some reason I have never really been that successful. I lose the drive, I lose the motivation, I don't have support, I don't have the ambition. In my head that is just a long list of excuses. I am at my heaviest I have been since I can remember. Oh, just to have a pair of size 14 jeans is a simple dream. I won't say what I weigh, because I just won't. I am happy to say that until recently I have been able to maintain my weight (at its heaviest) for more than 4 years. However, in the last month I gained more than 10 pounds. It isn't just a New Year and it isn't a real big health issue (because I am actually pretty healthy for my size - seriously), but it is just TIME!!!!!

So, I was very excited when Mer reached out to me and asked me to start this blog with her. I feel that this will keep me "honest". This blog will give me a chance to write about my trials, my struggles and at times keep me on track. Here we go....time to get enough sleep, water, exercise, happiness, pull out those smaller clothes in the back of the closest, find a new outlook on life, sweat out the old and bring in the new....time to make life good with everything that I do!!!!

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