Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Keep Climbing up and up and up....

Things have been a whirlwind at this end of my world. Won't go into too much detail in this post, but for sure want to share with you the next steps in the weight loss challenge. This has been a very hard post to put down on "paper", so that might be some of the reason why I have not been posting. Avoiding what needs to be done. I know it is the next step, but for some reason I don't want to make it work. I figure if I finally - yes, finally - get it written down I have to hold myself accountable to not only myself, but to my blog and my blogging world.

Here is a refresher:

Steps One and Two were all about exercise and water

Steps Three and Four were all about avoiding AND eliminating fast food and taking time for you

Step Five was giving you a chance to do 100 things....

Now, to keep moving  up the ladder of my weight loss journey -

Step Six

Stop eating after dinner. Stop eating after dinner. Stop eating after dinner.
Yes, a snack - A HEALTHY SNACK - is fine from time to time, but when I saw STOP EATING AFTER DINNER I mean really, seriously STOP EATING AFTER DINNER!!!!! Enough said!!!

Step Seven

And with that - if you have stopped eating after dinner, then you should be getting a good 8 hours of sleep a night. It is oh, so important to make this happen. You feel refreshed, you body is refreshed, you have allowed yourself to process the days activities, food and gotten the stress under control by taking the time to sleep away the day. Get up and ready for a new day. Harder to get up when you have only had a few hours of sleep. You drag. You are not upbeat. Your body also wants to eat more, because you didn't allow yourself to deal with the "jet lag" of the day. Your body does not know how to work well on little sleep.


For me, these are the two hardest steps. With being out of work I am finding that I "veg" in front of the TV for hours on end in the evening. Heck, if I am laying in bed, I am still "resting" - right - WRONG!!! When I don't get the right amount of sleep I am at my worst the next day and I do believe I have been at my worst for just about 6 months now. Yes, that is how long I have been out of work. That is the longest I have ever been out of work. Now I know what so many other people are experiencing. I have had many job interviews, but never a second interview. The applications can be taunting and to not get calls back on most of them, what applications I can send out, can be annoying, stressful and frustrating. I am grateful for all the rejections I have received. Not that I can frame them, oh, wait - maybe I can - print out the little email reply and add it to my bulletin board. Better yet, what is that new website called - Pinterest - maybe I should post my rejections there - LOL LOL LOL - they don't know what they are missing. I am a really good, hard worker and I am going stir crazy staying at home (oh, wait - I should have lost 40 more pounds by now because I have been home - what the?????).....humor, the best kind of medicine for me right now.

The next thing that is harder is the fact that yes, I am staying up too late and then my body wants a snack. Well, I don't think it really does, it just seems to be a pattern that I have fallen into. I have also figured out that I am BORED, so if I eat that is a good solution - keeps me busy for what - 5 - 10 - maybe 15 minutes. Then what? Oh, just another snack. Cravings have been bad. Just heading to bed at a decent hour will help with the cravings, the late night snacking and helping my body lose the weight it so badly needs to be rid of.

Today - Today is the turning point for me. No, it is not the beginning of the month. It is not a Sunday or the end of a long binge weekend. It just happens to be time. The biggest fact of the matter is this - I have been looking at myself in the mirror and I really, really, seriously, and bitterly do not like what I see. I feel myself "waddling" down the hallway to get the laundry. Or after driving in the car for too long I have to stretch and kind of walk slowly just to get up to speed. Really - wow - that is just awful.

Time to continue up the ladder - maybe even just get back on. I was doing the ladder so well and "religiously" many months ago, it is time, time to make each day count!!!! Time for me to be a new me - not just and old me, but a new me - be me and love the me I am!!! I have been doing Steps 1 to 5 - going to incorporate #6 and #7 in the coming week - I can conquer this goal!!! Just you watch, Step 8 is just a hop, skip and a jump away (I promise, I won't jump too high - as I don't want to fall off the ladder).

It's like the fish (Dory) in the Disney Movie, Finding Nemo - rather then Just Keep Swimming I am going to be saying Just Keep Climbing, Just Keep Climbing!!!

Wishing you all a most wonderful ladder to success!!!!


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Little Bit of Inspiration

Saw this today and really needed to share............not sure who exactly said it first, but "stealing" it from a friend....not sayin I want to keep "starting" over and over again, just love the ending of this!!!!

"No one can go back and 

make a brand new start.

 Anyone can start from now 

and make a brand new ending."

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Do I hafta.....

Yes, I really doooooooo.....

Can you tell I don't want to head out to mow the lawn. My backyard lawn is the worst and it does not help that I don't have the best lawnmower. I really want to go get a new one, but I want to research for the right kind. I saw one about a year ago - or was it longer - and it was the best. Now the shop that sold it is out of business, so the hunt is on for that perfect lawnmower. My mower has a cord...what a mower does not have a bag to collect all the grass in...what a mower is not self propelled...or it is that propelled at all....what a pain....but in the eyes of a person trying to lose weight - pain is good.

Saw this today on my journey through Facebook

So - it is not a I Can't kind of day - it is a I CAN day!!!!! I should be grateful I can mow my lawn, clean up my house, be mobile and healthy - okay, not that healthy, because I am overweight, but I have my home, a good son, I am out of work but have the blessings that I am now on a program that is helping with my mortgage, I have family that cares and calls often to see how I am doing, and friends that really are helping me out every now and then. I am grateful.

Going to do a second post today - that is my Step 6 - check it out and take the time to read.

Okay - going to go mow the lawn....


P - S - --- here is my yard, double that because the picture does not show it all...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

100 Things....Step 5

I have been thinking about this post for a few days and going to take advantage of the quiet time and get this all out. I am finding that I really have missed blogging. It is therapy for me. It is soothing. It is helping me get back on track. Having this time to write down my thoughts and at the same time looking for support - by reading other blogs too - is just what I have needed.

Step 5 - 100 Things a Day:

In relationship to my first step, which was exercise, I am throwing in something FUN to my ladder list. On the fifth step of my weight loss journey I am going to do 100 things each day. Yes, we might brush our teeth with 100 motions, for sure we walk more then 100 feet each day, I feel like I drive about 100 miles on any given day, or what about washing the dishes 100 times a day - ha, many other things that you will find that you do 100 of each day.

However, my 100 Things a day are related to my exercise goals. I want to do 100 "things" each day. I don't have to do the same 100 each day, but I will do 100 of the same thing each day to make sure I am getting in some good body movements. Going to strive for this goal. 100 "things" for the next 100 days, then 100 weeks, then 100 years (come on I can dream on the years part, right). Some of my options will be -

  1. 100 Stomach Crunches
  2. 100 Step Ups 
  3. 100 Push Ups
  4. 100 Calf Lifts
  5. 100 Leg lifts (100 for each leg - come on, it isn't fair that only one leg gets worked out)
  6. 100 Over the Head arm lifts - add weights to give you a good workout
  7. 100 consistent hits to the punching bag with each arm (don't switch off for 20 and then another 20 - do one arm for the full 100)
  8. 100 Jumping Jacks
I could expand on this list, but the first 3 are my favorite right now, so going to leave it at that for the moment. This will be in addition to my regular 30 minute workout. 

I just want to have fun with this and have told myself that at Step 10 there will be something else that is fun. Might not be exercise, but can be. 

Hope that you are all enjoying your week. Sending you a big hug and wishing you the best week ever!!!!!!!!


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Step Three, Step Four....

Before I start to tell you about the next steps, I am so glad that I have decided to start blogging again. This is really a welcome treat. I can't believe I would avoid doing a post because I was tired of being on the computer, been looking for work on the computer non-stop or doing something else on the computer non-stop. Sometimes the days just become taunting. However, just by doing the last few entries I am very excited to get in my post everyday or every other day - it is helping me get back on track with my weight loss journey!!!! So - here we go.....

As we continue up the ladder of success, we are to the third and fourth steps...taking the time to carefully take each step gently, with caution, but making sure we don't take a step back.

Step Three -

No FAST FOOD!!!! And I mean NO FAST FOOD. Don't even think about driving into that fast food joint and convincing yourself that the "salad" is going to not be fast, but nutritious. Why can't you take the time to go home and make a salad. Or before you leave the house for the day, take the time to pack a good nutritious lunch and snack. Even before you plan out your week, look at your calendar and figure out what days you might need to have a prepared dinner for those long days or work, play or just on the go. Planning is the key. If you do have to hit a fast "joint", then take the time to go to the grocery store and stop by the deli area or even Subway is a good fast food treat - hey, they do make those sandwiches fast. Make wise decisions when you do that, don't go for the heavy mayo and grab that bag of chips. You can do this, step three is not that scary.

Step Four - 

Do one thing good for yourself each day. No, I am not talking about the exercise, I am talking about something specifically for you. Might it be waking up an extra 10 minutes early and enjoying the quiet of the house. Or what about reading the newspaper cover to cover without being disturbed. Maybe this is the time that you pick up a nice book you have been wishing to read for so many months. Start a journal, take up a hobby you haven't ever done or want to do. The choice is yours. Before you know it you will be on the road to more success with your weight loss because you are now taking the time (even just a little time) for you.

Remember -

Step One - Exercise
Step Two - Eight glasses of water a day....

Keep up the good work - you are doing great!!!!!!!!


Friday, August 3, 2012

Step One, Step Two...

I have decided that I want to take this weight loss journey on a day by day basis. I am not jumping in to the deep end of the pool with my eyes shut. I am taking things little by little, but moving in the right direction.

First step - Exercise:

My first day back on track I made sure I did a good 30 minutes of working out. I was at my sisters pool - very refreshing on a 102 degree day - and while in the pool I went up and back and back and up several times. I worked my arms, legs and made sure I kept moving for a good 30 minutes. I felt really good. Her pool is not really big enough to do laps like the Michael Phelps laps, but I was moving. We then took a good 45 minute walk later in the evening. It was good to get out and get myself moving.

Second Step - Water:

For the last few days I am forcing - yes, sort of have to force at the moment - myself to drink all of my water each and everyday!!! Making sure I am drinking water rather than milk, diet soda, juice or anything other then water!! I have been avoiding this liquid refreshment for one reason or another. But, when I do sip on this cool refreshing item my body starts to feel better. I love my water nice and cold, but not with a huge amount of ice. The water has to be chilling in the refrigerator. My Brita pitcher is going to get tons of activity this week for sure. I have also found my favorite water bottle again and am determined to fill it a good 4 times each day. That is more then enough H2O for me, since each full bottle is 20 ounces of water. Four times 20 = 80 ounces of water. With working out and the need to keep my body hydrated it is just the right amount of water for me. I am for sure getting in my full 8 glasses of water and then some. My skin will feel better, my sinuses will thank me, and I will be helping out my insides with keeping myself "clean". Yes, at first I will have to run to the restroom more often then before, but again it is my bodies way of saying "Thank You" for taking the time to keep my hydrated.

Stay Tuned - more steps to take...up the ladder dropping the weight until I get to the top!!!


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fact or Fiction

I have been struggling with this notion of "What is fact?" and "What is fiction?"  I think of Dragnet and Sgt. Joe Friday saying, " All the better to get the facts, ma'am."   This is so true when sifting through your mind and making decisions based on facts. So a fact is I need to lose 30 pounds, but the anxious fear of getting there and the changes that need to happen is the fiction part that I struggle with. The fiction is the insecurity that things may go awry in life, the what ifs, not actual and factual life circumstances.
So it is the habits of insecurity is what I have to work through.  I had a conversation about this with Mo this past weekend that it is my issues with "perfectionism" that paralyze me in moving forward with the facts.
My own fictional-feeling issues get in the way. It is the doubt, the fears, and  the negativity that cloud my mind and stop me from what I need to do.  A feeling is not fact. The fictional thought of not reaching my weight loss goals, not making positive changes in my life, and not ever being happy is not productive thinking because I can't know the future. I don't own a crystal ball or at least one that works. This insecure fiction-feelings I have is treated as my predictions and anticipations as factual revelations.  They are not true, not facts.  So, "Unless and until you can verify something, treat it as fiction. (Luciani)"
It is my interpretation of the facts and fiction that get me in trouble.  So, I am learning to ask myself-
"Am I reacting to fact or fiction?" Until I deal with this in my life I will be troubled by my own distortions because of my own insecurities. If I don't I will not move forward beyond my own confusions.  I will get stuck in the fictional feelings in my head.
So I have to keep myself in check when it comes to dealing with these insecurities.  My own action will be to list the facts and fictions of this healthy lifestyle change.  And to focus on "just the facts, ma'am" that will get me to trust myself a little more in being able to reach my goals.  By doing this I will find factual clarity and this will help me take the leap of faith to do this healthy lifestyle change once and for all!
Facts only here,

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

297 Days to Go

Hello All - Mo Here - I am still around, but for the past few weeks I have been enjoying a bit of a vacation of sorts. I am not sure if being unemployed can be considered a vacation, because, well you are supposed to be looking for work. I am doing just that. Dropping off applications, emailing resumes, making sure I have an updated Typing Certificate, then to find out that I should have First Aid for another job. Sometimes I wonder how much it costs to actually be looking for work. While doing all of that I was enjoying some relaxing time. Guess that is the beauty of technology, you can apply for a job at midnight and walla, hopefully you will get an interview (hey, one can hope) all while being on "vacation".

My son has returned to school and it is time for me to return to my blog. I have let it go for many reasons - and well, I have been missing it. Been busy with this and that. Tired of being on the computer for 8 hours looking for work and then having to blog about how tired I am. And yes, I will admit, I have been avoiding the blog because I have not been honest with myself. I have not been watching what I eat - actually I do watch it go into my mouth - does that count as "watching". I have pretty much stopped exercising and I can tell. I have not been motivated. I have been lazy. I have not been willing to make my lifestyle change a permanent change. That is neither here or there....time to stop this pity party.

Last week we were heading home from a three day rest in Lake Tahoe. It was a wonderful way to end our summer in style. Hours in the pool, wonderful weather and we even paid a visit to Donner Lake to look at some of the history of the Donner party, made a sand castle at the water's edge and made a trip around the nature trail - was amazing to see 22 foot "stumps" (yes, I said 22 feet) that shows you how low they actually could go to cut the trees to make their winter homes - the snow drifts were that high. The history of California is so exciting to me!! But, I have just gotten off track....back to my we were heading home we past a Water Park. I found myself saying to my son that "next summer we will go there" and I feel that I was having a DE JA VUE moment. (did I spell that right??). I know I said the same thing last summer. I felt myself lying to my son. I promised it last year and no, money was not the reason we did not go this summer. It was my weight.

I am not happy with how I am - how I look in the mirror - how I feel in general - where I am in life. So, it really is time for a change. If I can't get a job, then why should I not be doing more for ME!!!!!
I DO WANT to be in a smaller swim suit. I DO WANT to have the weight come off. I DO WANT to run and play with my son without getting winded. I DO WANT to do a 5K and be happy with my results. I DO WANT to be happy with how I look and feel - not only on the outside, but on the inside!!!!!!!

Thinking about my son's school calendar, I now have 297 DAYS TO GO to make a difference in my life. (yes, I am counting the holidays, weekends and many other not in school days). Making positive (and negative on the scale) changes each day until school ends on May 24, 2013. I don't and would never expect to be at goal in those 297 days, but I will be well on my way to goal and that WATER PARK will be our first fun 2013 summer day. As day 297 comes and goes I will continue to work towards my final goal AND FOR SURE will have hit many other goals along the way. 297 DAYS TO GO to make myself happy with my weight again. 297 DAYS TO GO to make it happen for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More to come and very excited to share with all of you again!!!! BIG HUGS!!!