Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 96- What will it take?

My thoughts on 100 days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle

I am a big vision person who is not much into the details, but my job as a teacher leader/instructional designer makes me I have to get the details down to the time it takes students to learn things in my classroom. We set goals, have benchmark assessments and at the end we see if students have hit the goals. Now, why have I not thought about using this same concept in my real life? I think it is because I plan and plan and plan that I want my life to just be, but this is not totally true. Mo will tell you that my calendar is full! She always checks it too see all the stuff written on it and that is just the family life! If she looked at my work life she would see a crazy teacher leader who is all over the county and into the next! 
Spangle suggests that you break down the goals. Once you have an action down, then ask- What will it take? (WWT?) 
What is my intention?- To eat a healthy lunch.
WWT?- To actually take a lunch, not just eat at my desk and/or go out to lunch
What is my intention? -To make my lunch after dinner
WWT?- To enlist my son and daughter to make their lunches at the same time so we all do it together
What is my intention?- To all have healthy lunches
WWT?- For me it  will be modeling good portion control and healthy choices for lunch
What is my intention? To take a break from my busy day and not just eat while working since that leads to mindless eating
WWT? managing my time better by looking at my goals
WWT? writing my intentions for the day
WWT? prioritize what I can get done before lunch
WWT? sticking to it by setting a timer so that I get taken care of too.

By thinking it through I was able to break it way down to step by step action so I can accomplish it easier.
I love Spangles simplified example for getting back on an exercise program. So here it is since it helped me as well and I want you to know it too!
WWT? Renew my membership at the health club; work with a personal trainer
WWT? Stop at the club and sign up to meet with a trainer
WWT? Plan an exercise session with the trainer into my schedule for sometime this week
WWT? Pull out my schedule book and write down the session into a day that works
WWT? Do it now!


Doing what it takes,


Maren said...

"Just do it", it's so easy and so hard altogether. I'm just doing it, day by day by day. :D

Michele said...

I think it is helpful to break things into their simplest components. It makes it easier to get them accomplished. I know too well how full your plate is as a teacher leader. Keep taking care of yourself, too!