Monday, October 31, 2011

Ups and Downs

Up - It is Halloween and I am very excited to go out Trick or Treating with my little guy - he is not so little anymore and I am sure this will all come to an end in the next year or two. We get to travel around the neighborhood with good friends. This is our second year in the house and I have gotten to know many around the homestead, so it will be more fun this year.

Down - did not exercise as much as I wanted to this weekend.

Up - got in a full 2 hours of exercise in when I decided to take on the Ball Throwing game at the Friday night Harvest Festival.

Down - Chasing after blue balls at the Ball Throwing game was not fun at all sweaty and exhausted.

Up - got the spare bedroom cleaned out - finally!!!

Down - did not "organize" much of the stuff in the spare bedroom, but it was just nice to actually get it all boxed up, find the floor again and be able to open the door to that room without having to "push" it open.

Up - went out with friends on Saturday night!!

Down - not much dancing with the band on Saturday night, which I had hoped to be the highlight of my night. They didn't clear the tables off the dance floor until about 10 pm, and then when they did they really did not play good dancing music.

Up - made a huge dent in my "messy" desk. Got things organized and ready for the week!

Down - having to deal with an need to elaborate.

Up - signed up for a "dating" website - hoping to try this again and meet a new friend. Staying positive and going to make sure this stays as an UP and not a Down!!! (kind of funny this comes after that last Down). Going to check out again and see what that has to offer me. My "parents" group ended last Spring, so time to branch out and find other ways to meet new people.

Down - losing focus on some of my goals!!!

Up - Have not eatin one piece of candy or chocolate - going to be strong and it will be a huge UP for me!!!

Looking for more UP this month!!!

Staying MOtivated MO

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fickle Friday

It sort of feels like a Fickle Friday -

1. likely to change, especially due to caprice, irresolution, or instability; casually changeable: fickle weather.
2. not constant or loyal in affections: a fickle lover.
I have some things I have to take care of this weekend, but they are "likely to change" depending on when I wake up or get going Saturday morning. Tonight, I can't be fickle, going to help with the school Harvest Festival, but that only goes until 8 pm - after that, I can be "casually changeable"....but, boy do I sort of wish I could deal with #2 of this definition, had a good chuckle over that part of the definition.
Not sure how my weekend is going to turn out, but I do know that I will be NOT be Fickle when it comes to the following:
1. Working out to the best of my ability.
2. Channeling all my blog friends when I do work out - they all give me so much inspiration. I have been sweating more this month because not only am I thinking about how hard they are working out and making themselves look better, but I am working out hard and making myself look better, too!!
3. Keep eating healthy, watching what I eat, limit the "fun" sweets and luxuries until I can get to goal.
4. Strive for a full 44 pound loss because I will soon be 44....just around the corner (SCREEEAAAAMMMM) come on, it is almost halloween you know, that is another reason to scream.
Since my 44th year is upon me (SCREEEEEEEAAAAAMMMM), I am going to work on another 44 pounds. and yes, there should be another 44 pounds added to that count, too. I can do it!! I know I can. Seems like a long way to go and there are moments that I want to be Fickle - change my mind, give up the goal setting, just keep doing what I had been doing in the past - not worrying about my eating, not exercising, not drinking enough water, doing the fast food runs............well, I don't want to be that Fickle Girl anymore. Time for me to keep going with all of my goals, keep reaching, keep striving and keep up the good work. More 5K's in my future, more sweating, more NSV's, more of a lot of many wonderful things!!!!!
Staying MOtivated MO

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Screams, Spooks and Scary Moments

Saturday night I had the pleasure of going to a Amusement Park with Mer and her daughter (my god-daughter). We were "chaperoning" 7 other teenage girls, but Mer and I got lucky and we didn't really have to be at their side all night long. That gave Mer and I the chance to do some stuff on our own. I will say that we had an AWESOME time. I have done Disneyland, but I don't think of that as much roller coaster action. I have tried to take my son to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk a few times this last summer, but something as always gotten in the way. This was going to be my first real roller coaster action in more years then I care to count. A bit nervous....

It was a Halloween Haunt event. People dressed up in costumes hired by the Park where they "entertain" you. Jump at you, scare you and make you scream. They not only had rides open, but many areas of the Park had mazes and haunted house attractions to keep you on your toes throughout the night. As we entered the gates there were ghosts, goblins, scary men and even a Wizard of Oz witch that was "floating" past us. I am not a big fan of the Spooks and the Scary, so I did my best to just walk quickly out of the "line of fire". Did the same as we would venture around the Park and hit the "FOG" filled areas that would then allow the spooks to jump out at you without knowing which way they were coming from. If you ran, they ran after you - so we had all agreed to not be a "runner". If you didn't make eye contact and they didn't see that you were scared, then you were good to go.

....the scary monsters were not that ghoulish for me, but as Mer and I ventured to our first ride I realized that I was going to have another scary moment. Would I be able to fit into the seat? What about the seat belt, would it fit? What about that shoulder harness, will it fit? Would they ask me to get off the ride because I was too big? Had some scary moments floating in my own head.

The first ride was somewhat of a challenge, as I found myself just carefully getting into the car and even when getting out I was afraid of falling. Am I really able to maneuver this without having people notice me having a bit of trouble? I did it without any real trouble or even a scream. Laughter, screams and more laughter was a perfect beginning to our night. We headed over to the Demon. This required a shoulder harness and a seat belt. I panicked for a moment - the seat belt - does it come up? Oh, No - it does not!! Oh, wait - yes, it does!! I thought that the shoulder harness had to go all the way down to meet up with the belt. A bit of a scary moment. We again laughed, screamed and laughed some more as the Demon headed up and around and around and up and over and under (all in the dark - that is scary if you are not a roller coaster fan). The lady in front of us said the ride was the best because she got to listen to us having so much fun. Getting out of the car was not as bad as I thought, either. We did a handful of other rides and even concurred one together where we actually sat in the same car together and went round and round and round. We both almost lost our gum because we were laughing so hard and Mer was trying hard to not get thrown into me as we kept spinning around. Oh, and we both did do the DROP ZONE, where you go WAY WAY WAY up high, wait up at the top for about 30 seconds and they DROP you. My legs went up in the air, I was lifted up off the seat a bit, even with me snuck in my harness, and that made me SCREEEEEAAAAAMMMM the loudest. Mer was like a kid in the candy store - she loooooovvvvesss that ride. Mer even got me to climb up on the tallest horse on the Ferris Wheel. I had to use a lot of my upper body to make that happen, and almost a scary moment to think I might have not been able to do that some 8 months ago.

We finished off the night watching a Drum Percussion Band (Blood Drums) that uses garbage cans, metal objects, tin cans, plastic buckets, old gas cans and so much more to make rock and roll, dance to the beat of the music moments. We danced and I didn't feel silly. Feeling good about my Scream, Spook and Scary night - I concurred my own monsters and am feeling good!!!! I didn't feel uncomfortable in the harness, and the seatbelt fit. Feeling good and ready to keep dropping more weight so I can do another round of roller coaster scary fun!!!!

Staying MOtivated MO

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oh Where, oh where has our little Mer gone?

You are all probably wondering where I was? You were probably wondering what I have been doing? You were probably glad to get little updates from MO.
Well, all I can say is my life is CRAZY! My life is BUSY! My life is so FULL!
CRAZY because I am working long hours and taking a Chemistry course that is kicking my butt! I am crazy because I love the work I am doing and I love learning Chemistry!
My personal life is BUSY! Both kids are at new schools, and with that comes new activities and new people to get to know and work with. Again, it is important work to support my children in their education, but it takes so much time!!!
My life is so FULL with morning workouts at the park with the bootcamp ladies who bring a laptop and we workout together, Sunday morning workouts at my sister's Pilates studios with two other girlfriends and I have learned to sleep in on the other days. It's so nice to get a full night of sleep when I am not doing Chemistry homwork. It is also full because I have friends and family who support me as I go along my busy, crazy week so fortunate and blessed to have that in my life.
But this crazy, busy, full life taken center stage and my weight loss goals have taken a back seat. I have been losing and gaining the same 3 pounds since school started. I am between 163-166 pounds. I have stayed a size 10. But something needs to change so that I can get to my goals.
  • Time to RENEW DAILY my committment to myself. I will lose this weight and I will never give up until I get to my goal weight no matter what.
  • KEEP COUNT of all calories eaten and measure everything. I lose the weight when I am aware of how much I have been eating and when I control my portions
  • BE ACCOUNTABLE to my exercise groups 4 times a week. I will meet the bootcamp ladies at the park 3 times a week and I will go to Pilates on Sundays.  I always feel better when I exercise. My body craves it and I need it!
  • KEEP VISUAL TALLY of Halloween candy don't throw away wrappers so you don't just keep eating them because they are "snack size."
  • NEVER GIVE UP! I make mistakes somedays and start indulging on a treat. Then, I think-"Oh well. I start again tomorrow." NO, THIS WILL NOT DO! I will stop, refocus and get back on track.
  • ASK FOR HELP- I told my husband how he can help me on this journey and this has made all the difference.
  • MY EMERGENCY PLAN is in place. I have a stash of sugar-free mint gum so when I pause of a moment to realize that I just want to eat for eating sake not to nourish and feed my body. Then, out comes the gum so that I can chew on something instead of reaching for that sweet or going for seconds. 
So who knows when I will be able to post again.  I am here and I think about you all when I step on the scale and I wonder how you are doing.  I hope I get a chance to read some blogs soon, but it won't until after my Chemistry midterm next week. 

Until then...

Always on the move-

Monday, October 24, 2011

Tired and Dehydrated

If you know me well, then you know that most of my weekends are busy. I have been lucky these last few months and have actually been home more, but this weekend was going to be full, full, full. A chance to get out of the house, see friends, spend a bit of time with family and get errands done. This is how it went for me this weekend......

After work on Friday some quick errands, then jumped in the car with my sister for clothes shopping and dinner. Yes, the trip was long, with dinner late, and we had a bit of a drive to a bigger selection gotta get it on sale location, so the night moved into a 12 am morning getting home affair - good deals and good time. I was charged up when I got home, so it was two loads of laundry, clean a bit of the house, put some ribs in the crock pot (before they went bad) and then finally head to bed.

Saturday - woke up to the sweet smell of ribs all cooked and the day was on. Cleaned more of the house, packed for my overnight trip to Mer's, more laundry, took a walk with my neighbor, finally was in the car heading to Mer's about 11:30. Ran a long errand on the to Mer's just in time to visit the restroom, but then quickly off to a soccer game. Just when you thought it was safe to rest, the "ladies" headed off to dinner and an Amusement Park night of Halloween fun with 7 teenage girls. That was another 12 am to 1 am return home evening. (WE HAD A BLAST)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday was an early morning call time of 7 am to go to Mer's sister's Pilates studio. (Yes, we stopped for coffee on the way) and wow- what a workout. My arms are feeling it today. Off to Target to get birthday gifts for a 2 year old, home, shower, the Farmers Market (fresh fruits and vegetables grown locally are the best), birthday party celebration with many of Mer's family, and on my way home I made several stops to complete my "getting ready for the week" activities. Picked up my son, and before he headed to bed we calculated his FINAL popcorn sales - $2,870.00 sold - WOO HOO (yes, he sold more this weekend, but we are DONE and boy, that is a lot of popcorn)!!!!!! I think I finally crashed about 10 pm.

Phew - I am Tired, Dehydrated and a bit Bloated. Not enough water drinking this weekend. I do that on the weekends - I don't drink as much water. I am not sure if I do it because I am on the go more and don't want to "go" as much, but I should have done better this weekend. Two other factors is the fact that I ate too much and there will be a little "visitor" in a few days. I can feel the dehydration in my lips. This weekend was a good learning experience for me. No matter how busy I am, I need to drink water, drink water, drink water. Yes, I did too much, but that really is not how all my busy weekends go. I can make this work and need to make it work when I am going from here to there, to there to here. Too much good tempting stuff to eat, too many salty foods, not enough fruits and vegetables (wanted to eat all the fruit I saw at the Farmers Market). I am paying attention to my body more, I can feel that my body is changing and actually telling me what it is craving. This weekend I didn't listen and the craving for water should have been met. I will not dwell on the fact that I am tired and dehydrated, I will basque in the glow of the fact that I am making good changes to my body, and that I just need to make sure I keep making good choices on an everyday basis. I am not "starting over", just will make my week count and make sure that when the next weekend comes along I don't waiver from what I am trying to accomplish everyday - being the best I can be and continue to lose the weight that has followed me for years.

More details to share in the coming days.
Hope that your weekend was GRAND!!!
Keep up the good work.
Stay strong.
Get energized!!!

Staying MOtivated Mo

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blog Cleaning and Mer Update

Broom_1.jpgIt's Fall Cleaning Time. 10 months have past and as much as I love having many blogs that I follow, it was time to do some changes. When Mer and I first started this blog we were both on board with getting motivation from many factors. I still would like to do that, but I really need to have that support from bloggers that are writing, posting, supporting, sharing and from time to time make me cheer, cry and laugh all at the same time. Being gone from blog land for over 3, 5, 8 months is not going to help me in this weight loss journey. I fully understand why there can be an absence or you just disappear - everyone has their own reasons (still missing Darla). Had to let some of you go today. I love, love, love the ones that I follow now or have been reading religiously, but it is always nice to see a fresh face from time to time - another perspective, another view (oh, wait - isn't that the same as perspective - LOL).

Do you have a favorite blog you follow that you would like to share? Tell us about it...always great to see others having success in this blog world of ours!!!! Maybe you just follow someone that is for fun, not just for weight loss. Still keeping my favorites - never want to lose you, but will understand when you do move on.

For those of you that might be missing Mer and her great posts (I think they are great and they keep me motivated and I am so missing them) - well, she is very busy. Her and I still keep in touch by phone more often then not lately as she is on her way to work and I am rushing to finish pack up lunches and get out the door, too. - they have been great morning laugh, you have a moment to vent to me fests!!! I think the most time consuming aspect for her right now is the online chemistry class she is taking to achieve one of her credential renewal goals. When she is not online, she is traveling twice a week to attend the Lab portion of the course and thus no real time to blog. Then let's add to that the fact that there is motherhood, being a busy wife, work and juggling all that goes with it. I am planning a well deserved visit to Mer and her family this weekend. There is a family birthday party and chaperoning teenage girls at the amusement park on Saturday night.  I am sure we will fit in a walk or two, and maybe even Pilates on Sunday, but just to have BFF time will be well worth the trip. Looking forward to a wonderful visit and I will post a picture update for all you fans!!!

Keep Smiling!!
Keep Reaching for your Goals!!!

Staying MOtivated MO

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A need for a "snack"

I ended up working from home today. I never get to work from home. In fact, it really is not possible to do so without packing up tons of paperwork, supplies and such to even be able to work from home. However, there is a project I am working on that requires me to look up information on the Internet. I have been "googling", "bing"ing it and just searching high and Internet wide for the light at the end of the tunnel for this project. My boss did tell me that this project would be time consuming and a bit eye numbing!!

I am at home because my Aman has come down with some small virus. It started on Friday, but nothing that I was too concerned about because it was just one incident per day until about last night. The Bad Mommy in me had him drink orange juice this morning and I think that was the final straw - the phone call from the school and after a very rare (we never go) trip to the doctor, one shot later to control the nausea and my little one is a bit better. We have been kicking it at home most of the day. I do hope that he can go back to school tomorrow.

The only problem I am having is this urge to snack. I sit behind a computer all day at work and never really have a need to snack. I guess it is the comfort of home that is getting to me today. I am craving something crunchy, salty, even sort of carb filled.

I am doing my best to control the urge. We don't have any chips in the house, so that is good, but we do have Salsa and crackers - could make it work. We have plenty of popcorn, that is never an issue. But, yum those pretzels would be kind of good right now.

Instead of reaching for a salty, crunchy treat I made sure I went with a cottage cheese & pair selection. Then I stopped. I grabbed my trusty glass of water and am making sure it is being sipped all afternoon. 

The mind game I have going on will not win. I have my workout to finish later today, the house can be cleaned, laundry to do and many other projects. Oh - and the Biggest Loser is on TV today - tons of motivation all around me!!! No snack food will hit my lips today!!!

Staying MOtivated MO

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pants Beware !!!

Pants Beware - there is a whole new MO in town!!! This post is specifically dedicated to my Best Friend Mer and to all of you that are working so hard to get rid of those old comfy pants out of your life. Mer has encouraged, supported me and many times laughed with me. The laughter comes from these pants (and most favorite shirt)...but we are hear to talk about the pants. I promised Mer after our last 5K Event I would never wear these pants again....
July 2011 - Size 22 - 24....way too big and the shirt we all know has to go too!!!

...and I have kept that promise. When we did that 5K run almost the first thing Mer told me was that I should never wear these pants again. Yes, they are way too big and way too "used". I will admit that these pants have not made it into the trash, but I have not and will not wear them again. I have had them since about 2003, there is a small hole in the right leg, but they are so comfy and I have worn them more times then I can count on walks, in the yard, during camping trips or working out. They are so stretched out, have no string belt anymore and well, comfy or not, they have to GO!!!! Say hello to my NEW purchase...

(had to share both pics with you...look sexy in the second one - LOL). These will be my new comfy pants. And when they get too big I will upgrade them with a new pair!!! I purchased these about a week ago. My little sis took me into The Gap outlet store. I totally was not going to even look at the racks. I could not understand why we were even in this store. I have never gone into a Gap store. I always thought that there would never be anything in this store for me. When I did get an urge to look at the workout clothes (which by the way they are advertising on TV now - oh, wait - no, that is for Old Navy Clothes Store), I happened across a pair of pants that I thought just might fit me. What it the harm, but I had to be careful, I didn't want to get disappointed. Off to the changing room I went. First pair was just not the right look. Second selection - WOW - I was so excited. Did these really fit me? What the heck? This can't be right?!? I fit into clothes at The Gap??!! What the heck!?!??? I come to find out that they do carry some clothes that go up to Size 20. However, I am working on getting away from a 2 in my clothes. I am in the 1's and one day it would be nice to have just single digits. I am very happy to say that these NEW pants are not only perfect for my workouts, but there is only 1 number before the X on the label. No 3, No 2...just a 1!!!!! You can't imagine how excited I was. 

My excitement was a bit short lived, because the next think I knew I was getting anxious. Maybe it was because they only cost $20.00 (cheap for what I feel is a good price for Gap clothes), but I think the real reason was that I was kind of in a FOG about these pants actually fitting me. I have turned a corner. I should have been shouting from the roof tops, but it was not the place to do it. I was getting a bit giddy, and sort of showed my excitement at the check out counter. As my sis and I headed for the next shop to find her some new shoes I was still in a Fog. Here was this pair of pants in this new bag, in my hand and WOW - does it really only say 1X on it. I am making progress!! I am finally seeing the results!!! OLD pants beware, you are getting replaced by a whole new world of MO!!!! 

I did want to also share that my October Challenge is still going well. I had a rough week and to take care of some of my anxiety I finally got to my punching bag on Friday night and again on Saturday morning. The sweat was coming down. It really felt good. Some of my other workout this weekend included the FINAL door-to-door selling of Scout Popcorn. We did the pulling of the wagon and the walking on both days, a total of 3.5 hours over the two days. His final total of sales is still pending with some other orders, but I do believe he has earned his Scout Scholarship this year (phew, we are tired).  I had to put some of my jogging practice into place when he fell and skinned his knee at one of the houses on Saturday. Off to the car I jogged to grab the first aid kit. By the time I got back he had knocked on 3 more doors, such a trooper. I am so glad this Scout Mom has finally gotten her rear in gear and is getting healthy. So many reasons to do so, but this is my biggest reason !!!!

Staying MOtivated MO

Friday, October 14, 2011

A Little Inspiration



Soon to come is my wonderful comfortable have to put them in the trash workout pants post....
wait for it....

Have a most wonderful weekend!!

Staying MOtivated MO

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Challenge Update

I will say that I have been exercising all 10 - well, we are into 12 now - days of October so far. I will also say that there have been one or two days that I have not done the full 2 hours....BUT I have gotten in a good 1 hour and even 1.5 hours on those few days. I have ended up having my son for more days then I should have this last week (not complaining), but he really is messing up my MOJO of what I had planned to do, wanted to do and allow me to kick start myself. I had a light bulb go off for me this morning - using my "mommy" factor as an excuse over and over again is no reason for me to not to do what I want to accomplish!!!!! I have my schedule all worked out and I should not let this little obstacle get in my way. He will be back in school this next week, so I have to have this schedule down pat - no excuses!!! Carrying too many emotions and I am letting that control my WANT to work out. Last night it was not until a little after 9 pm when I was able to work out. I didn't really want to, but was really surprised when the next thing I knew it was 11 pm and I had done a good workout. Yes, it is really late to be working out, but this is my time to veg and watch the in the process, why not get in a workout!! Guess what - part way into it I wanted to keep going. I could not wait to finish...because I was going to grab that gold ring and have completed another day of this challenge. I was feeling good - recharged - my mind was racing, but in a good way.

I am not going to let the excuses get in the way. I have 20 more days to complete my October challenge and nothing is going to stop me!!! I am strong, powerful and I am will be victorious!!!! Watch me go!!!!!!!!

Staying MOtivated MO

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mini Vacation, Reality Check..nothing will keep me down!!

Mo Here - I have been on the go - on a mini-vacation of sorts. One of my sisters has a great vacation home in Lake Tahoe and well, when given the chance I will jump at it. As luck would have it, I actually did have some vacation time built up at work - so, what the heck, take the time!!

The weather was a bit frightful, but my little sis and I were going to brave the mountain driving with gusto. Up the hill we went and just as we thought we were in the clear we got stuck just about the summit. Two hours of sitting and thinking it was an accident, it really was the weather and they finally made a decision that we could move. But, wait - you have to chain up if you didn't have four wheel drive. Now, being California girls (yes, I was born on the East Coast, but that does not count), we pulled to the side and tried to make it work. We were so lucky to have some nice guy come and assist us with our chains. Less then 20 minutes later we were on the road. White knuckles for about 30 minutes, but we made it. (it really was not that bad, but remember we do not do snow driving at all) - did I mention that this "mini vacation" op was FREE, so turning back was not something we really wanted to consider.

As soon as I hit that entrance to the "vacation spot" I was READY!! There is something about getting off that exit and making the final turn into the development that I leave my "real life" behind. The house is fully equipped with dishes, a warm fire, comfy beds and a larger then life bathtub. The scenery is wonderful and there is a peacefulness all around me. I needed this time to relax and that I was sure to do. Enjoyed the snow filled Thursday morning, watched my very first Harry Potter movie, read a gossip magazine, slept in....should I go on and on??!! We even went shopping on Friday and I have a great post to share with you in a few days about that trip.

It is really hard to go home and deal with what hit me next. A huge dose of reality hit me at about 4:30 pm when I went to pick up my son on Friday night. I will not use my blog to "air my dirty laundry" and the fact that being a co-parent is very hard on me, but I will tell you that I really wish I was still on vacation. The rest of my weekend was very emotionally draining and I really don't think it has ended quite yet. Just one factor to note- my exercising is helping me stay focused, think and deal with the stress in a healthy way!!!!

Reality and vacation will not get me down. I kept up with my challenge!!!! Even with the Wednesday night snow issue, I did get in most of my 2 hour a day exercise. I think I am only down 30 minutes, because that snow chain trip didn't allow me to finish completely on Wednesday. The rest of the weekend I did well. A very long walk on Thursday made up about 60 minutes. Aerobic movements and couch side push ups while watching television...Saturday was a walk and yard work with my son and Sunday. well we are still selling Cub Scout Fundraiser popcorn and that workout included about 2  hours of walking and pulling a full wagon load of "supplies" to sell. I am still Mixing it up and having fun with this months challenge.

Here are some pics from my trip - enjoy!!!

Staying MOtivated MO

Thursday morning greeting - snow all around!!!

My little "home away from home"...mid-afternoon Thursday - all of the snow is melted

The view...relaxing

Another view...peacefulness

This was at the mall we paid a visit to on Friday - love this - a Fish made out of Fish

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Award Day and Challenge Update

So, I received an award sometime back from Christina. It is just so wrong that I never really officially accepted it. However, I had a plan to "officially" receive this award. I have not given up on that plan..........

“Liebster” means “favourite” or “beloved” in German. The award is to do a shout out to us bloggers with under 200 followers and since Mer & I are way below 50 - we qualify.....LOL...Award etiquette dictates that I pass this award on to five bloggers who I feel deserve it.

However, I wanted to do something fun with this and share some other Blogs that share some or part of our own Blog Name - the Losing It part, that is..........check these blogs out and see what you think. Inspiration can be found in so many places.

Shane is Losing It for the family......just got back on track after starting Law School, but has been on a journey and lost 101 pounds...don't know how many followers he has, but lovin this new blog I found.

Jenn and Karen - We're Losing It - another "team" blogging - a Mom and a Daughter on the weight loss journey together. Again, lovin this blog and feel really connected to Jenn, or is that Karen - which one is the Daughter again - ha, ha.....

and just for fun.....

Sally at Losing It in France.........this one looks fun, entertaining and you might even get a few recipes out of it - a take on eating, but staying slim in just the way the French do it........I have to admit that I only just found this and well, it looks like she has only been blogging since March of this year, but it looks pretty cool - didn't think you could find another Losing It fan - LOL

There were several other blogs with the same lingo as the one that Mer and Mo have started here, but not many of them are still up and running. I did love the one with the couple, but they have not posted anything in over 6 months......makes you wonder, where did they go???

OH - and I added a ticker to the bottom of our page - I am officially on the move with my 2 hours a day of exercise each day for 31 days. I will say that there has already been one late night 1/2 hour workout, but I am doing it and loving a challenge!! I have a busy schedule today, and missed almost all of my alarm this morning, but I did get in 1 hour at 6 am. Going to pull out two 1/2 hour walks during work and after...I am even getting in some light jogging around my car in the garage in the mornings (we had major rain today) - kind of funny, but you never know, might have another 5K in my future. Looking forward to the next 27 days...or am I down to 26 now???

Staying MOtivated MO

Monday, October 3, 2011

Why this challenge??

It makes me wonder what people think when I say that I am going to do 2 hours of exercise a day for 31 days. And then it makes me wonder too....I have a busy schedule, I have fears that I won't be able to do it, I don't want to fail, I have partners in the blogging world and I feel accountable to them, and then I hear the sounds of - WHAT!? You are going to do that much a day, each day, everyday for 31 days. Are you crazy? How are you going to do that?

It is not about the how - it is about the WANT!!! I want to be challenged. It helps me!!

I have been reviewing our posts from the last 9 months. The one post that has been viewed the most is from back in May when I talked about My Time - My Pace - My Journey. I have read that post over and over again in the last few weeks. I am still doing this the way I want to. I will not change that, but I am ready to go from the Tortoise to the Rabbit at this point. I question myself everyday lately. What am I so afraid of? What are you waiting for? Where are you going to be in a year? Why have you stopped? How come you are not moving forward (or better yet, how come the scale is moving downward?). What is holding me back?

Then this weekend I was with my friend that I mention in that one post. When I first met up with her on Saturday morning (first time in months) there was this WOW moment. Things were said like - You look good, look at your hair, look at you, spin around, how great do you look!!! And then she tells me hours later - I am so jealous of you. I mean, you are doing it, you are working out, losing weight and you have this motivation that I wish I had. I was thrilled. I could not wait to tell my sis later that night. I mean, my friend who is a size "little" is jealous of me. It gave me the boost I needed. Not that I want her to be jealous of me, but that she is excited for me, wants me to succeed and there was no "lecture" of sorts and that she was the one that was getting motivation from me. It really is a good feeling right now.

It is time for me to push myself to the next level. The next step. Stop just waiting around for it to happen. I am the only one that can make it happen. Yes, I can get help along the way, but it really is all up to me to make it all work. The eating, the exercising, the breathing, the deep thinking, the staying healthly plan of action. I want to push myself and this will be a good push in the right direction. With being challenged you have to pick the one thing that you know you can take you to the next committment, the next goal. That is what I am doing - reaching for that next brass ring.

My goal - 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour at night. However, I am going to squeeze in 30 minutes of walking while at work. We have a very slow month and I never really get out of the office, so this is the month to do it. Even with the pending rain for this week I want to get out of the office. Therefore, if I get in  30 minutes in the middle of my day I will do 30 minutes at night when my schedule is way too full.

I did well this weekend. I had to laugh that my first workout with with Richard Simmons for 1 hour. That I won't be doing but maybe once again - not really thrilled with how the workout flowed. I then put in a Leslie Sansone CD on Saturday night and then went dancing with friends. Totally got in more then 2 hours on the first day. Sunday was a Leslie workout and she really does work you out. I felt it in my hips, which really do need to be stretched and moved more (I sit at work way too much). I then did the local Street Faire in town and walked, walked, walked, (lots of stopping and starting) but was there for over 3 hours, and parked more then 6 blocks away from the festivities. Always love the weekends where you can venture out of the house and the gym.

The rest of the plan is this - mix and match my many home options. There is the punching bag, the pilates board, the eliptical, jump rope and the many tapes/CD's to play on the machine. Walking around the neighborhood, too. My sister just got a Total Gym and well, she is a short drive down the road so I can add that into some of my weekend workouts or even some evenings. I will come up with a set plan so that I can stick to it and not get bored or be all over the place with this and that. I will admit that my mind did say to me a few times this weekend - 2 hours a day - are you crazy....this first hour is going slowly - how am I going to do another hour tonight? I am not going to let the demons win - I will fight them off, just like I did this morning as I slowly pulled myself out of bed. I am feeling a bit sore, and will take Alan's advice and not push myself and avoid any injuries. Looking forward to the next 27 days!!!!

Staying Strong - Living Well .....Staying MOtivated MO