Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 87- Old habits

My thoughts from 100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle

It is a new year and new goals have been made. I am so confident and so excited to have a new start. I feel like nothing can stop me. Eventually the ideas of the new year wears off and the same family, cold weather, and work stress can always hurt my enthusiasm and it is easy to revert back to the old habits again. 
For me the one habit that I have trouble with is getting up early for my morning workouts.  The only way I have been able to get up for them is if the bootcamp ladies are going to be at the park. I feel that I am accountable to them I will get up to get my butt out there to workout, but since we have taken a bit of a break because of the holiday I of course have fallen out of habit.
With the new year, this is the time to change my routine. It is time to create new patterns and renew my goals.  Here are some things that Spangle gives examples that are making me think about the possibilities for myself and the patterns that I want to change-

  • Instead of heading for the kitchen when you get home from work, try doing something that will break the normal pattern- come in the back door, park on a different side of the driveway, read the mail instead of just sorting it, put your bags down in a different place.
  • If you always search through the refrigerator before you get ready for bed find another way to relax- taking a bath, having a cup of tea, read a good book.
  • When you sit down to watch TV switch from drinking beer to having a diet soda, a large glass of water
  • With family pizza night or froyo trip figure out how to stop yourself from joining in by making a healthy salad to go with it, but not eat any pizza and allow yourself to taste a new flavor froyo, but not get a whole serving
In this new year it is time for me to be creative and inventive when it comes to feeling connected to others. It cannot be through food. I will be making a list of all my habits and creating new patterns!

Be creative!
Be inventive!
Create new patterns!
Enjoy new habits!

Working for the inside-out,


Mer and Mo said...

Some really good ideas!!! Cheers to another succussful year to both of us and being creative, while losing the weight!!!


Miss April said...

I had gone away from a really late night snack (10-11pm) for months and all of a sudden after letting all the Christmas goodies invade my system, I'm back at square one. I think I'll start heating a mug of hot herbal tea instead of heading for a snack. My late snack has been English muffin toasting bread super toasted (crispy!) with Nutella - it's so hard to resist. I need to train myself back out of that. These are some good ideas. Food, ugh.... if only we could live without it!

Maren said...

Creating new patterns is hard I think! Just as replacing bad habits with good ones.. It's a process!