Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Can I get an 8 count, please?

The 2012 year has begun - for Mo, it's a Numbers Thing.........
  • 8 - week challenge started with Mer through Your Best Body Challenge!! A little frustrated because I paid my "doing it on my own" fee, had to redo it because of a billing address error on my part, but two emails and a phone call later I am still waiting for my "package" so I can actually be on their program. I did have a professional (my new found Boot Camp instructor) measure me, but feel a little behind the eight ball on this. Does that mean I won't "win" - oh, that's right, the only winning in this is that I keep getting healthy!!!
  • 7 - days complete (so far) of tracking food and exercise on Live Strong. Wow, what a wake up call for me in my eating!! Having it all written down in print really is an eye opener! (done it before with WW, but it has been a long time).
  • 6 - plus glasses of water a day, yes, I said PLUS....8 or more with my working out schedule for sure! Boy oh Boy am I loving it - and think the water delivery guy is loving it too (he, he, he)!
  • 5 - in the morning, waking up and getting in my daily workouts
  • 4 - days of walking with the neighbor ladies last week.
  • 3 - days of Boot Camp. Thanks Melissa and the Cosmopinkstyle group! Because of my single parent schedule I can't go back until March, but keeping up the momentum at home!!
  • 2 - days of losing my "cookies" at Boot Camp! Yes, it does happen...but remember, count 3 - I did do 3 days and survived!!
  • 1 - successful year of losing weight!! Totally-looking-forward-to-can't-wait-to-see-how-it-all-plays-out-completely SWELL Two Thousand and Twelve!!!

 oh - and the other highlight of my year so far -

  • 50 - dollars won at Boot Camp to use towards a purchase at Max Muscle !!! Can't believe it, I actually won something!!
Keep up the Momentum!!
Keep Going!!
Stay Strong!!

Staying MOtivated MO


Maren said...

I like your count! 8!! :D

Jessica said...

Great post :)

Maria said...

Ooh, you forgot another 50 - 50 more years (at least) of a healthy life!