Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 41-Motivation is a Choice

Oh man, did I needed to read this, today! Motivation is a choice! In all the reading that I do on self-improvement just this little reading from 100 days of Weight Loss (Spangle) validated everything that I have learned about creating change. It all starts with you and it starts with all the thoughts, self-talk and attitude. Even when you are feeling drained there is still motivation that can be found within you.  I generate the drive and energy in my head so my ability to do something, anything must start with me! I have the power to make it happen. I have to build it myself.  I have been doing it without understanding it. It is about building the tools in your box so when you are feeling out of sorts, not in the mood that you do it anyways.

Based on Spangle's suggestion, here are the steps that I took to create my own motivation-

1. Choose an area that you want to change-

My example- I want to workout daily

2. Invent new tricks by making a list of all possible things that you can do to move you toward it-

Here is what I do to make sure I don't miss my daily exercise-

  • Schedule it- you must write it down on the family calendar where it is public
  • Sleep with your workout clothes on- this works so I can roll out of bed and do it!
  • Set your alarm clock early and get up when if goes off- no procrastination!
  • Make sure your water bottle and shoes are ready- it is by the door so no excuses!
  • Carry weights and workout mat in car- always there, ready to go!
  • On the days there is no boot camp- write down workout for myself and I just do it!
  • Always stop and notice the changes in my body- I am noticing the muscle definition in my arms and legs!
  • Remind self that you are the only one that can take care of yourself best- enough said!
  • Reward myself by sitting quietly and enjoying a cup of hot tea and good book- non- food rewards are the best!
  • Buy flowers for myself when I do what I say I am going to do for myself- Making myself feel good is so important!

It is so hard at times to get myself started so I just create ways where I take all the excuses away so I have no choice, but get going.  This way I can just keep moving forward and making progress toward my goal of creating a healthy lifestyle change.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 40- Having an Eating Experience

I had an awesome eating experience this week on a date with my husband. I follow the @dishcrawl on twitter and noticed that they were having a Downtown SJ Dishcrawl so I bought tickets.  As we left to go, I check my twitter to find out that NBC The Feast was going to be there taping and that there were going to be 100 people at the event. So funny to see the camera man only interview pretty female dishcrawlers. We purposely wanted to just be part of the crowd and watch the dishcrawlers stuff their faces.
Our first stop was at a place called Mezcal and the delicacy that they were going to share with all of us were a few specialties- roasted grasshoppers, Mezcal tequila with worms, and melotes.
Worms were fermented in the tequila for 4 years.
They popped in our mouth like a cherry tomato and tasted like strong medicinal tequila.
I did not need to take a second bite! 
Chips, salsa, guacamole, and grasshoppers-
We think they were crickets.
They had a spicy muddy, shrimp flavor
Our next stop was a food truck- MOGO BBQ. Korean taco truck where we had short rib quesadillas and tacos. It was worth every flavorful piece.
MOGO BBQ Short rib quesadilla and tacos! Yummy goodness!

Third stop was Hanuman Thai. Where we ate pad thai, masuman curry and tasted lychee sake.
Traditional pad Thai and chicken curry over rice.
The chef  learned all of his recipes from his parents and the place has a family feel to it.
I can't wait to go back and try more.

The final stop in the discrawl was this crazy ice cream truck called Treatbot.  Crazy because they have a karaoke machine on the back of their truck for people to sing with.  I spoke with the owner who was standing outside of his truck just giggling at the crowd.  He said that his friends were joking with him to have a truck with a karaoke machine. He went on to explain that in the Philippines you find karaoke machines in the alleys and in all sorts of strange places. So since his parents had the equipment sitting around their house he decided why not do it. And the rest is history. Treatbot has tasty ice cream and entertainment.
My coffee almond fudge ice cream came in 3 oz dixie cups.
The best two bites of the night! 

Treatbot- Karaoke on the back of an ice cream truck! Crazy, but fun!

You can create an eating experience for yourself. My spouse and I are adventurous so we like to try new things and love the story behind the foods and the people that create it.  We love the experience of the new flavors and textures.  I will say that I stuck with the two bite rule like Andrew Zimmerman of Bizarre Foods who takes in the first bite to experience that burst of flavor whether it is good or bad. Then, takes the second bite to see if he should continue eating it. I learned to manage the amounts that I eat by making the decision to try everything with the first two bites and be ok with leaving behind what was on my plate. I also focused on the social aspect of the event and being a people watcher instead of making the food the most important part of the night.  

So decide what you want to focus on with your eating experience-
  • romantic and quiet?
  • energy from loud music?
  • conversational buzz? 
  • adventurous cultural experience? 
Make it something memorable, and make a eating plan- focus on flavor, textures, portion.
Have fun with it! I'm looking forward to reading about your eating experience!



Day 39- Crushing the Power of Texture

In Spangle's book, 100 Days of Weight Loss she addresses that it may not be flavor, but the texture of foods that keeps you reaching for more.  You simply love how it feels in your mouth. It is being aware of your "loves" for texture.
I am a crunchy gal. I love things that crunch. I enjoy crunchy peanut butter, prezels, crackers, chips and popcorn. I can get away with just crunching down a whole bag in no time because it is comforting to me.  Spangle says that if you are eating for texture try to identify what you may need emotionally.  I found with some observations of my habits that in the afternoon is when I crave that crunchy snack because I want something to wake me up and keep me going so that I can get my work done, get dinner going and take care of my son.  I am going to have to figure out how to get over this crunchy craziness. 
So here is the super power action that I need to take-
  • POWER OF WRITING: Whip out my magic notebook before I go for that crunchy snack and figure out what my true emotional need is.
  • POWER OF LISTING: Make a list of how I plan to deal with this crunchy craze and follow the plan!
  • POWER OF DISTRACTION: Select one of these crunchy foods and use creative words as if you were writing for a gourmet magazine
  • POWER OF PLAYING: Use your new willpower and discipline laser to pass over and blow up (in my mind) that crunchy snack
Now I feel ready to crush this crunchy craze!
What new powers will you use?


Mer's Mid-Winter Break

It's Mer. I have been on mid-winter break this week. I was finally was able to relax on Wednesday. It took awhile to get into the mode of vacation. I still did my boot camp workouts, but my heel has been giving me trouble so I have been concentrating on taking care of that problem instead of trying to push through the pain. So consequently, I have not gained or loss anything for the second week in a row, but I am not going to let it get me down. If there is one thing I have learned is that you can't let little setbacks get your down. As everyone sees that my mantra is the same no matter what- YOU CAN DO IT! JUST ONE MORE DAY! NEVER GIVE UP! Seeing those words when I comment or write the blog post helps me as much as it helps you.
This healthy lifestyle change has been hard this week because trying to give my heel time to heal.  I have to make it a new habit to massage, roll out my calf muscles with "the stick", put stinky ointment called Biofreeze and take pain relievers.  It is not something that I enjoy doing or have time for, but if I don't I will pay for it. I have to figure out another appropriate cardio workout since running will not be in the cards. I am thinking about going back to swimming laps or trying to learn how to use the husband's rollers for my bike.
Despite all that my family and I have had a fabulous week together. I love the time with my kids. It is one of the benefits to being a teacher so that I can have the same vacations with my kids. It lets me be the sometimes-stay-at-home-mom that I have always wanted to be and still be the career mom too. I think it is all a good balance.  This week we have gone to the California Academy of Sciences, Happy Hollow Zoo and Park, Playplace at McDonald's, the Valley Fair Mall and even spent a day at home fiddling around doing as we please (We never do that! This busy family is always on the move!) I even got a date in with my husband! I will talk about that adventure in the next blog post because it has to do with food.
I am actually looking forward to going back to work next week.  I am relaxed, rested and ready to take on whatever comes my way.  It is back to the basics- being disciplined in my planning, exercise, eating and thinking. Not that I took a big break from that this past week, but it is the reminder that the journey continues. I am moving forward with a heightened awareness of my actions and I hope that you do too!
Let's all get out there and seize this week.!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Small Commitments - Big Changes - Part 4


Make Small Commitments. Get Big Changes!
(complied by Micheal Dalton Johnson)

  • Don't compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.
  • Don't have negative thoughts of things you cannot control. Instead invest your energy in the positive present moment.
  • Don't overdo. Keep your limits.
  • Don't take yourself so seriously. No one else does.
  • Don't waste your precious energy on gossip.
  • Dream more while you are awake.
  • Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need.
  • Forget issues of the past. Don't remind others of their past mistakes.
  • Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.
  • Make peace with your past so it won't spoil the present.
  • No one is in charge of your happiness except you.
  • Realize that life is a school and you are here to learn. Problems are simply part of the curriculum that apprear and fade away but the lessons you learn will last a lifetime.
  • Learn a new word everyday.
  • Smile and laugh more.
  • You don't have to win every argument.

Again, just a list - take it of leave it - follow it or not - that is your choice. I notice that there are a lot of references to past in this list, makes me think, makes me wonder, makes me contemplate.

(This is the last part of a 4 part list. Once I figure out how to link the others to this blog the others will be easier to find. New to blogging - and my mind is on cold meds and is a bit mushy today, will figure it out later). 

Staying MOtivated

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cookies Cookies Cookies - already??

Those Girl Scout Cookies - they arrived!!! What do you mean, they are here? No, not yet! I am not ready for them!! For some reason I thought they would come sometime after March or even into April - but, nope - they arrived. I really planned this out when I made this purchase, with the fact that I was not going to let my emotions control the life of a little cookie. Or even my desire to have this yummy treat will not be controlled by the little smile of a girl scout. I purchased 3 boxes, with the intention that most of it would go to work. We never have sweets in the house, or at least when they are in the house they are gone before the end of the week or even before the sun shines in the morning (seriously)! Having these Girl Scout Cookies around is going to be hard, but I can do this!! In years past I have just brought them home and hidden them from my son, but no more. This year they came directly from the little girl across the street. She called last night and was so eager to have me get my 3 boxes (maybe because they have over 250 boxes to give out). So, I scrapped together my $12.00 and took in the evil little boxes.

Two of the boxes instantly went into the car for the trip to the office the next day. DONE and DONE - phew - I can do this!!! I will share my treat with others and let them enjoy my donation to a good cause. Yep, that will work. Those cookies will be gone within a day or even two. I have done good. I am even going to make sure they get put into the conference room or the kitchen area at work, rather then on my desk so there is no temptation what-so-ever. I CAN DO THIS!

Then the other box. A lovely red colored collection of Peanut Butter Chocolate Patties. My all time favorite!!! I know that I can allow myself to have a treat from now and then, but really, do I need this treat? Will it really satisfy me? If I have one, then I can have another, right - just two bites. I always look at the package and tell myself that I can have the serving size. It will be ok. Add some milk, what's the harm. Well, I can never stop at just two or even three or four. I have a wickness. I was going to avoid this temptation no matter what. As dinner came to a close my son wanted to know if he could have a cookie or two. Why sure, son, no problem! As he opened the box I could smell the moist peanut butter, I almost could taste the chocolate on my lips, but I was brave. The package got opened slowly, then with a rip of the foil wrapping the cookies almost all came dumpling out. They were out. Out in the open. Right there for the taking. What was I going to do? The foil wrapping was all but destroyed and there was no way to get the cookies back into the original wrapping. I needed to avoid the package with all my might. I was not going to put the cookies back into the box, my son will have to do this. I continued to hold my distance. I didn't move from my seat, kept working on the project that was in front of me. Told my son how to put away the rest of the package and walked him step by step on this action, because if my fingers crazed even the smallest bit of chocolate all might be lost. Oh, but wait, my son came over to my side to ask a question. The peanut butter smell was so yummy! Oh, just one cookie, come on, just one! No!! I did it. I won and not the cookie. I didn't even pull those cookies out of the freezer after 9 pm. The true test will be this weekend, being alone in the house with those cookies. I sure hope they don't start talking to me! (giggle, giggle)

The funny part is this - I totally thought about Mer's recent posting about "eat slowly" and "enjoy your food to the fullest". I had to remind my son several times to slow down. How in the world could he not just take small bites, savour the peanut butter, enjoy the sweet smell of the chocolate? I thought for a moment, let me show you how to eat a cookie - you are doing it wrong (giggle). I wanted him to take his time with this once a year treat. Just enjoy the first two bites. I am not sure if it was the sure fact that we actually had cookies in the house or that he is a growing boy or that he wanted to get back to his play time, but those 2 cookies went down in only a few quick bites. He added a glass of milk to his treat, too. My son eats fast. I know that. I eat fast, I know that. We have had to learn to slow down, savour, take the pause and enjoy the first two bites to the fullest. I am learning from this experience. I CAN DO THIS!!! I can enjoy a delicious treat from time to time, but I am still new to this journey and I need to get my life in control a bit before I can actually venture into the sweet zone. Heck, I did have some yummy birthday cake the other night and did it in moderation. However, on Sunday I was craving more of it and was so glad that the birthday girl took it home. I CAN DO THIS!!! 20 pounds down and this journey has only just begun, let it continue and I will be victorious!!! And you know what - those cookies are not going to WIN - I WILL!!

Staying MOtivated

Day 38- Food as Power

From 100 Days of Weight Loss- Spangle explains that in stressful situations that  involve food eating can be linked to your need to feel stronger or have more power in life.
I really had to think about this long and hard. At first, I thought I don't give food power, do I? It took a while to realize that I stress eat at meetings. I get rid of my anxiety by eating the snacks in front of me to make me feel strong enough to deal with the issues that were being put on the table. To comfort my boredom, to fill that insecurity.
Spangle suggest to think about ways to feel powerful, strong and empowered without the aid of food.
Here are things that I came up with that will help me have more power over my food-
  • I feel strong when I take care of myself by working out. 
  • I feel more confident and powerful because I am making positive changes in my life. 
  • I feel more empowered by taking action on things that I can control and not worrying about things that I can't control. 
  • I have a sense of accomplishment when I reasonably plan my day and carry out my plan.
Do you let food have power over you? Why?
How will you feel powerful and strong with no food involved?



Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 37- I love to eat!

I will admit that I love to eat.  I am married to a classically trained chef so we eat very well. Most of the time we eat a lot of home cooked meals where the stock is made from last weeks bones and old tops of carrots and cuttings of celery. We shop at the farmers market and get the freshest seasonal vegetables and fruits possible.  We will plan our home meals around our busy schedules by making roasted whole chicken or pork butt roast to make several meals out of that piece of meat like tacos, fried rice, odon soup, stir fry and bbq sandwiches. 
When we go out we are adventureous and love trying new foods. A little of this and a little of that makes for a full tummy! Lately, we have gone to new places that have yummy small plates at Japanese Tapas and the Korean Food Court where you have a million things to choose from. We love the people we meet because we will talk it up with the waiter and we love the stories and history behind the food that we eat.  We subscribe to several food magazines and bakery trade magazines that we have laying all around my house. My family's favorite thing to watch on TV together is Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations, Cake Boss and Iron Chef. I think about food all the time it is all around me and part of my daily life as you can see. 
We love having company over so we have Sunday dinners with our closest family and friends.  My spouse will make the main dish and our family and friends bring the sides. The main dish is always something special or something that we have always wanted to try- crab fest, seafood stew, fried chicken and waffles, couquin vin, just name a few of our Sunday dinner endeavors.  So for me the love of food and eating have to do with the enjoyment of being part of a community of close friends, neighbors and family. It is what comforts me and makes me feel satisfied.
The problem with this love is that I enjoy eating, drinking and socializing at the same time which leads me to over eat. As Spangle in her book 100 Days of Weight Loss points out- "You don't have to stop loving to eat. Just make sure that you take the time to appreciate the flavors and textures of what you love.  Remember to savor your meals and to pay special attention to the first two bites of any food. Decide whether some of your favorite desserts are truly special or if they are just ordinary, and sometimes you could skip them." So this is where I need to practice slow eating habits and the eating pause. It is all an awareness of my habits and self-discipline.  I just get caught up in the moment and let myself go overboard. My new mantra when eating will be-
"I love to eat with appreciation and awareness!"

Here is the action that helped me-
  • Write about why you love to eat
  • Write about the action you will take so that you can still love to eat, but change your habits

Small Commitments - Big Changes - Part 3


Make Small Commitments. Get Big Changes
(compiled by Michael Dalton Johnson)

  • Call your family often.
  • Each day give something good to others.
  • Forgive everyone for everything.
  • Spend time with people over the age of 70 & under the age of 6.
  • Try to make at least three people smile each day.
  • What other people think of you is none of your business.
  • Your job won't take care of you when you are sick. Your friends will. Stay in touch.

Again, just a simple list - things to think about, contemplate or just medidate on. Use it, live it or go without - that is your choose - just wanted to share

Staying MOtivated

Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 36- Slow Down My Eating

Time is my worst enemy and "BUSY" is always the word of the day. That combination makes eating slow really hard for me.  So, I am going to have to work on this. This is a good week to do it since I am on mid-winter break.  I have no deadlines, no real places to run to.  I can take my time eating.
As Spangle says, " As with any skill, listening to your body requires practice." I always eat really fast because I have to get to the next classroom to observe or the next meeting with my boss or must prep for the next lesson or training.  So, I eat at my desk or on the run and usually don't even notice the eating pause.  I am already in the car driving to my next destination and while in the car is when I realize that I ate too much.

So here are somethings to I am going to work on-

  • Set a timer so that I will be finishing the last bite when the timer is up
  • No more eating at my desk, standing up or in the car
  • Make a game of catching yourself and others at the table doing the eating pause
  • Teach the eating pause to others and record their responses in your magic notebook 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Plan with a little twist...

Weekends can be hard for me - especially when I am home alone or just home - the refrigerator, the pantry, the need to have something to snack on during the weekend is my weakness. A three day weekend was fast approaching and there is much to get done. I had a plan, a plan for success - It was going to start at about 5 pm on Friday, but I don't think my little one realized that there was a plan...

...4:00 am Friday morning came a sound down the hall of "I have a headache and my whole body aches". Thinking it was just allergies, it didn't end up that way. After a very long day of doing the mommy nurse thing I was seeing things get worse. At 5 pm I had to take a different approach. I called my insurance advice nurse. Well, when she said I should call 911 I was taken by surprise. I didn't think it was that serious, but I was the one that called for help, right? I for sure did not dismiss the advice and got the approval that heading to an Urgent Care would be sufficient. At this point we are now sporting a fever of 102 - yikes - how did that happen? Conclusion - the flu (and yes, I did get the little lecture that a flu shot each year would be wise and all that). A trip to the pharmacy, gatorade and more fever reducer. What amazes me is this - I really need to remember what they gave him at that doctors office. Was it a magic potion? What spell did they wave over his head? By the time we got home (7:30 pm) he was a different kid. No fever, no nausea and he actually ate a full bowl of chicken noodle soup. He is feeling really good today. I hear the whistling and laughter to the Saturday morning cartoons in the background and for that I am grateful.

I will admit that Friday, for me, was full of the need to munch and crunch. I didn't drink enough water and felt the effects. I had a yummy grilled cheese sandwich for dinner and graved more. BUT there is reason to celebrate - I didn't give into the voices, the temptation or the desires. Can I do it? Will I do it? YES I CAN!!!!

Back to the plan!! Even with a sick one on the mend I am still moving forward. Today is an outing with friends - Wine tasting and dinner out. I have already planned (and the babysitter has been warned of the sick one, so all is good). Wine tasting - yum - but I elected myself as the DD, so this will be a good day. I know where we are eating tonight and already have selected the meal of choice. I have a plan! Sunday and Monday I will be home and I need to plan my meals. Write them down, just like I do with my weekly schedule. So many other things to keep me busy at home too. I will not cave into the temptations that will be calling my name from the refrigerator or the pantry.

Sometimes there are twist and turns to our plans! Sometimes we are hit with this and that! Sometimes everyday life is going to get in the way! Stick to the plan, stay the course, fight off the urges! You can do this - keep it up - stay strong  - seek support when needed - know that as you continue down this path you will feel wonderful and spectacular!!!

Staying MOtivated

Day 35- My Eating Pause

From 100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle

A behavior noticed by Spangle-

While eating people-

  • Put food down that they are eating
  • Lay their fork down on the table
  • Just stop eating
This natural pause is where I should stop eating, but sometimes I miss the signal and keep eating. This where I need to listen carefully to myself.

Spangle suggest to take this action-
  • Observe others making the eating pause
  • Make it a habit to watch for the internal signal
  • Use the magic notebook and record how you recognized the pause & make note of how much you ate
  • Fine tune this technique so that you can use this tool when you can't portion out food like when you are at a restaurant or banquet. 
My eating pause behavior-

I really have to work on slowing down when I eat so that I don't miss this signal. I really should take cues from my children who both stop eating when they are full. My daughter will just stop and my son will start playing with his food so we have to tell him to stop.  I will stop eating, engage in conversation and then, keep eating. This is going to take some time to work on, but with all things I know I can do this with a little mental training before my meal. 

So, just slow down, take the time to listen to your body and notice the eating pause the next time you eat.



Friday, February 18, 2011

Pounds Off Playoff: Review: The Procrastination Equation

I love this post by Alan at The Pounds Off Playoff...a blog for weight loss fans.

Pounds Off Playoff: Review: The Procrastination Equation

From the looks of his review this books is a must read for anyone who has a bad habit of procrastinating or if you just want to know more about the current research findings on procrastination to understand the behavior of others.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 34- Listen Accurately to You!

From 100 Days of Weight Loss (Spangle)

I am not good at listening to myself because I am too busy teaching, helping and listening to others. It is what I do for a living. I am the type that is too much in my head and not much into my body.  It seems too selfish, but if I am going make this change I am going to have to listen to myself, my body and my needs accurately. 
So Spangle explains that you have to listen to your abdonimal muscles that cover your stomach. She goes on to make you think like this- "When you feel way too full, you hold your stomach, not your head. So notice the way your stomach feels, not what your head thinks, you'll be able to recognize the early signs that indicate you're feeling satisfied."

Here are the actions to take-

  • Eat a snack or meal and stop when it feels just right
  • Describe how it feels just right in the magic notebook
  • Appreciate the healthy, positive body that doesn't need to feel stuffed
  • I want to feel comfortable and satisfied when I eat

A quick share...

I sometimes cut out my horoscopes because they give me inspiration or "food for thought" (especially since I read my horoscope while I am having breakfast). Saw this one a few months back:

Relaize that to conquer new ground you may have to make some sacrifices. Things may not always go according to your perfect vision, but that's the natural way to things. Life should be simple and free flowing.
The tangle of voices in your mind is usually the thing that makes issues and situations more complicated than they need to be.
Maintain the peace and keep things easy.

Let's pretend this is not a daily horoscope and something that we should use in our everyday lives. Or for those of you that are on a weight loss journey, here is my take on it:

To conquer my weight loss I do have to make some sacrifices - all of which are good. There you go - the positive aspect of this! I am ok with giving up a little bit of extra morning sleep so that I can exercise myself to better health. I am ok with skipping the soda if it will allow me to drop the pounds. The sacrifices will be so worth the reward!

Things may not always go according to plan - that is ok! This journey will be a struggle, but I am ready for the challenge. When the scale does not have the right number or that pair of pants I really wanted to wear are just not ready for my body yet, that is ok!

Life should be simple and free flowing - yep, that is what I am doing!! I feel free, I am finding myself again, I have a new outlook on life, I have a good friend helping me with this journey and for that I am grateful. Feeling good so far, knowing that I might hit a wall now and then, but taking the steps to knock it down.

The tangle of voices - well, that is the brain wave game. Working on fighting those brain waves when I feel the urge for a piece of cake, a soda, a second (or even bigger) helping. Concurring it in all that I do, not just in this weight loss journey.

Maintain the peace and keep things easy...yep - working on that and really do feel at peace with many things lately. Life is good, I am on the road I want to be and glad that I have a new outlook on life. It is time for me and I am reaching for that brace ring. So much to be thankful for and with the weight loss will come much more joy in my life!!!

Staying MOtivated

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Small Commitments - Big Changes - Part 2

I really need this list today, tomorrow and everyday - especially during this journey of losing weight, growing more healthy and learning to do this for me!!! 

Make Small Commitments. Get Big Changes
(compiled by Michael Dalton Johnson)

  • Drink Plenty of Water
  • Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables and eat less that is manufactured in processing plants.
  • Avoid eating food that is handed to you through a window.
  • Live the 3 E's ------ Energy, Enthusiasm and Empathy.
  • Play more games.
  • Read more books than you did last year.
  • Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day.
  • Sleep for 7 hours.
  • Take a 10 - 30 minute walk daily. And while you walk, SMILE!!!

Without even knowing it I put this list into action without seeing it until the other day. I have not been to a drive-thru in over 60 days, have been sipping non-stop on my water daily, grave fruits & vegies at the drop of a hat, our house is almost 90% clear of processed foods, have been getting more sleep (and know that I didn't when I don't make it to bed sooner then 10 pm). My son and I have cut out the TV from the hours of 5 - 9 pm and we have been doing puzzles, games and spending more quality time together. And so much more!!! Glad that I found this list and am making it work for me. Hope you can make it work for you!

Staying MOtivated

Letting Your Eyes Rest on Beauty

When I have busy crazy days (hence the name of this blog- We're Losing it! It is not just for weight loss.)  I have to keep something in front of me that is a relaxing image so that when I find just minute to breathe that I just focus on it and do some deep relaxation breathing while closing my eyes or as my counselor once told me "let your eyes rest on something beautiful to relax."
For me there are some pictures that I took last year that I use on a slideshow on my computer. It only take about 3 minutes for me to just look at them and breathe....
So take a break for yourself and enjoy some thing beautiful-




I have a tendency to let my busyness get in the way of taking care of me so here are my positive affirmations to myself.

  • Make sure I eat every 3 to 5 hours
  • Be aware of my fullness
  • Take a moment for myself and BREATHE!



Day 33- Fullness Scale & Goldilocks or Pancakes

From 100 day so of weight loss (Spangle)-

Focus Question: How do you know when you are full?

Stomach muscles start to expand when you eat so pay attention to how it feels so you learn how much your body needs.

Here is Spangle's 3 point Fullness Scale-

  0= Neutral, not hungry, not full
+1= Satisfied, comfortable, just right
+2= Too full, a little uncomfortable
+3= Stuffed, miserable

So just like Goldilocks and the 3 bowls of porridge think and instead of too cold, too hot and just right think- not full, too full and just right.

Or like my children who don't like porridge, but like to eat vanilla pancakes instead think-

No pancakes now I am not hungry.
Eat 1 pancake is just perfect! I am totally satisfied and feel just right!
Eat 2 pancakes and I am feeling too full and tummy is puffy with pancake fluff.
Eat 3 pancakes and I feel like one big pancake that is miserably round and fat.

Here is where my awareness needs to heighten-
  • Work at being able to recognize when I reach +1 or the exact spot where I feel satisfied and just right
  • Work on halting the shovel. I need to stop at that "just right" place no matter what is on my plate and I have to be ok with that.
  • Write in my magic notebook how much food I ate at "just right" and add how it feels until this becomes a new habit
It helps that I did a bunch of crunches this morning so I am aware of those core muscles. I can tell that getting more awareness to how full I am is going to be hard with everything else I am working on. So baby steps all the way. I will start with one meal and gradually to all 3 so that I can really learn the lesson here.



Training My Subconscious

My subconscious mind is where I have to develop my new healthy lifestyle skills. According to Lanny Bassham's book With Winning in Mind, the amount of skill is determined by these three factors:
1. How often I train 
2. How efficiently I train
3. What I reinforce

Here are his guidelines that will help me with my new skills-
1. Catch yourself doing something right
Easier said than done! So easy to find all the things that we do wrong. Don't dwell on it.  Only think about your successes. 
Instead of saying "Why do I do that?" 
 SAY- "Next time I will be better!" 
 SAY- "That was awesome! What did I do right?" 

2. Train 4 or 5 days a week
I thought- What the heck am I training for? Oh yeah! I am training my subconscious mind to change the way I think about myself, the way I eat and how active I want my life to be. I can't get better unless I dedicate time to training my mind.  But if I do it everyday I will burnout. So with everything there needs to be moderation. I can't ignore my family and work to get this work done, but I also cannot just spend one hour a week training my mind to change. I will train my mind 4 or 5 days a week. 
3. Wherever you are, be all there
When I spend the time working on me. I am there 100 percent! I won't let all the "other" things in my life distract me. I will focus on the changes that I want to make. 
4. Rehearse with in the training session
I have to rehearse the phrases that I will say to a food pusher or someone who compliments me on my weight loss. I have to or I will revert to my "old" habits and give in to the "old" me. Since I want this change badly so I will say it out loud in front of a mirror and I will not be afraid of what others think when I genuinely take the compliment or kindly refuse food.  
5. When you are doing well, do a lot
When I am eating well, sticking to my plan and feeling good about myself it is the time to keep going and do your mental training. The mind is more open and is ready to focus since I am on a roll.  If I am having a bad day, stop trying to train. I do not practice losing that is the worse thing I can do. 
6. Raise or lover ourselves to the standard we are around
I will surround myself who are better than me and I will get better. I follow blogs of others who are not giving up and making it happen.  I need to find others who are where I want to be.  
7. Make a bet with yourself, when you win it- pay off! 
Set a specific objective that requires a special effort on my part. When I get down to a single digit size I am going to buy myself some new jeans. When I make this bet with myself I will attain this goal. I am going to reach this goal and reward myself! 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Reflecting on Valentine's Day-

I just read Mo's Valentine Aftermath. I guess a lot of people have expectations of Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day to me is so much hype and lots of candy (which I had a ton of on my desk at work.) I really did not have any expectations since it has been an emotional roller coaster with my busy, over-scheduled spouse. My mantra with most things in my life is "This too shall pass..." I figure I am married so I am constantly going to have moments when things are out of balance and the connection is not there. That is what happens with you are as a good friend terms it- "dancing in small spaces together." I don't worry too much about it because I know that love is there and will always will be. Sometimes the dance is in sync and in step perfectly and sometimes we're doing our own solos, but we work as a team on all the daily stuff so that is all that matters right now.
I always do something for Valentine's day for my kids and my spouse. Sometimes I get something back and sometimes I don't. I have learned that you can't take it personally. There is  a story behind every action.
My son did his valentine cards for his classmates on Sunday. I was very proud of him since he has trouble writing and hasn't decided which hand to use so he uses both! It took him 60 minutes to write all of them. He perserved and got it done. He took no break. Pretty good for a 4 year old. I was so proud of him. When he was finished my spouse said "This is why I hate Valentine's day. I was always forced to give valentines to people that I did not like." So of course after that comment I knew why he avoids giving valentines as an adult. 
As for the candy on my desk, I ate two pieces of chocolate and then, gave all the candy to my daughter. I told her to share it with her friends. I worked off the candy this morning during my walk and 20 minute circuit of abs, legs and arms. I am feeling really good, really strong- physically, mentally and emotionally today.
I hope you are too! When you are feeling good- go out and seize the day!



A Successful Valentines Aftermath!!

We got invited over to my little sis' house last night. It was a Valentine dinner for 4 of us. There was vegetables, steak, asparagus, salad, bread, crab.....tons of food!! Too much food. I had a little bit of all of it. Never took seconds, savoured every little morsal, only took 1/2 of 1/2 of a steak for my protein and only a few selections of crab. The meal was delicious. I will say that the asparagus was devine!! I wanted to eat it all. It was slightly steamed, had just the right amount of pepper and salt, a quick spray of Can't Believe It Is Not yummy. I am not a huge asparagus fan. Even living close to a town that celebrates the Aspargus I have learned to love it. It just has to be cooked just the right way. Fried is nice, but just by itself is even better. Put it into a casserole and not one to take more then just a very small spoonful. Asparagus soup - yum. Where I live the price of the asparagus is just right for the picking. Enjoying this vegetable to the fullest......

Then - oh no - the Valentine's came out of the school backpack. Candy, hearts and chocolate. The small snicker's bar is just one bite, what is it going to hurt? My son is not a huge sweet fan. He is picky about sweets, which I am glad for. He even gives away 95% of his Halloween Candy each year. So, he started to give it out. I had to refuse. He gave the Sugar Daddy (one of my favorites because it brings back great memories of my Dad) to his Aunt. She did not eat it, but it was just taunting me for only a few minutes and was glad I didn't listen to my brain waves.

As we headed home (after watching a hilarious Mike & Molly episode) I patted myself on the back at the end of night by not having seconds, not giving in to the chocolate temptation and making sure I enjoyed my evening. I didn't stress about the amount of food, I made sure I had a little bit of each item without going overboard and enjoyed the company. Now I know that I can't eat like that everyday, but I didn't beat myself up for my night of family togetherness. I am not experiencing the Valentine Aftermath. I am feeling good about myself and for that I am happy. I might not have had a real Valentine to share the day with, but this new healthy lifestyle is giving me the drive to make each day a Valentine in itself - to love myself.

I hope you all enjoyed your day and that you aren't having a hard Valentine Aftermath...if so, then just realize that you can overcome those temptations. You can find the drive to avoid the sweets. Take a walk. Go climb the stairs at work for your mid-morning break. You can do this. Stay focused. Continue the path of success you have been climbing!!

Staying MOtivated

Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 32- Eat Every 3 to 5 Hours

From 100 Days of Weight Loss (Spangle)-
Coppa Panini at Cafe Campbell

Eat Every 3 to 5 Hours

For me if I don't eat every 3 to 5 hours I will overeat and I will eat what ever is available. This means that I don't make the best food choices.  I will go with what is easy. So to mange hunger use the 5 hour rule and eat after 5 hours of your last meal.
Lately, I have been maintaining myself by taking a healthy snack with me in my purse so if I end up being famished I carry an apple, orange, carrot sticks or raisins to hold me over to my meal.

Here are some things for me to work on-

  • I have to use both the clock and my huger scale to tell me when to eat.  
  • Plan my meals at set times and eat within 30 minutes of designated time
  • I need to write my plan and record the times I eat.
  • Make notes of patterns like when I overeat from going too long after meals- When does it happen? Why do I let it happen?

Small Commitments - Big Changes - Part 1

Sunday I spent the day organizing my mess of a desk area. In the process of putting things away, throwing away and making the shred pile I came across a list. A variety of things that I need to put into my everyday life. Not sure where I got it or when I might have printed it out, but it gave me some great inspiration. I will share more of the list in the coming weeks, but this one part I felt was appropriate for today. Even if you don't agree in most of these it still is a list that can give you thought and a moment to contemplate. Enjoy!

Making Small Commitments - Get Big Changes
(compiled by Michael Dalton Johnson)

Your Life
  • The worst promise you can break is one made to yourself.
  • Do the right thing!
  • Get rid of anything that isn't useful, beautiful or joyful.
  • You don't have a soul. YOU are a soul. You have a body.
  • However good or bad a situation is, it will change.
  • The best is yet to come.
  • When you awake alive in the morning, thank God for it.
  • Your Innermost Self is always happy. Follow it.
  • No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.

"Staying MOtivated"

Farmer's Market on Sundays

In the spirit of change to be healthy this year, my family and I have decided make a concious effort to eat foods that are locally grown and less processed, which also means that we are eating the freshest fruits and vegetable possible and what is in season.
This Sunday we went to downtown Campbell's farmers market. It is a busy bustling market with lots of produce vendors. Our tactic is to walk down the street and check out all the produce to see what is there and who has the best looking stuff.  If there is an opportunity to sample we will and that helps us decide what to get. 
This week the winners were the multi-color carrots and the hybrids of grapefruit and oranges called cara cara. Both pictured above. We also bought some celery, Italian broccoli, a winter mix of greens that included: dinosaur kale, and rainbow bright chard,  and Braeburn apples. I also found some fresh tofu and fresh pasta to purchase. My kids were so helpful and cooperative that I bought them their favorite treat, kettle popcorn.  Yes, I had a handful to satisfy my crunchy craving and I savored the salty sweet flavor! 
I am looking forward to eating all the colorful foods that we bought this week! 
Have a Happy Valentine's Day! 



Sunday, February 13, 2011

Setting Goals to Win!

Years ago I read this book called- With Winning in Mind by Lanny Bassham. I had carefully highlighted the important parts and even post-noted the pages for easy reference. Sundays are my days to reset my goals. When I reached for my magic notebook Lanny's book fell off the shelf and the first thing I read was post-it note that I left for myself "Steps to Goal Setting." So here are the highlighted portions. It helped me and I hope it helps you as you start a new week to your new healthy lifestyle-


Step 1- Decide exactly what you want- find goals that excite you and be specific

Step 2- Decide when you want it- putting a time limit on your goals helps you to formulate a plan to achieve them.

Step 3- List the pay value. Why do you want this goal? List the reasons that are important to you for achieving the goal. The goal must be your goal. To get what you want you have to get rid of what you don't want.

Step 4- Determine the obstacles in your way- Be specific. What habit and attitudes must you change to reach your goals? Remember nothing is going to get better until you get better. You must change!

Step 5- What is your plan to get your goal? Goals with written plans are almost always reached.  Prepare a written plan to overcome each obstacle. Now the price you must pay for the goal is clear. 

Step 6- Ask some important questions:
1. Do I really believe in my plan will work?
2. Do I really believe I can you do the plan?
3. Is the Prize worth the Price?

Step 7- Schedule your plan. Scheduling is a vital part of the planning process. 

Step 8- Start NOW! You are ready to go. Begin right away. Do not hesitate 

Step 9- Never reach a goal without first setting another one. Celebrate and then, know where you are going next. Don't be without a direction.

Step 10- Never, ever quit! Stay with your plan until you finish. 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My exercise journey

My exercise journey started last year when I joined a boot camp that started at 5:45 in the morning.  It was very hard to get up in the morning and drag myself there, but I did it anyways. I was dedicated to getting myself healthy. The group started meeting two times a week and then, the instructor added another day this fall.  Now, that we meet three times a week it makes the week go by so much faster! I really have grown to love it and look forward to going. 
Now, even though it is still hard to get up. I do it with more willingly.  I feel very accountable to the women that I work out with. They are showing up to be there and it makes me have to be there with them. I don't want to miss out on anything. My instructor is always encouraging and always inspiring. I feel so much better after I work out and my brain seems to work better too. It has become a good habit and now I actually enjoy the challenge. I like how I feel afterwards: stronger, clear minded and ready to handle the stress and joys of the day. 
I use to get up and walk in the morning by myself, but I never really pushed myself. Occasionally, I would pop in an exercise DVD, but I was not good at sticking to it.  I still struggle on the days where there is not someone who is leading me and pushing me to challenge myself, but I am getting better at it.  
I also forgot to mention that on Sundays I go to my sister's Pilates Studio to get stretched out and work on my core. When Mo is in town she joins me. And I have another friend to join me on Sundays too. I really do better when I work out with others. I have found that I need to surround myself with others that also want to be healthy and want to challenge themselves. They inspire me and they keep me going. Just like all of you do everyday. 
What is your exercise journey going to be like? 
What is your plan to a healthier, stronger you?



Bootcamp Workout- Even You Can Do!

My husband left early for a soccer conference so I did not get my walk in because I did not want to leave my children alone in the house asleep. Usually I would let this stop me and I would not workout, but instead I downloaded a boot camp workout that you can do it 10 minutes and I added the abs to it. Then, did the circuit twice for a total of 30 minute workout. It was perfect because after 30 minutes my son woke up and was starving so I had to make him breakfast.
I don't eat before working out anymore I only drink water. That way I am burning the fat and going a step further towards a toned body.

Here is it- You can do these exercises with or without dumbbells. I started boot camp with light weights. I use 5 pound weights. I do 30 reps with no breaks in between.
High Knee Drill- Raise your knee as close your chest as you can and then replace the foot on the ground. Repeat with the other foot. Keep contact time with the ground to a minimum and do it as fast as you can.
Jumps- This is plain jumping, but as you jump raise your arms above your head. Jumping and raising your arms should happen simultaneously.
Jump Push ups- Perform a high jum, as high as you can go and then land on your feet and put your hands on the ground. Now, kick your feet back to a push up position for a moment, then jump back to an upright position and repeat.
Dumbbell Push-ups- begin with holding the dumbbells on the ground and attain a push up stance. Now, hold the dumbbells and perform a push up. Follow this by lifting each dumbbell alternately up to your chest in the same position. Keep your abs tight and back flat. I modify by being on my knees and when I started this I did not use the dumbbells and worked up to 3 pounds and now I can do 5 pounds.
Squats and Bicep curls with Dumbbells- Begin my holding the dumbbells at side and as you squat down, curl your biceps up and then, down as you go up.
Bench dip- sit on a bench (I use the arm of the couch) place your hands on the edge of it. Slide you bottom off the bench and keep your feet on the ground and legs partly straight. Bend your arms to 90 degrees and push back up to original position.
Crunches- on your back, knees up,  hands behind your head and back flat. Use your abs to lift your head and chest toward your knees.
Side crunches- One hand behind head, other hand reaches across to opposite knee. Do both sides.
Plank- lie on floor face down, palms on floor, push off the floor raising on toes. Flatten back in a straight line from head to heel. No sagging in the middle. Hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute.



Friday, February 11, 2011

The Ex Factor

If you have read about our Blog it is not just about losing weight, but about our crazy everyday life we lead. Today's post is just a taste of MO's  little bit of crazy......

I have to go to a Cub Scout event tonight. We are going to be sleeping in tents, doing a camp fire and all. Even if it is just at a local church ground/grass area it will still feel like camping - the cold night air, watching the stars, cooking on a camp should be fun. However, I am not too enthused about going. You see I don't have my little man this weekend. I will just be the leader, not a Mom. That will be hard since my own Scout will be coming with his father. The Ex Factor - or for some of you he is better known as Lemon! Ok - at least I think they will be coming. They have the information, they know the time, place and what to bring, but I have learned to not count my chickens until they are hatched.

I enjoy Scouting. I could go on and on - about how I run a camp of 200 kids each summer, that Scouting is way too much my life, but that would be a very long post. I have learned to be accepting of the fact that when it is not my custody weekend I still do the leader thing. Scouting is all about family and for me this has been a Mom & Son affair. I have gotten to see my son grow, learn and be enthused about many Scouting events. Heck this past year his picture was on one of the Trails End Popcorn package - he is a "star" in my eyes!!! And we get to go to Overnight Scout camp for 4 days for FREE for selling just the right amount of popcorn. Can't beat that! Opps - there I go again... on and on and on.....

But, when Lemon comes into play I have to repeat myself, play secretary, be the reminder and appointment setter. It can be very taunting. I am a very organized take charge kind of person. I keep my Scout families informed. I keep them up to date. I go above and beyond, but when there is one bad lemon in the bunch it is just hard. And I guess that would not be so hard if it was not my Lemon. What I really wanted to say is this...Lemon will not get to me this weekend. I realized last night that when I had to put my Mommy hat back on that I didn't feel discouraged (if you read yesterdays post I was supposed to be Mommy free last night, but it didn't really go fully to plan) I didn't get worked up, I didn't get annoyed (ok, maybe a bit), but I did have a good laugh.

For the moment I am loving my new found lifestyle, the need to be FREE that I have embraced, that I finally am taking the steps to get ME back. I realized this morning sitting having coffee with my little sis that I am moving forward. I am dropping weight, I am feeling good, and the change is happening. I did get divorced over 4 years ago, but have always been there to assist Lemon, keep Lemon informed and the lightbulb has gone off many many times - this time is different. I might have a moment tonight that I will feel like I am taking 2 steps back to those 10 that I have taken, but I will still feel good!! Seeing my ex tonight and into tomorrow will not discourage me. I will not get frustrated. I will not result to a pig out event. I am doing this for me and only me. My time to get healthy. My time to take a journey of change. I have a plan - writting down the plan - sticking to the plan:
  • Will walk around the church grounds after dinner for my exercise factor
  • Will walk before breakfast in the morning fresh air
  • Will enjoy a cup of tea rather then hit Starbucks on the way home.
  • Will not talk about parenting issues
  • Will enjoy the socializing with other leaders that I have not seen in months.
  • Will enjoy a wonderfully prepared dinner at home Saturday and Sunday - Christmas Present BBQ here I come!  
  • Will get to the "to do" list of life and accomplish several items! Snacking will not consume me!!!
Everyone enjoy your weekend. I know mine will be successful in more ways then one!!!

"Staying MOtivated"

*** Update - 2 people brought me tea from Starbucks, so got my "fix".....besides being freezing cold and only sleeping 1 full hour on Friday night, the weekend was GREAT - and I am down a few more pounds***

Day 31- The Hunger Scale

From 100 Days of Weight Loss (Spangle)-

Focus Question: "How do you decided when you are hungry?"

Spangle introduces the-


 0  Neutral- not hurgry, not full
-1  little bit hungry
-2  very hungry
-3  Starving, way too hungry

It is time to become more aware of this and it is time to be more prepared for when I do get hungry. When I let myself get to the -3 and I am way too hungry I don't make the right food choices for myself. I resort to eating what ever I can get my hands on and most of the time it is not healthy choices.

So, my action will be-
  • Start being aware of what my hunger signals are
  • Write in my magic notebook what the sensations are when I feel hungry
  • Respond to the hunger in 20-30 minutes so I don't get way too hungry
  • Have healthy foods on hand so I don't go on a search and eat everything in site mission




Thursday, February 10, 2011

Starting this Lifestyle Change Again!

Whoo-hoo! I am back online! I can comment and everything.
So this week I am putting all of what I went through and starting anew again. I have to for my own sanity and my own peace of mind. I was in a funk. I was letting myself down, but instead of spinning down in the abyss of despair I am taking my sharpie drawing that line and permanently moving forward.
I was going to start over on the new week on Sunday, but that is just waiting too long. Who cares what day I start this lifestyle change again  because that is what I use to do.  Now, once I decide to make the change no matter what- I am just going to do it!
So here is my plan-

  • I am going to bed to give my body enough rest and tomorrow starts out with an hour bootcamp workout.
  • I am going to keep a food log to make sure I don't eat anything that I am not suppose to eat. 
  • I am going to carry my water bottle around so that I drink enough water
  • I plan to be active today by- parking away from my office, walking to the science center to return some critters and playing at the park with my son. 
Happy Friday to you all!


Feeling good today. Feeling stronger today. I am doing this!! Put on a shirt I have not worn for a few months and it feels loser then last time. Might be the brain playing tricks on me, but I do believe I look good today. I now can't wait to get into that green button down shirt I so love that has not been worn in over a year. The arms are always too tight, but I now know that I will reach that goal in the very near future - maybe even before the weather starts to turn too warm (thank you by the way to Mr. Groundhog - looking forward to an early Spring).

I have had some emotional ups and downs in just the last 18 hours. It is amazing how just a little day can change at the drop of a hat. I am also surprised at how I am handling all of it. Older sis is having a minor medical test, but she decided to text all of us at 10:30 pm last night to tell us. Not really sure she thought about the reaction she would get from some of us on that. Keeping her close in thought today. Then I have a long time friend that I finally decided to express my concerns to about her lifestyle changes and well, the flood gates have opened up. Not getting into a war of words, just know that there is a silver lining in all of this and letting things fall where they may. I have to be strong for me, think of me (not being selfish) and realize that I am now taking care of me!! I also don't have my son tonight and well, time for this girl to let her wings out for just a moment since this single mom of one has not had a solid "mommy" break in over 3 weeks.

What I am amazed about is this - I have totally come up with a good plan of action tonight. I am staying focused and I am thrilled at how that makes me feel. Maybe it is the water, maybe it is the exercise, maybe it is the fact that the shirt and pants are a bit lose, maybe it is this new attitude in life I am finally putting into action??? Yep, for a moment I thought - comfort food - a burger, the fries (oh, and those fries that lady was eating on that TV show last night made me crave them for only a moment) and maybe even a chocolate shake (or in my case a Very Large Soda), And I don't have my son tonight...sneak a treat... but nope - not going to do it. Came up with a plan - taking a walk with a friend I have not seen in over 2 months and we are even going to do Subway for dinner. Friend time, a sandwich moment - ahhhh - taking the time to recharge, get ready for the weekend and be satisfied with the week that I have had!!!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Doing things for ME FIRST!

I am having one of "those" weeks. You know that one where your spouse breaks the cable TV, your children are sick, work is stressful, and sister's cat is being put down. Then, on top of that the internet is down at home and all blogs are blocked at work. (Don't worry I figured out how to post via email and have always had new posts and comments sent to my email, but I do feel so disconnect from Mo since I can't comment on her awsome posts! Nor can I respond to Dawn's wonderful comments.)
I could go on and on and elaborate and complain, but I refuse to let it get to me.  I have to protect my attitude and I have to take care of me! Or I let the stress get to me and I give up on this lifestyle change until I feel in the right frame of mind. I can't do that anymore. I have to push through this and keep my focus on my goals.  As a working mom, it can be so hard to care for everyone else and do everything else that I have to do. And then, care for myself. So in the last couple of months, I have changed it to doing things for- ME FIRST! And then I have enough to give to others. 

I make myself get up early every morning even on the weekends and I do something for ME FIRST! Then, I can give my all to my spouse, children and work. These ME FIRST things have been reading a book quietly by myself, practicing my ukulele, going to bootcamp or for a walk or to pilaties and my new activity is hoola-hooping with my new hoola-hoop that my sister gave to me for my birthday. I can tell you that taking ME FIRST seriously has made world of difference in my attitude, in how I can handle stress, how I do things at work and how I care for the people I love.

So, what is on your list of things to do for yourself? Remember it is-ME FIRST!



Day 30- Postponing eating

You can't just eat one….because the taste and texture lure you in to have more

So what do you do?

POSTPONE EATING-wait until the last minute to eat something so that you don't have much time to eat a pound instead of eating just a few bites.

I did this with the chips at the Superbowl party on Sunday. There was a big bowl of them and I knew that if I started early that I would not stop so I waited until after the game and right before I left to go home from the party I had a few chips, but not like if I would have just started when I got there and then eating them all afternoon long. I was glad to postpone this snack.

Keep in mind that it is all for you and by doing these things you are making healthy choices. 



What Happened?

I slipped last night. I am not sure why. Well, that's not true - I totally know why. The same old pattern - the same old thing - didn't take my own motivation to heart. Heck, even the sign on the refrigerator that says "It's not in here" I ignored. The Vision Board avoided my vision!! I had this demon visit me last night - or should I say Wave - and now I am trying to justify it. What? How can I - I didn't even try to push it away - I just let it happen. I will say that I did enjoy the slip, but really, what good did it do me. I didn't savour it. I just ate it. I just kept telling myself that I was still hungry. That the food was calling my name. Just one bite - worked up to two - worked up to three....what happened? That nasty routine I have had for years is back - I need to squash it!!! I can sit and type all these motivational aspects about how to stay on track, stay the path, yada yada yada, but I have the hardest time doing it for me. The fight with the brain wave - the wave won last night. Not going to beat myself up about it, but wanted to be honest with myself and Mer today. Going for a walk at lunch to clear my head, give me time to figure out why this wave keeps happening. This is the hardest part of the path for me. This pattern has got to stop so that I can move forward!! Writing it down - making a plan - staying on track - beat it - let it go - YOU CAN DO IT!!
and no - it wasn't a burger and fries, but this picture is a good visual effect, don't you think?

Staying MOtivated (still)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Brain Waves

A few weeks ago I stumbled onto the A&E Channel and saw a new weight loss reality show. This one is called "Heavy". This is not like Biggest Loser, not a competition, nor do they really win anything (except for the success of losing the weight - that is a win in itself for many). A&E showcases 2 new people each week. Some very overweight, some with major emotional issues, some that just need to get on track and lose the weight. Both participants get to go to a "controlled" facility for 30 days - a trainer, food prepared and the "luxury" of starting this program with the support they need to make "a go" of losing weight. Then they go home and work for another 5 months. Thus, training their brains to get to where they want to be, or strive to be. I have watched each one with such dedication, getting upset when I know I may have missed the latest and greatest. Not sure if I am watching because this is a new show or that it is something different and the clicking of the remote just won't do anymore. Just like Biggest Loser I have not gotten real emotional or felt the need to really "make a change", however last nights episode made me think.

I enjoy this show because not only did they get selected, but you actually see the struggle. I mean, come on, you have been allowed to go to a special facility, have the resources you need at your disposal, no phone calls, no home issues, no stress - you just have to be there to lose weight. I know, I know - not really a luxury for some, but what amazes me is that I got to see the anquish last night. I kept watching and wondering why this one guy wanted to be home. I thought he wanted to be there. He didn't like to exercise and just was being negative. His partner for this episode was the same way. However, I realized that even if you are selected you have to mentally prepare yourself for this journey - tell your brain, body and soul that you are on a journey to a better life. Both participants struggled with this last night. I was pleased with the outcome and glad that this episode gave me the time to think and reflect on my own journey.

That's the thing - train your brain - work with those brain waves!!

Recently I had lasik eye surgery. I was so excited to have it done. I had prepared for this moment for about 2 years, taking the time to do research, meet with the specialist and when the moment was right I was able to bid on this item at a silent auction event. However, was I really ready?? Was my brain ready? I had the surgery and had to train my brain to use my reading eye one way and the distance eye the other and make sure they blend together. I have had my ups and downs. Heck, I might even have to go back for a "touch up". I am still struggling to make sure my brain is on board with this change. Three months later I am still waking up reaching for my glasses that aren't on the bedside table. Three months later I have to think for a moment about the fuzzyness and realize that I have to keep putting in drops to keep those new eyes lubricated. It is mind over matter. I am working on training my brain and living with this new freedom.

That is the way it can be in this new challenge, lifestyle, change, journey, yellow brick road kind of trail I am taking! Train the brain - tell yourself that you can do this!! Eventually you will start seeing the words come out of your brain that say "I am doing this" - "I am successful" - "I am empowered" - I am - I am - I am! The exercise, the food portions, the food choices - keep telling your brain and the waves will come easy. When the tough waves hit be ready with the ups and downs, but don't let the downs get to you. When the wave hits be ready to tackle it with ease. When the wave hits know that sometimes you will be thrown for a curve, but get right back up and tackle the next wave.

I won't say that weight loss is easy. Heck, been there, done that - struggle, struggle, struggle. Before you start down that road you have to make sure you are going to be dedicated. You need to be motivated. You need to strive for a goal. You need to train your brain that you can do this, that you are ready to be the size you want to be. That you want to be healthy - and all those other reasons why you want to lose this weight!!

You can do it - I can do it - we can do it

Staying MOtivated