Wednesday, January 25, 2012

1 - 2 - 3...

1. Didn't have seconds at dinner last night.

2. Didn't have a snack at 9 pm last night.

3. Got 7 hours of sleep last night - might have woken up once, but it was a good 7 hours!!

4. Drank a nice glass of cold water as I woke up this morning to get my body moving!

5. Walked 45 minutes this morning, kept my arms up and moved them with the rhythm of my walking, rather then just have them at my side - good way to get a full workout!

6. Eating this morning was good, but could have been better....blah!!

1 - 2 - 3...taking all the steps will equal weight loss success!!! Let's do this!!!

Staying MO-tivated MO


Munchberry said...

Call me crazy, but that sounds like a terrific 24 hours. No glitches - means there would be no room for improvement!

I am feeling MOtivated to walk now. If you can, I can too!

Read you comment - hug. Made my day.

Maren said...

Good list! Makes me MOtivated for sure! :D

Christina said...

You're doing great, Mo! All of those healthy decisions yield great results. Keep making good choices, my friend!