Thursday, January 12, 2012

Blogger Freeze - Internet Explorer Problem

Change your comments from EMbed to Full or Popup so that
Internet Explorer users will still be able to access.

(Settings, Comments, go to Comment Form Placement -
change from Embedded below post to Full Page or Popup)

Okay - some might have noticed - Blogger is doing Threaded Comments now - however, with Internet Explorer you can't see a blog, comment, your screen is freezing, you can't scroll down! I did some research, think I fixed it on our Blog - hope this helps many of you and hoping you go change it - I am having MAJOR withdrawels today (and yesterday) - can't comment or even read your Blogs!!!



Michele said...

Thanks for the tip!

Hey, I tagged you two today. It will be fun!! Michele

Karen@WaistingTime said...

Oh I know many bloggers who use blogger (that sounds odd) who will be quite happy with threaded comments.

Mer and Mo said...

@Karen - just wish the threaded comments would start already - because I am still having the "freeze" problem. Can't comment on other blogs, can't read some of them. My first frustration with blogger...I am going through withdrawels here!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mer and Mo said...

I had no idea there was a problem. Thanks for fixing it MO!

rmsmi said...

It works! Thank you!

Christina said...

I've been having big problems with blogs that use Disqus for comments. Hopefully Blogger and Disqus get things straightened out soon!

How's your time away from blogging?