Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 88- I do care!

The big ideas from 100 days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle:

When you are feeling down and want to give in say these things and give them a spin-

I do care! I will always care! And I will make it!

When you want whatever is easy as pie and your not feeling your worth. Take a moment to remind yourself-

You are worth it! You deserve to improve your life! You deserve to improve your health!

When you just don't feel like sticking to your plan and you don't want to take a stand just think of this-

Never give up! You can do it! Just hang in there!

Just remind yourself a dozen times a day and no matter how difficult it has been that-

I do care!
I do care!
I do care!
I do care!
I do care!
I do care!
I do care!
I do care!
I do care!
I do care!
I do care!

Working on caring from the inside-out!


Leigh C. said...

Thanks for this! For once in my life I have the mindset that I will not give up!!!!!!!!!

Tish said...

I like that book. I have to admit, tho, that I've never made it to day 88. More like day 25. She does have great ideas, tho. I liked the one about don't eat that tempting food unless it's the best--I love pecan pie, but don't eat it unless my sister made it.

Mo asked about the cartoon on my blog. It's from the Nike+ site. My own nike+ hasn't worked for a while--I think I need a new one so that I can activate my little Nike+ gal.

A belated happy blogaversary to you both. Best friends are great.

Chubby McGee said...

I love this post because it's SOOOO true! We are worth it and it's so easy to forget that and just cave in and grab those doughnuts or that candy bar and then go home and couch-potato ourselves. But...yea...we ARE worth and and we DO care because we WILL make it!!!

Thanks, Mer!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Great point, and it doesn't just apply to weight loss. You could tell yourself the same thing about staying in school, working hard on a project at work or getting your house organized. The way we talk to ourselves can make all the difference.

I'm Jackie... said...

"I do care!" It looks great in print and feels even better when you say it out loud. Great post to help re-enforce New Year's goals. I think I'll have to check out Linda Spangle's book and be sure to visit your blog daily. Thanks for my new mantra.

Maren said...

I loved this post! It's so positive, and I need to reinforce myself more you know! Good stuff! I DO care about my own health!

Mer and Mo said...

@Maren- We DO care about you and your health, so get back on track, girl!
@ I'm Jackie & Karen@fitnessjourney- I am finding that self-talk is the best way to build willpower! You go, Girls!
@Chubby McGee-YOU ARE SO WORTH IT! And don't you ever forget that! :)))
@Tish- Plough through the book! it is so worth your time reading it over and over.