Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 86- Minimize the Damage

My thoughts from 100 Day sof Weight Loss by Linda Spangle

I love the twist and new perspectives that these readings give me. Just when I think I don't want to do this anymore. It is just too hard. I read something like today's reading and I think- "Why didn't I think of it that way?"
Spangle discusses the challenges of being on a diet, but it is the metaphor that help me see it in a different light. She explains it like this-
If you leave your children with a babysitter, you don't forget you have kids. In the same way, going off your diet doesn't mean you can forget you have one. Instead of giving up when your are faced with difficult times, stay on your plan by using the simple phrase, "Minimize the damage!"
DOH! Why didn't I think of that?
Spangle packs this reading with all these strategies-
STOP when a challenge hits you and do one of these things:
  • sit on your hands
  • leave the room
  • brush your teeth
  • throw out the rest of the food
  • focus on the two first bites
  • get away from the table and do something else
When feeling weak and you are about to give in just say-
"Minimize the damage!"
"Minimize the damage!"
"Minimize the damage!"
"Minimize the damage!"

Working from the inside-out,


Miss April said...

I needed to read this post about 10 days ago..... :)

Mer and Mo said...

You know, just reading the first few lines I was not thinking of food. I was thinking of the things that make me stress and when I don't follow my exercise plan how the damage can be done in such a short amount of time. I am working on minimizing the damage and have started working out daily again. I feel good, knowing I look good and even got a compliment today. Really old never been able to fit sweatshirts are going on with ease!! So, yes, I am minimizing the damage by doing my body good - keeping the stress at bay with the help of a good walk, or just plain movement!!

Having a GREAT week MO!!!!!

Maren said...

I like this post. Minimizing damage. It makes sense to me!

Leigh C. said...

Words to live by. Thank you:)

Virtual Paul said...

I love simple "rules"...they seem to work best for me!! BTW I "followed" your blog.

E. Jane said...

Very good strategies. Sometimes minimizing the damage is the best we can do, and it's always good to do our best. Even though it may not be ideal, it's better than giving up, because we're still in the game and some a sense of "doing something."