Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I am letting my busy schedule get the best of me. Emotional eating will not get me to my goals. Getting a handle on my life is the first thing I need to do - the rest will follow.

I got out of control today. It was un-called for. I let the food win.

Tomorrow is a new day, back to "cracking the whip" and making sure that the exercise equipment will be calling my name louder than the kitchen!!!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


We feel more confident when we are hitting our goals. We feel more confident when we are doing things that we enjoy. We are more confident when we are hitting goals once, twice and so on and so on. We are more confident when we see the results on the scale and in the mirror!!! Confidence is what I am lacking at the moment.

Today was another day of catching up on DVR'd episodes while I was working on my computer looking for actual real work, typing up agendas and sign up sheets for the PTA meeting (yes, for some reason I am now NOT the PTA president of my son's school - didn't think it required this much work - oh, was I wrong, but it is keeping me busy during this out of work moment I am having (won't it also look nice on my resume'....mmmmm - wonder).

I hit play and had on the TV the next episode of the ABC show "Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition". It was Episode 204 (season 2) that featured Ashley. As I listened to this episode (watched some key moments) there were moments where I was hearing the fact that Ashley had not been confident at the beginning of her journey. She worked on her goals and even when she didn't hit certain goals at her 3 month deadline and her 6 month deadline she still kept moving forward. She started to get more confidence. She was smiling more, she was energized, and even when she came to her final weigh-in she didn't care what the scale said, just for the pure fact that she was happy at how she had changed her life in the last year.

I too, remember feeling this way when I first started on the We're Losing It Challenge Mer and I started. I want to get that feeling again. If Ashley can do it, why can't I? I feel like a confident person, most of the time. I am a lovable person (most of the time). I seem to get along with many people and have many other people that enjoy my company. But, the confidence in me - that is lacking. When I was losing weight left and right I was feeling good, energized and ready to see what the next size of pants was holding for me.

Have to get that confidence back. I can't let this being out of work moment win - I need to beat it at its own mind blowing game. Looking forward to the next step in my confidence, weight loss journey!!!


Monday, October 15, 2012

Words to share

Want to share so much with all of you today - but because I am short on time, and well, my head is about to explode with all I do want to write, just going to share with you this quick message.

I have been catching up on my numerous DVR'd episodes of the Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition shows. If you have not seen it, it is with a Trainer named Chris Powell. The show is on the ABC network in the US - where Chris selects and works to transform people who are well over 100 pounds to loss the weight and become healthy again. I have watched, and been listening to many of the great things that were said and want to share with you today. I hope that these "words" can give you the Kick or Drive you need to get to your goals on a weight loss journey. In no particular order:

Believe in Yourself

Love you Inside and Out

Obesity will kill You

Find your own Identity

Change is good - just let go and move forward

Its a Lifestyle

One Day at a Time

True Happiness is enjoying the journey - 
not the final goal

Take care of you FIRST

What happened to You?

Don't fall victim to Excuses

Take care of your Body

Step out of your comfort Zone

The less sugar you eat, the less you will Crave

Keep going, even when life gets in the Way

I know what needs to be done - why don't I do It?

Fall down, but get back Up!

The hardest part is putting others on hold 
to take care of You.

You are worth It.

You need to find the Want!

Embrace the Journey!

Choose to love Yourself

Reward Yourself


A Goal



Feeling Blessed

Keep Moving

Don't give Up

Fight the Demons


A new Person

Wishing you all a spectacular day!!!