Tuesday, February 28, 2012

All over the place...

Time flies when you are having fun - or actually, when you are unemployed. I have been very busy. Had company for a few days. House to clean, Went to visit my older sister. Had a dinner to put on for the Scouts. Applying for jobs. Follow up doctor visits. Did many hours of volunteering, working on my sons schools box top mailing so they can earn money with Box Tops for Education, too. Keeping busy is good, but I want a set schedule again. Wondering how I got all of this "extra" stuff done when I did work fulltime.

Then there is the fact that my brother was in a terrible accident more then a week ago. He fell about 10 feet down from a cabin sleeping loft area (an area that is an open space above a family room) - I know he wishes he could say it was a terrible skiing accident, and it was in the Lake Tahoe area, but unfortunately he did not have those set of skies on - 5 am in the morning, venturing to the ladder and well, he mis-stepped. He did major damage to his body and it will take several months to heal. We are grateful that he is alive, can still walk and there does not look like there will be much long term damage to his body, but only time will tell. So, I have been dealing with phone calls, updating relatives via email, all the while feeling like I should have driven up to the Reno area to be with him. My little sis made the trip up and after 4 days they were able to transport him home, with the proper back brace contraption. I had a one day conference near his home this last Saturday and since this was a long term plan to visit, the timing was perfect. I am glad I was able to visit him and my sister-in-law for a little more then 24 hours. I was able to enjoy quality time with both of them, even taking their dog out on a good walk - more like a climb - as the hills in the park they like to visit is very steep - it was a good cardio workout for me. I even had a good laugh memory with him, as he reminded me of my father many years ago with dealing with getting him things he needed, laughed at his list he kept track of, asked me to take things down to the garage, helping him up off the couch and well, I know that he is for sure my father's son. Grateful for the support he is getting and glad that he is better then originally thought.

Here is the other thing about being unemployed (as this is my first adventure in this field) -  you never really have a set schedule. You use the small space heater more, as it is too expensive to run the full house heater all day. You know who the new dancers are on Dancing with the Stars (yes, I really do know). Your kitchen always seems dirty. There is tons of paperwork that you should have gotten to months ago that seems to grow and grow as you organize it. The laundry is not being done on a regular basis. This morning I knew that I needed to start having a more regular routine when my son said "Mom, how many days have you worn that sweatshirt?" - I asked if it smelled and he said, "No, but you have been wearing it a lot"....So - set schedule is the plan. Up early each morning, in the shower right after a good workout, tackling the "to do" list one step at a time and when I get called for an interview, I will deal with juggling my day as best as possible.

My follow up doctors appointments, that have me dealing with a heart flutter issue, thinking it was my thyroid causing me issues....well, now they have possibly found a blood clot issue that is described as my blood clotting up as it goes into the left ventricle and since it can't make it into the heart, it then heads into the lungs, thus making me feel like I sort of have to catch my breath, but then feeling a fluttering issue. I had two more tests last Friday, have a follow up appointment with my cardiologist tomorrow and he said that the worse case scenario is that I will have to get on blood thinners. With all of that news, I am having to get COBRA insurance - as if many of you might know, this type of insurance can put a huge dent into your checkbook, even with having a fulltime job. I do have leads on getting my own insurance that will save me, but that will take time to look into and make a decision...so that is something else I am dealing with.

Even with being busy and not keeping the calender straight I am doing pretty good with my losing weight journey. I have not given up completely, but I am struggling. Yes, I have been losing inches - as many of my shirts and pants are even loser in the last month, but I am still fighting and struggling to get rid of 5 pounds. I have many many more then 5 pounds to go, but I have been up, down, down, up for many months and just can't seem to get those darn 5 pounds to go away and stay away. My goals to get back to 100% on track:

  • Water in hand 24/7 - I have been neglecting it
  • Exercise at 5 am on 3 mornings a week 
  • Track my food using livestrong.com
  • A nice cup of tea before heading to bed - fills me  up and helps me avoid the nighttime snacking.
With all that news - yes, it is a lot to take on - I am doing my best. I have a great support, group of friends and my family, I have only hit a wall once, picked myself up and kept going. I am looking forward to seeing Mer this coming Saturday, as we come to the end of our eight week boot camp challenge. I might not be the winner, but I am going to finish strong!!!!!

Going to do my best to catch up on the blog reading, but for now have to go balance the check book, pay some bills, apply for another good job prospect I found last night and then I am going to take lunch to my son today - he will enjoy the visit from Mom!!! Wishing you all a great week - stay strong - keep smiling and life is what it is, make each day count!!

Staying MOtivated Mo

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Who is in Charge?

Ok, the last week, I was stuck. I was stressed. I did not stick to my plan. I just couldn't. The MOtivation felt like it was just drained out of me like when you pull the plug in the bathtub and the water whirlpools down, down, down, down....
I did not get up for my workouts like I usually do. I did not pre-plan my meals like normal and I did not care. Do you ever have moments like this? No matter what I did I could not get myself to do any of it. At first, I just told myself "TOMORROW, I WILL", but tommorrow came and I did not do it. Then, I went through an angry day of being "MAD, MAD, MAD" , a passive day of  "OH WELLWHO CARES?" and finally the bargin day "OK, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!" My mind and my body was exhausted from being a mom, teacher, student, leader, wife, taxi driver, personal shopper, maid, gardener, housecleaner, laundry bitch and disciplinarian. No where in that list was caretaker for self. Now, I could keep complaining about it, but instead I am going to do something completely different-

 I am going to "GET BACK IN CHARGE!"  I was able to do this. This morning I got up and started the Couch to 5K program app on my itouch, and tomorrow I will get up to do this. I will keep doing the Supreme 90 workouts. Yes, I am going out of town for a few days, but I have to stick to my plan since I have to finish this 8 week challenge strong and it is time to upgrade the workouts since part of my lost of motivation was that I hit that plateau again. I watched a short video on how to get out of the plateau and one of the suggestions was to add some cardio to your workout. So I decided to do just that. 

Since I am on mid-winter break this week. I am going to get back the time that I wasted and really take care of me by exercising, tracking my intake and doing things that I want to do.  I still have to be a mom, student, and wife this week, but I am also going to be the caretaker of me! No one is going to stop me from that.  I am drawing a line in the sand and stepping over it to be renewed and re-committed to my goals. 

I am in charge of my do it now actions!
I am in charge of my food intake!
I am in charge of my daily exercise!
I am in charge of my can-do attitude!

Who is in charge of you?

Charging forward at full-speed,

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pausing....reflection and knowing I have support!!!

We take this pausing moment to catch up on all the paperwork, housework and things that need to get done. I am doing good this week. The hunt for the job is on the front burner, but there are other things on that burner too - like I said, the house has to get cleaned, but there is also the revised child support paperwork that has a deadline of tomorrow. Long story, and something that has been in the works for months (not doing it for the fact that I am now unemployed). There is also my taxes - those will go in the mail to my accounted today...ah - paperwork, gotta love it, but it does need to get done.
Many other things are keeping me busy. I helped out with a Scout mailing, picking up my son early from school has been nice. Not sure where I used to have the time to work 8 hours a day - LOL - My stress test yesterday went pretty well (more on that later), but it did take up 3.5 hours of my day. I felt like my whole day was pretty much gone. I have done the grocery shopping and am ready to prepare many meals for the coming weeks....chili, soup, lasagna, three different chicken casseroles, rib-lets and I got a great price on a pork roast that will go in the crock pot one day. I had planned to do this last week, so this is good to have ready to go meals with my new finding a job schedule - or when I do get a job I don't have to worry about rushing home to cook a full meal. Just pull it out, pop it in the wave and walla - instant meal!!
I have been working out, too. Many a times I have taken in a walk with my neighbor. Even had to turn her down yesterday because I was working out in my sisters gym. Yesterday it was 30 minutes on the elliptical glider and then I did the total gym workout. My arms and legs are not as soar, so I know that I have been doing my body some good and the muscles are not as tight as they always have been in the past. My eating is not out of control - I guess that is a good thing that I am keeping busy, then I am not busy in the kitchen munching.

Oh - and yesterday was Valentine's Day. I don't have a Valentine of sorts, but do have my son and we enjoyed a wonderful day together. He gave me a lady bug Valentine and then we enjoyed dinner out with my sister and my brother-in-law. I got a card from my sister and inside was the fact that she went and paid off my car loan. Yes, I still need to pay her back, but she said for the moment this will help me put that money to another bill (like the electricity or groceries) - take the pressure off for the moment. I only had a few more months to pay off the car, but I am speechless. For one, I am not sure how she found my payment slips or when she came into my house and could find them in the midst of the huge paper mess I had at my desk, but she did. The funny part was the fact that when they went into the bank and she told the loan officer that she was there to pay off her sisters car loan, the lady behind the desk asked "can I be your sister, too?"

I really am blessed. I have my health, I have family, I have friends. My neighbor checks up on me during the day with little text messages. I have another friend that lives out of state and sends me nice text notes that give me the smile I need when I am feeling down. Other friends are calling. I have gotten many well wishes from my bloggy friends, too. My son is keeping me laughing!! This road is going to be hard, but I know (really, I do) that I will make it up this hill and that support will be there to catch me when I happen to roll back down.

Struggling with not having a job, but not struggling with the fact that yes, I am pausing and reflecting, and I know I have support!!!

Staying MOtivated MO

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Roller Coaster

It has been a roller coaster kind of weekend. I am up, then down, crying the next, ready to tackle the world at the next second, but then down again. I am sure those feelings will come and go until I find a new job.

The highlight of the last few days has been the fact that my resume was actually already updated on my computer. The only thing I had to change was my address and a date, so I was happy that I didn't have to do a huge daunting task. Then I did a cover letter that needs to be redone, but it did get done. I think I had a lead of sorts. Got a FB email from a friend that wanted to get my resume, so that has already been emailed out. I applied for unemployment. I did some other research on public assistance and until I know what I will be getting for unemployment I don't know if I can apply. I have had many messages of support and even think there is another lead of a job where I already know someone that works there (that can be good or bad, but it is a lead). I am confident that I won't be down for very long, but this is hard.

I have looked at my positives in this. I was stuck at my last job. There was no drive in me. There was not incentive from my employer to try harder, it was the same thing each day. This change will motivate me. Heck, I can get back to working in accounting, or processing contracts, or doing dispatching, or answering phones, or a personal assistant, maybe weekend catering, I even have a degree to go back to teaching or substitute teaching - the possibilities are endless. And yes, I am a person that will apply to McDonalds if I have to. Used to work at Baskin & Robbins Ice Cream  - maybe cake decorating is in my future again.

The working out is a good outlet for me. It keeps my mind busy, but not busy. Did a 45 minute walk with my neighbor on Friday, worked out for another 1 hour at my sisters gym. My issues with Saturday was the fact that I did not workout. I ended up going dancing with girlfriends late on Saturday and I was energized and feeling better after that, so realized that I should have done some sort of exercise on Saturday morning. Keeping busy is going to be my saving grace. I need to stay upbeat for not only myself, but for the health of my family life. My son needs me to stay upbeat. Yes, I will have my crying moments and not that I need to hide it from him, but it will make him support me more if he does not see the emotions.

So - goals for this week:

Workout each day for at least 1 hour a day
Keep staying positive
Apply to 10 jobs (if there are 10 out there)
Put my resume onto every job finding website - how many are out there
Stay strong - no matter what!!! (not sure I sound convincing on that)
Track my eating
Drink water, water, water.
Walk to pick up my son from school each day - that is 4 miles round trip - another good way to exercise and spend time with my son - that I am looking forward to.

Oh, and I have my stress test on Tuesday. I have insurance until the end of the month, so hoping they do not find anything more wrong with me at this point. I figured I should do the test to make sure that I am okay from head to toe. If I have to pay for my COBRA insurance at that point, then somehow the money tree will appear in my backyard.

Better get going - my CBS Sunday Morning show has been over for the last 45 minutes - much to do, plus have to count the Box Tops for my sons school - yes, volunteering will keep me busy, too!!!

Promise - still and will continue to -

Stay MOtivated MO

Friday, February 10, 2012

New Chapter

Do you ever wonder if there is someone out there that is (or has) written up your life and totally knows what is going to happen, but they neglect to share it with you? I feel that way many times. I am not that religious, but did grow up with a great religious background. Which explains that there are times that I feel that God has this book of my life, written, published and well, I wonder how come he neglects to tell me that he has turned the page and the next chapter of my life is about to begin. Like the time my Mom passed away and then 8 months later my Dad passed away. The joy of paying that first mortgage payment on the very day my then husband lost his job. Or even realizing that my marriage was over before it even was evident to me. There are happy moments in that book - the joy of getting a college degree, being blessed with a healthy child, actually owning a dream home, having strong friendships and so much more!!

However, there are those page turning moments that you just wonder - how come I didn't know that was going to happen (or did I)? Well, just about 3 pm California time yesterday, the page was turned and another chapter was about to begin. Not really sure how I feel. I guess I could say I am numb, have had my crying moments, made tons of jokes and yes, yes, I did go out to eat with my little sis and I had tons of comfort food. But, wait, don't worry, even if that hamburger, fries and chocolate shake (yes, I did) pushed me over the edge calorie wise for the day (and for maybe 2 more days) I did make sure I exercised. As soon as I got home yesterday I got in a full 45 minute walk with my neighbor. It was a very fast walking pace, as the kids were riding bikes and we wanted to make sure that they didn't feel like they were going too slow.

There are positives to look at with this new chapter in my life:

I have tons of time to get ready for Scout Day Camp in June
I get to pick up my son from school earlier in the day
I can start my spring cleaning now rather then never
I can have a garage sale
I get to catch up with friends in the middle of the day.
I get to apply for food stamps
I have a nice retirement fund that I would not have gotten.
That child support claim I am now filing, well, I am confident that it will rule in my favor now.
After 23 years of being in the workforce I get to learn how the unemployment system really works
I get to update my resume
I get to bone up on my interview skills (if I do get an interview)

and the best part - I get to workout more, with more intensity and will be a skinny bitch in no time!!! The guys will be all over me, I will be more confident, those back of the closet moments will be fast and furious and well, there are many other positives in this new chapter of my life.

Yes, I sure hope you have guessed it by now, I was let go from my job. I have worked there just a bit over 5 years. This is a new aspect for me, because I have been in the work force for over 23 years, heck I think about 29 years, including counting my college years because I did work during my college breaks. There has never been a lapse in my working career, moving from one job to the next within days. I will bounce back. It has always been easy for me to find new jobs and many jobs have fallen into my lap. This is just going to be a hard few days, weeks and I hope not months for me because oh, I don't know...what is it they are saying - finding work is hard. I think I read that one or two times in the last few years.

However, I am doing okay...give or take the fact that my alarm was not set this morning, I was wide awake at 6 am, and after I went to the bathroom I cried really hard because there was the fact that I had no place to go today. I don't even have to get my son ready for school, because he is at his Dad's for a school holiday. Yep - a bit hard this morning. Oh, wait, yes there are places to go- unemployment office, and California does have this great program that single mothers can apply for that gives you the opportunity to get milk, eggs and cheese for free. Many things to do on this busy first day of unemployment. I am looking at the positives, mixed in with some of the negative, but going to enter this next chapter of my life with a good attitude.

Just remember this, when another chapter has ended, another one is going to begin!! New chapters, new experiences....a smile, a skip in my step and cheers to my sooner then later skinny bitch moment!!! Gotta run...or walk - off with the neighbor for our lap around the neighborhood. Have a blessed day and when you think that your book has been written, just look at the positives of what that new chapter in your life will have in store for you. I am !!!!!

Staying MOtivated (and upbeat) MO

Thursday, February 9, 2012

What is your Age?

Thanks to Roni over at Roni's Weigh for giving me something great yesterday. There is this website - Real Age - where you can take a quick (okay, it takes about 10 full minutes) test to figure out your age. Even if we are at age 30, you might really be 22 years old. With a good diet, exercise program and healthy living you can be younger then you really are, health wise. Recent seasons of The Biggest Loser television show (US) have the contestants meeting with a doctor not only to talk about their overweight health issues, but they have now added an age calculation. I was in shock and amazed at how some people were really age 45 and because of their weight / medical issues they are calculated at an age of 60 years old. That is 15 years. Wow!!! They then get re-calculated one or two more times during their transformation. It is wonderful to see them go down and even go down further because of what they are doing to their bodies in the weight loss / healthy living process.

Questions range from - What are you concerned about (health wise), to how much do you exercise, or what about what you eat, how many vitamins do you take, do you drink alcohol, smoke, been around second hand smoke, do you participate in weight training? There are four parts to the test - Health, Feelings, Diet and Fitness. Take the 10 minutes - see what your age might be. The website is free to subscribe and I am finding  that it has many other helpful tips that I can use to support healthy lifestyle. Thanks Roni for the tip.

I was so excited to take my own test, because Roni came up with a 8 year lower age range. So, maybe my age would be different for me too?? However, I knew for certain I was not going to have a lower age, oh, well maybe I was hoping for a drop of one or two years. Roni has been doing this healthy living lifestyle a lot longer then me, so her number is going to be better then mine. I for sure was hoping that it was not going to say I was 8 years older then I really am. I get compliments from time to time that I don't look as old as I am. In fact, one of my guy friends thought that I was another girl friends daughter and we had a good laugh over that because this other lady is only 9 years older then me. It must be the fact that I have really good looking skin - yeah, right - or my wonderful smile  - hey, I can think that way, right?

I have just finished a round of good health doctors visits, so I had some of my blood test results to help me with the test. (if you don't have the exact numbers, it allows you to select from high, average to low, but having the numbers helps). I was clicking away, answering the questions with little thought or more thought based on what was being asked. I had to make sure I was being honest, or the test would not be accurate. A yes there, a no here....the anticipation was building!

My current real age: 44.3

My age according to the Real Age website - 44.9

Older by about 0.6 months.

I didn't read the full extent of my results, as there was no real time to do so (and will go back to the website again), but I can already guess what the website will say...........

Of course, my weight - that is a given.

Incorporate weight training into my workouts.

More sleep (only getting about 6 hours right now, really should strive for 7, and of course 8 is the best)

Take a daily vitamin (that is daily, not just every now and then).

Floss more

Can't change anything about family history, but I can be aware of that history and make sure I am getting and staying healthy.

Get a hold of how I handle stress. (this I have been working on and I will say that the saying "it is what it is" helps me a lot lately - LOL - see, I am laughing, so that is a stress reliever, right?)

I was not as successful with my age being lower as Roni was (or for many of her followers, based on their comments). However, this result does give me something to work on. I am going to update it on a 6 month basis and see if goes down.

What is your age? Take the test - you might be amazed and surprised.

Staying MOtivated MO

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

January with Mer and Mo

Okay, I did promise that I would talk about my short weekend visit with Mer. Well, it has been about two weeks...man, where does the time go???

Friday night (1/27) there was to be a surprise party for Mer at her favorite Sushi spot. Her husband had set it up all, the email notices went out and a few text messages later I was very excited. One of our college dorm mates was going to join us, too. I did my 1.5 hour drive over and didn't even get lost at the last turn coming off the freeway (I don't like driving in the California Bay Area - too much traffic). Just moments after I arrived at the restaurant I decided to check my facebook account. I could not stop laughing because Mer had a post that said something like not feeling good, but not feeling bad, ever feel that way. I could almost for certain tell that she had had a rough week and was probably looking to relax. All the guests arrived and finally Mer and the family were there for the big surprise. Mer was in fact surprised. Even if she didn't feel like having Sushi at first, she totally changed her mind when she saw a room full of family and friends.

We had a wonderful dinner. I am not a sushi fan...just can't do it. I did, however, ordered the Mackerel Fish. There was plenty to share and I was happy to do so. Mer's sister ordered the special and it had tons of vegetables, that we also shared. It was a sharing kind of meal, as Sushi should be. Many laughs - including that the TV in the restaurant was playing the movie Hancock and it was in Spanish and had the closed caption going on on the screen. We enjoyed a Guava Cake from Mer's husband bakery (and she was happy to have her Mom take home the leftovers). We got to eat the Birthday Cake with chopsticks. That allowed me to avoid the frosting, for fear that it would fall all over my shirt because the chop sticks just didn't hold the creamy goodness together.

Saturday it was off to soccer practice for my god-daughter and with that Mer, myself and her son took a walk in the neighborhood. We stopped for coffee and chit chat at a local coffee shop. We then took an adventure and headed up the road to a freeway overpass so that we could wave at the cars going by down on the freeway. Mer's son is 6 and well, it was just wonderful to see the laughter and excitement on his face when we were hearing horns honk and many people were waving to us from their cars. I think I had the same excitement on my face, for this was the first time I had ever done something like that.

We headed to the local park so that the soccer team could have their run and then a jumba juice fix. More walking and talking. It was turning out to be a perfect day. Homeward bound left us the option of heating up left over pork and Mer did an excellent job of turning it into tacos. They were so yummy. She added a lightly seasoned batch of cucumbers, spinach and other greens into a salad. Her 14 year old and myself fought over some of the delicious greens.

I had to head home for a Scouting event on Sunday....so that was the end of our friend moment together. I really wish it could of been longer. However, we both realized that this was the perfect moment to recharge both of us. Not only did we get good quality friend time, but we got to see each others progress and encourage each other !! I can't wait for the next time to have more Mer and Mo moments!!

Sorry to say there are no pictures of us together. I don't know why, but it always seems like we are taking pictures of others....really need to do those progress photos (and Mer you know I am right).

Call your friend this week - catch up - take the moment to send her a card - it might just recharge you!!

Staying MOtivated MO

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


We have gotten 10,000 hits on our blog - so excited!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all of you for you support, views, comments and well, 10,000 hits!!!

Stay Strong!!
Staying Motivated!!

Mer and Mo

Ouch - oh, my legs

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you know you have not worked out as much, so then you work out a bit more and then........many muscles in your body are sore? To the point where you are saying Ouch every time you move?

When I got on the treadmill this weekend I was disappointed that I was huffing and puffing too much during my 30 minute workout. Why was that? I come to find out later that the treadmill was on a slight incline. Oh, that would explain it. Because the next day, back on the treadmill, we reduced the incline (you have to do it manually on this machine) and wow - what a difference. However, I was glad that I had that incline the first day. Now as I get up from a sitting position I can hear myself saying 'ouch, oh, my legs". As I walked down the hallway I felt myself not wanting to even stand up straight. Ouch, oh, my legs....

The good part - I am so looking forward to doing more working out. Even if my mind is saying - Ouch, oh, my legs...I then hear myself saying (and pretty loudly) - "I can't wait to do it again"

I got measured yesterday as a 4 week follow up for my Best Body Challenge I am doing with Mer. My boot camp instructor thought it would be best to see my progress every 4 weeks, rather then wait the full 8 weeks. I know I didn't do that grand this month and I am not going to list any excuses, I just didn't do that well. However, I am happy to report that many of my numbers went down. Nothing spectacular, just a point here, a 1/4 point there, and some of the numbers went up because I may be gaining muscle or the weight is being distributed (or it just went up), but I am happy with what I did accomplish. I decided not to take the numbers with me, just because I don't want to be controlled by a number. I will, however, do a full 8 week report once Mer and I have completed the challenge in March. Another Boot Camp workout this coming Saturday has me jazzed...okay, well, maybe not that jazzed....but I have a goal for the week and will work hard at making sure I am ready and that my Saturday morning workout does not throw me for a loop.

How is your week going? Struggling, having success!!!
It's another wonderful day - make it count!!!

Staying MOtivated Mo

Monday, February 6, 2012

Superbowl Workout

I was determined that this weekend I was not going to purchase any of the top 5 Superbowl food items and munch on them. (those top five - do you know what they are?). Even if I was not invited to one of my older sisters Superbowl party (inside family joke), then I was determined to not do my own munching and crunching this weekend.

I had a free weekend to do things for me. I purchased a new night stand for my bedroom, cleaned the car, the house, did laundry, organized the garage, did paperwork, and so much more. I didn't allow the Superbowl get in my way of being healthy this weekend. I also received super customer service at the Big 5 Sporting Goods Store on Saturday when I went to purchase some new workout shoes. I got a great deal on two pairs of shoes, one for just walking and a second pair to help with my other aerobic workouts, including if I decide to do another 5K in the near future.

In addition to not overeating, I had a Superbowl Workout weekend. I now belong to a new "gym"!! I love this gym. Not only is it FREE, but it is cosy, it is close to home, it is family friendly and there is so much equipment there that I can use. No mirrors, no staring big hunks (okay, big hunky guys would be sort of nice) and no skinny minny ladies who have to barely workout to drop 5 pounds. No one at this gym to judge me. This gym could be a bit warmer and I wonder if it will be cool in the summer heat, but I am not complaining. The equipment I have access to is a punching bag, a Total Gym set, a treadmill, a rowing machine and a Nordic Track Audio Strider (kind of like an elliptical) and in the summer I can use the pool. The reason it is family friendly, is because it is family. My little sis and her boyfriend just finished completing their home gym. She has added the Total Gym and the Audio Strider in the last few months. Her payments for some of the new equipment is the cost she would pay for a real gym membership, so she figures she should be out there as much as possible to give her the satisfaction that she is getting her money worth.

My sis and I hit the "gym" for about 60 minutes on Saturday and Sunday. While everyone was munching on Superbowl treats, we were both doing a dripping sweat workout while we watched Madonna lip sync her way around the stage. I am so looking forward to going back to that gym. More Super Workouts in my very near future!!!

How was your Superbowl weekend? Were you able to do a workout or two?

Staying MOtivated MO

Friday, February 3, 2012

Happiness -

Happiness is putting on a shirt and it isn't tight anymore!!

Happiness is having to use a belt to keep your pants on!!

Happiness is being able to smile because I am feeling good!!

Happiness is your ring loose on your finger!!

Happiness is being able to go to the next hole on your watch strap!!

Happiness is enjoying that first, second....eighth glass of water without hesitating!!

Happiness is buying new walking shoes,
because you wore the other ones out!!

Happiness is buying a smaller size shoe because...
well, don't your feet lose weight, too?!

Happiness is enjoying getting up early so you can exercise!!

Happiness is being able to do 35 pushups without stopping!!

Happiness is doing a 30 minute workout and wanting to do more!!

Happiness is being able to do 100 balance ball crunches without complaining!!

Happiness is wanting to go for that walk during lunch time,
rather then hit the drive-thru!!

Happiness is having confidence that you are do this!!

Happiness is enjoying everything you are doing to make yourself be healthy!!!!!

Don't let the scale control your happiness!! Let the Happiness be with you for so many other reasons!!

Wishing everyone Happiness in their own getting healthy weight loss journey!!

Staying MOtivated MO

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Trying to Figure it Out

Just a quick update - as my time is very limited today....

Think I might have found out what is causing me to just be "off" on certain days. Or maybe I am narrowing it down. My body is talking to me again. This past week I decided to cut out most of my carbs. No cereal, no sandwich bread, no tortillas and for sure avoid the pasta and rice. I am eating more vegetables, throw in some fruit (of course) and a combination of eggs and chicken have been in my diet this week. I have been exercising each day and have been feeling good.

Well, this morning I was craving some peanut butter, so I thought I would only have my carbs this mornings. Pulled out an english muffin, toasted it, added just the right amount of peanut butter. Added a small glass of milk and a banana. It was yummy.

However, just about the time I was getting dressed and preparing for the rest of my day, I felt that familiar off feeling that has been with me for the last month or so. The heart thumbing a little too fast for me, taking a moment to catch my breath, but not really catching my breath, sort of feel dizzy can't explain it "off" issue. It isn't that dramatic, but it is just something that is throwing me off. I have not felt that way in about 3 days. Could it be the bread I had this morning? I know it isn't the banana or the milk, because I have had both of those a few times this week. I don't eat peanut butter like it is candy, opps - I mean celery - (ha, ha), and I actually had some the other day at Mer's.

My doctor did say I had an enlarged thyroid, but offered no sort of explanation as to why it was enlarged. Could it be the thyroid reacting to the bread? It is a mystery right now. Trying to figure it out. If not breads in the last 3 days, but had some today, could that be the issue? Going to keep researching, ask more questions, might go to a specialist, sure I will find more help in this. I don't feel that I have to be on pills for my thyroid, because my blood work and other tests all came back fine. More things to learn about my body as I go through this phase.

Anyone out there that has an enlarged Thyroid experience any "funny" feelings when you eat carbs? Any resourceful links you recommend are helpful, too.

Staying MOtivated MO

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

MO-tivation is the Key!!

I sign my posts with MO-tivated, but am I really being MO-tivated everyday? No, I can honestly say that has not been the case in the last few months. When I stopped exercising on a regular basis I left my super dubber MO-tivation behind. The weather got cold and I lost my MO-tivation. I had those doctors appointments and felt that my MO-tivation went out the door. I lost the drive to have that MO-tivation in my life. But in the last week I have had to remind myself of the key to my weight loss success -

gold key illustration clip art isolated on white

MO-tivation is going to allow me to be better in so many ways!!! 
I vow to be MO-tivated each and everyday!!!

Since the beginning of January I have been dealing with my emotional state. As the weeks have progressed, it is getting much better. I know what the key was, but I just needed to turn it so that I can continue to walk through more doors of success!! TURN THAT KEY - I NEED to - I just NEED to. As warm as that bed is in the mornings, I NEED to get up. Get Dressed. Even sometimes sleeping in my workout clothes (thanks Mer for the idea) has helped. Having a walking buddy has helped. (I know we can't all have workout buddies, but by reaching out and trying to work out a plan with my neighbor this aspect has helped me so much). Even when I was not able to make it out this morning, I still took the time to put in 30 minutes of aerobics. My MO-tivation is back!!

Here are the keys to my MO-tivation Success to make Two Thousand and Twelve SWELL...........

MO-tivated to Exercise each day (even if I can only do 20 minutes)

MO-tivated to Pack my lunch each day - which means, I need to plan. Take the time to go grocery shop on a regular basis (don't let it go too long). Even if I don't have time, make the time - pick up the good for you things that will get you to the next full shopping day opportunity. Make a quick list that only allows you to shop the outside walls of the grocery store (most grocery stores carry the "good" stuff on the 4 outside walls - check it out, you can avoid the processed food section if you shop that way).

MO-tivated to Drink - Drink - Drink my water each day!!! I am having a race with myself each week. I mark the water bottle in the office and see how far it progressing each day (even if there are others drinking out of it, they are not doing as much as me, so that mark each day is a thrill that I actually made my goal).

MO-tivated to cut out the nighttime snacking. Always will be a struggle for me...working on it more and more each week.

MO-tivated to Go to bed when Aman does!! This is a truly truly hard thing to do, since I have a tendency to go to bed after 11 pm. I will need to work on this. At first I am going to do about 2 nights a week (Sunday to Thursday) and maybe work up to the full 5. Which totally means I have to plan. Working at my desk for 20 - 30 minutes a night while Aman is busy with his own stuff, will give me the time to catch up on my own large things to do, so that there is no rush in the future. I can be a procrastinator, so staying on task with this will be a challenge.

MO-tivated to Menu plan on Sunday nights. Even making meals ahead of time. Cooking meat on Sunday, or making that crock pot dinner a few days before will help with my hectic schedule. That way I have a plan and Aman can see what is the plan and he can help with the meals when we get home.

What is your key to success? Determination? Goals? Your own MO-tivation?

Staying MO-tivated MO