Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Brain Waves

A few weeks ago I stumbled onto the A&E Channel and saw a new weight loss reality show. This one is called "Heavy". This is not like Biggest Loser, not a competition, nor do they really win anything (except for the success of losing the weight - that is a win in itself for many). A&E showcases 2 new people each week. Some very overweight, some with major emotional issues, some that just need to get on track and lose the weight. Both participants get to go to a "controlled" facility for 30 days - a trainer, food prepared and the "luxury" of starting this program with the support they need to make "a go" of losing weight. Then they go home and work for another 5 months. Thus, training their brains to get to where they want to be, or strive to be. I have watched each one with such dedication, getting upset when I know I may have missed the latest and greatest. Not sure if I am watching because this is a new show or that it is something different and the clicking of the remote just won't do anymore. Just like Biggest Loser I have not gotten real emotional or felt the need to really "make a change", however last nights episode made me think.

I enjoy this show because not only did they get selected, but you actually see the struggle. I mean, come on, you have been allowed to go to a special facility, have the resources you need at your disposal, no phone calls, no home issues, no stress - you just have to be there to lose weight. I know, I know - not really a luxury for some, but what amazes me is that I got to see the anquish last night. I kept watching and wondering why this one guy wanted to be home. I thought he wanted to be there. He didn't like to exercise and just was being negative. His partner for this episode was the same way. However, I realized that even if you are selected you have to mentally prepare yourself for this journey - tell your brain, body and soul that you are on a journey to a better life. Both participants struggled with this last night. I was pleased with the outcome and glad that this episode gave me the time to think and reflect on my own journey.

That's the thing - train your brain - work with those brain waves!!

Recently I had lasik eye surgery. I was so excited to have it done. I had prepared for this moment for about 2 years, taking the time to do research, meet with the specialist and when the moment was right I was able to bid on this item at a silent auction event. However, was I really ready?? Was my brain ready? I had the surgery and had to train my brain to use my reading eye one way and the distance eye the other and make sure they blend together. I have had my ups and downs. Heck, I might even have to go back for a "touch up". I am still struggling to make sure my brain is on board with this change. Three months later I am still waking up reaching for my glasses that aren't on the bedside table. Three months later I have to think for a moment about the fuzzyness and realize that I have to keep putting in drops to keep those new eyes lubricated. It is mind over matter. I am working on training my brain and living with this new freedom.

That is the way it can be in this new challenge, lifestyle, change, journey, yellow brick road kind of trail I am taking! Train the brain - tell yourself that you can do this!! Eventually you will start seeing the words come out of your brain that say "I am doing this" - "I am successful" - "I am empowered" - I am - I am - I am! The exercise, the food portions, the food choices - keep telling your brain and the waves will come easy. When the tough waves hit be ready with the ups and downs, but don't let the downs get to you. When the wave hits be ready to tackle it with ease. When the wave hits know that sometimes you will be thrown for a curve, but get right back up and tackle the next wave.

I won't say that weight loss is easy. Heck, been there, done that - struggle, struggle, struggle. Before you start down that road you have to make sure you are going to be dedicated. You need to be motivated. You need to strive for a goal. You need to train your brain that you can do this, that you are ready to be the size you want to be. That you want to be healthy - and all those other reasons why you want to lose this weight!!

You can do it - I can do it - we can do it

Staying MOtivated


Dawn said...

Brilliant - its those positive messages we find along the way that keep the inspiration going. I can do it, You can do it, I'm gonna watch you do it and post congratulations messages along the way. This is going to be some year!

Mer and Mo said...

got this comment from Mer. Thought I would help her with posting it since she is having computer issues at the moment........

Loved you most recent post. I just read it in my email. Train that Brain Mo! YOU CAN DO IT!
With a sarcastic voice- Enjoy the journey! LOL!
Love ya! MER