Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bootcamp Workout- Even You Can Do!

My husband left early for a soccer conference so I did not get my walk in because I did not want to leave my children alone in the house asleep. Usually I would let this stop me and I would not workout, but instead I downloaded a boot camp workout that you can do it 10 minutes and I added the abs to it. Then, did the circuit twice for a total of 30 minute workout. It was perfect because after 30 minutes my son woke up and was starving so I had to make him breakfast.
I don't eat before working out anymore I only drink water. That way I am burning the fat and going a step further towards a toned body.

Here is it- You can do these exercises with or without dumbbells. I started boot camp with light weights. I use 5 pound weights. I do 30 reps with no breaks in between.
High Knee Drill- Raise your knee as close your chest as you can and then replace the foot on the ground. Repeat with the other foot. Keep contact time with the ground to a minimum and do it as fast as you can.
Jumps- This is plain jumping, but as you jump raise your arms above your head. Jumping and raising your arms should happen simultaneously.
Jump Push ups- Perform a high jum, as high as you can go and then land on your feet and put your hands on the ground. Now, kick your feet back to a push up position for a moment, then jump back to an upright position and repeat.
Dumbbell Push-ups- begin with holding the dumbbells on the ground and attain a push up stance. Now, hold the dumbbells and perform a push up. Follow this by lifting each dumbbell alternately up to your chest in the same position. Keep your abs tight and back flat. I modify by being on my knees and when I started this I did not use the dumbbells and worked up to 3 pounds and now I can do 5 pounds.
Squats and Bicep curls with Dumbbells- Begin my holding the dumbbells at side and as you squat down, curl your biceps up and then, down as you go up.
Bench dip- sit on a bench (I use the arm of the couch) place your hands on the edge of it. Slide you bottom off the bench and keep your feet on the ground and legs partly straight. Bend your arms to 90 degrees and push back up to original position.
Crunches- on your back, knees up,  hands behind your head and back flat. Use your abs to lift your head and chest toward your knees.
Side crunches- One hand behind head, other hand reaches across to opposite knee. Do both sides.
Plank- lie on floor face down, palms on floor, push off the floor raising on toes. Flatten back in a straight line from head to heel. No sagging in the middle. Hold for 30 seconds to 1 minute.



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