Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 38- Food as Power

From 100 Days of Weight Loss- Spangle explains that in stressful situations that  involve food eating can be linked to your need to feel stronger or have more power in life.
I really had to think about this long and hard. At first, I thought I don't give food power, do I? It took a while to realize that I stress eat at meetings. I get rid of my anxiety by eating the snacks in front of me to make me feel strong enough to deal with the issues that were being put on the table. To comfort my boredom, to fill that insecurity.
Spangle suggest to think about ways to feel powerful, strong and empowered without the aid of food.
Here are things that I came up with that will help me have more power over my food-
  • I feel strong when I take care of myself by working out. 
  • I feel more confident and powerful because I am making positive changes in my life. 
  • I feel more empowered by taking action on things that I can control and not worrying about things that I can't control. 
  • I have a sense of accomplishment when I reasonably plan my day and carry out my plan.
Do you let food have power over you? Why?
How will you feel powerful and strong with no food involved?




Chubby McGee said...

I try desperately to not let food overpower me. But, hey...sometimes it happens. I'm human. I just get RIGHT back up and try again though instead of wallowing in my mistakes.

Mer and Mo said...

Feeling stronger everyday now that I am not letting my stress control my eating and that I am getting my eating under control! Planning, prepping and making a good breakfast, packing my lunch and only taking one helping at dinner!! When stress or life gets in the way, I won't let food overpower me. Seeking comfort with getting long awaited project done is helping, too.
I am more powerful then food!
"Staying MOtivated"