Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Doing things for ME FIRST!

I am having one of "those" weeks. You know that one where your spouse breaks the cable TV, your children are sick, work is stressful, and sister's cat is being put down. Then, on top of that the internet is down at home and all blogs are blocked at work. (Don't worry I figured out how to post via email and have always had new posts and comments sent to my email, but I do feel so disconnect from Mo since I can't comment on her awsome posts! Nor can I respond to Dawn's wonderful comments.)
I could go on and on and elaborate and complain, but I refuse to let it get to me.  I have to protect my attitude and I have to take care of me! Or I let the stress get to me and I give up on this lifestyle change until I feel in the right frame of mind. I can't do that anymore. I have to push through this and keep my focus on my goals.  As a working mom, it can be so hard to care for everyone else and do everything else that I have to do. And then, care for myself. So in the last couple of months, I have changed it to doing things for- ME FIRST! And then I have enough to give to others. 

I make myself get up early every morning even on the weekends and I do something for ME FIRST! Then, I can give my all to my spouse, children and work. These ME FIRST things have been reading a book quietly by myself, practicing my ukulele, going to bootcamp or for a walk or to pilaties and my new activity is hoola-hooping with my new hoola-hoop that my sister gave to me for my birthday. I can tell you that taking ME FIRST seriously has made world of difference in my attitude, in how I can handle stress, how I do things at work and how I care for the people I love.

So, what is on your list of things to do for yourself? Remember it is-ME FIRST!



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Mer and Mo said...

Mer - you are so right - ME FIRST!!! Make the time to do things for ME. This journey is for ME. The book you want to read, maybe even a small nice cup of coffee in the quiet moments of the morning (or evening), the sweet sound of the sun coming up, the chirp chirp chirp of the bird in the tree as you are rounding that corner on your walk - take it all in, taking the time for YOU!!
"Staying MOtivated"