Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 40- Having an Eating Experience

I had an awesome eating experience this week on a date with my husband. I follow the @dishcrawl on twitter and noticed that they were having a Downtown SJ Dishcrawl so I bought tickets.  As we left to go, I check my twitter to find out that NBC The Feast was going to be there taping and that there were going to be 100 people at the event. So funny to see the camera man only interview pretty female dishcrawlers. We purposely wanted to just be part of the crowd and watch the dishcrawlers stuff their faces.
Our first stop was at a place called Mezcal and the delicacy that they were going to share with all of us were a few specialties- roasted grasshoppers, Mezcal tequila with worms, and melotes.
Worms were fermented in the tequila for 4 years.
They popped in our mouth like a cherry tomato and tasted like strong medicinal tequila.
I did not need to take a second bite! 
Chips, salsa, guacamole, and grasshoppers-
We think they were crickets.
They had a spicy muddy, shrimp flavor
Our next stop was a food truck- MOGO BBQ. Korean taco truck where we had short rib quesadillas and tacos. It was worth every flavorful piece.
MOGO BBQ Short rib quesadilla and tacos! Yummy goodness!

Third stop was Hanuman Thai. Where we ate pad thai, masuman curry and tasted lychee sake.
Traditional pad Thai and chicken curry over rice.
The chef  learned all of his recipes from his parents and the place has a family feel to it.
I can't wait to go back and try more.

The final stop in the discrawl was this crazy ice cream truck called Treatbot.  Crazy because they have a karaoke machine on the back of their truck for people to sing with.  I spoke with the owner who was standing outside of his truck just giggling at the crowd.  He said that his friends were joking with him to have a truck with a karaoke machine. He went on to explain that in the Philippines you find karaoke machines in the alleys and in all sorts of strange places. So since his parents had the equipment sitting around their house he decided why not do it. And the rest is history. Treatbot has tasty ice cream and entertainment.
My coffee almond fudge ice cream came in 3 oz dixie cups.
The best two bites of the night! 

Treatbot- Karaoke on the back of an ice cream truck! Crazy, but fun!

You can create an eating experience for yourself. My spouse and I are adventurous so we like to try new things and love the story behind the foods and the people that create it.  We love the experience of the new flavors and textures.  I will say that I stuck with the two bite rule like Andrew Zimmerman of Bizarre Foods who takes in the first bite to experience that burst of flavor whether it is good or bad. Then, takes the second bite to see if he should continue eating it. I learned to manage the amounts that I eat by making the decision to try everything with the first two bites and be ok with leaving behind what was on my plate. I also focused on the social aspect of the event and being a people watcher instead of making the food the most important part of the night.  

So decide what you want to focus on with your eating experience-
  • romantic and quiet?
  • energy from loud music?
  • conversational buzz? 
  • adventurous cultural experience? 
Make it something memorable, and make a eating plan- focus on flavor, textures, portion.
Have fun with it! I'm looking forward to reading about your eating experience!




Michele said...

Love the pictures and your descriptions of the food. Love the fact that you stuck to your two bite rule. I admire you for that!

Mer and Mo said...

Hey - you are a pretty female dishcrawl participant - they should have interviewed you, too!! I love to people watch, makes me wonder what others think of me at the same time. Thanks for sharing this experience with us. I hope you get to do it again soon.