Monday, February 14, 2011

Farmer's Market on Sundays

In the spirit of change to be healthy this year, my family and I have decided make a concious effort to eat foods that are locally grown and less processed, which also means that we are eating the freshest fruits and vegetable possible and what is in season.
This Sunday we went to downtown Campbell's farmers market. It is a busy bustling market with lots of produce vendors. Our tactic is to walk down the street and check out all the produce to see what is there and who has the best looking stuff.  If there is an opportunity to sample we will and that helps us decide what to get. 
This week the winners were the multi-color carrots and the hybrids of grapefruit and oranges called cara cara. Both pictured above. We also bought some celery, Italian broccoli, a winter mix of greens that included: dinosaur kale, and rainbow bright chard,  and Braeburn apples. I also found some fresh tofu and fresh pasta to purchase. My kids were so helpful and cooperative that I bought them their favorite treat, kettle popcorn.  Yes, I had a handful to satisfy my crunchy craving and I savored the salty sweet flavor! 
I am looking forward to eating all the colorful foods that we bought this week! 
Have a Happy Valentine's Day! 



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Mer and Mo said...

Happy VDAY to you Mer!! I can't wait for our local Farmer's Market to open. Supporting healthly eating as well as the local farmers is always good! "Staying MOtivated"