Thursday, February 10, 2011


Feeling good today. Feeling stronger today. I am doing this!! Put on a shirt I have not worn for a few months and it feels loser then last time. Might be the brain playing tricks on me, but I do believe I look good today. I now can't wait to get into that green button down shirt I so love that has not been worn in over a year. The arms are always too tight, but I now know that I will reach that goal in the very near future - maybe even before the weather starts to turn too warm (thank you by the way to Mr. Groundhog - looking forward to an early Spring).

I have had some emotional ups and downs in just the last 18 hours. It is amazing how just a little day can change at the drop of a hat. I am also surprised at how I am handling all of it. Older sis is having a minor medical test, but she decided to text all of us at 10:30 pm last night to tell us. Not really sure she thought about the reaction she would get from some of us on that. Keeping her close in thought today. Then I have a long time friend that I finally decided to express my concerns to about her lifestyle changes and well, the flood gates have opened up. Not getting into a war of words, just know that there is a silver lining in all of this and letting things fall where they may. I have to be strong for me, think of me (not being selfish) and realize that I am now taking care of me!! I also don't have my son tonight and well, time for this girl to let her wings out for just a moment since this single mom of one has not had a solid "mommy" break in over 3 weeks.

What I am amazed about is this - I have totally come up with a good plan of action tonight. I am staying focused and I am thrilled at how that makes me feel. Maybe it is the water, maybe it is the exercise, maybe it is the fact that the shirt and pants are a bit lose, maybe it is this new attitude in life I am finally putting into action??? Yep, for a moment I thought - comfort food - a burger, the fries (oh, and those fries that lady was eating on that TV show last night made me crave them for only a moment) and maybe even a chocolate shake (or in my case a Very Large Soda), And I don't have my son tonight...sneak a treat... but nope - not going to do it. Came up with a plan - taking a walk with a friend I have not seen in over 2 months and we are even going to do Subway for dinner. Friend time, a sandwich moment - ahhhh - taking the time to recharge, get ready for the weekend and be satisfied with the week that I have had!!!


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Mer and Mo said...

Yay! MO time! Good for you to take a MOment for yourself. You deserve it, MOM!
I can tell you have a new outlook, a new attitude! Watch out world, there's a new MO around!