Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 39- Crushing the Power of Texture

In Spangle's book, 100 Days of Weight Loss she addresses that it may not be flavor, but the texture of foods that keeps you reaching for more.  You simply love how it feels in your mouth. It is being aware of your "loves" for texture.
I am a crunchy gal. I love things that crunch. I enjoy crunchy peanut butter, prezels, crackers, chips and popcorn. I can get away with just crunching down a whole bag in no time because it is comforting to me.  Spangle says that if you are eating for texture try to identify what you may need emotionally.  I found with some observations of my habits that in the afternoon is when I crave that crunchy snack because I want something to wake me up and keep me going so that I can get my work done, get dinner going and take care of my son.  I am going to have to figure out how to get over this crunchy craziness. 
So here is the super power action that I need to take-
  • POWER OF WRITING: Whip out my magic notebook before I go for that crunchy snack and figure out what my true emotional need is.
  • POWER OF LISTING: Make a list of how I plan to deal with this crunchy craze and follow the plan!
  • POWER OF DISTRACTION: Select one of these crunchy foods and use creative words as if you were writing for a gourmet magazine
  • POWER OF PLAYING: Use your new willpower and discipline laser to pass over and blow up (in my mind) that crunchy snack
Now I feel ready to crush this crunchy craze!
What new powers will you use?


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Dawn said...

Thats so of my daughters is really very picky over food, she likes food just the way she likes it and will reject things if they are not quite right and I've found out it is all about texture, not taste with her. If the texture of something doesn't feel right she won't eat it, of course I cook meals she loves so the problem only happens when she eats out but shes quite embarrassed about it. I should read about food and texture!