Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Plan with a little twist...

Weekends can be hard for me - especially when I am home alone or just home - the refrigerator, the pantry, the need to have something to snack on during the weekend is my weakness. A three day weekend was fast approaching and there is much to get done. I had a plan, a plan for success - It was going to start at about 5 pm on Friday, but I don't think my little one realized that there was a plan...

...4:00 am Friday morning came a sound down the hall of "I have a headache and my whole body aches". Thinking it was just allergies, it didn't end up that way. After a very long day of doing the mommy nurse thing I was seeing things get worse. At 5 pm I had to take a different approach. I called my insurance advice nurse. Well, when she said I should call 911 I was taken by surprise. I didn't think it was that serious, but I was the one that called for help, right? I for sure did not dismiss the advice and got the approval that heading to an Urgent Care would be sufficient. At this point we are now sporting a fever of 102 - yikes - how did that happen? Conclusion - the flu (and yes, I did get the little lecture that a flu shot each year would be wise and all that). A trip to the pharmacy, gatorade and more fever reducer. What amazes me is this - I really need to remember what they gave him at that doctors office. Was it a magic potion? What spell did they wave over his head? By the time we got home (7:30 pm) he was a different kid. No fever, no nausea and he actually ate a full bowl of chicken noodle soup. He is feeling really good today. I hear the whistling and laughter to the Saturday morning cartoons in the background and for that I am grateful.

I will admit that Friday, for me, was full of the need to munch and crunch. I didn't drink enough water and felt the effects. I had a yummy grilled cheese sandwich for dinner and graved more. BUT there is reason to celebrate - I didn't give into the voices, the temptation or the desires. Can I do it? Will I do it? YES I CAN!!!!

Back to the plan!! Even with a sick one on the mend I am still moving forward. Today is an outing with friends - Wine tasting and dinner out. I have already planned (and the babysitter has been warned of the sick one, so all is good). Wine tasting - yum - but I elected myself as the DD, so this will be a good day. I know where we are eating tonight and already have selected the meal of choice. I have a plan! Sunday and Monday I will be home and I need to plan my meals. Write them down, just like I do with my weekly schedule. So many other things to keep me busy at home too. I will not cave into the temptations that will be calling my name from the refrigerator or the pantry.

Sometimes there are twist and turns to our plans! Sometimes we are hit with this and that! Sometimes everyday life is going to get in the way! Stick to the plan, stay the course, fight off the urges! You can do this - keep it up - stay strong  - seek support when needed - know that as you continue down this path you will feel wonderful and spectacular!!!

Staying MOtivated


~ Darla ~ said...

You're right, plans can be made and followed, but sometimes there is a twist and it's what we make of that twist that will be the decider of our success. Staying MOtivated - I love it.

Hope your little guy is better soon. Don't like sick kiddos (awww).

Mer and Mo said...

Yes, you can do it, Mo! Now your stick-with- attitude is so awesome and is keeping me going today. Stay the course and have a wonderful day wine tasting with friends.
Hope Aman is feeling better soon! Hugs and kisses from Auntie Mer and family!

Dawn said...

How frightening - sick child is so worrying - glad to hear he's ok.
Getting back on track after a change of plans for whatever reason is a real key to success, it can be turned around again and quickly and you did. Well done