Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Successful Valentines Aftermath!!

We got invited over to my little sis' house last night. It was a Valentine dinner for 4 of us. There was vegetables, steak, asparagus, salad, bread, crab.....tons of food!! Too much food. I had a little bit of all of it. Never took seconds, savoured every little morsal, only took 1/2 of 1/2 of a steak for my protein and only a few selections of crab. The meal was delicious. I will say that the asparagus was devine!! I wanted to eat it all. It was slightly steamed, had just the right amount of pepper and salt, a quick spray of Can't Believe It Is Not Butter....so yummy. I am not a huge asparagus fan. Even living close to a town that celebrates the Aspargus I have learned to love it. It just has to be cooked just the right way. Fried is nice, but just by itself is even better. Put it into a casserole and not one to take more then just a very small spoonful. Asparagus soup - yum. Where I live the price of the asparagus is just right for the picking. Enjoying this vegetable to the fullest......

Then - oh no - the Valentine's came out of the school backpack. Candy, hearts and chocolate. The small snicker's bar is just one bite, what is it going to hurt? My son is not a huge sweet fan. He is picky about sweets, which I am glad for. He even gives away 95% of his Halloween Candy each year. So, he started to give it out. I had to refuse. He gave the Sugar Daddy (one of my favorites because it brings back great memories of my Dad) to his Aunt. She did not eat it, but it was just taunting me for only a few minutes and was glad I didn't listen to my brain waves.

As we headed home (after watching a hilarious Mike & Molly episode) I patted myself on the back at the end of night by not having seconds, not giving in to the chocolate temptation and making sure I enjoyed my evening. I didn't stress about the amount of food, I made sure I had a little bit of each item without going overboard and enjoyed the company. Now I know that I can't eat like that everyday, but I didn't beat myself up for my night of family togetherness. I am not experiencing the Valentine Aftermath. I am feeling good about myself and for that I am happy. I might not have had a real Valentine to share the day with, but this new healthy lifestyle is giving me the drive to make each day a Valentine in itself - to love myself.

I hope you all enjoyed your day and that you aren't having a hard Valentine Aftermath...if so, then just realize that you can overcome those temptations. You can find the drive to avoid the sweets. Take a walk. Go climb the stairs at work for your mid-morning break. You can do this. Stay focused. Continue the path of success you have been climbing!!

Staying MOtivated

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scrapwordsmom said...

Hooray for you!! So proud of you! I did indulge but am back on track today:) It's all about balance...

I do love your thoughts. They just fit me...happy I found your blog!