Friday, February 11, 2011

The Ex Factor

If you have read about our Blog it is not just about losing weight, but about our crazy everyday life we lead. Today's post is just a taste of MO's  little bit of crazy......

I have to go to a Cub Scout event tonight. We are going to be sleeping in tents, doing a camp fire and all. Even if it is just at a local church ground/grass area it will still feel like camping - the cold night air, watching the stars, cooking on a camp should be fun. However, I am not too enthused about going. You see I don't have my little man this weekend. I will just be the leader, not a Mom. That will be hard since my own Scout will be coming with his father. The Ex Factor - or for some of you he is better known as Lemon! Ok - at least I think they will be coming. They have the information, they know the time, place and what to bring, but I have learned to not count my chickens until they are hatched.

I enjoy Scouting. I could go on and on - about how I run a camp of 200 kids each summer, that Scouting is way too much my life, but that would be a very long post. I have learned to be accepting of the fact that when it is not my custody weekend I still do the leader thing. Scouting is all about family and for me this has been a Mom & Son affair. I have gotten to see my son grow, learn and be enthused about many Scouting events. Heck this past year his picture was on one of the Trails End Popcorn package - he is a "star" in my eyes!!! And we get to go to Overnight Scout camp for 4 days for FREE for selling just the right amount of popcorn. Can't beat that! Opps - there I go again... on and on and on.....

But, when Lemon comes into play I have to repeat myself, play secretary, be the reminder and appointment setter. It can be very taunting. I am a very organized take charge kind of person. I keep my Scout families informed. I keep them up to date. I go above and beyond, but when there is one bad lemon in the bunch it is just hard. And I guess that would not be so hard if it was not my Lemon. What I really wanted to say is this...Lemon will not get to me this weekend. I realized last night that when I had to put my Mommy hat back on that I didn't feel discouraged (if you read yesterdays post I was supposed to be Mommy free last night, but it didn't really go fully to plan) I didn't get worked up, I didn't get annoyed (ok, maybe a bit), but I did have a good laugh.

For the moment I am loving my new found lifestyle, the need to be FREE that I have embraced, that I finally am taking the steps to get ME back. I realized this morning sitting having coffee with my little sis that I am moving forward. I am dropping weight, I am feeling good, and the change is happening. I did get divorced over 4 years ago, but have always been there to assist Lemon, keep Lemon informed and the lightbulb has gone off many many times - this time is different. I might have a moment tonight that I will feel like I am taking 2 steps back to those 10 that I have taken, but I will still feel good!! Seeing my ex tonight and into tomorrow will not discourage me. I will not get frustrated. I will not result to a pig out event. I am doing this for me and only me. My time to get healthy. My time to take a journey of change. I have a plan - writting down the plan - sticking to the plan:
  • Will walk around the church grounds after dinner for my exercise factor
  • Will walk before breakfast in the morning fresh air
  • Will enjoy a cup of tea rather then hit Starbucks on the way home.
  • Will not talk about parenting issues
  • Will enjoy the socializing with other leaders that I have not seen in months.
  • Will enjoy a wonderfully prepared dinner at home Saturday and Sunday - Christmas Present BBQ here I come!  
  • Will get to the "to do" list of life and accomplish several items! Snacking will not consume me!!!
Everyone enjoy your weekend. I know mine will be successful in more ways then one!!!

"Staying MOtivated"

*** Update - 2 people brought me tea from Starbucks, so got my "fix".....besides being freezing cold and only sleeping 1 full hour on Friday night, the weekend was GREAT - and I am down a few more pounds***


Carla said...

Scouting is fun, I hope you have a wonderful weekend. It is odd having to deal with exes sometimes. Mine wants him, my son, grandson and me to all move into a 4 bedroom house together. Yep, not gonna happen.

scrapwordsmom said...

Found your blog and am learning some great ideas!! Thank you for stopping by Skinny Me. I am putting you on my blogroll so I can be sure and stop by again:)


Mer and Mo said...

I am so proud of you, MO, for being able to grin and bear it. I know how hard it is with Lemon, but you are really handling it with incredible grace! This journey is all about YOU! And don't you ever forget that!