Thursday, February 17, 2011

A quick share...

I sometimes cut out my horoscopes because they give me inspiration or "food for thought" (especially since I read my horoscope while I am having breakfast). Saw this one a few months back:

Relaize that to conquer new ground you may have to make some sacrifices. Things may not always go according to your perfect vision, but that's the natural way to things. Life should be simple and free flowing.
The tangle of voices in your mind is usually the thing that makes issues and situations more complicated than they need to be.
Maintain the peace and keep things easy.

Let's pretend this is not a daily horoscope and something that we should use in our everyday lives. Or for those of you that are on a weight loss journey, here is my take on it:

To conquer my weight loss I do have to make some sacrifices - all of which are good. There you go - the positive aspect of this! I am ok with giving up a little bit of extra morning sleep so that I can exercise myself to better health. I am ok with skipping the soda if it will allow me to drop the pounds. The sacrifices will be so worth the reward!

Things may not always go according to plan - that is ok! This journey will be a struggle, but I am ready for the challenge. When the scale does not have the right number or that pair of pants I really wanted to wear are just not ready for my body yet, that is ok!

Life should be simple and free flowing - yep, that is what I am doing!! I feel free, I am finding myself again, I have a new outlook on life, I have a good friend helping me with this journey and for that I am grateful. Feeling good so far, knowing that I might hit a wall now and then, but taking the steps to knock it down.

The tangle of voices - well, that is the brain wave game. Working on fighting those brain waves when I feel the urge for a piece of cake, a soda, a second (or even bigger) helping. Concurring it in all that I do, not just in this weight loss journey.

Maintain the peace and keep things easy...yep - working on that and really do feel at peace with many things lately. Life is good, I am on the road I want to be and glad that I have a new outlook on life. It is time for me and I am reaching for that brace ring. So much to be thankful for and with the weight loss will come much more joy in my life!!!

Staying MOtivated


~ Darla ~ said...

So very true, especially things may not always go according to plan, therefore, have a Plan B. Great post.

Mer and Mo said...

There are huge changes going on inside of you and I see the new MO coming out. You have always been an awesome person, but now you are unstoppable and your motivation is infectious! Keep it up, girl!