Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cookies Cookies Cookies - already??

Those Girl Scout Cookies - they arrived!!! What do you mean, they are here? No, not yet! I am not ready for them!! For some reason I thought they would come sometime after March or even into April - but, nope - they arrived. I really planned this out when I made this purchase, with the fact that I was not going to let my emotions control the life of a little cookie. Or even my desire to have this yummy treat will not be controlled by the little smile of a girl scout. I purchased 3 boxes, with the intention that most of it would go to work. We never have sweets in the house, or at least when they are in the house they are gone before the end of the week or even before the sun shines in the morning (seriously)! Having these Girl Scout Cookies around is going to be hard, but I can do this!! In years past I have just brought them home and hidden them from my son, but no more. This year they came directly from the little girl across the street. She called last night and was so eager to have me get my 3 boxes (maybe because they have over 250 boxes to give out). So, I scrapped together my $12.00 and took in the evil little boxes.

Two of the boxes instantly went into the car for the trip to the office the next day. DONE and DONE - phew - I can do this!!! I will share my treat with others and let them enjoy my donation to a good cause. Yep, that will work. Those cookies will be gone within a day or even two. I have done good. I am even going to make sure they get put into the conference room or the kitchen area at work, rather then on my desk so there is no temptation what-so-ever. I CAN DO THIS!

Then the other box. A lovely red colored collection of Peanut Butter Chocolate Patties. My all time favorite!!! I know that I can allow myself to have a treat from now and then, but really, do I need this treat? Will it really satisfy me? If I have one, then I can have another, right - just two bites. I always look at the package and tell myself that I can have the serving size. It will be ok. Add some milk, what's the harm. Well, I can never stop at just two or even three or four. I have a wickness. I was going to avoid this temptation no matter what. As dinner came to a close my son wanted to know if he could have a cookie or two. Why sure, son, no problem! As he opened the box I could smell the moist peanut butter, I almost could taste the chocolate on my lips, but I was brave. The package got opened slowly, then with a rip of the foil wrapping the cookies almost all came dumpling out. They were out. Out in the open. Right there for the taking. What was I going to do? The foil wrapping was all but destroyed and there was no way to get the cookies back into the original wrapping. I needed to avoid the package with all my might. I was not going to put the cookies back into the box, my son will have to do this. I continued to hold my distance. I didn't move from my seat, kept working on the project that was in front of me. Told my son how to put away the rest of the package and walked him step by step on this action, because if my fingers crazed even the smallest bit of chocolate all might be lost. Oh, but wait, my son came over to my side to ask a question. The peanut butter smell was so yummy! Oh, just one cookie, come on, just one! No!! I did it. I won and not the cookie. I didn't even pull those cookies out of the freezer after 9 pm. The true test will be this weekend, being alone in the house with those cookies. I sure hope they don't start talking to me! (giggle, giggle)

The funny part is this - I totally thought about Mer's recent posting about "eat slowly" and "enjoy your food to the fullest". I had to remind my son several times to slow down. How in the world could he not just take small bites, savour the peanut butter, enjoy the sweet smell of the chocolate? I thought for a moment, let me show you how to eat a cookie - you are doing it wrong (giggle). I wanted him to take his time with this once a year treat. Just enjoy the first two bites. I am not sure if it was the sure fact that we actually had cookies in the house or that he is a growing boy or that he wanted to get back to his play time, but those 2 cookies went down in only a few quick bites. He added a glass of milk to his treat, too. My son eats fast. I know that. I eat fast, I know that. We have had to learn to slow down, savour, take the pause and enjoy the first two bites to the fullest. I am learning from this experience. I CAN DO THIS!!! I can enjoy a delicious treat from time to time, but I am still new to this journey and I need to get my life in control a bit before I can actually venture into the sweet zone. Heck, I did have some yummy birthday cake the other night and did it in moderation. However, on Sunday I was craving more of it and was so glad that the birthday girl took it home. I CAN DO THIS!!! 20 pounds down and this journey has only just begun, let it continue and I will be victorious!!! And you know what - those cookies are not going to WIN - I WILL!!

Staying MOtivated


Mer said...

What willpower you have MO! I would have given in. One of the boot camp ladies that I work out with told us that she ordered 20 boxes of those yummy girl scout cookies! Of course I asked what she was going to do with that many cookies! She sends them to the troops. I thought that was the perfect thing to do with them, but I am sure your office appreciates them just as much!
BTW, Cookies don't talk so just keep telling them that! LOL!

The Fat Mom said...

Ok, pass the damn cookies over here. The way you described them is like heaven. You have some awesome willpower and I'm impressed. Good job!

~ Darla ~ said...

As Mer says, "Stay Strong." Yes! You sure know when the GG cookies are going around...the blogging begins. :)

Mer and Mo said...

I don't know what your cookies say, but I hear mine say "just one bite, just one bite"(cookie watch - day two - successful)! I passed the one box of cookies to my office pal and his face just lit up - good to know someone else is going to enjoy them and not me.

Chubby McGee said...

"let me show you how to eat a cookie - you are doing it wrong" LMAO!!!

GREAT willpower. You rule!

Michele said...

Love your resolve against those cookies. You are the winner! Each time you win is one step closer to being fit and healthy. Stay strong and let your kid eat all of them!