Monday, January 31, 2011

An ING kind of weekend


Boy, what a ING kind of weekend!!! Weed-ing, Clean-ing. Exercis-ing, Organiz-ing, Rak-ing, Driv-ing, and Eat-ing. I feel like I accomplished tons, but the weekend went too fast. The weeding - well, there is this little patch in the front of my house that I am not really sure what to do with. For the moment there is this little rock formation and some really interesting plants that are growing up in this patch and I didn't prepare for the weeds this season. The weather has been cold and damp, but finally tackled this ing. The raking - well - I don't have any trees on my property, but a HUGE Oak tree next door. I finally got the chance to pick up the ones that have been sitting around waiting to go into the trash. About 3 hours of good exercise work. Moved about 20 Day Camp boxes into my little storage unit and with that accomplished cleaning the garage. Working on organizing the rest of the boxes that ended up in the house - a goal I have for the next 2 months - get more orangized. Cleaning the house came next - the bathrooms and some other things....was feeling good!!! Feeling accomplished!!!!

The driving and eating - got a last minute invite to help Mer celebrate her Birthday - SURPRISE!!! Woo Hoo. We planned well, left the house for our drive over and made it just in time. Great meal at the Left Bank Restaurant !! Yum! Many different appetizers circled around the table of 18. I tried a bit of the Pate', but avoided the Fried Calamari. Was jazzed when I saw my son eat a little bit of the Calamari - he said it tasted like Chicken - too cute! Did try the Salade D'Oreille De Cochons and was not a bit thrown off when I actually realized the crunch was julienned crispy pig ears - it was actually pretty tasty. My meal was small, as I didn't want to go overboard, but did enjoy to the fullest. A treat of a glass of fruity Viognier Wine (Simpson Vineyard, Napa Valley 2009), a refreshing Salade Verte and for my main course I picked an appetizer - the Quenelle Me're' Brazier Sauce Homard (baked scallop & salmon mousse, covered with a brandied creamy lobster sauce). Crisp toasted bread to top off the meal. It was so YUMMY!! Delightful - the company, the family, the friends, the food - all of it was spectacular. (Yes, will have a picture up soon of my meal).

The Exercising part of the weekend - I got to go see Mer's sis - a local Pilates Studio Owner/Instructor, taking us through each STRETCHING, BENDING, FLEXING and TURNING!!! One day later and I am not as sore as I have been in the past. Good to stretch, get the blood flowing and well, take the time to be one with the body. I really enjoyed this visit (and all the others, too).

So - a weekend full of FUN, FOOD and ING's - kept it all in check - kept my mind focused on my new lifestyle and the goals I have to go with it. Still enjoyed every ing to the fullest!! Stay the Course - Keep reaching for your goals.

Staying Strong Mo!!

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Mer and Mo said...

Happy ING to you! I was so surprised to see you and all of my favorite friends and family! I feel so spoiled seeing you two weekends in a row.
You are doing so awesome taking baby steps with these lifestyle changes. Keep up the excellent ING up! And keep the end in mind!!! YOU CAN DO IT!