Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Woo Hoo - Mo's Water Day!!!

Today is Water Day at work!! There is just something about (ok - ok - someone) that makes my heart go thump thump every other Tuesday! But, today I forgot. I normally try to run early on these days, just so I don't miss the delivery (giggle giggle), but the school drop off and the crazy-foggy-could-not-see-30 feet-in-front-of-me-drive-in-kind-of-morning made me run late. My heart skipped a beat, then it dropped a bit when I saw the Alhambra truck already in the parking lot as I pulled in today - oh, no - I forgot - I hope I get to see him....giggle, giggle....However, I will say that I was really glad that the delivery took longer then usual today -(more giggling.) ..............BUT - let's remember what today's helpful tip is all about - WATER - WATER IS THE KEY!!! They say you should drink 6 - 8 glass of water a day, more if you are working out, too! To accomplish this goal you  need to find a container that you are going to like using, one that is handy, portable and well, you feel good about having it everyday with you. I am not a huge water bottle fan - you know the ones - the sports bottles and I have the hardest time purchasing water at the store. However, when I head out to a restaurant I can down glass after glass after glass - I think it is the straw that does the trick for me. So, a few months back I found this awesome cup - it has a straw, it looks like the fancy starbucks cold cups, but can be washed in the dishwasher. Yes, it was a bit pricey for a plastic container, but it was worth it. I find myself downing glass after glass each day - I can sit at my desk and finish off the whole thing in record time, compared to having my sports bottles handy. I pour a glass first thing in the morning and try to drink it before walking into the office. I fill up just before leaving at the 5 o'clock hour to have a tasty treat on the way home. Plenty of glasses during the work day, too. (and plenty of visits to the restroom - LOL). Some people struggle with the water - the taste, the lack of flavor...don't make it a chore - find a container that you will enjoy drinking that water out of. Do a little bit at a time, if you feel that having a large bottle next to you just seems a bit too much. Try to use crushed ice in your container to make the "coldness" last on those crazy busy days. Stopping for gas - instead of heading to the soda button, hit the water button and refill your container for that long car ride, or purchase a bottle of choice from the cold drink section. Still can't get yourself to drink that water because of the "taste" - then try to use the Crystal Light flavor packets - but don't use a complete one for each glass of water - just a little bit can add flavor to that tasteless water. OR what about a little bit of fresh lemon juice - give your water life. Just remember - exercise, good eating and plenty of water - you will appreciate those water days more and more!!!

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Mer and Mo said...

I love all your water tips!
Here is a little song since we're made up of 75% water. That is a lot!
"We're all bags of water! And no bag is like another. Some short, some tall, some big, some small, but we're all bags of water." So keep your bag of water filled!
And now I know why water is so important to you. The more your drink the more deliveries are made. wink, wink, giggle....:)