Thursday, January 13, 2011

Waterloo - YUMMY!!!

I now live really close to the most wonderful Rib Place in the Stockton area (atleast I think it is)!! Many years ago I was introduced to the Waterloo Restaurant - Just a few miles off Highway 99 - East of Stockton and well, the cuttest local bar area. The place is almost always packed on the weekends. Can't beat a good meal - soup and/or salad, bread and well - the Ribs, Chicken and yummy Pesto Pasta. Bill & Jen went there with friends last night and Bill felt bad that he was not at home having dinner with us - he is cute like that - so he ordered a dinner of Ribs, Soup and Pasta to bring home. When the food came into the house it smelled so yummy and yes, I was a bit tempted to just have a little piece of the pasta or one small rib, but dinner had already been served and cleaned up at my house - no evil voices in my head convincing me of an after dinner snack - woo hoo. Oh, but when that food came home I was thrilled. I am truly blessed!! Life has been tough and sometimes just the little things can make you feel so warm inside. Taking all the bad and pushing it out of your head.....but I am getting off track - - - - - - -

We have dinner tonight - I don't have to cook before rushing out to our busy Thursday night Cub Scout evening. I have already told myself that I will limit the size on the plate - use the fist and/or open hand factor. Make sure that I don't go overboard and have too many ribs. Take the bites and enjoy every tasty morsal. I am learning to "dine" on my meals and not just have "dinner" - the slow pace, the enjoyment of each little bite, slow down - count to ten before fork comes back to my mouth - let the food settle in my stomach and not have the desire to have that little extra second helping....oh, I can't wait. The Minestrone Soup is for lunch today - much love going out to Bill & Jen!!!

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Mer said...

Wow, you sure are getting spoiled this week. Good for you portioning out your food and slowing down to enjoy your meal. Keep this up and the results will be here before you know it! If you believe it you can achieve it! Go MO!