Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Family Get Togethers

Aki's special Batman birthday cake
My family gets along so we get together for many birthday celebrations and for Sunday dinners quite often. My husband loves to cook for a crowd and my mom's Filipino cooking is something that I love too. So between the two of them they make is quite hard for me to stay on this lifestyle change. I'm going to have to figure out how to deal with these. 
Yesterday at my nephew's birthday party I found myself hovering in the kitchen picking and munching on my favorites- lumpia, sigsig, and puncit. There was the chocolate covered caramel popcorn that kept calling my name (I'm so glad I took the popcorn to the party. They are not at my house anymore!) and Aki's special birthday cake! I know I ate too much, but it was so good! 
In hind site, I did not make a plan for myself. I know what will be there and still I did not write about it in my journal ahead of time or even think about my plan. I know I should have. Now, I could tell you that I drove up to SF so I did not have time to do it, but I could have done it. It only takes a few minutes and I can't worry what others think because this change is for me and it is for my health and well-being.  

So the next time I find myself in this situation I will take a moment just like I did when I went out for dinner the other night and I decided to try one of every sushi on the plate because I wanted to taste it. I was successful and even when my husband told me to eat more I told him that I tried one of everything so don't be a food pusher.  
Part of me says, "You gotta live. Don't miss out!" And the other part of me says, "You must stick to your guns and have the will power to do this. Be strong. Be disciplined. You have no choice," and the third voice of reasons says,"You can enjoy this and not eat so much." I'm going with the voice of reason. I'm going to make a plan and enjoy whatever situation I encounter and with that little change I now know- "I can do it! I know I can!" 

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Mer & Mo said...

A plan - writing it down - just like you said when I was going to stop at the grocery store on the way home from your place - write it down - we did good, but forgot the pancake mix - LOL - keep that journal handy!