Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Wonderful....

Well, the weekend was great!! I got a chance to visit with Mer & her family - which is very rare with our schedules. However, my son is working on his 4th Grade Mission project and it was a chance to visit, laugh, get the information we needed, see the sun for this Cali Central Valley Fog Winter Girl and well, it was wonderful to have some support for the weekend. We hit the street for about a 45 minute walk and then got to visit with No Mercy at the pilates studio on Sunday. I am soar today!!!! Realized that I don't stretch enough, at all, even in my everyday life. I have been fully aware that I am a "sitting" kind of girl with my 9 to 5 job and only recently have I actually notices how bad my lack of movement in daytime has gotten. This was my first exercising in a long time, therefore the soreness is going to last for a few days. The challenge this week is to continue to work out the "soreness" and make it all worth the effort. A little goes a long way. I need to fight off the warmth of my morning bed, get up, shut off the alarm and do a mental wakeup - get the blood pumping and get the brain going for a more productive work day. I will remember to not overload myself, but do a little each day and a little bit more each day. There was a small $6.00 purchase of a jump rope at Wally World...going to add that to my punching bag....have to get that up this will help with the lemon anxiety stress can't believe it is so much drama lack of communication kind of life I can lead exercise plan!!!

I did get to experience the 2 bite system as we paid a visit to the local frozen yogurt shop. So glad that the man in the group took charge and gobbled up what we didn't NEED to eat - heck, if I had just had over 5 hours of fencing frenzy, I could have eaten the whole thing - LOL LOL - but, that is another story for another time.

All weekend I was having a salt, chip kind of craving, oh, and a soda kind of attitude. On the way home we did stop for a Pick Me Up - now that I think about it I should have done a pack of gum and a water, but I did my "treat" in moderation. Got a bag of chips and only ate 1/4 of the bag, giving the rest to my ever growing little one in the back seat. I did get a soda, but put tons of ice in the cup and picked the smallest option they had. We can't deprive ourselves, but can do in moderation.

Came home to a new headboard in place (Costco GREAT find) and a delish Crab Feed Dinner!!! Loving the house guests - it will be hard when they have to go back to their home heated home.

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Mer & Mo said...

We had a blast with you and Aman. I am so glad that you took the time to come and be with us.
I posted a few pics on my blog so check it out. I will post others on fb soon!
Excellent job on the moderation of snack food. Every little win helps, doesn't it?