Monday, January 17, 2011

Workouts Without Boot Camp

Boot camp doesn't start until next month so I am working out on my own. It is so hard to stay motivated. I found that having someone else tell me what to do is better. To make decisions on what I am doing is too hard for me, too much like writing a lesson plan for myself, but I do it anyway. I put my clothes on the bed and I have my shoes by the door. So, I have no excuse. Here is my daily ramblings on my workouts- 

Monday- Already posted in a previous post. 

Tuesday- This morning I woke up late again. Oh well. I did get up and walked around the block 2x to warm up and then, came home to do some crunches on the stability ball and tried some other exercises that I found in a health magazine.  

Wednesday- I planned to sleep in my workout clothes so that I can just get up and put on my shoes. I know it sounds weird to do that, but I have to make it easier for myself. Sleeping is not always restful, but I can't have it as my excuse anymore. So I told myself- "I just have to do it!"
I woke up and got my shoes on and walked for 20 minutes. Then, I came back and did some weights-
30 reps of- runner's lunge with rear deltoid raise
30 reps of- bicep curls and holding squat
30 reps of squat pullover
30 crunches on the stability ball
30 reps of holding squat row  

30 reps of rows
30 reps of shoulder presses on stability ball
30 side leg lifts for the hips
1 minute plank with child's pose
10 minutes of stretching
Exercising gave me the brain boost that I needed today. I got a lot done and was able to focus for a longer time. 

Thursday- I tossed, turned and woke up several times. When the alarm went off I turned it off and went back to sleep. I did not work out today. I will make this up on Saturday.

Friday- I slept in my workout clothes and woke up to walk around the block 4 times as a warm-up. Then, I came home and did 30 reps of crunches, leg lifts, bicep curls, lunges, extensions, squats, and planks. It came out to be about 45 minutes of working out.
Saturday- I woke up and got Mo to go out for a quick walk for about 45 minutes. It started slow and then we had a good brisk walk.

Sunday- Pilates at Apex Pilates 1 hour of work on the reformer. Doing a whole body workout with my sister, the personal trainer. LynnAnne and Mo were there too and it is always nice to workout with others.  They call my sister "No Mercy." Gee, I wonder why???

So the key is to plan for success and to be forgiving. I could have just as easily given up the rest of the week, but instead a persevered. Because I did not give up I  lost 5 pounds this week!  I am feeling very good about myself and more like I can do this. Just keeping my will power strong and keeping food out of my mouth is a challenge, but I have found that 2 bite rule works, drinking green tea and  journaling works so I must keep that up. I know I can! And so can you! 

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Mer & Mo said...

It was great to exercise with you this weekend. We never get the chance to do that, but glad that the Mission project brought us close for a few days of "girl" time and added the "will power" help to it. Wishing the walk could have been longer on Saturday - but just a little went a long way!