Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 12- Fuel or filler

Fuel or filler- 100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle
I love the fillers! The sugary, the sweet, the fatty, and the salty. I love the way it tastes and I love eating it.  I know it is not good for me and later I will pay for it since I feel lousy after I eat it.
I also eat good wholesome foods as well. As I am learning I really have to cut back on the "filler" snack foods that are easy to pick up and pop in. I am going to have to really use my magic notebook and my willpower to stay away from the fillers that are around the office.
So today I filled my purse with a few of my favorite fuel foods- an orange, carrots, celery and cheese. I kept them at my desk and snacked on them when I felt low and it made me feel so much more even with my energy level to munch on two extra small healthy meals during the day.
I got some emails today that got me all worked up and angry. I really wanted to drown my upset emotions with the chocolate bars that were in the break room, but instead I picked up my keys and walked to the science center where I was able to vent to the science tech and get some validations of my frustrations. I used up some calories in the process. I was pretty proud of myself for choosing to walk it off rather than eating through it.
I keep telling myself this is a journey with hills and valleys. The destination is worth it so just keep at it and never give up!

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Mer & Mo said...

Good for you - so proud that you didn't pick up that sugar sweets!! Walking can do so much for you! Work out the frustration, work out the brain cells that are hitting you all in the wrong way. Keep up the good work. Keep the healthy snacks at your reach and don't let your emotions fuel your eating habit!!