Thursday, January 20, 2011

Slipping and Ditto to Day 11

I slipped last night. The house was quiet - too quiet. The houseguests had left - was sad to see them go, but glad that they now have heat. Then I had a funny, but somewhat, annoying afternoon of having to pick up son after an afternoon with his Dad. I didn't think it would get to me, but I got myself all worked up, tried to focus and in the end I did deal with the lack of "being ready" issue with some ease. However, I slipped. I used food as a comfort. I had a little attack form the "evening snacker" I tried to fight it off, but I didn't fight strong enough. Tried first with a warm cup of sugar free flavored coffee and thought that would do the trick. I should have just gone to bed after that, but nope. Felt the need for some "comfort". I could say I did good by only having a small bowl of cereal, but it was Apple Jacks and well, we won't talk about the sugar content. Yep, only had one bowl and I didn't go for a second bowl (yes, it can happen). I did not beat myself up, didn't get more down on myself, but I did realize that the comfort that I used by food was brought to my attention. I will pick myself up, dust myself off and just learn from this little slip. No worries...we all slip from time to time.

Mer said a lot in her post in her Day 11 of Weight Loss!!! The getting up to exercise thing is a hard one for me, too. In regards to exercising - I NEED to think -
  • I am not going to be in a wedding, but I do want to look good.
  • I am not going to a big class reunion, but I want to feel good.
  • I don't have my son's graduation for another 9 years, but want to try on that dress in the window (and it is on sale!!!)
  • I am not going to climb Mount Everest, but I would like to scale that Rock Wall sometime.
Exercising is about feeling good, getting your mind and body motivated, keeping it active, giving it a chance to stretch, explore and see what other movements you can do besides your everyday lifestyle moves. Exercise is about making yourself feel fullfilled in all that you do!! Exercise is the key to making yourself happy - even if it hurts and can feel like a chore. Don't make it a chore - if you brush your teeth (and I sure hope you do - LOL) then you can exercise. If you make that breakfast every morning, you can find 10 minutes to do a quick walk. If you read the paper in the morning, you can put in 10 minutes of leg lifts, mixed in with some stretches, if you plan for it. Make up a routine - write it down - stick to it and DO IT!! Your mind, body and soul will be happy with you!! You need to make exercise a pivotal part of your life. 3 - 5 times a week. You not only will enjoy the comfort you get from it, but the comfort you feel from food will be replaced!!!

To what Mer said, I would like to expand and say....
  • Fuel your body not only with food, but with exercise
  • Appreciate the flavor of food as well as the benefits of exercise

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Mer & Mo said...

You need to set up that punching bag and give it a few good ones!
Love that you piggybacked on my post and made it even better! Love, love that you added exercise!
Both have slipped this week, but we keep moving forward! No looking back at what happened we can only change the present with our attitude and our action! Keep up the great work, my dear friend!